Obama Sends More Troops To Jordan, Preparing For "Stability Operations" In Syria

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Fresh from his humiliating defeat in the Senate to promote his pacifist gun-control agenda yesterday, in the name of the "90%" of course (who apparently need to pick their senatorial representative just a little more effectively), the Nobel Peace Prize winner has decided that guns just may be the right answer when it comes to promoting peace, or least his agenda abroad. WaPo reports that  the Obama administration has ordered additional U.S. troops to Jordan for possible chemical weapons control, humanitarian response or “stability operations” in Syria. "The new troops, a headquarters element of the 1st Armored Division based at Fort Bliss, Tex., will not greatly increase the number of U.S. forces in Jordan. About 150 troops were sent last year to help train Jordanian military and Syrian opposition forces. Some of those troops will remain, and the new arrivals will increase the total to more than 200."

So just your ordinary garden variety, vanilla regiment of heavily-armed US troops making landfall in a foreign sovereign which would prefer to have no US presence at all, but who cares what they think. Maybe as a sign of goodwill with the 90%, the Pacifist-in-Chief will order these latest troops to have no assault rifles or extended clips. As for what this latest US landfall means for the escalating Syria conflict, we hardly need to comment on that.

But in case we do, here is the WaPo:

The dispatch of a headquarters unit indicates a higher level of preparation for a possible expanded U.S. military role, including command and control capability for a larger force.


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told Congress that he authorized the deployment last week to “improve readiness and prepare for a number of scenarios.”


Both Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made clear in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee that President Obama has not ordered any U.S. military intervention in Syria.


“We don’t have a consensus on this issue . . . on what America’s role should be,” Hagel said.

Well, "we would" if we thought discovering some non-existent WMDs in Damascus would make Russia look away and allow the US entrance and the ability to secure the country so very critical for the passage of various key gas pipeline routes. Which of course, would reduce Russia's influence on Europe where it still has monopoly energy providing power, and where its full fury and anger at the Cyprus fiasco will be felt next winter when Germans get their heating bills.

But for now the US is stumped just how to escalate this particular conflict.

The deteriorating situation in Syria, where more than 70,000 people have died and millions have been displaced, appears to be pushing the administration closer to a decision. But a high level of uncertainty and disagreement over what to do was reflected in the contentious hearing Wednesday.


Dempsey testified several months ago that he agreed with senior national security officials who recommended arming the rebel military force. When asked by McCain whether he would still make that recommendation, Dempsey said the situation was “more complicated now.”


“My military judgment is that now that we’ve seen the emergence of al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, and seen photos of weapons in the hands of those groups, I’m more concerned than I was before,” he said, referring to leading rebel factions that espouse extreme Islamist goals and have been linked to al-Qaeda by the U.S. government.


“If we could clearly identify the right people, I would support it,” Dempsey said.


But both Dempsey and Hagel said cohesion within the Syrian opposition has decreased in recent months, making military support more risky.

Translated: Russia continue to just say niet. But just in case they relent, the nobel prize winner shown below is ready to murder everyone in America's path toward Qatari natural gas pipeline liberation.

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USA leaders will bomb you into freedom.

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Preparing For "Stability Operations" - Oil can be quite unstable!

nope-1004's picture

This is a gold and oil confiscation mission - plain as day.  The assholes in gov't say one thing but act completely opposite.  "Strong dollar policy".... lol.



SMG's picture

Rumor is Saudi Arabia is next.

Surly Bear's picture

GDP must be trending down. Nothing like a little selective destruction to get it moving in the right direction.

pods's picture

Peace sells, but who's buying?


General Decline's picture

"Stability Operation". Now that's hilarious.

NotApplicable's picture

Now this is a form of gun control that O'bummer will find to be a winner.

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Be nice to Amerika or we will bring you Moar Sthabhilitheeeee.

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Let me put it simply so even a nigger can understand: Syria is where you will fertilize the soil.  My relatives' great grandchildren will still be eating your atoms in a few generations.

Have at it.

I am Chumbawamba.

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His He-bitches and She-pricks in the Senate fucked him in the ass on the gun bill so his response is to send more Amercians not like himself to die for no good fucking reason in a shithole part of the world that has zero strategic interest for us.

A fucktard is as a fucktard does. 

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Was rockin' out to that at the gym this past Monday...  +1

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So, 'stability' is blowing things (and brown people) up? Does this mean that Boston has been 'stabilised'?

AnAnonymous's picture

That's raycissst to say that.

Signed: an American.

jaap's picture

Carpet bombing for peace....

Pool Shark's picture



"We had to destroy stability in order to save stability."



Fish Gone Bad's picture

Saudi Arabia is not next.  The list includes Iran, Syria, Lybia, Lebanon, Sudan, and believe it or not, Somalia.  My guess is Lebanon is next (I think the list was leaked by General Wesley Clark a few years ago).

Winston Churchill's picture

Lebanon is vital to the survival of Israel.

They've run out of water and S.Lebanon has plenty.

resurger's picture

Not untill the House of Saud is gone.

General Decline's picture

Correct, my friend. Saudi is jew controlled. A house divided cannot stand.

viahj's picture

except that Saudi exports more oil to China now than to the US.  they are also biulding refineries with China. 

LasVegasDave's picture

You are Jew controlled

Ponder that, mensa

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

The Saudis are definitely not on the table, they are a controlled entity as long as the current family or successor clans play nice with the petrodollar scheme.  Iran and NK are big targets.

DaveyJones's picture

my God, their leader's black

but James Earl Jones has some talent

Agent P's picture

OMG...look at all those black rifles!

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 "These are not the Syrians you are looking for..." BOOM! "Well, shit. It worked in the movie!" (dies)

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Damn chimp should lay off the smokes.

krispkritter's picture

Watch it buddy!

Kind of OT: anyone looking for (steel-cased) 7.62x39 and 5.56 for plinking/practice, this place is carrying at the moment: http://www.keepshooting.com/

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@%#$! They're all sold out of 0.40 S&W

Freddie's picture


When is anyone going to question the Saudi connection to the Boston bombing?


What is our dear muslim covering up.....again??

john39's picture

total red herring...  

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Oil confiscation is most effectively executed through slant drilling... You only need boots on the ground if you're caught.  Urkel has plan, it most certainly is stupid and destined to fail, but it's probably not that simple...

pods's picture

Wasn't that what the Kuwati's did?


Freddie's picture

They did that to Saddam.  Saddam is looking like an angel compared to the current scum aka the Skull and Bonz plus Harvard boys including Baby Allah with his sealed school records.

Urban Redneck's picture

I have no personal knowledge or recollection of such events.  But I was actually thinking of something more recent in the same over-crowded bath-tub/sandbox.

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"It's different this time."

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Whatever Bush did will forever be Bush's fault. The same will be true for Obama. Two wrongs still don't make a right.

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Putz Prize.  Look I'm a world class putz.

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Good God, someone give that man another participation trophy!

I like the cut of his jib!

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That's why we don't keep score anymore...can't have losers after all.