Where Does Your Tax Dollar Go?

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In 2012, Washington collected $2.4 trillion in taxes, more than $20,000 for every American household...and spent $3.5 trillion...



Chart: Heritage.org

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Sure the back is still green.. or is it red by now?

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Into a bottomless rathole.

Next question.

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Where do govt. pensions and welfare show up ?

This looks like the "dem" version of the budget.

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hey, fuck you for reducing it to a left-right paradigm. never gets old does it?

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When you consider half the population does not pay any income tax, that means the other half is paying $40,000 a year on average and assuming $20,000 in annual debt for those who don't pay into the system.  This shit is gonna break...and this is a left right paradigm and fuck the libtard spenders!

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Here's an even easier easy to read depiction of where your tax dollars go.

What would you cut first?


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I love Barry's sense of humor, "does not include the payroll taxes that directly fund Social Security and Medicare"

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I stopped reading Barry's Big Picture blog when it became (painfully) obvious that he's become an establishment hack.


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I know that;

  • Americas' CIA budget is around $145 per capita
  • Australias' ASIS budget is around $14 per capita

Get the picture?

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uh, government spending and labor and welfare, then defense...


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"What would you cut first?"

From the two sets of figures above health care is either 20 or 23% of all spending, this is three times as much as most other countries.

It must be fairly obvious that there are huge inefficiencies = monopolies, regulations that could easily be overcome if the politicians were not all bought and paid for by the "health" industry...


Nest up, "defence" since the US spends about as much as the rest of the world combined and has huge oceans on both sides making it practically impossible to be inveded it should be possible to cut back say half of the spend.


RockyRacoon's picture

I'd second your motions to cut.   I'm glad to see somebody not blaming "Obamacare" for the cost of health in the U. S..   All the ACA did was cement the health industry cartel and legitimize it in law.   It was inevitable under any administration -- red or blue.  Both sides are bought off.

Look at what we get for 50% of our budget:   Despised by others for aggression, and one of the worst health outcomes in the world.

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Both "party's" got us into this bud.


Both gotta go.

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Did you bump your head early in life? Business passes all costs to consumers.

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"Business passes all costs to consumers"

Indeed, see Ferdinand Lundberg's 1968 book

"The Rich and the Super-Rich: A Study in the Power of Money Today".

Free to read/download at www.soilandhealth.org:

 There are powerful forces on Earth obscuring the foundations of knowledge. That would be okay if there were better knowledge and wiser wisdoms coming on line to replace them. But usually the opposite is the case. As the sort of person Sir Albert Howard called "the laboratory hermit . . . someone who knows more and more about less and less" . . . increasingly dominates ever-wider areas of scholarship, the focus of scholarship gets ever narrower, and less wise. Manipulative social-political-economic interests attempt to create Orwellian realities that suit them; their domination of academia and media makes people forget the fundamentals. Ferdanand Lundberg's book The Rich and the Super Rich explains exactly how this works. You may find Lundberg's book in the Social Criticism collection.

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Yes, because every time the "right" gets control, they cut all the welfare spending, and every time the "left" is in charge, they stop the war mongering.  Oops, no they don't, fool!

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I don't suppose you see the irony of you reducing your post to pointing out that there is a left/right paradigm and then criticizing it? 


At least the "right" has the right idea on paper... small gov, a return to sound money and an end to central banking - those in the party that agreee are about 1% but that is infinitely more than those on the left.

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At least the "right" uses the right idea in their propaganda... small gov, a return to sound money and an end to central banking

Fixed it for ya.  For me, the fact that they seldom seem to vote that way keeps rearing it's ugly head.  Face the ugly truth; there are too many idiots drawing a check to allow anyone who threatens to fix this mess to get elected president.  The same goes for a sufficient number of congress rats to do the job.  Therefore, the only thing that will fix it is collapse.  Fortunately, that is inevitable.

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By jove, he's got it. Exactly right!



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Sort of true. There are situations where the people do elect real conservatives, but what happened this last cycle is the national party quashed any state that actually did.

For those not following, real conservatives made significant inroads in AK. This resulted in a long, internal struggle. The party here is completely broke down as a result.


In this case, good conservatives finally got seated, then Preibus refused to let them participate at the National level (hint: the people of AK decide who goes, not Preibus).

WIth that caveat, much of what you say is true. But the conservative base is rebelling in many places. So, will have to see how things turn out.



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@ zhandax

I'll repeat Western's sub-post which started this sub-thread(See above):

"hey, fuck you for reducing it to a left-right paradigm. never gets old does it?"

Just don't get it, do you?

Metal Minded's picture

The one Repub who actually believed in "small gov, a return to sound money and an end to central banking" was in Congress for some 26 years- Ron Paul. You can see how much he was allowed to accomplish. For the rest of the Repub (right wing of the Ownership Party) " small gov, a return to sound money and an end to central banking" is just empty campaign rhetoric.

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"This looks like the "dem" version of the budget."

Except that it comes from the Koch Brother fav the "heritage Foundation" whose agenda is to promote a neoliberal agenda.

In order to get an objective version of this article find a far left explanation of  where your dollar goes. Put them side by side. Choose something in the middle and it will still be wrong.



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I thought that taxes paid the interest on loans made to the government and not directly cost of the program.


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Mostly the Squid?



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Where's the 40% 'debt service' amount of each $?

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Cash Gold?

"By Chikako Mogi

TOKYO (Reuters) - The yen firmed against the dollar and the euro on Tuesday while commodities from gold to oil extended their sharp declines after investors dumped risk assets overnight, worried over slowing growth in China and the U.S. took hold.

Cash gold and U.S. gold futures plunged to their weakest in over two years, pulling silver lower and dragging Tokyo gold futures down almost 10 percent."



zhandax's picture

The last time we saw a metals tank of this magnitude it was the prelude to the entire financial system locking up.  That little diversion in Boston today reeks of the likelihood that either someone sees the next one coming in the next six weeks and knows there is no way to avoid it, or they have engineered it.

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Thanks mom and dad!

boogerbently's picture

.....still no mention of cutting Welfare or illegal aliens benefits.

It's always "throw grandma under the bus"!

ZH pussies. How long have YOU been voting? And the "problem" isn't fixed yet?

What's wrong with YOU?

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I only hate corporate welfare mother-fucker! A sickcare wealth extraction system, parasitic corporations that only further their bullshit agenda via paid-off GOVT grunts, and yea, the welfare system is a bitch. Any rock of bullshit that I flip over on something being out of balance has to do with some corporation getting over on someone. When people can get paying jobs again, welfare won't make sense, but why work? When you have a why, shit changes. 

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if your socialist President recognized that the small businessman is the backbone of our economy then the big corporations that piss you off would have very little power.  He supports big industry, unions and centralized control (read big government and central banking) all of which is fucking this country in the ass.

GeorgeHayduke's picture

A socialist president owned by corporations, or at least kissing their ass you say? He supports unions too? When?

Here's a line from Wiki about socialism: "A socialist economic system would consist of a system of production and distribution organized to directly satisfy economic demands and human needs, so that goods and services would be produced directly for use instead of for private profit driven by the accumulation of capital."

Note that part about private profit there? Surely that's an important part of those corporations that own our government, and they don't care if those profits come from the taxpayers either. Also, considering that the corporations essentially own the government and use their lobbyists to make sure their government lackeys install barriers to entry and other schemes to screw over small business, where does the socialism part come in? Can you explain that part to me as I must be too ignorant to see it?

Try looking up the words fascism, oligarchy, or crony capitalism. Or, actually reading something that Marx and/or Engels wrote to halfway understand what they were talking about.

As for unions, please show me the latest piece of legislation that gave organized labor a huge win over corporations. Last I saw Obummer ignored the teachers in Wisconsin and hasn't done a damned thing for unions other than lip service. Organized labor doesn't have near the influence it once had in this country, except on Faux News and the Rush Limpboy show where they are brought out with the usual bunch of boogeymen to scare the kids.

No wonder America is going down. People are still proudly and ignorantly fighting the Cold War instead of seeing the current reality. Let me guess, next you'll bitch about how 'Merican schools turn out ignorant students...while completely missing the irony. Sorry to unleash on you, but this same old simple minded shit is so damned tiring.

zhandax's picture

Corporations, of themselves, were not a problem until they began to attain a size in excess of about 1 basis point of GDP.  There is a solution on the books; the Sherman Anti-Trust act.  I don't remember ever seeing it used and I turned up on this planet when Ike was president.  Instead, the MSM has been employed to keep up a constant patter about the glory of bigness.  As I pointed out above, there is no way anyone who threatens this status quo will ever be allowed to be a serious candidate.

akarc's picture

Plus a thousand or two.

"Try looking up the words fascism, oligarchy, or crony capitalism. "

Though I prefer the word Kleptocracy as the corruption in this country trickles down to the lowest municipality.

People trapped in the Obama hate meme, just as people trapped in the Bush hate meme are not getting it. And until they do we will be in this ever tightening vicious circle until we have nothing left.

Oh wait......

marathonman's picture

Uhhh, chief, look to none other than California to see how that pension system caring for people is working out.  Government pensions are bankrupting the state.  Stockton, San Bernandino, and several more are lined up at the bankrupcy court because organized labor and particularly public sector 'labor' pension plans have milked them dry.  Unions forgot the key - don't kill the host.  Live and learn I guess.  I don't think they'll ever learn though....

dontgoforit's picture

Well, 'booger', the choices have been there.  Romney would have had this ship sailing in a more favorably direction already - but the 'something-for-nothing' crowd re-elected obozo....so, there you have it.

km4's picture

Unsustainable so 10 - 15% cuts across the board esp. on defense or Merica progressively declines ( like it progressively rose for decades after WW2 ) because the Ben Bernank cannot keep the ponzi printing scheme going forever.

bilejones's picture

The Bernank only needs to keep it going until he's gone.

Redhotfill's picture

So your saying Bernanke dont need to out run the Bear, he just needs to outrun you.

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"collected $2.4 trillion in taxes, more than $20,000 for every American household...and spent $3.5 trillion..."

But somehow, according to the Krugman-Keynes theory of socio-economics, its not a spending problem...lol.

prains's picture

it's not a spending problem it's a distribution problem, there's still too many people getting too much money (entitlements) and it needs to be concentrated to fewer people so they can have MOAR, without it they will make WOAR

espirit's picture


There, fixed it.

RockyRacoon's picture

It's a reversal of the old Roman notion of TRIBUTE.  They're paying off folks so they don't break into the estates of the upper crust.   I guess you could say it's a kind of theft insurance.   Woe be unto the wealthy if the counter-tribute stops flowing.

fiftybagger's picture

Whaddya think all those hollow points are for, target practice?

RaceToTheBottom's picture

We are paying Banksters so they don't take more?

dontgoforit's picture

This is exactly what it is.  Without the welfare state the upper crust can be crushed by a dank and despaired humanity.