Guest Post: Important Lessons In Domestic Terrorism

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

In the first century AD, the Roman Empire was up to its eyeballs in domestic terrorism.

The biggest threat was a tiny Judaic sect known as the Zealots who routinely conducted public attacks, even against other Jews who didn’t agree with their views.

This is actually where the word ‘zealot’ comes from, and the group constitutes history’s first recorded example of terrorism.

The Zealots knew they could never defeat such a vast Empire… at least, not conventionally.

Instead, their chosen tactic was to create chaos and fear. And for a while they were successful.

Rome finally put down the threat in 74 AD with the siege of Masada. But the idea caught on, and ‘terrorism’ has been with us ever since.

Just in recent days, attacks on civilians have been attempted and/or carried out in Greece, the Philippines, Turkey, Kenya, Taiwan, Iraq, Kosovo, Thailand, Mali, Syria, India, Israel, Nigeria, and the United States.

Here in Indonesia they know a thing or two about domestic terrorism. Over the years, all sorts of religious extremists and separatists waged campaigns in the country.

To draw worldwide attention to their causes, they often conducted attacks specifically against Westerners.

As an example, the JW Marriott Hotel here in Jakarta has been targeted not once, not twice, but three times. Curiously they still have one of the best breakfast buffets in the world…

So what did the Indonesian government do? Why, destroy people’s civil liberties, of course!

Detachment 88 is Indonesia’s special anti-terrorism task force. And go figure, they’re funded by the US government, trained by the CIA, and assisted by US intelligence officers to monitor people’s emails, text messages, and phone calls… all under the auspices of ‘security’.

(My sense is that the US government is ‘field testing’ freedom-sucking counterterrorism measures here in Indonesia before bringing them to the homeland…)

After 10-years, suicide bombings are now on the decline, and the government is crediting the measures they’ve implemented. But this view ignores two obvious points:

1) Indonesia’s economy is in remarkably better shape than it was years ago. Tens of millions of people are being lifted into the middle class and seeing their standards of living improve dramatically.

It’s amazing what a bit of prosperity can do; it doesn’t take much for a young person to realize that having some money and freedom is a better deal than railing against the man and blowing yourself up.

(As an aside, these 50%+ youth unemployment rates in Europe are an epic disaster waiting to happen…)

2) Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying that “[t]hose who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

And he did write this, in a letter to the Governor of Pensylvania in 1755. The statement was made in reference to colonists on the frontier who were in danger.

As usual, the state was getting involved… at a high cost.

But Franklin pointed out in his letter that “in the Midst of [the frontier colonists'] Distresses they themselves do not wish us to go farther…” and that “it is next to impossible to guard effectually an extended Frontier…”

He was right. Ultra-committed separatist groups, extremists, and all-around bad guys can always find a soft target.

Guard the airport and they’ll blow up the bus station. Guard the bus station and they’ll take out a public park.

Constant security, paramilitarism, and steady erosion of freedom constitute an enormous price to pay for a false sense of safety against bad people.

Franklin knew this. Let’s just hope that good people heed his wisdom… and have the same respect for liberty as the frontier colonists he wrote about.

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TPTB know this as well...and could care less.


SilverIsKing's picture

A few more of these types of incidents and they may be forced to change their ways.  Maybe for the better but most likely not.

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Was that jim Rickards in the pic?

Pladizow's picture

Cant wait for the Rectal Cams!

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

We need to seriously rethink our approach to terrorism in this country. How can anybody be safe if some idiot can just set off a bomb at any location at any time?! What is our government doing about this?? What measures are being taken to make this country a safer place?!

smlbizman's picture

im i the only one dumdfounded by the amount of cops and vehicles and equipment they have .....and all they do is stand around not having a clue....definetly worth everypenny, especially the fat gutted blue shirt marchers on the tube this morn ....ok, were is the cat in the tree....hey stop that guy., he ran a red light.....yea its the foodstamps taking us down, the sec. 8..hold on im  thirsty  need another sip of kool my im getting back under my bed...

CH1's picture

The fruits of fear.

Cultivated, manipulated fear.

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Well lets see... the government had troops ready, bomb sniffing dogs and just prior to the explosions told the crowd to remain calm it's only a drill - it was like they knew something bad was about the happen.  Even if the gov was not involved, I think it's pretty clear they had knowledge that the bombing was going to take place.  As fast as they identified these two guys, shot one and a are looking for the one who is at large I think it's pretty clear they knew who they were looking for right away.  The father of one says the secret service set up and framed his son.  Now the city of Boston is "locked down" and they are doing searches door-to-door?  All for one guy?  Comon, I think we can see what's happening, who knew it was about to happen, but let it happen in order to further an agenda... i.e., lock down Boston, go door-to-door and get the people used to the police state keeping them safe, coming into their homes, with badges/guns, etc.  Any idiot could see the writing on the wall on this one.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



How can anybody be safe if some idiot can just set off a bomb at any location at any time?!

Exactly!  You just answered the question, "What measures are being taken to make this country a scarier place?"

North Korea leads, and our Dear Leader follows...

A bogeyman (also spelled bogieman, boogeyman or boogieman) is an amorphous imaginary being used by adults to terrorize children into submissive behaviour.



Goya's Que viene el Coco
("Here comes the bogeyman")
c. 1797

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That's because no "idiot-proof" system can ever resist a real idiot. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about that.

wisefool's picture

The more people are free, the less they want to take freedom away from other people. But there is no profit in that, no way for type A personality types to harness the work product of the nation state. No way for elite people to seek rent on infrastructure built by people who lived and died before us. So you should probably create a culture where the criminals have decadent, tax free existances and the enforcers have an opulent, power laden, tax dependant existances. I am talking about crony corporatism of course. The best parts of fascism and communism. Unless you are peacable middle class person who likes that free will stuff for yourself and others.

wisefool's picture

Did I get the counter-pointless junk because I used too many comma's to describe neo-fuedalism? Hey, even newspeak has to evolve with the times. Its not like the old days when editors of newspapers tried to save money on ink by reducing the grammar defined amount of commas.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

So many fucktards, so few bullets.

Bearwagon's picture

Hurry, get youself a bayonet!

Manthong's picture

At least Big Sis has several for each and every one of us.

McMolotov's picture

RFID chips for everyone. And until that's possible, we should all be forced to wear those ankle bracelets they put on people who are just released from prison. It's for the children! And don't forget to chip/bracelet those little fuckers, too.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

The "smart" phones have already accomplished that. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Intel has been on THIS aspect for years. Field testing for 'mass consumption'. Uplink to Utah Data Center. Not a 'theory', it's a Fact.

Cell phones have usage & tracking issues (turned off, left behind...). You with and RFID implant on the other hand... Cell phones have served their intended purpose: Set up infrastructure and spread usage. Getting ready for Prime Time.

Why do you think HSBC is advertising "In the future, your DNA will be your data"? How do you spell 'Early Adopter'? Get the pic?

See what happens when you're not (TPTB are not) such simplistic, 1D thinker? Welcome to 1984.

A Lunatic's picture

Why not simply put taggants of some nature in your Campbells soup. I'm sure Monsanto is already incorporating something of that nature into their next Frankencorn crop..........

stant's picture

buy 1.6bill rnds of ammo and tanks.  and store them somewhere.

NotAMathWhiz's picture

There is no more dangerous creature on this planet than the human that truly believes that he/she has nothing to lose.  What should the government do?  They should get the fuck out of people's lives, quit manufacturing terrorists by killing the innocent, stop subsidizing laziness, stop rewarding greed, and quit fucking with the economy.

If you're from the states you may remember that old Sienfeld episode where George realizes that everything he has done so far in his life has been wrong, and that all he needs to do to be happy and successful is to do the exact opposite of what would come naturally to him.  That's what the government needs to do, the exact opposite of everything they're currently doing.

yrbmegr's picture

Ah.  Ok.  So they should let the bomber go.

therover's picture

One of my favorite episodes. Here is a start:


1 - Strictly adhere to the United States Constitution.

2 - Eliminate the Deparment of Homeland security.

3 - Stop the 'War on drugs'

4 - Banish the income tax

StychoKiller's picture

5. Place a finite limit on fractional reserve banking.

6. Abolish the Fed!

css1971's picture

Well, the obvious thing is to require everyone to carry a GPS tracker, RFC and biometric ID. Also to have all communication monitored. You could call it a Smart ID tracking system.

If you wanted to sell it to the populace you'd call it a smartphone.

CH1's picture

Comment of the day!

You may get some down arrows. People don't want to know certain things.

forwardho's picture


You could give them forums where they could post outright sedition against the .gov, while thinking they were anonymous.



Kayman's picture

 "What measures are being taken to make this country a safer place?!"

Measures that will NOT be taken:

1. Understanding that Allah comes before country

2. That if you are non-Muslim your life has as much value as a dead dog. And if you are an Atheist or Agnostic you are lower than dog poop.

3. You can build a mosque in the USA or Europe, but you will dead before you build a church in a Muslim country.

4. They are winning slowing but surely as Western countries, including the USA tighten up freedoms and build enormous domestic armies to respond to the Muslim version of Kamikaze pilots. 


JOYFUL's picture

I'm Barack Obama(my mom was a CIA insert in Indonesia...and that's where I got my own start in counter-intel) and I approve this message.

I'm Rahm Emmanuel(my dad was a Hagganah terrorist who liked to blow up civilians...and that's where I got the inspiration for my own career!)and I approve this message.

I'm Dick Cheney(don't know who exactly was my mommy or daddy...and that's where it all started for me!)and I approve this message.

Kayman...your return flight to Tel Aviv is waiting on the tarmac....please board now. It will definitely make Merika a safer place.

Poetic injustice's picture

We need to seriously rethink our approach to financial terrorism in this country. How can anybody be safe if some idiot can just set off a fiscal bomb at any budget at any time?! What is our judiciary doing about this?? What measures are being taken to make this country a safer place?!

AKrandy's picture

Probably we just need to spend more $$ on departmanet of homeland security, I would feel warm and fuzzy going to sleep at night with a silkscreened image of Janet Napolitano on my pillow.


TwoShortPlanks's picture

You got IBS?   Use one of these ( a long stick and a truck load of KY....and good luck!

And if you have a CLOSE friend, one of these (

McMolotov's picture

The only thing that will come out of Boston will be cries for moar security and moar woar.

Go outside of ZH for a while and people are practically begging to have their entire country turned into a gigantic prison in the name of safety, and now that those Damned Dirty Chechen Muslims are involved, we'll have another front in our perpetual global "war on terrrrrrrror."

No good will come from any of this.

philosophers bone's picture

The "good" that will come of this is the majority in both parties in Washington agreeing that, for national security interests, no military or domestic spending can be cut whatsover.  Delay the sequester, cancel all cuts.  Ben, press print

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Duh, yeah! Why do you think they were can-kicking all this time?

To buy Time for things unfolding this year (May-Nov time frame).

Bearwagon's picture

And that's why they will go down! They would be well advised to care, because we will not capitulate, nor will we let them terrorize us. They shall NOT prevail!

Mercury's picture

Even though not applicable to say, the case of Timothy McVeigh, the best defense -generally- against this kind of thing is a strong, common culture which A) we used to have to a much greater extent and B) is the complete opposite of the intent and spirit of "multiculturalism".

The bomber's declaration that: "I don't have a single American friend, I don't understand them" is not the hallmark of assimilation. 

We are all very much NOT benefiting from his "unique perspective" now.

Kayman's picture

multiculturalism. Another PC ism conjured up by weak minds.  Most foreign cultures are the antithesis of  Western culture.

While they live off Western generosity as supplied by Western governments, they come to destroy their host and perpetuate Medieval thinking. Islam is front and center.

Mercury's picture

There is room for great “diversity” broadly speaking but you really want everyone more or less on the same page in the civics department.

Remember e pluribus unum?

JOYFUL's picture

"Western culture"...another oxymoron dreamed up by the people what gave us "Judeo-Christian" values...

western 'generosity' is pretty much confined to passing taxpayer $ to the tiny terrorist statelet in the middle east which parasitizes the weak minds in the West and then destroys the host...kinda the antithesis of your 'thesis' Mr Sionist Troll.

Please feel free to pile on for maximum effect whilst the latest psy-op is still goin strong!

Debt Slave's picture

+1 Psychos with nukes and mass media.

Debt Slave's picture

So are a few others from that region of the world.

Abiotic Oil's picture

Sadly I nailed this prediction a few days ago...

Senator Lautenberg for S. 649 to invoke new controls on gun powder (black powder and smokeless powder).

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Sadly ppl like you don't realize They read ZH too.

Mind your Ps & Qs.

Abiotic Oil's picture

Yeah, the concept "not letting a crisis go to waste" and of outlawing what was used to make the Boston bombs was really a mental leap on my part.

Overfed's picture

This sure has been a perfect practice run for martial law. Boston and Watertown are under complete lockdown.

auric1234's picture
Latest idiocy from price-fixing central planners: Obama Wants to Change Student Loan Interest Rates


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Grand Theft Auto