In The Past 48 Hours, AAPL Has Lost More In Market Cap Than All Of...

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In the last 48 hours, everyone's beloved stock - AAPL - has lost around $35 billion in market capitalization. That is larger than the entire market capitalization of these large-cap companies...

  • PRICELINE.COM     $35.3
  • HALLIBURTON CO     $35.1
  • PNC FINANCIAL SE     $34.4
  • TJX COS INC     $34.2
  • ALLERGAN INC     $33.6
  • NEXTERA ENERGY     $33.5
  • VMWARE      $32.8
  • PRAXAIR      $32.6
  • VIACOM INC     $32.5
  • DEERE & CO     $32.2 
  • TRAVELERS COS IN     $32.2
  • GENERAL MILLS IN     $31.9
  • KINDER MORGAN     $31.9
  • AUTOMATIC DATA     $31.7
  • BANK NY MELLON     $31.6
  • AMERICAN TOWER     $31.5
  • FRANKLIN RES INC     $31.4
  • EOG RESOURCES     $31.2
  • DIRECTV                     $30.9
  • EXELON CORP     $30.9
  • LOCKHEED MARTIN     $30.8 
  • CAPITAL ONE FINA     $30.7




How long until the Bank of Israel, whose holding AAPL happens to be, needs a Fed bailout, due to its speculative, high beta investments? The $125 loss per Apple has certainly has left a mark on Stanley Fisher's (who just happens to be considered for Bernanke's replacement) balance sheet.

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Time for a 2 for 1 reverse split? Or maybe 3 for 1 cus ya gotta plan ahead.


rubearish10's picture

Gold vs Smapple? Ummm, which way, which way??

HulkHogan's picture

That's still something like a $250 stock. Plenty of room to drop (same can be said of gold).

Atlas_shrugging's picture

And yet gold is in a bear is is...sigh

rubearish10's picture

"And yet gold is in a bear is is...sigh"

Quite a bit of negativity bearing down on gold makes me think it's cheap enough. The ole' relic has long survived and does not rot from its core

redpill's picture

Huh, I didn't realize had that big of a market cap.

imaginalis's picture

Reggie was right, about 3 years ago!

hedgeless_horseman's picture




General Mills shrunk the Lara bars; they are only two or three small bites, now.  Although, I know that Lara is doing just fine.  Fuck, just give me an apple (not AAPL) and a bag of nuts for half the price.

Agent P's picture

They've been passing on costs with product reductions and weigh-outs vs. price increases for the last several years across most of their product portfolio...they are not alone.

Big Slick's picture

There's NO WAY Lara bars are 2 small bites.  They're more than a mouthful!

icanhasbailout's picture

I bought a chocolate bar the other day that was so thin I was amazed. 1.55 oz, it looked like they took the candy bar that I used to get and sliced it in half, thickness-wise. Price wasn't any cheaper, though.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



You should really enjoy Orwell's book, 1984.

Agent P's picture

Do you believe Hershey when they say the air bubbles in their Air Delight bars are really about adding texture to enhance the experience?  

Regular Hershey Bar: 1.55oz

Air Delight Bar: 1.44oz


CvlDobd's picture

Nuts aredamn expensive these days. Small bag of cashews fetches nearly $10 in my parts.


What inflation?

Big Slick's picture

Pirate walks into a bar with a captain's wheel down his pants.  Bartender asks why and the Pirate says, "They're drivin' me nuts!"

hedgeless_horseman's picture




Either grow them yourself, or buy in bulk...

Choctaw Hill Pecan Farms
43600 Harperís Church Road, Hempstead, TX 77445
(979) 826-3077

Many varieties, inshell and shelled meats, mail order year round.

NoDebt's picture

They're shrinking a lot of stuff these days.  Including companies, apparently.  DirectTV has a bigger market cap than Lockheed Martin?  I would not have guessed that.

Professorlocknload's picture

And yet gold is in a bear is is...sigh

Still 31.1 grams to the ounce?

RSBriggs's picture

Nope - that was last month.  This month, an ounce has shrunk to 28.35 grams...

moonstears's picture

But the new box on my gold says "New improved convenient 28.35 gram per OZT size". It's a good thing, right? Like with corn flakes and choco chip cookies.

NorthPole's picture

And the bar has air bubbles inside in order to 'add texture to enhance the experience'

DeadFred's picture

Exxon Mobile is now back in number one position for highest market cap.

TheLooza's picture

sorry guys. I'm a buyer here. pre-earning is a gamble, but you fuckers are acting like every single person you know does not own an iphone, and no one cares what their next product iteration will be. These guys could buy any business they fucking want. You think they are going to squander 137 bill in cash? what do you think they are, a government?


Downtoolong's picture

That's what they said when it was $500, $475, $450, $425, $400.....

Ham-bone's picture

BTW and OT - does the DXY look like an algo driven mini flash crash is possible?

DeadFred's picture

50 day moving average MUST... BE... RECOVERED...

Ham-bone's picture

Didn't even know late day ramp was ever gone...jus looking at DXY and seems poised on cliffs edge waiting for a little push.  Not that I know anything.

tip e. canoe's picture

Time for a 2 for 1 reverse split?

they're gonna wait until it gets down to 333 for that one.

Pladizow's picture

Apple: Sauce'd!

css1971's picture

oops, some bad numbers coming.

TeamDepends's picture

If life gives you apples, make cider!

Agent P's picture

An excerpt from a conversation between me and my then 6 year old son...

Me: "What do you do when life gives you lemons?"

Son: "You punch life in the face!"


Colonel Klink's picture

I smell some fund managers who aren't getting as big a bonus this year.

Fuck the fraud street parasites!

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Trouble in AAPL paradise. Don't let the stock price or movement fool you. Follow the cash flows.

Apple has reportedly stopped placing component orders for its Mac series products recently and related upstream suppliers so far have not yet received any word about when the US-based vendor will resume its orders, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

The suppliers originally expected to finish digesting their Mac inventories in April, but are now stranded waiting for further instructions from Apple.

The sources revealed that Apple's Mac orders to the supply chain dropped to almost nothing after the Lunar New Year holidays. Apple had high hopes for its Mac product lines and placed aggressive orders at the end of 2012; however, the company is now badly affected by the decision.

Since Apple hardly mis-estimates its shipment forecasts, the sharp order drop may imply that Apple has underestimated the PC industry's weak status and its iPad products are affecting the PC industry more seriously than it expected.

In the past, Apple usually gave its suppliers its shipment forecast for the upcoming quarter (12 weeks), but the company did not provide a shipment forecast for the second quarter and some suppliers are concerned that shipments may not resume until late May.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Benny boy and everyone can say all they want about the stock market reflecting the economy but the supply chain and orders placed are the real measure of health. AAPL is one of the measuring sticks so is Walmart. We know how well they are keeping their shelves stocked right now. I'm thinking the old you can deny reality but can't deny the consequences of reality is finally rearing it's ugly head. Means bubble is ready to burst soon. Cash flows matter, if they ain't paying suppliers means they ain't selling means they are contracting means the stock price has to reflect that at some point (I believe that it already is).

centerline's picture

Virtually the whole world is leveraged.  Cash flow is everything.  +1

monkeyshine's picture

I gotta think that the tablets have put a dent into notebook sales.  I also gotta beleive that even the AAPL die-hards aren't immune to upgrade fatigue. The iPad 3 works great for the uses I intended for it, why by another? I also gotta wonder whether AAPLs history of introducing an intermediate model every other year doesn't have prospective buyers on hold waiting for the "iPhone 5S" to be announced.  If people think Q1 was soft at AAPL I wonder if Q2 won't be even softer still. 

nbsharma's picture

a clear victory for behavioral economists - or a loss for efficient market hypothesis staters. momentum indeed is part of a stock run. who would have thunk?

thismarketisrigged's picture

yup, this is very worriesome for aapl shareholders. not only is it down, but its down on heavy volume. i can not remember the last time aapl was up significantly on heavy volume.


also, all of tech is down today, which is weird considering big cap names like ibm, google, and msft report after bell.


goog is down nearly 2 and a half percent before there earnings, you think this is insider selling knowing report is not going to meet?


should be interesting to watch after hours.


if they do disappoint, goog can be under 700 by weeks end. 


fuck goog, aapl, fb, amzn, etc

Yen Cross's picture

     Half of congress is probably at the the D.C. Wallmart buying 'Depend Undergarments'. Serves those insider trading thiefs right.;-)

Ying-Yang's picture

Reggie Reggie Reggie......... margin compression baby, hurts like a bitch

MichiganMilitiaMan's picture

Does this means it is to late for the dividends that CNBC was clamoring for a few weeks ago?

Winston Smith 2009's picture

What a f'ing joke.  A market cap of 367.4 BILLION dollars with Property Plant and Equipment (material) assets of 15.4 billion dollars.  Dot.bomb era valuations.

NoDebt's picture

One man, one phone, one operating system.... the list goes on.  Having a lot of "ones" is a lot of things that can quickly run a company up on the rocks.

The "one man" is gone <brief moment of silence for SJ>, the "one phone" is getting it's ass kicked pretty good by suddenly emboldened competitors and I don't see the "next big thing" coming from them.

They're a gadget maker.  They had the best stuff for years.  But they stumbled bad and will not regain their former glory.  Gadget makers almost never do. 

mercy's picture

Steve Jobs does not deserve a moment of silence

slaughterer's picture

p/e less than 9 at this point  is that dot.bomb?