Five More Undetonated Bombs Found In Boston; Death Toll Rises To 3

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In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon explosions, the WSJ is reporting that counterterrorism officials have found what they believe to be five additional, undetonated explosive devices around the Boston area. The devices - which are in addition to the two that exploded near the finish line of the marathon - were discovered over the course of a frantic inspection of suspicious packages. Each had been rendered inoperative or was in the process of being rendered inoperative.


Via WSJ,

Counterterrorism officials found what they believe to be five additional, undetonated explosive devices around the Boston area, according to two people briefed on the rapidly moving investigation.


The devices—which are in addition to the two that exploded near the finish line of the marathon—were discovered over the course of a frantic inspection of suspicious packages, many of them abandoned as pedestrians, runners, and others scrambled away from crowded public streets. Each had been rendered inoperative or was in the process of being rendered inoperative, the officials said.


But the officials also sounded a note of caution, saying they are moving quickly and each device they believe is a bomb hasn't been fully dissected or analyzed.




a White House official said: "Any event with multiple explosive devices - as this appears to be - is clearly an act of terror, and will be approached as an act of terror."



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Dr. Engali's picture

I hope they remembered to take the "Property of CIA" tags off.

markmotive's picture

Sick, violent world we live in.

Bombs in Boston. Moms throwing babies on the bus. Heads getting blown off in Syria. 55 die and hundreds injured in Iraq as a 'warning' to voters.

The They's picture

You're damn right Dr.


something smells fishy


wonder which freedoms we're gonna lose...

espirit's picture

Doesn't Bloomturd have NYC under martial law yet?


Spastica Rex's picture

These are not the freedoms you are looking for...

THX 1178's picture

Taking the internet away from the people is necessary for a takeover of sorts. The INTERNETZ. One of the interesting things I realized about this bombing was that the authorities can shut of the cell towers in a certain area and render all of us helpless. Unless you have a landline... but the same can be done for the internets.

ACP's picture

Did you hear about the guy who got first place in the Boston Marathon?

He won by a nose.

Sorry, just exercising one of the only rights we have always do the wrong thing, at the wrong time, encourage people to be the worst they can be, and blame the other guy.

Seems like that's what these dickhead politicians and pundits and so-called "leaders" are all about nowadays.

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why were the loudspeakers telling people to stay calm and remain calm before the first explosion?


asked by press at 9 pm press conference

LasVegasDave's picture

Yes, and why were all the Jews told not to run in the race today?

(Sorry, couldnt help myself)

francis_sawyer's picture

I heard it was because Sheldon Adelson was having his annual 'MY POOL IS CLEAN' party...


Kudos to you... WELL DONE!

LasVegasDave's picture

Shel's worth $20 billion +

Came from nothing. Never took a handout


AldousHuxley's picture

Bomb locations seem to be close to the mailboxes.

But who has access to the green ones?,ma&ll=42.34911,-71.080994&spn=0.00...


Pinto Currency's picture

ZH's are perceptive and many are questioning the frame of reference we've used since childhood.

Please give this some thought and share with others if you deem it fit - widely shared understanding of the dynamic of using fear to steer the populace will prevent its use:


Now after listening to Cottrell's opinion of Lemnitzer check out his profile and realize he was selected for the Rockefeller Commission and also to investigate the murder of JFK:


We'll know with time who / what caused these explosions, however understanding the political world in which we live will bring much faster reform and ultimately a more stable system.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Seattle awhile back was the FBI trial "run" for this sting/false flag. Then, they arrested the Muslim kid they stung and grabbed him and (their) parade-route bomb before it went off. This time - alphabet Gestapo budgets are up for renewal and increase - they just let it go ahead. These creatures aren't even subtle anymore. I 'spose if you run guns to drug cartels, get caught and then still get away with it, it does breed a certain confidence. 

draug's picture

If this was the best false flag they could come up with then I guess the US Gov really is broke.

Titus's picture

Really? What more is needed? This will be enough reason for the politicians to get any freedom restricting legislation through...or at least it will be support for the next go. Small bombs are cheap and easy. Besides, the damage they causes is good for GDP, right? Somebody's gotta clean the mess up. Maybe this was just a holdover for the next hurricane season. 

Step one: blow shit up

Step two: ....

Step three: PRINT!

Go Tribe's picture

They'll find a boat load of ARs in the perpetrators house - and tons of 30-round clips.

Soccer moms will be horrified. All they needed.

phalfa5's picture

@ G Tribe   DUDE!  don't be givin' them any (more) ideas ....


francis_sawyer's picture

@LVD ~ Umm... Let me put it this way...


I'm WORTH a helluva lot more than $20B joobux... [& furthermore happy as hell that people don't VALUE me in joobux]...

From my history... That distinction "came from nothing & I never took a handout"...

Anything else?

defencev's picture

Anything else?

You are filthy, worthless, disgusting, stupid, ignorant anti-semite.

Go Tribe's picture

Being an anti-bankster semite doesn't make him filthy, worthless, disgusting, stupid and ignorant.

Bankster semites bad

PM-loving 99% good.

Pinto Currency's picture


Race conflict has been used for decades / centuries to create a destractive cover for perps of the economic looting.

Some are semite some are not.

Do not get distracted from the core issues.

TraderTimm's picture

@francis "race tag" sawyer

I see you're doing your best not to succumb to those urges of being a decent human being. How proud your mother must be. So, you're one of those rich people we read about here on ZH? It sure explains a lot - especially the lack of empathy.

LasVegasDave's picture


Worth a helluva lot more than 20 billion joobux?

And happy too?

Good for you, special guy!



JOYFUL's picture

To be noted,,,as usual, the provocateurs stir the pot...and see if they can get under FS's skin. Then try for the home run with a display of the usual 'race card' canned soundtrack.

It's gettin stale. Almost as stale as the "this is an act of terrorism" canned soundtrack. Hollowwood is fresh outta ideaz, as are all the 'hollow men' here who's resort to tired memes in an effort to support the ZOG status quo is fast failing...

worth repeating from the weekend...

"Antisemitismus" (anti-Semitism) is a form of strategic and pre-emptive psychological warfare and a strategy of gaining (or increasing) power and immunity from criticism, as well as its lack of public accountability."

and cue: a Saudi national has been identified! Free can opener with your canned laugh track?

Terminus C's picture

I was watching House of Cards and in the first episode Kevin Spacey's character destroys one of his political opponents because of a supposition of 'antisemitism'.  Unfortunately, art mimics life and such a scenario is all too believable.  ANY questioning of Israel or its policies gets labeled 'antisemitic'.  We have entered into a McCarthyist era where the derogatory and destructive term 'communist' has been replaced by the term 'antisemite'.

I do not believe that people of Jewish faith are ubiquitously 'evil' (whatever that might mean), but the ones that are use the 'antisemite' shield for any and all of their actions and it is fucking disgusting.  The fact that people knowingly and willingly subject themselves to the control of these people shows them to be the cowards and quislings they are.

As for the bombings... cui bono?

I think that when they find the passport of an Iranian intelligence officer we will know.

Urban Redneck's picture

The muppets have been trained, and most of them seem to enjoy Uncle Sam's fist up their ass-- they certainly enjoy the attention and  treats Uncle Sam lavishes on them when they bark "rayciss! rayciss! rayciss! " on command.

The bombing (and whoever they try to blame it on) is more problematic.  Who the hell is so incompetent that they launch an attack with kid-strength bombs that are deployed with a 70% failure rate.

The Palestinians and Israelis do better assembly and disassembly jobs every day.

The Iranians business in "technical assistance" would suffer if they were behind such an embarrassment. 

Even a washed up IRA tech who has spent the last decade on a bar stool could do better.


The way I see it- it was either a real amateur job, or someone was trying to kill and maim as few people as possible in an IED attack.


GeezerGeek's picture

The discovering and disarming of several unexploded IEDs shows that our law enforcement agencies are doing a good job of protecting us from even worse events. Now if only we cede a bit more of our liberty - the last 5% we still have - then we will be perfectly safe. 

The next step will be to encourage us - resisters will be criminalized - to trade our PMs (those horribly volatile investments) for nice, safe USTs, which are guaranteed to maintain value (measured in fiat). Makes perfect sense, right? The government is here to help and protect us. SOMA, anyone?

TraderTimm's picture


Also to be noted, is his proclivity to insert race into any comment he makes. If I go to the store and talk to someone on the street, I'd say "I walked to the store, on the way I saw Jane, a neighbor of mine"

Francis would say "I walked to the store, on the way I saw my j00 neighbor Jane."

Note the lack of necessity to the narrative. Her race doesn't have any context, we aren't talking about her family tree or any specific aspect that would require it.

But no, its there in his version - and most if the time it will - of course when pressed upon it, he has the ready defense of "Oh hey man, I was just saying is all". Yes, truly spoken like the cowardly bigot he is.

Passive-aggressive like all get out. Its just ridiculous.

JOYFUL's picture

Thank you for your insight....

this discussion however, gets consistently muddied by the overlap of concepts of race\religion\economic affinity groupings so as to leave everything up in the air...and nothing nailed down. I agree with you that 'it''s just ridiculous' cause you can't have it both which I mean to say(via another quote from the weekend worth reiteration) ..."some would say that this matter is so taboo that you cannot even say that it is taboo!"...the classic double bind which has tied generations of 'Francis Sawyers' into verbal knots...and leaves them looking the fool for even daring to point to the Emperor's lack of clothing.

Those times are a changin...we are witness here on ZH to every new tide of inserted sio-trolls tasked with 'managing' the discussion rolls in...and then hits the riprap wall our our collective intolerance for further duplicious doublespeak -of the kind which has served the sionazi continuum so well, for so long -but now just bounces back, expended of momentum and merit. To paraphrase "Paul Revere and the Raiders"..."tricks just keep gettin harder to find"...for the Wormtongues and Dissemblers amongst us!

The outstanding issue here is the Talmudist Terror and it's they "jewish" "christian-zionist" "dönmeh muslim" or straight Sabbatean-Frankist mafiya transcends religion(many non-talmudist jews correctly diagnose 'sionist' and the sio-terrorist statelet as inimical to their interests!)and it has implications of 'race' far different than those the terror-statelet of "Israel" has few or none of the real "Israelites" of historical record, merely the genetic spawn of a Khazarian caste of slavers\tax farmers who have pillaged their way through history since their beginnings as a small group of hucksters who took over the Benjamite tribe and caused the rest of "Israel" to abandon it in disgust.

There is much merit in continuing to shed light on this topic of confusion...and that light will continue to be beamed by those of us who have escaped the snare of sionazi mindcontrol in the Euromerikan gulag can count on it. In the meanwhiles I salute the "Francis Sawyers" here for their perserverance in confronting the controllers, and refusing, like good goy sheep, to back down.

SWIFT 760's picture

Well put and agree 1000%. I support Francis Sawyer, Joyful and all others who exploit the zio jew lies and deception. LVD and others, take yer anti-semitism crap, shove it up yer ass and gtfo.

TraderTimm's picture


Ah, so a nice long wind-bag rant about how its okay to disparage someone because of race. How noble and kind of you. You support him? Yeah, figures -- you're just like him. And we wonder why we have wars and idiots willing to kill each other over some perceived slight.

Sawyer and you are in the same camp, and that just means you're both completely psychopathic.

Henry Hub's picture

An anti-Semite used to be someone that didn't like Jews, now it's someone the Jews don't like.

StychoKiller's picture

20 billion joobux, how many POUNDS of paper is that?

Hope ya didn't injure yerself jumping to the wrong conclusion!

francis_sawyer's picture

The 'bitcoin' charter... I assume, classifies enlisted soldiers as VILE REPTILES?...

Lore's picture

Boeing CHAMP drone takes down all electronics

BTC simply doesn't pass the test for "hard" currency.  It's more a passing fad, like comic books or Area 51 or baseball cards. Forget annual comic and sci-fi conventions.  Someday in the not too distant future, there will be BIT-CON, when unemployed Gen-Y nerds meet to discuss how BitCoin was the solution that could have saved the world...

Ident 7777 economy's picture

No. The cellular system was halted at the "switch", chum. Where do you think BILLING records are accrued and kept? What a maroon ...


Lore's picture

One way or another, the connection is broken.

I prefer turquoise to maroon.

DumFarmer's picture

Nobody has pointed out today is infamous tax day.....This must be an act of terror by Libertarians protesting taxes. False flag anyone?

The Heart's picture

"Nobody has pointed out today is infamous tax day..."

Page back. It was posted in the first hour.

What you can add to that, is it was their celebration of "Patriots Day."


Harbanger's picture

Barry didn't mention the word terroism anywhere in his speech so that means it was a muzzie.

AldousHuxley's picture

Every single Boston cop is ordered to be on duty.


there goes your tax dollars.


In Libertarian world, you pay for your own severed limb clean up

nmewn's picture

Which brings up the possibility of a libertarian taking his own severed limb and beating you to death with it.

Never let a good crisis go to waste ;-)

Parrotile's picture

Tricky (and probably painful) unless you're running on an adrenailine high.

Now, if it was a prosthetic limb - obviously another class of "dangerous weapon" in the hands of the general public - 

Just don't let the TSA on to this - it'll be curtains for you!!

Urban Redneck's picture

Actually once the limb is blown off the mechamism to transmit pain from the limb to the brain is also severed.  

I wouldn't recommend trying this on yourself for practical reasons, and if your buddy gets a limb blown off in front of you, then their are more immediate priorities, but by all means if you come accross a TSA agent with a limb blown off, fee free to pick it up and smack his co-workers upsdie the head with that severed limb...

ACP's picture

@AH Um, no.

In a Libertarian world, there would be common sense.

AldousHuxley's picture

telling all cops to come out after the incident sounds like comon sense to you?

paying for all that makes you a libertarian how?


you like to pay wall st. wives millions because their husbands died in world trade center, while when you die in a car accident you don't get jack squat because wall st. wives are more important than your wife?


you like to pay for all the media circus and law enforcement overtime?