What Exactly Did Obama Say To Wall Street's CEOs Last Thursday?

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Correlation is not causation; but coincidence means you're on the right path. Looking at the charts of Stocks, Commodities, and Precious Metals, we wonder just what it was that President Obama said at his 11am ET White House meeting last Thursday...

Equity markets soared out of the gate on the 11th. Jobless claims beat expectations handily (shaking off the previous week's concerns) and all was well in the world... until just after 11am ET (when the CEOs of Wall Street's big banks - for no apparent reason - met with President Obama)... and this happened...


Gold also peaked at just after 11am ET...


as did Crude oil...


So what did Obama tell them?


Charts: Bloomberg

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Jacque Itch's picture

"So what did Obama tell them?"

Any of you crackers doing the marathon?


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Mmmm...  Yet another thing feeding my heightened state of paranoia.  Lots going on under the covers, I hope to write about it all soon.

Go Tribe's picture

Thinking he told them a nasty cyberattack was forthcoming, one the gov couldn't stop.

Richard Chesler's picture

You got it all wrong. It's what the banksters told their puppet...


HulkHogan's picture

That's right. Always remember who pays whom.

erg's picture
Always the case. With each regional victory, the heat is turned up yet another notch.   These people aren't fools. They have all the money in the world to study us and manipulate us. They know us much more intimately than we'll ever know ourselves.   When they're hand has become fully played - they start pulling out wildcards.   We are here.
eatthebanksters's picture

"My piece of the action just got bigger because of inflationary pressure!"

flacon's picture

He told them: "I am OBAMA. I am a free market laissez faire Austrian economist and I am going to destroy you!"


/just kidding.

Supernova Born's picture

If you can't contain gold I'll be forced to ban it.

If I ban it the world will assuredly lose faith in the reserve status of the dollar and then one country or another will offer gold backed currency.

Upon that damn "rock" they could rebuild a free market and a free nation.

That can't happen.

Sopra Tutt1's picture

he said: "I'm Obama and I'm ready for a gang bang. I hope you showered this morning, it's time to pay you guys off. Thanks for chipping in last year."

tickhound's picture

And just like the good little school of Pavlovian fish that so many of you are, you take Tyler's headline and bite.. hook, line and sinker.  Reacting, instead of thinking.

IF ANYTHING... it was more like EVERYBODY ELSE sitting around in a dim room, showing Obama the Zapruder film.  Then asking, "any questions?"

Supernova Born's picture

Pavlov's Fishes' mouths watering.

-M.C. Escher woodcut

toys for tits's picture


"This is my last election.  After the election I'll have more flexibility."

savagegoose's picture

he said " i am the BA RA KA  the  perfect balance of body, mind and spirit. ultimate  achrievemnt of the mason as we we understand  egyptipn mysticism, bow down and lick my ass "

Doña K's picture

Obama: Hey guys, thanks for coming. I have a quid pro quo proposal.

Gang of 4 or 5: Shoot

Obama: I want to stay Pres

Gang of 4 or 5: We need lot's of scary things to happen

Obama: Yes I know. a few terror attacks, a veil of financial instability and more

Gang of 4 or 5: We can take care of the second

Obama: Okay. I will take care of the rest. How about funding?

Gang of 4 or 5: Will let you know where to bet.

Obama: Let's keep in touch

Rubicon's picture

"There is a bomb due to go off in Boston today. Use it to bring these monsters back in line. One lump or two Jamie?"


Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Here is how it went:

BANKSTERS: Barry, we asked you to invite us here because we have the following concern. There is an options expiration for PM's on the 25th of the month and there are tons of options which will be exercised and there is not enough physical metal to deliver. Which means that we will be wiped out and will be exposed.

We want is to alert you that we are going to sink stocks and precious metals temporarily (until after the 25th or so) so that we can avert disaster. In the process, you and your friends can also make a bundle as we will get gold below 1350 by then.

BARRY: Do I need to sign anything?

BANKSTERS: No. this is just a heads-up

BARRY: More bloody Marys gentlemen?


Supernova Born's picture

At some point this Socratic Method BS must yield to information.

One of the Tylers is going to give their best guess answer at some point, right?

30K reads and still no best guess from ANY authorized Tyler?

I gots to know.

If we all really KNEW?

dtwn's picture

Ummm. No. Because unlike other 'media' sources, Tyler(s) actually show us the data.  Where we are fully capable of thinking about it vs just reacting to the headline.  As a scientist, seeing the markets behaving quite differently at the same time is a bit odd.  Of course it could be a complete coincidence, but that is where discussion comes in.  Not douchey comments from idiots such as yourself.

venturen's picture

Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.: Al Capone

Non Passaran's picture

That is state capitalism, not free capitalism.

tickhound's picture

There's nothing free in this world.  Ask any capitalist.

Burr's 2nd Shot's picture

There's nothing free in this world, ask any evolutionary biologist. FIFY

sessinpo's picture

We are not talking about notional free items. Of course I must pay for a physicial item or service. In the term of free market, it means one not manipulated by others such as government which has no vested interested in such system other then a political one, to gain votes.

Companies may manipulate the market (and there are laws against some manipulation such as price fixing), but companies have a vested interest that is non political - to make money.

When  you understand that, you see your statement is false.


Where you may be correct is a situation of facism. Where companies become political.

I think most agree we see that today where companies have lobbyist or donate heavily to certain parties or individuals for unfair, non free advantage. And yes, I understand the argument that in this environment, those companies are "free" to lobby, so it is fair. But it is not - it is the government/industrial complex or racketeering and corruption.


It was once said by a President "The business of Government is business".


Let's go back to the constitution. The business of the Federal Government is simply to defend the country from other outside groups that would hurt Americans.


When it comes to regulation of business, states can do that.

Oppressed In California's picture

And socialism is the philosophy of mass murder.......

BLOTTO's picture

Either way - man exploits man...


just which poison do we get?


Heads 'they' win, tails we lose...thats our choice.

Doña K's picture

There is a difference: In capitalism, everyone can have a shot to move to the top. In socialism/communism the elite keep a tight lid on upward mobility

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

And socialism is the antidote.

tickhound's picture

He didn't say that.  You did.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Correct.  It was my comeback line that I made up on the spot.  If you read my text like a lawyer would, you'd note that I never said I agreed with it.  I merely stated that it is the 'opposite' condition.  Like an Acid and a Base.  The corollary is therefore also true: Capitalism is the antidote to Socialism.  Well, one antidote.

LOL, guess the down-arrowers are not as smart as they think they are, because they inferred something in my comment that I did not state.  They were 'projecting', if we want to get psycho-analytical.  According to Spock.

tickhound's picture

I seriously doubt that anyone here would assume you actually "meant" socialism to be the "answer."

Since you care so much, your downvotes are more likely due to your assumption that the alternative to capitalism, or ANY alternative to capitalism, must be socialism.  It's called a FALSE CHOICE.  And it is everywhere.  Even here.

What the world needs is an antidote to BOTH OF THEM.  Both are according to monetarism.  Both assume infinite growth.  Both require the wage slave.  Both are becoming obsolete.

Spock knew this.

bdc63's picture

I doubt they were able to do much "talking" with their dicks in each other's mouths ...

seek's picture

I agree, something hidden is happening/has happened.

I originally dismissed the whole "DHS insider" thing was conspiracy fantasy, but it is a bit freaky that things are playing out as described. (And might explain why O was so pissed about not getting the gun control items he wanted.)

john39's picture

They told him that there is no plan b. no one coming to rescue them... Soon time to face the angry masses.

DeadFred's picture

He gave his blessing for the takedown, gold first then the stock market. "I don't see any elections in my future, do you? Let's fleece these suckers and blame it all on the Republicans" Let no crisis go to waste presupposes a crisis.

Transformer's picture

I don't know if everybody here gets it or not, but the False Flag in Boston, was pretty much neutralized by actions taken on the Alex Jones show.  Basically, AJ and his crew figured out from pictures who the patsy was going to be and broke the news before the MSM.  They also spotted a group of Navy seals on the scene, or Seals likely working for Craft, a military for hire outfit  These guys were all around ground zero, with backpacks just like the one the FBI is touting.  More than likely, though, just to confuse the backpack situation.

Alex broke this on his show, and immediately, things went to chaos in Boston. They quickly announced they had the patsy, and arrested him, but then figured that since Info Wars had published all the pictures of the Seals/Craft guys, that their cover was blown and they had to change the plan.  They had already denied the bomb drill, with bomb sniffing dogs and police on top of buildings, that was obvious in pictures and runner's testimony.

So, then they called the bomb scares and rebuked CNN to take attention off of their chaos.  This all seems pretty unbelievable, but I would suggest going to Infowars and watching some of their videos.


There is lots of other info about it on his site.

Transformer's picture

At the OK City bombing in '95, there were cameras everywhere downtown.  Within an hour after the bombing, the FBI had confiscated all the tapes.  On 9/11 there were about 5 or 6 surveillance camers running outside at businesses around the Pentagon.  Within a couple of hours, the FBI had again, confiscated all the tapes.  In the case of OK city, the tapes would probably have revealed at least 2 accomplices to McVey, and two explosions, as were revealed on the Seismic tapes from the university.  We don't know what would have been revealed at the Pentagon on 9/11, but it probably wasn't a 757.

12 years after 9/11, we have just had another terrorist bombing.  Now, though, everybody carries a camera and a video camera with them, disguised as a cell phone.  There were so many pictures and videos on the net that someone set up a couple of data dump sites, where people could just dump their videos/pictures from the Marathon bombing, anything they wanted to upload.  Kind of makes you understand why they went after Joe.com in such a big way.

This time the FBI didn't get to confiscate all the videos. They are everywhere on the web.

V in PA's picture

The internet is Man's only hope to regain freedom. 

Number 156's picture

I bet its something like that.

These people look out for themselves. They are a completely separate class of people and every decision they make is for the benefit of that class.

If Obama were to tell the Bankers to stick it, he would be lauded by Democrats everywhere because 'he's sticking it to the man'. If whatever he is doing would bring him praise from Liberal democrats, then why the closed doors?

These people are privy to insider info and are tied to the Bushes, the Rubios, the Rommneys, the Reids, the Pelosis, and the Kerrys et al, and I believe they are selling out their positions at a moderate, controlled pace, and for a reason.

The people who voted for this chicago huckster are suckers, plain and simple.


cynicalskeptic's picture

There 's a reason that retired Presidents get to invest with peopel like the Carlyle Group.....(no matter which party they're with),  Ex-Presidents seem to end up VERY wealthy (with maybe the exception of Carter)

Read Perkin's 'Confession of an Economic Hit Man' - you can end up very wealthy or dead   - only someon already wealthy (like a TR or FDR) can stand up to TPTB - and not without risk.  TR was shot - FDR was threatened with a coup d'etat.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Evening, seek.  At my LCS today, I was only able to buy ONE Au Eagle.  Just like last Friday.  One each, that's it!  Premium was $100 over spot.

The owner also told me that "some" gold mines have already shut down, no other details.

Pegasus Muse's picture

I want to know what his Bankster Bosses told O'blamer.  Choom Boy is just one more in a long line of puppet politicians, after all.

aint no fortunate son's picture

is he taking back what he gave them in early March 2009 when they bent him over a table and made him their bitch?

seek's picture

Evening, DoChen.That's one heck of a premium!

I was reading "The Genesis Block" tonight -- a bitcoin blog. It was covered elsewhere on ZH today, but a couple bitcoin exchanges were shut down by the banks they have accounts with by locking the accounts. This most recent ZH story was on my mind.

All of this -- gold takedown, bitcoin takedown, shutting down exchanges. What if they wanted the physical supply to dry up?

Then it occurred to me: they're locking the exit doors.

Something is going to happen where people will want to exit the financial system, and they've locked the exit doors.

My bet is that is what O told the banksters.

It probably won't be long until we know what's going on, then. I hope it's not a repeat of the Station fire writ globally. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Station_nightclub_fire )

fonzannoon's picture

seek if they were smart enough to lock the exit doors with a knockdown they are pretty damn smart. I would never have imagined the physical buying response would be what it has been the last week.It's scary to think that they knew this would be the reaction to a smash. That being said...this certainly feels like some weird kind of capitol controls that just hit the phyz market. 

Croesus's picture

@ Seek & Fonz:

It makes perfect sense that the doors are being closed, locked, and barricaded.

Quote: "this new gold market is "ongoing" and "changing". The potential exists for the return of gold as the "only" reserve currency. This may result from a failure of the Euro, due to a massive upheaval. Oil states, they have the ability to force this outcome. During this result, all paper will burn and the world economy will start over"