CME Hikes Gold, Silver Margins By 18.5%

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Anyone surprised, please raise your hands. And yes, it was fun when margin were hiked only on surges in the various futures contracts. Now, dumps works just as well. The logic, of course, is that gold shorts are also margined. However, judging by the immediate $15 drop in gold upon the announcement, those who are short the metals certainly have a much, much bigger balance sheet and cash hoard to satisfy any collateral requirements than those long. Next: expect the Shanghai Gold Exchange to hike margins in a few short hours once China wakes up and looks at overnight PM prices in horror.

Source: CME

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Temporis's picture

Still have my stack.

Hope silver drops to $5 so I can get a whole lot more.

The more they drop it, the more I can buy.

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Yeah, we knew that was coming.....but I don't think the Chinese will look at the prices in horror....they'll probably BTFD.

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exactly.  I always wonder why people assume the Chinese dislike cheap PMs.

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OMG Kitco is selling silver Eagles / Maples ONLY OUTSIDE THE US.


dryam's picture

Can anyone shed some light on this most curious fact?

markmotive's picture

The end might be near...

John Taylor: Gold is Close to a Buying Opportunity


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Kind of ballsy..

A high margin for a bet on nothing.

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I actually think it's bullish this time. Seen as though any long with excessive-leverage has probably been stopped out by now, it's the shorts this time that are under-pressure with vol in silver/gold right now. 

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Kitco delivers thru' their subsid. in new England.They deliver to them in bulk.

Means that susid. is out of stock, and cannot resupply at the moment.

TPTB badly misjudged the response on this takedown.Trouble is they truly

believe they are obermensch.They are not infallible at all,far from it.

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lol... because they don't want any more USD?

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That is weird, something is on the way and it's extremely ugly.

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Sweet Jesus.  We can't allow the muppets to buy the dips (takedowns) on margin.  That's only for the .01%ers to do.

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@ Pinto Currency:

Your post on Maguire ties right in with Bill Holter's comments:



Pinto Currency's picture


Did not see.

Comex makes no promise in their rules of physical delivery.

LBMA would be incredible but I think inevitable.

Croesus's picture

@ Pinto Currency:

I think it's (the default scenario) probably true. There are too many manipulations happening, and the frequency is increasing. That Gold VIX chart from earlier was very interesting, in that it implied a major event has occured, and the markets haven't learned of it yet, let alone had a chance to digest it.

After the Boston Marathon bombing happened, any type of financial news automatically became less-important. Not to go all "conspiracy theory", but I have to wonder what our attentions are being diverted away from?

Too many coincidences happened today.

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Keep in mind, the threat of the LBMA default is to the fractional reserve fiat money system.

Solutions abound, but will not be pursued by Obama and those who finance him.

At some point, this will reach a point where it can't be avoided any more - it will be interesting to see if Obama et al are successful in using force to set the direction forward or whether they will be forced to develop a productive solution.

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The Gold price has risen in Japan even before the attempt to debase the currency. If Gold were to spike in Yen terms, it would have triggered a panic buying of Gold in Japan and central banks do not want that.

Gold is the only asset which is purchased in panic as we all know here.

SO: WE SHOULD HAVE FIGURED THIS OUT!! I THINK SOROS AND GARTMAN AND OTHERS WERE FIGURING THIS OUT. There is no meltdown is soft commodities as we speak (gold and Soft commodities always are joined at the hip, since the consumption does not depend on government policies unlike industrial commodities consumption leveraged by Chinese SOEs).

This move is just to avoid a disorderly price of Gold coming from the Japanese public.




augustusgloop's picture

Soros figuring it out? Soros has figured it out. If you are a very smart mother fucker who has faced the abyss vis a vis nazi regime as it engulfed Hungary, you figure it out early. 


Soros always has Janus headed comments-- "gold is the ultimate bubble" - parse that. this after gold goes over 1K on first bout of QE.  Not gold is in a bubble... Gold is the bubble after all other bubbles have been inflated / popped... 


As well his recent comments about gold not holding up as a safe haven...but will hold up on central bank buying.

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Tell me when JPM and team quit shorting.

WhiteNight123129's picture

Also remember that Gold had reached its very old 1980 ALL TIME HIGH in yen only a few weeks ago.

What typically goes on when an old all time high is breached? IT GOES OFF THE RACES!!!

Now what would have happend to flow of yen, it would not have gone to treasuries!!!


Since Gold shapes inflation expectations and since Japan is where there is the most risk of hyperinflation, this coordinated move on Gold was absolutely crucial to make sure that this risk of hyperinflation is pushed away.

Now I guess Kyle Bass who was wondering why the Gold is low has his answer...


johnnymustardseed's picture

This beat down begs the question: What do they know that make them so scared that they need to push the price so low?

seek's picture

All the indications are the economy suffered a 2008-level implosion starting around Oct/Nov 2012, and the reality of that is starting to appear. Mix in Cyprus and widespread distrust of governments, both by citizens and other governments, and you have a witches' brew for deflation and bank runs before the hyperinflation hits. They have access to unadulterated statistics and see the writing on the wall.

Standing for gold delivery is the visible symptom of mistrust, and they're trying to disrupt it before the lie is exposed, and it's not working.

kaiserhoff's picture

Yes, a six month lag.  Fools won't believe it until they see the stats.

I've never understood how the traders in Chicagah couldn't react to floods or drought until they saw the ag dept reports, even when they had the same damn weather as the corn belt. 

Mush for brains..., quite profitable, though;)

WhiteNight123129's picture

It is Japan which was the scare. See my comments above.

kaiserhoff's picture

There goes the neighborhood.

  As if thousands of people didn't have their faces ripped off in the last two sessions.

  Flat never felt so good.

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One needs to wonder if the Stock Market is next. The action looked bad on all fronts. If the economy was growing platinum would have at least parted ways from gold. Since it has not I don't like any assets except for cash. 

DogOfSinope's picture

They can finally convert truckloads of US treasuries for something of actual value.

BigJim's picture

 ... "Next: expect the Shanghai Gold Exchange to hike margins in a few short hours once China wakes up and looks at overnight PM prices in horror."

What? You think anyone holding PMs over there managed to sleep? 

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My coin guy is now selling silver eagles $6 over spot.... wow...

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I see that everywhere, but once they sell of their current stock (which they bought high so they have to jack up the premium), the new inventory will probably have much less premium. Right?

seek's picture

New inventory... LOL.

The blank makers have to get their metal from somewhere, and it's not going to come from good delivery bars bought on the futures exchanges, so that leaves the miners. I don't think the miners are going to be super excited about production at low prices and will scale back. Physical supply is going to get tighter, ergo premiums higher.

Of course if the LBMA default rumors are true, AU will go to the stratosphere shortly, and premiums will be the last thing to worry about.

devo's picture

Miners are still turning a profit, albiet narrower, so as long as they are doing that they'll produce.

I do think physical supply will get tigher, but not so tight dealers can't get any. There are also panic sellers who are giving their silver to apmex et al for 18 or so right now.

We'll see. I expect lower premiums in a few weeks if the price sticks here.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

People who hold physical silver don't tend to "panic sell" to anyone.  Kind of defeats the purpose, eh?

fourchan's picture

we laugh at the gyrations of paper and its enevitable end.

dogbreath's picture

If I was a dealer I would pretend to be sold out too

Georgiabelle's picture

Mine too, but he only had about 30 of them left. And other than a few 100 oz bars, he was completely out of all other stock. He has orders in process but said he doubts they will be filled. None of his sources have any physical available. 

jomama's picture

my guy is up to $4.95 over spot (when he's normally $2.95), and had a bleak look on his face when i said i wanted 100 of them...

Papasmurf's picture

LCS here did a brisk business today even with high premiums. Folks were lined up with a thirty minute wait.  Most were buying except for one guy selling sofa leftovers to buy a pizza.  Inventory was thin but fresh allocated goods were arriving with more arriving daily.  Folks who weren't particular about scratches or newness could find something to own.  Interestingly, most in the store were Indian or Asians.  I think they understand money better than American born.

LynRobison's picture

Me too, but Apmex seems to be running out of Silver Eagles.

It's weird, when you suppress the price, you get scarcity. I would love see scarcity to the point that the Comex defaults.

LetThemEatRand's picture

That's when they criminalize ownership.

TheCanadianAustrian's picture

People were saying the same thing when Silver went down to $30 about a year and a half ago. "There's no supply at APMEX, they'll refuse to sell at that price."

Turned out not to be true. And if there is any supply shortage due to the low prices, it will be short lived.

The fact is that prices are low because institutional investors are willing to let go of their metals right now. I wish people would stop reading more into it than that.

LynRobison's picture

Umm, "any scarcity due to low prices will be short-lived"? How does that work? If the price of Hershey bars were artificially suppressed and held to 25 cents, the scarcity of Hershey bars would not be short-lived -- it would last as along as the price is suppressed. 

Also, your notion that "prices are low because institutional investors are willing to let go of their metals right now" is false. They are letting go of paper, not metal. 

Welcome to reality. 

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All reports are that physical demand is off the hook and very strong. Tulving is burning through his silver inventory rapidly. Almost all of it is gone.

mjk0259's picture

..and since no one has been unable to buy silver or gold in as large a quantity as they want , it follows by your reasoning that the prices are not suppressed to artificially low levels

LynRobison's picture

"No one has been unable to buy silver or gold in as large a quantity as they want"?!? Have you seen Apmex today? Try buying yourself a couple hundred 2012 or 2013 silver eagles. You won't be able to get them. So, what are you talking about?

Mine Is Bigger's picture

I think APMEX just raised premiums in the past 30 minutes or so.  (It's 7:45 p.m. EST now).

sotto's picture

Yeah, me too.  Btw, here's Peter Schiff on the whole gold and silver pullback: