Photos And Video Of Boston Bombing Suspects Released

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Moments ago the FBI released on its website, which was promptly DDOSed, pictures and a video clip of the two Boston Bombing suspects. Both appear Caucasian. The pics are attached below. The FBI is requesting tips from anyone who has information on these people of interest.

The suspects

Suspect 1 and 2 on the same photo:

Suspect 1 first photo:

Second photo:

Suspect 2 is the person the FBI believes is the person who left a backpack on location:

Second photo:

And Third:

And a fourth (h/t @cr3dit)

The video.


Also, it appears that "obviously suspect #1 , may be a golfer", to paraphrase El Duderino. From the Smoking Gun:

2013One Of The Boston Marathon Bomb Suspects Was Wearing A Bridgestone Golf Cap


One of the two suspects being sought by the FBI in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings is wearing a cap with the Bridgestone Golf logo.


As seen in surveillance images released this afternoon, suspect #1’s black cap has the capital letter “B” on its front and a white chevron between the hat’s bill and crown.


As seen below, a photo taken by a race spectator captured the suspect as he walked past the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street (where the second explosion occurred). That image shows that the back of the man’s cap contained four white figures, likely "B330."


As seen here, a similar black Bridgestone cap carries those numbers, a reference to the company’s B330 golf ball.

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This has been quite an effective misinformation campaign. Quite effective, indeed.

freewolf7's picture

More like a salt block, like you use to attract deer.

JohnnyBriefcase's picture

I can see the outline of an AR-15 under his cap.


He also looks like a christian radical.

francis_sawyer's picture

Is this done by the same one who photoshopped OBOMBER's birth certificate?

AlphaDawg's picture

wonder what his motive was.......

its a fucked up world we live in

Race Car Driver's picture

There was no motive - the b0mber was just following orders. Not much different than the tank drivers @ Waco or placing detonators and thermite @ WTC or shooting a woman holding a baby ... .

Scumbaggery needs no motive.

Pool Shark's picture



Why does he have a yellow comment bubble coming out of his mouth?

Caption contest?


MiguelitoRaton's picture

So when will this guy get silenced, I mean shot, I mean indicted?

The Juggernaut's picture

So is this what Craft International entrapment looks like?

economics9698's picture

How much did that world class security cost?  Cops fucked up real bad.  Shame on them.

DaddyO's picture

Did anyone else hear the shill going off during the presser?

He really got heated after the presser ended and got into a shouting match when someone called him an A'hole and told him to shut up.


Fish Gone Bad's picture

The guy looks kinda like Alex Jones from  /humor

Someone was going to say it.


BLOTTO's picture


(provided the other day by a fellow ZedHed)


Who are the multiple guy(S) in the same khaki pants,

same brown boots,

same black jackets,

same black backpacks and same equipment?


In the mean time (just a scenario) the 'elite' knows who these other guys are, setting them up for a take down with planted evidence of terrorist like activities, equipment and/or propaganda...

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That chick with the sunglasses and the pink hat with the ball on top is your bomber!!!

noob's picture

lions tigers and bears oh my     er, I mean,,,
brown boots, black jackets, black backpacks,,, oh my

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They are from Craft. The government contract that Craft received for the Boston Marathon, which is probably so ridiculously high I can't even mention it here out of respect to 0hedge's normal decorum, was probably settled over 40 year single malt scotch and a hand shake and agreement that Chris Kyle would include a story in his book about Jesse Ventura. Chris was going to be brought to court over it but he was killed before he could make an appearance when he handed a gun over to a psychopath at a outdoor gun range of a very fancy resort in Texas.

boogerbently's picture

Were they photographed near the trash cans in question ?

Were they photographed, later, without back packs ?

fallingman's picture

Nice crop on those two ... it was from after the blast. And they still both have thier backbacks ...




I think the Feds had an anti terror group there . I saw a picture of a suburban with aeiral array and a golfball looking dome on the car.   About 10 guys all dressed in black jackets and beige pants.  Im betting the Feds knew something was up, (Maybe an informant) and showed up to try and interdict the bombers. One runner said that security seemed to be extremely heavy with K9 and alot of police prescence. I think the FEDS got there too late.  the question now, is whether these guys are disinformation away from the possible Saudu connection or if in fact these are the actual guys. On the face of things, these look like anarchists or ocupy wallstreeters, definitely don't seem to be tea partiers.

waterwitch's picture

I'm not seeing any others in those pictures with backpacks. Won't be long before all backpacks are banned from events.

akak's picture

We need automatic background checks for all future backpack purchases.

Nobody needs to carry large backpacks, anyway, and only by restricting access to backpacks by violent criminals can the USA be made truly safe.


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Interesting that the patsies were caught after Israel sent police consultants to Boston to make sure their stupid goyim puppets choose the right enemy:

Even more interesting that this trip was planned BEFORE the bombings.

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I just looked through the imgur link and the anonymous post by the person who works in the "security commission" is worryingly on the mark so far:

The post was made on monday, the 15th and here are the three key points in it:

1. They're going to pin this on a male, late teens to early 20s

2. They're going to say he used reloading powder to try to ban its sale

3. They won't find the suspect till late this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday.  They're going to find firearms and a NRA handbook in his home.

Apparently one of the "suspects" died in custody, so we're never going to hear his side of the story.  I guess we should just trust everything the media says these days.

This post is way too similar to what is actually happening for my liking.  Obviously, I can't draw any conclusions, but the existence of such a post is alarming.

Boozer's picture

MDB has gone missing of late.  Hmmm.

robertocarlos's picture

Abe Vigoda. If you turn a fish 90 degrees it looks like the Craft symbol.

ronaldawg's picture

If OBAMA had a son, he would look like the one in the black cap...... Heh

The_Dude's picture

White ball cap is definitely Persian....can't miss that nose.

TuesdayBen's picture

Looks to me like he has some Slavic blood in him

The_Dude's picture

He could...though you get a pretty good spread of coloration across Iran....but that nose is near ubiquitos...  The favorite present for an 18year old persian girl living in the states is a nose job...just saying

Just my 2 cents but these are home grown amatuers.  Anything supported by a state would have been much more sophisticated and likely not even happen due to the stakes involved.....unless someone is trying to start something but then my suspicion starts to shift away from Iran....but not too far away.


GFKjunior's picture

You are correct. Anyone with any professional military training would of been able to cause a lot more damage. Hell even afghans make more sophisticated IEDs.

My guess is that they're some amateur 'revolutionary/terrorist' group. 

sadmamapatriot's picture

Wow, some of those Persian men are hot!

Mugatu's picture

Actually one guy looks like Francis "Chainsaw" Gremp from the movie Summer School.  Check out the picture:

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Looks like two of the stars from The Big Bang Theory.

General Decline's picture

So these guys are walking around in a HEAVILY photographed and videoed area planting bombs without their faces covered? Who believes this shit?

General Decline's picture

This reminds me of the Port Aurther/Martin Bryant false flag. They already had two patsies already picked out long before the bombs went off.

noob's picture

bombs no, more like a "Kill Bill" tactical hit.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Right.  Let's look at the guys wearing ski masks.