Party Like It's 1999?

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Presented with no comment.



(h/t Andy Y)

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"Those guys are fags."


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See 15APR2013s inventory of 100 ozt. bars on APMEX graphically. People sure took advantage of the sale!

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 If you want to buy bulk and get better deals avoid APE MEX...APE MEX is good if you want to purchase a couple of ounces...

Try they ship for free and also lower premium costs around....And no I am not a shill for Tulving...just letting everyone know that a better deal exists if you intend to buy in bulk...

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Somebody adjust that graph for the coefficient of QE.

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Seriously ZH?

I'm not saying we aren't in deep doo-doo but when you make lame comparisons like this you start to undermine the ability of people to take you seriously. 

Two aspects of two very dissimilar charts that track different indexes from two different points in history showing brief similarity!!??  Call my broker!!!!  (sarc)


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Thank you!

One has a 300% run up while the other a 25%, but through the power of secondary y-axis charting, LOOK THEY'RE ALMOST THE SAME!

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Don't confuse me with math...just be amazed that some shapes look alike.  A round peg will fit in a square hole if rhe radius equals half the height of the square.

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Would that be half the width of your square hole of are all square holes cubes?

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both defy gravity for a moment in time, much like a ball in the air, about to turn back to earth

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Thank You! I was just about to say...

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It worked for MSFT -> AAPL and what’s dissimilar in highly correlated markets? My read of NASDAQ and S&P 500 is nearly 99% correlation:

I see every reason to expect the outcome depicted.

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Except they were virtually out of silver when the weekend started. No eagles or maples. Most everything else was gone too. But yes Tulving has best premiums for big orders.
Also his website was down for the better part of the weekend too.

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Sounds like a shill from APMEX is selling his wares on ZH.

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I am not a shill from APMEX. I am a shill from! And a shill for ZeroHedge, too.

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If someone has more money then better just buy future contract from
Crimex at paper spot and ask for Delivery.

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Tulving sucks.

They promise next day shipping but 2 out of my 3 orders were shipped 3 day ground. The little green boxes were dated almost a month after my last order, so how can that be in stock. I called Karen everyday and would get a "confirmed shipment date" only to have that come and go. Maybe if your ordering millions of $ worth you get a price break otherwise they are the exact same price as everyone else. Never again.

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I have not had a problem with Tulving.  Used them several times.  Place Order. Wire funds. Tulving normally ships within a day or two (they don't ship on Fridays) of your funds clearing.  Product comes Overnight-Air, registered and insured.  No problem. 


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I can't see your chart unless I register on the forum. Could you upload it to imageshack instead so I can see it?

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Apmex is down to around 100 Kilos of large Ag bars.

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WB should make a photoshop of Wayne's World with Wayne and Garth's face replaced with the likes of Bernanke and Krugman......Party ON Bitches!

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But nasd never came back.

YOu can't compare turds to candy coated turds.

ONly turds and turd coated turds.

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IMHO: One of the many factors that contributed heavily to the popping of the tech bubble was the "Milennium Bug" and the fact that many companies spent many millions on new hardware & software to avoid any problems. After the turn of the century the volume of new tech sales dropped like a stone, and so did the "market". This time things are different.


It's always good to be underestimated.

Donald Trump

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I was thinking more like 1939. Maybe we can invade Poland, too.

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Peace for our time, bitchez...

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Wee-weed-up....I believe the dump that's coming will make 87 and 99 look like nothing.

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Pffft. So what you're saying is, when TSHTF, a year in the DOW will look like an average day on Mt Gox? People just need to man up and enjoy the rollercoaster. I mean, from $90 to $50 back up to $80 and now down to $65. Just an average day in the brave new world of BTC.

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It’s better than volatility … IT’S MAGIC (the gathering)

Now if only they’d change the URL to BtTox that might be more accurate.

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any dow-gold ratio less than 1 will do fine. am i asking for too much?

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History rimes.

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Chart match search works real well.

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Let's see if it ends up fitting as well as the APPL/MSFT overlay did....

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That's what they want us to think, then they burn the shorts!

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If the market goes down the terrorists will win.

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I'd say the terrorists are already winning while the "market" goes up.

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Listening to a neo-con doctor the other day he said that we don't win in Af-Pak the "Taliban will be running our health care system".

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Would that be some sort of progress?

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Much cheaper with the same results.

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Our health care system ends with a death "with dignity" via morphine under hospice "care".

The Ak-Pak Taliban and similar war tribes traffick in opium.

So, the man was correct, without knowing it.


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Anything is better than the insurance companies!

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Definitely progress...

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...and good cheap pain meds.

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Awwww, comon...