Meanwhile In Chicago...

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Probably the most symbolic photo of the day, courtesy of Breaking911, showing a "huge sinkhole in Chicago due to heavy flooding at 96th & Houston. 3 cars in the hole." No further commentary needed.

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I have a sinking feeling about today...

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Great! A hole to fill! ECONOMIC GROWTH!!!!

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This is going to prohibit much needed investments in productive businesses in favor of shoveling ...

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So that's what it feels like to be a Cubs fan...

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Several broken windows there. With the fertilizer factory, Boston, and this, Krugman must be having an orgasm about now. Speaking of, where are you, Dr. Paul Krugman?

Love, Dr. HoofHearted

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Might as well use FRN's to fill that hole now since they'll be worthless soon.

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One less place for Ogolfer to play

Buckaroo Banzai's picture longer just a sinkhole of moral and political corruption!

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Chicago.. Cook County..  Illinois..

Poised for prosperity on a solid foundation of Democrat Party policy.

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Newsflash - Paul Krugman about to write op-ed describing how this sink hole will be GDP positive for the auto industry due to car windows broken.  News at 11.

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Bullish for back hoes and chicago hoes.

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TD, I think this photo is from Detroit.  Uhhh, I mean Oakland.  Damn it!!  I meant Newark........

DAMN IT!!!  WHEN WILL MY KEYPAD WORK?!?!  It's Compton......

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With so much drama in the LBC it's kinda hard bein' Snoop D O double G

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FS- I'm not going to upvote you because you sound like the kind of guy that uses "n*****" all the time.

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But I, somehow, someway, keep comin' up with funky ass shit like every single day

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no shovels are too efficient - GIVE THEM SPOONS!!!

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Do not try and bend the spoons, that is unpossible.  Instead only try to realize the truth; there are no spoons.  Then you'll see it's not the spoons that bend it is the fakeonomy.

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And 3 new cars to buy! GMs no doubt!

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I have a more and more eerie feeling not only about today ...

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Everyone has that which means nothing will come of it.  Just like the past 12 years.  It's just a lazy meandering spiral into the pits of hell and one day everyone will wonder "how did I get here and why is my hair on fire?"

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It's gettin kinda long...

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You are aware, that this song is not about the length of ones hair? Bah, shirley you are.  ;-)

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I am..., and don't call me surely.

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Nah, I'll settle for one bourbon, one scotch, one beer:

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Terrorism! That must have been one hell of a pressure cooker. Maybe a KFC blew up.

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Ban pressure cookers, marathons AND WAIT....Martial Law!!!!


Everyone under house arrest! That is how these things happen, the more they happen, THE LESS FREEDOMS WE HAVE.


What is next Obama?


Ban guns all together! fucking jackass needs to wake up.


2 terms max! hoooray!

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3 Cars In A Sinkhole: Great name for a band.

Bunga Bunga's picture

Economy in a Sinkhole: Great name for  a book by Dr. Krugman.

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First hit - I've been sinking about you

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It would have been Ironic, if the sinkhole was in Detriot with a Crysler and a GM vehicle in the sink hole with the Ford vehicle barely safe from the sinkhole.


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What is wrong with road contruction in the US, why are these things occuring so regularly?

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I don't know about you, but I am happy my tax dollars are used for papering over fraud and making criminal bankers whole. Infrastructure is so 20th century.

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The water table level in the US has been getting lower and lower with the pumping for irrigation. Also road contractors fail to remove organic material before compaction.

However, the most compelling reason is that the earth sucks.


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i live in chicago. this was all over the news this morning. water dept said a broken water main caused this. water dept commissioner said the main dates back to 1915. it's not bad road's our deteriorating infrastructure that's way beyond it's useful life.


it swallows the white dodge eventually's the vid...


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What the frack just happened?

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At least it just swallowed American Cars.  


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Obama Nation


A McNugget in every pot & a car in every sinkhole...

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So much for any real estate 'recovery' in ThugLand.

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Where is the "NO PARKING" sign? Achh, the government is so incompetent ...

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The sink hole is the city itself,  the pit you see is just an impromtu underground parking lot.

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Still the cheapest parking in the city.