We Have A Hindenburg Omen Sighting

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Remember when the last time a cluster of Hindenburg Omens nearly toppled the market in August 2010 and the only saving grace was Ben Bernanke's QE2 announcement at Jackson Hole which sent risk soaring? Today, nearly three years later, we got the first instance of the Omen again. Will it be a one-off fluke, or a cluster, which is needed to confirm this dreaded technical formation? Stay tuned in the coming days to find out...


The last cluster was Aug 2010 (and was only saved by Bernanke), the previous cluster was Oct 2007 and we know what followed... (red bars are Hindenberg Omens)


Full details of construction here.

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Quinvarius's picture

QE5 must come.  Banks must feed on my wealth.

King_of_simpletons's picture

Omen sighting in 21st century = BTFD.

markmotive's picture

And everything IS tanking.

And then the Central banks will give in. The alternative for them is worse. So we may have seen the worst...

"Gold Close to a Buying Opportunity": John Taylor of FX Concepts


Buck Johnson's picture

As I said before, this is sign of something coming that will be bad.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Orchestrated take-down with plausible cause and omission of blame.

The past week has been an attempt to create another GFC-style collapse….liquidity pump with major build-up in Gold shorts over the past 2 months (fuel), negative sentiment from the likes of GS and MSM talking heads (Air), Commodity panic sell-off (spark)….as well as other factors.

Do you think its' a coincidence that Gold is being blamed for the panic sell-off?

Is this a shaking of the Gold tree to dislodge the medium strength hands now that the weak hands have been exited the system?

Perhaps the squeeze on physical is indeed far greater than anyone may think.

I would suggest that people take a giant step back and look at the big picture right now, before you get trapped.

edb5s's picture

Check Gainesville Coins.  ASEs, Maples, Philharmonics, Kooks and Koalas, Pandas (of course), Libertads...all out of stock.  I was watching prices earlier today and saw when Maples and ASEs switched to a "delayed" status.  Now completely out.  This is getting interesting.


Edit:  and this message from Provident Metals, "NOTICE: We are experiencing extremely high order volumes and our servers are being strained. As a result, the website is slower than normal and we are unable to process orders over the phone. Please continue trying to place your order online. We are working to resolve the issue and appreciate your patience. Thank you for choosing Provident Metals!"

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Mandrakes’ Misdirection

Major players like Goldman and JP Morgue are coming in right now.

We've just had tons of physical move out of the Merc Exchanges, but the price was too high, so gotta 'Market Make' those profits!

In a Gold squeeze environment this could be our last chance to buy before the next uplift in gold price. So, this was a fleece!!!!


toys for tits's picture

Looks like I need 3-D glasses to look at that chart.

Ahmeexnal's picture

At the LCS, junk silver is still at the same price it was two weeks ago. The "takedown" is only in paper. Those who thing they had the real thing will be settled in cash at the "paper" spot price.

seek's picture

This appears to be what Andrew MacGuire is saying, e.g. the physical squeeze is well beyond what people think it is.

MonsterBox's picture

did today.  will tomorrow, if theres any left.

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My boat with my PM's is still sunk in the lake. I'll try and find and rescue them this summer if I can remember exactly where I had my boating accident.

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I was just googling for a ZH article and it gave me Dayasset.com.  It pulls up ZH but at that URL.  Anybody know what this is?  Some kind of mirror site or something else?

slaughterer's picture

Theoretical: It is theoretically possible for those with unlimited financial resources and minimally regulated automated trading systems to keep the omen from triggering. This has been postulated by the creator of the "Vergulde Draeck" Omen.

Triggering: To eliminate false positives some technical analysts have imposed the condition that the Hindenburg Omen

  • must be triggered three times in a row within a month from the first triggering event for said initial trigger signal to be considered to be valid (i.e. requires double confirmation)
  • is only valid when "all tightly coupled triggerings are within a fortnight"
  • will indicate a possible future downturn or correction, depending on the magnitude of any "one off" triggering

Dr. No's picture

Theoretically, with unlimited financial resources, you could do whatever the fuck you want. Last on my list would be to counter a Hindenburg signal.

jonjon831983's picture

Theoretically with unlimited financial resources you could become a fat ass when you buy up all the food and starve everybody else.  Unfortunately, the negative feed back would be dying from a heart attack.  Natures own signal that you're an asshole hogging everything.


Kinda like inflation.


Theoretically speaking of course.

RockyRacoon's picture
Hindenburg Omen?

Can't we just have an exorcism and fix that?

Lux Fiat's picture

The Exorcist - now there's some rich material to mine...Linda B. representing the body politic infected/possessed by banker demons, spewing forth an unending stream of green stuff.  They're going to need several old priests for this job...

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'QE5 must come.  Banks must feed on my wealth.'

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.


deKevelioc's picture

It's five, now?  I've lost track.

Everyman's picture

I didn't thingk "5" came after "infinity".  I thought nothing came after "infinity".  So now the economics/financial ponzi doesn't pay attention numbers anymore that they do with math???  Well at least they are consistent, in ignoring reality COMPLETELY!

NoDebt's picture

They'll call it QE 8 in honor of Windows 8.  It will come with touch screen features that nobody cares about, an indecipherable interface for those familiar with QE4EVA and it will also run on a smart phone but nobody will build a phone that uses it (and if they do it will be discontined 60 days after first launch).


Mototard at Large's picture

...and version QE 8.1 will come out six to eight months later time to coincide with the new iPhone and iTV.

Meanwhile, iBuyGold tomorrow.

AssFire's picture

Baron Rothschild did say this was a buy signal didn't he??

Precious's picture

Obviously you're a technical analyst.

MythicalFish's picture

Hindenburg Omen??? Sounds like Jeff Cooper, dude. On the Titanic anniversary all we need to do now is take the square root of the number of days since 1912 (36890) and divide it by the very-Gannish 7 to get a 27% drop in the Dow tomorrow. Trading can be so easy… ;-)


On a more serious note, it won't work post 2005 I think because of all the ETFs like short index, PMs, contango-mopping trash distorting the low readings..


Dr. No's picture

I didn't know the baron, but I woul speculate the buy signal would be a confirmed Hindenburg omen and subsequent crash. To buy now would be foolish.

Mototard at Large's picture

I think he said wait until there is blood in the streets, then buy.  Is there blood in the streets yet?

WonderDawg's picture

Not even close. We have some SPX 75 point down days ahead of us before there is blood in the streets. Maybe around 1100, but maybe it just pauses there and then continues down. Time will tell.

Bananamerican's picture

"Is there blood in the streets yet?"

does Boston count?

LeisureSmith's picture

Horrible, fucked up and terrible.

MonsterBox's picture

Is it too soon to blame it on the two mini-sub crews from N. Korea?

Jake88's picture

Are you trying to make a joke about multiple homicides?

Shell Game's picture

Are you trying to impose group-think patriotism?

Precious's picture

You left out the last day to file tax returns.

ZippyBananaPants's picture

I left a cluster in the toilet this morning

GernB's picture

Yea, but was it unsinkable.

razorthin's picture

Jesus, you need a freakin omen??

Colonel Klink's picture

Takedown of Au/Ag coordinates with people needing to cash in to pay for.....wait for it......taxes!

krispkritter's picture

I know nothink about zat...Your (tax) paperz!

francis_sawyer's picture

been sayin that since Friday...


But the cherry on top is that 'Shalom' never saw a takedown he didn't like...

Yen Cross's picture

  Sweet chart. +1 Some of us aren't color blind ;-)

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Buy the freaking dip gentlemen!