Concerned Marathoners Prompt Boston Plane Grounding Due To Arabic Passengers - Live Stream

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UPDATE: In an unrelated event, Laguardia Airport has been evacated due to a suspicious package

And so the flashbacks to the aftermath of 9/11 begin, as apparently the only catalyst necessary to have a plane grounded and returned to the gate is to speak Arabic...

Via MyFoxBoston,

Sources told FOX 25 there was an American Airlines flight that was headed to Chicago. There were two men on that plane – not sitting next to each other – and speaking Arabic.


There were some concerned marathoners on the flight so the plane was brought back to the gate and the two men were escorted off the plane.


No other details were immediately available.

CBS adds the following stunner:


A picture on the ground from Boston:


Live Stream


So in hopes of diffusing what is already a very tense, if ridiculous situation, here is how in a world where Murphy's Law dominates and all it takes to be judged a potential terrorist is to have a deep tan and speak a language the average American is not familiar with (i.e., most of them), airplane seating truly works:



In an unrelated event, Laguardia airport has been evacuated...


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missing the fat man on the flat bed without his cpap

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I was on a plane the other day when I figured out there were two guys that worked at the Federal Reserve sitting together in first class.  I complained to the stewardess that these people were terrorizing our country, but she just told me to STFU and read my SkyMall magazine.

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Hey, I have an idea: how about everyone turn off their teevees and go withdraw all their money from the bank?

I am Chumbawamba.

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all it takes to be judged a potential terrorist is to have a deep tan and speak a language the average American is not familiar with (i.e., most of them), airplane seating truly works:


I find the tone of the commentary by the author of the article offensive. The citizens of the country are living in fear and for them do do something, anything, to protect themselves, is long overdue. And if a few Arabs get inconvenienced, too bad.

How about this propaganda....... the bombers were Republicans.

But no sarcastic comment on that from ZH.

CNN: Right-wing extremists to blame for explosions?


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"all it takes to be judged a potential terrorist is to have a deep tan and speak a language the average American is not familiar"

by all means let's go back to frisking granny again....

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let's go back to frisking granny again

             When did that ever stop?

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TSA backed off, toned things down a bit a couple months ago...small vials of suspicious liquid: ok

smallish clubs, guitars:maybe...back off granny's Depends a bit:somewhat

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". . . speak a language the average American is not familiar with"

In many cases that means all languages if the content exceeds 8th grade subject matter.

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or math and money matters.

Talk about CPI, and they will call the cops on you.


Arab terrorists better learn to talk the american chit chat about Bachelor and DAncing with the Stars.


Obama is goign to let in more arabs anyway with H1B student visas so that al-queda students can learn from Americans.

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The average HUMAN is unfamiliar with most human languages. Nothing particular to American humans in this prototypical whiny bt of caricature.

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"I find the tone of the commentary by the author of the article offensive."

I find your knees to be more than a tad weak.  

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the tone of the article is fine - your hypersensitivity is the problem - a plane doesnt need to be stopped on the tarmac merely because someone is nervous about different language spoken

dont travel overseas you wont be comfortable -too many languages you dont understand

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I remember that flight well. Another tip for travelers is if you are approaching the guy who checks and marks your tickets and you are right behind the guy with the turban, bend down to tie your shoes and let some people pass by. It decreases your chance of being in a group 'randomly selected' for extra security screening.

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And conspicuously drop the pack of bacon you carry in front of the terroristy looking types. If they start sweating, you've won. They really believe that crap.

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The hot girls usually fly business class :)

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If you're grouped with a hot girl you get to watch her being violated?

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Like everywhere else, it's pay for play.

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And they are already taking more of our civil liberties away with Drudge Reporting "More cameras needed"

To me, since 9/11, Saudi means CIA inside job.

It's all happening too fast.

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Double penetration? Am I on the right site?

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With that nom de plume, apparently so!

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Nice!  Unfortunately, we know you are not telling the truth....otherwise, you would be writing this from prison...

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Diagram is perfect.

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Except that one of these neighbors is also releasing "silent but deadlies".

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Give arabs their own planes, with a drone pilot in a remote location!

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I think that's been done before, I believe it was four planes.

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Technically, three, or even only two.

Pentagon was hit by a genuine drone, towers by KITEs. :)

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Where did Barbara Olson go then? She was on that flight nutter ...


She was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77 en route to a taping of Bill Maher's television show Politically Incorrect when it was flown into the Pentagonin the September 11 attacks.


She also called her husband Ted Olson via one of those back-of-the-seat GTE 'AirFone' (remember those?) collect, a hard thing to do; she had to convince the operator to put the call through ...

That's adressed to all you NUTTERS denying she died as Flt 77 went into the Pentagon. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Not to digress or stir the pot, but... When was the last time we saw one of these phones in a plane?  Even when they were more 'common', most did not have them.  So now, as 'good luck' would have it, they all had these phones installed?  But they had the 'bad luck' to be on the wrong plane?

And those who claim that they were calling home via their cell phones (!?) are "full of shit":  YOU try making a call, ANY call, above 10,000 feet.  Can't be done -- no signal directed at sky.  All Wattage is directed to where the money is:  ground-to-ground.  Besides, at those speeds, good luck in getting linked and staying linked to any cell tower.  And don't get me going with BS about Sat Phones.  /Yeah, like everybody has one of those! And it's not like they had one of those Communicators from the Enterprise! /s

Wharever else was or was not going on that day, the alleged sky calls make me doubtful, leery & suspicious.

Ident 7777 economy's picture





" Not to digress or stir the pot, but... When was the last time we saw one of these phones in a plane? "



OBVIOUSLY they (you?) did not read the article ... those services were discontined in the 2005 to 2008 timeframe (depending on CARRIER) 


In 2001, AirFone was still VIABLE and OPERATING.


DO you know HOW MANY phone calls were PLACED that day thru GTE AirFone services?


Practically ALL of them from the four hijacked airliners. There were NEWS ACCOUNTS of this plus AN INTERVIEW with one of the OPERATORS that routed those calls that day.


"At 9:45 a. m. September 11, 2001, GTE Airfone operator Lisa D. Jefferson heard screams and a scuffle on hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 before she was disconnected. She had been talking to Todd Beamer, who told her that he and some of the other passengers, “We’re going to do something.” He asked her to tell his wife and two boys that he loved them and then asked her to pray with him. He prayed the Lord's Prayer and she joined him.

The last thing she reports hearing him say was,“Are you guys ready?” And then, “Let’s roll.”"




End of story.


Weak assertions and innuendo to the contrary are simply INFOTRASH.


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Kinetic energy increases as the square of velocity. At 600mph into steel and concrete people and aluminum get pretty shredded, and a transcontinental sized load of kerosene mixed with air and office supplies and building material does its work too.

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All the speculation would end if they would release the video footage from security cameras that were in place around the Pentagon.

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And cloak their flight information so nobody knows where they are, or arn't, as the case may become.

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Remember this 'joke' screensaver for your laptop from a few years back? Don't try this stateside.


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This is so bogus man! Everybody knows real Arab terrorists don't fly commercial...they go chartered luxury 727 and even get the FAA to close down civilian airspace for them - just to play it safe!

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I've just coined a new term for this kind of thing:




Got the idea from that 'infowrs' website ...

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Many Americans do not know what an Arab is so I find it suprising they knew they were speaking Arabic.  

What a difference a day makes. I spent Saturday night at the Boston Museum of Science. Not everyone was white or of european decent. My kid had the an exeperience few kids get. 24 hrs later look where we are. I wonder if those browned skinned families would now be given a seprate wing to sleep in so  as not to scare the other children. 

I am not saying these fears are not founded. I am just sad we have been sent back to Sept. 12 and now more freedoms may be taken with the excuse to keep us safe.


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Were there trash cans on the adjacent seats?

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I was on a flight from Chicago to Atlanta one day. The young mother across the aisle from me pulled out her tittie to feed her baby. I got a little chubber. I admit it

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I know what Gerard Depardieu would have done. He'd have pulled it out and told the young mother it needs milking too.

I hate flying.

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Hilarious.  In the early days of bring-your-own-food-onboard, we watched in horror as a morbidly obese couple plopped down in front of us with a whole roasted chicken in a plastic bag.  They put the bird on the fold-down tray with nothing underneath and proceeded to attack it like savages.