Obama To Speak - Boston, Budget, Or Barriers To Entry? - Live Stream

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The President is due to address the nation at 1130ET - the big question is, will it be Boston (given the events of this morning already) or will it be the Budget... or is it Immigration?


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Oh boy, can't wait for boy wonder to talk a lot but not say much.

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Any bets on the number SP500 points we'll get with his BS?

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I wonder if Obuma will talk about the manipulation in the PM market?

p.s. -- Nice tie!

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WOW  he is actually ON TIME !!    Someone call Mr. Ripley !!!     There's a first time for everything .........

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That is extremely suspicious and should be reported.

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Wow, that was sure a lot of GREAT content.

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The sole purpose of that press conference was for him to publicly say "terror".

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seems false flags are in a bull market..how can you tell it was a false flag attack?? easy the targets are always the sheep, never the elite wolves,,bomb a few elite and then maybe I am wrong. think about it, why never a corzine, an elite pol, a citi bank you get the idea..makes no sense to waste such attacks on common folk unless it was directed from the get go by the reptiles we call the elite, the ones getting rich off of our wars and economic disorder.

the targets always miss the leadership..maybe all wrong but too many strange mass attacks that make little sense.

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i have a feeling...call me crazy... that it won't be too much longer before we're seeing stuff like this directed at the 'elites' to whom you referred in your comment.      

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Family Guy Episode


Peter wins the Boston Marathon...Bob Costas interviews and asks,

"How did you do it?"


Two explosion go off...



(apparently its been cropped, but both scenes were from same episode?)




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Even Freddie Mercury wasn't such a "Drama Queen!"

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waste of time.    "we don't know anything and probably never will.    i'm just out here to make it look like i and all these other overpaid puppets up here behind me are doing something.    now back to the 'situation room' (*cough playstation cough*)". 

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oh yeah almost forgot .... "FORWARD !!"

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They need to bring CSI Miami in on this.  They have used them before on difficult cases.  Their experience and equipment are the best.

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he just lip synchs to the teleprompter's voice synthesizer

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The only time they bring Obama out in an “emergency” is to clamp additional restrictions on Americans' liberties.

When the economy unravels, when the financial crisis needs an additional solution, it’s not Obama we see; it’s Bernanke.

Where’s Bernanke now when Boston needs him?

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Molly geez......he used the T word.


We're hoping it's a teabagger.....but we just can't prove it yet.....yet.

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First you get Americans used to being attacked from without, then you get them used to being attacked from within.

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"I've directed my administration to take appropriate security measures to protect the American people."

(Now shut up and turn in your guns.)

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Illegal immigration can be solved by making them legal, but solve the problems with guns by making them illegal.  WHAT!!?!?!?!  The mind of a liberal hurts my head.

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The best way to protect the American people is for him to resign or be impeached. 

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It took a terrorist attack killing and maiming American people to inspire and compel you to direct the taking of appropriate security measures?

WTF were your directives before this?

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My drone sleeps alone! (well, not really -- there are a frightful lot of them!)

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The real terror is the American Drones!

Boston is a consequence of full spectrum dominance!

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Maybe the manipulation of the Sandy Hook families?

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What did Persident Vagina say?


I missed it..

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Can't even look at this punk anymore....

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they'll never admit the perpetrator was an american tax protester, never, this will remain a mystery forever so everyone will think it was a foreigner.  There can be no domestic dissent! - Yours Truly, Obummer

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President Obama is the most divisive president in American history; and comments like yours have become common place throughout talk radio. I hear similar remarks every day. And Obama has a personality that pushes the arrogance of a police state into the faces of Americans who not only pay the bills for this welfare extravaganza, but suffer the abuses of power coming from a Leviathan government paid for by their own incomes.

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Actually, King Lincoln was likely the most divisive president ever.

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Another reason why Hollywood says O is like Abe.  Abe killed 1.1 million Americans for no reason except to enslave the citizens to USA Inc.

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If you have been following the mSM the ground work is being layed to build up the Boston thing to a 9/11 type stature.


And then the other shoe will drop - domestic, homegrown perp who aspires to conservative values

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To announce Martial Law and a Police State? Ok, no...however, one day...


As this wasnt a terrorist act abroad...but a terrorist attack within


I dont know if anyone else caught last night 8:30ish est briefing by a BPD official...but the very 1st reporter asked (not verbatum) "Was this a false flag operation to further take away peoples freedom and liberties?" (One can probably find it on youtube.)

BPD, "No, next question."

-Interesting that the question was allowed to be asked...as if to get the masses to think about it. In other words, on purpose.

EDIT: I found the video and guess what? The 1st question is gone. I was on ZH last night at same time and on chat another ZedHed heard and can confirm as well the 1st reporter question posted above. 1:38 min mark...not 1st original question


this next vid ends right when question period begins...courtesy of our 'friends' at NBC


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Search an ye shall find...

The first question at Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick's press conference, following fatal explosions at the Boston Marathon, was from a conspiracy theorist, Deadspin reports.

"Is this another false flag attack staged to take our civil liberties?" asked Dan Bidondi


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This comment today on the LRC Blog puts the MSM''s double standard into its proper perspective, I’d say.

 Is the Boston Bombing the “Moral Equivalent” of Drone Strikes?

Posted by Bill Anderson on April 16

I have been thinking this through for a while. President Obama was rightly outraged at what happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon and I hope the perpetrators are brought to justice. At the same time, however, Barack Obama presides over bomb attacks on civilians, attacks that occur without warning, and attacks that not only kill alleged "militants," but women, children, and the elderly, especially when the bombings are launched at weddings, which one would think would allegedly be a joyous celebration just as the Boston Marathon has been.

While Obama demands justice in the Boston bombing, he is silent about his own role in setting off bombs in overseas countries. If Sen. Lindsey Graham is correct and the U.S. drones have killed about 4,700 people abroad, then we are talking about something that dwarfs the horror of what happened at Boston.

I am not speaking of tit-for-tat. However, I am sure that the horror that people in Muslim countries experience at a drone strike is every bit as awful as what people experienced in Boston yesterday. I do not believe that we are free to denounce the evil at Boston and cheer on the evil our government perpetrates overseas. We must denounce both or risk being the worst hypocrites on the planet.


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Horrible as it was, the Boston bombing was roughly equal to ONE of Obama's regular drone strikes.

When Assassin in Chief Obama slaughters thousands with regular attacks, should anyone be surprised by an occasional counterstrike? 

Hey ... it's Terror Tuesday!

Double dronings for all, until global morale improves!

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All right, NO freedom fries for you!

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POTUS is a spectator sport for the popcorn eaters, the real action is happening unseen and unknown to all but a few, much like how wealth is distributed

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Why would anyone want to live stream or even listen to anything this person has to say - no value whatsoever in anything that comes out of his mouth - unless you are a contrarian of course. 

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Let me put down my beer...

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I've been accused of being a "contrarian dickhead". Does that count?

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Dickhead does, but it might get you to SecTreas or similar exulted position.

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He could cover all three with a little pep talk about student visas.