NYPD Warns Of White Male Headed To Manhattan Who May Be Wearing Suicide Vest - Update: Honda Found

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Update: The Honda has been found:


The Friday morning chaos in Boston appears to be headed toward Manhattan, following an advisory from the NYPD that a white male who may be wearing a suicide vest is headed to the city in a Honda CRV, MA license plate number 36ES9.

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That'll be a fun commute this morning...

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NYC is just jealous of Boston and Texas.

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Is it Ray Kelly?!?!  He's like a Gestapo leader I hear.

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He works at the NY Fed.  Paul Krugman has enlisted him to help stimulate the economy.

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I'm going out on a limb here and saying this is bullish, nominally that is.

I thought that Bloomberg had banned suicide vests?  Don't panic, NYC, Mayor Bloomberg will keep you all safe and secure, if you just give up your freedom (Just like the folks in Mumbai).


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Is the Benny Hill ending credits song going on????  That would be fantastic.  Someone post that shit, please.

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Does Tel Aviv have guncontrol?

Feeling secure New York City?  Nanny will take care of you. 

No choosing gun ownership for self defense, no choosing big corn syrup drinks for refreshment, no choosing to shop at stores with cigarette ads, but New Yorkers can still choose to kill their unborn babies!

November 6th saw a number of important pro-choice victories across New York State. Congratulations to the pro-choice candidates who proved that standing up for a woman's right to make her own decisions about her reproductive health is a winning position!




Congratulations, indeed.



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Given all the info released, I can only say, good jorb FBI handler, good jorb. OWS?

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If he has a kid with him, they could catch him with an Amber Alert.

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I wouldn't be worried; stop and frisk will save the day.

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@ Hedgeless_Horseman

You're way out of line mate....that last one is definitely 'No Choice'.

This has been another Agenda21 announcement: Birth control is OUR responsibility and you need a license!

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I smell domestic drone territory!

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Dr.Gosnell...all the news thats fit to print ;-)

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Indeed.  As I am someone that has herded a fair bit of livestock, I can honestly say:

Be very wary of the, "choices," you are, "given."

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An earlier Pro-Choice advocate in NYC politics...

"I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating."


-Boss Tweed

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Thats why I love ZH, its like trying to herd cats ;-)

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Good point...Look! Over there! Squirrels! ;-)

They never let a good crisis go to waste, be on guard for moar "public safety" measures...for our own good of course...its a real growth industry...lol.

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might be the only growth industry left after a couple more quarters...

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Public safety, or squirrel hunting?

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Why herd squirrels? Even in California they are considered non-game animals. No permit, no bag limit.

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At least he didn't load the Merc with bombs.

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Uh, wouldn't that route take him through Connecticut?

It would be ironic if this guy winds up in another shootout in Connecticut right AFTER they passeed their silly gun control law.

That would help show them how futile such legislation is...


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Unfortunately, there's no room for logic (nor need) in a politicized world. Rhetoric and wishful thinking serves them all just fine.

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If ZHers had their way, there would be no police to warn us about potential terroristic activity. Thank god we live in the real world, and not a ZH utopia.

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I'm happy to see you're out of rehab.  Buy its probably too early

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Precisely MillionDollarButtfuck!  You're a great troll.  Often I read your drivel and feel enraged.  I get it, that's the point you try to drive home for the enlightened by repeating the MSM and progressive propaganda.  Keep up the great sarcasm.

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"If ZHers had their way, there would be no police to warn us about potential terroristic activity."


Let me know when their actions actually stop one. And what kind of society would we live in if they could stop one? I'm not the least bit interested in having my backpack checked at every street corner in the future anymore than I am of having every financial transaction (outside of cash) documented now.

Show me jur paperz Komrade!

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MDB, how's that 'real world' your government set up for Boston and Watertown residents working out for them today?

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BOLO for an idiot wearing a dollar sign on his back drinking a big gulp heading to nyc... he she or it is armed and dangerous believed to be full of soda gas and hot air!

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dont cry cause you have no bonus.

smile because at least you thought you could have it.


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MDB you really need to hit every article. I always look for your comment to get a good laugh.

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Be careful. He's driving a Honda IED.

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Fucking Gen-Y....hurry up and die of Red Bull poisoning already!

Buuuuuut it may help the economy if Apple starts making iED devices in cars....."Yo Ben!!!"

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If he had a battery  powered car it would be twofer.c

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Too damn bad he ain't headed for my little corner of Texas, I have several 30rd mags that could use a cycling.

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Nope, they said white male.  Must be Michael Jackson!

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why didn't he hijack a 767?  they're easy to fly

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Yep, just ask any member of the Mossad.

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Are they talking about Timmay Geithner, and did he just go printing a ton of FRNs that he stuffed into his vest to shop in Manhattan? Sure, Jack Lew has his old job, so that means Timmay can go spend a bunch, kill the USD and hurt himself in the process...

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Remember, it's 1 Chase Plaza on Liberty, ye park the car right up on the kerb near the big metal doors, and run towards the older looking building across the street, wave at the nice men in blue on the door...