Is The Fed's Uberdove Turning Hawkish?

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In 1996 it was Alan Greenspan with his "irrational exuberance" call, is Janet Yellen sending the same message, as she warns...


Did the Fed's most dovish member, and likely next chairperson just suggest that, while 'lower for longer' rates will continue, that stocks and high-yield credit look a little more than frothy.


Live Stream of Yellen's comments (and ongoing IMF conference)


And this is just months after Fed board member Jeremy Stein who launched the first hawkish warning on the visibility of asset bubble, especially in corporate credit - Overheating Corporate Credit Markets.


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 'Chicken Wings' Yellen>

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It is getting more difficult to trot out the "Nobody could have seen this coming" excuse.

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No shit, Janet.
Don't forget they'll take away your ladies room key if you bitch, too much


This is your next Leader, BTW, or so money has it...
Be a done deal if she was a transgender minority female...

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One fuckin bomb threat and Fed J-bitch Yellen comes out of her fuckin hole and says that the Fed will stand-by to make sure markets are fuckin stable and act normally??? When was going up every fuckin day NORMAL to begin with?

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If Old Yellen is the next leader, she'll likely preside over The Great Collapse, which means she'll probably meet the same fate as that other canine.

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   Screaming and Yellen, moar QE!

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In other news: Janet Yellen just announced she is NOT interested in The Bernank's job come 2014.

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1)the game is....use current fed chief to bubble of all assets to get wealth back into markets.

2)when the last ponzi dumb foreign saudi prince money is all-in, alert banks to take money out and go short ,then crash the system.

3)current fed chief resigns, and president brings in the next guy as "change"

4)next guy/gal says unemployment is too high, print!

5)back to step #1


Communist Chinese do the same thing. so it is not the person...but the way this game works.

If you time it right and follow the Fed, you will be a wealthy men.


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Surely Janet knows the Europeans and Brits run the FED. (they are the ones who installed the financial terror organization.)

I know, she forgot to read what went down in 1910 - 1912.

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Yellen, the gold killer.  

oddjob's picture

'tis shebrew doublespeak

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She should be forced to put her retirement into SPG then.

AldousHuxley's picture

retirement is for peons who work for a living to save up for a day he/she could no longer work.


elites don't retire. they have fun jobs playing GOD where they want to work till their death.


Have you ever heard of pope, politician, board member, fed chairmen wanting to retire????

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Things are changing...One Pope did!

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She should get back on the boat what brought her here.

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Janet Yellen looks like a troll. I guess thats what we need at the top of the fed.

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That does it.

Equities and high yield are being set up for a CRASH, just like in 2008.

Remember, gold/silver, oil, and copper all started plummeting 3-6 months BEFORE the fall of 2008, when all hell broke loose.

Tick tock.......

PS. I'm lowering my downside target for gold from 1200-1250 to 1100, because when the shit hits the fan, gold will get sucked in. USD will soar. US ten-year will go sub 1%.

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There you go.  Now you're catching on.

Just don't count on fast reflexes to save you when it's time to bolt.  It'll happen over a weekend.  Out every Friday afternoon at 3:59 (after the ramp, before the close).

HD's picture

Indeed. I closed out my Fannie and Freddie trades 20 minutes before close the day they wiped everyone out.  One of the best trades I ever made and it was dumb luck.

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The low on gold is around $1500/oz and the low on Silver is around $29. Throw these spot prices out the window. These dealers have made it clear they won't part with them for less.

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and that's when you short the US ten year and go to sleep

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I strongly suspect that Obama and Boehner were extremely close to ordering Bernanke to stop QE in the march meeting.


I strongly suspect this upcoming meeting in May we'll say bye-bye to QE.

The economy is in contraction due to it and I don't think either Obama or Boehner can risk any longer continuation of QEs, politically.

BeepBeepImAJeep's picture

I really want to believe the hierarchy works like that.

ekm's picture

It has always been like that, always.

But the MSM propaganda of the idiotic Fed independence, has made everybody numb.


Fed does what Congress tells them to do, PERIOD.

Fed advises and executes, Fed does NOT make final decisions.

Truth is that congersmen are clueless and agree mostly with what the Fed ADVISES. But when the shit hits the fan, congress immediately blames the Fed, as it happened in 2008.

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It is also becoming more difficult to tell Japan to stop "manipulating" the yen while we're printing to infinity.

ekm's picture

Japan is a USA military protectorat.

Japan does nothing, absolutely nothing, before consulting with USA.

AldousHuxley's picture

US is empire foremost, economic giant second. US CONTROLS trade, and let others exchange goods for a living.

Just like a mob, doesn't actually operate businesses.

So is WWII loser Germany (US boots there).

alangreedspank's picture

True. As Nixon's Fed chairman once said, if we don't do what the president says, we'll lose our independence!

The Fed is hyper politicial. BUT, I don't know if they'll really back pedal on this one. I think the most clueless congressman knows what happens once you pull the QE rug from under the economy: a much due recession.


dick cheneys ghost's picture

click your heels together 3 times and say "there is no place like wall st, there is no place like wall st there is no place.............

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They can't stop QE unless someone steps in to pick up the slack for buying Treasuries. Just say no and be responsible with your spending is not an option for the Federal Government. The only way it works is if Japan turns printers and full on retard speed which it looks like they will do, they have to stop ZIRP on Treasuries if Japan is to pick up the slack. There has to be some return on investment or else it won't fly. They can't stop monetizing the debt, the politicians will go nuts but they can play 3 card monty and have Japan do it for them instead. The banks and MBS securities are another issue.

ekm's picture

There are only two options left: 

1) Allow the economy to get worse and worse. We are currently contracting

2) Let a couple of primary dealers collapse along with commodity prices and allow the economy to grow.

There has been this propaganda day in and day out since 2009, that the Fed made the economy grow with the QE.

The truth is that the economy grew because George Bush released the oil from SPR and forbid margin trading of crude oil. Crude collapse to NORMAL pricing, $50/barrel.

Obama comes to power, re-allows crude oil margin trading, re-allows commodity financialization by primary dealers by use of QE money, hence economy died again.

QE = Death of real economy = Survival of few major banks.
Halting QE = Resurrection of the real economy = Death of few major banks

I am expecting stopage of QE during next Fed meeting by White House and Congress orders, who constitutionally are the bosses of the Fed.
This can no longer continue. Some banks have to die, period.

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They will allow the economy to get worse while telling us it's getting better. This is where you underestimate the power of TV

ekm's picture

It's gone too, too, too far

fonzannoon's picture

correct on it's way to tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far. Then a 2% dip.

earnyermoney's picture

Stopping QE means Barry and Congress have to make tough choices. Not gonna happen.

ekm's picture

I don't think there is any 3rd option left

ekm's picture


right now, USA is unmatchable, love it or hate it

HD's picture

ekm I can not see that happening - but how I would love for you to be right...

vote_libertarian_party's picture

You think it's contracting now, wait until the 10 year yield is >20% after the Fed stops buying.

ekm's picture

There will be money distruction due to shadow banking liabilities exploding, derivatives.

It will create fake demand for dollars, because all shadow gambling is done in dollars

outamyeffinway's picture

And the dollar goes ballistic and KILLS the export economy. Right.


Oboehner can't afford to NOT QE politically.

ekm's picture

Which exports?

What is USA exporting?

slaughterer's picture

Say bye/bye to QE, then say hello/hello to USA sov debt default.  

fonzannoon's picture

this was too easy. the gold killer.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

just took a nose dive erasing all gains on the day...

chistletoe's picture

they took away my gold


they took away my silver


now they are coming for my pressure cooker


whats a poor prepper to do?