A Potential "Boston Bomber" Getaway Car?

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It was reported previously that police were on the hunt for a Honda CRV, allegedly a car belonging to a potential Boston suspect. Shortly thereafter the car was found, but not the suspect. However, we wonder if the Boston police and the Feds, still looking for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who by now has likely left the immediate crime scene, are aware that the suspect had what appears to be another car, a new, black Chevrolet Camaro, Mass license plate 649VC8, one which we have found on the suspect's twitter stream about he was boasting as recently as March 15th, and which we have not seen mentioned in either the mainstream or fringe press yet.

From his twitter account:

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Go ahead. You start it up. I'll stand back here.

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the more we find out about him, he sure sounds like an extreme jihadist/terrorist or whatever the MSM desperately wants us to believe!

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At least he helped boost the economy. Did he get one of those 589-month government loans?

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media weaving in words homegrown, domestic, etc in describing the bros.

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Tyler doing what 472 government agencies working in conjunction could not.

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... while preserving our freedoms.

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What do you all think of this?

The Saudi person of interest who was ashered out of the country for 'national security'...

Seemed fishy to me then.  Seems fishy to me now.


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Government Motors Product

Buying American!
Probably had to abandons it after it broke down in favor of cheap Japanese import

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I say Holmes. Good show.

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All that money for a muscle car and they still have shitty analog guages.

Who knew?

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kids with coupes?  obvious terrorists

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Due to the challenges in finding this 19 year old and the tragic death of an MIT Patrol Man.  The lesson will be that every beat cop will need to hand in his squad car for MRCV/Tank and a 8 man tooled up DHS Kill/Protection team. A deficit will soon be 1.7 Trillion times 10. The 75 ton monster the MIC are testing would do the job I think.

I can see a bipartisan bill going though the senate and congress with 100% approval.

"Freedom isn't free, it takes folks like you and me...." sing along you all know the tune

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The assholes running the show up in Boston should consider themselves lucky they didn't kill any old ladies or little kids running around trying to act all tough cop.

Nothing like a sweaty trigger finger blowing off a few heads of some innocents or killing someone's pet dog.

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Any chance the public would be allowed to view the police cruiser camera of the bomb throwing, gun shooting suspects? The scene where the young runs over the younger while escaping? I don't know if the marathon footage shows these suspects dropping their bags off? I'm not being sarcastic, but throwing this out there to community.

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Although, "Holding this baby down for spring break" could mean that he was just babysitting it.  Or even renting it. 

And pray tell, where was he for spring break, Tyler and/or intel services????

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"media weaving in words homegrown, domestic, etc in describing the bros."

Because the fact that it was muzzie makes Barry look bad, political perception control has become the sole purpose of the state run MSM.

Believe me, they only wish they could blame it on "homegrown, domestic, etc" to help their agenda.  Just imagine Feinstein, Schumer and all the leftitsts on the MSM if that were the case.

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Whodafug red arrows that, of all comments?

Mustafa been Chris Matthews

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This particular cunt does not approve of the Red Team/Blue Team bullshit.  The whole thing is a set up, and your issue is that "leftists" are worried he's not homegrown?  You motherfuckers are just feeding the beast.

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When they start weaving in home schooled, free range, hormone free, unpasteurized, and organic you'll know we're in deep shit.....

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perhaps, but by then, maybe some of us will be breatharian :)

A Lunatic's picture

I'm more of a meat and potatoes breatharian, lol.

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Loans? Nah, Soros likely bought it for him.

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But I thought I read Soros was dead last night? Please tell me he's still dead?

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Don't believe Soros is dead unless you see him combust in sunlight or watch someone plunge a stake in his heart while he's asleep in his coffin.

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Sorry dude, you can't kill a holograph, now if you can just find the power supply.

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Cue "red mist" from Kick-Arse... looks the same (Mustang?) Ok it's BLACK.

Where's BIG DADDY when WE need him?

EDIT Ok it's a Camaro so my bad.  But 'merikan cars all look the same to me.  It this culturally insensitive?

I'm sorry!

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That car looks like one of those zero-down, 97-month car loan purchases.

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They need to blow it up in a controlled detonation... Krugman will spontaneously CUM.

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My buddy got upsold one of these for a rental in Nashville.  They are moronic death traps. Cannot see out of the windows.

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God Damn it, who is doing their job at DHS, this fucking kids twitter account was suppose to have been deleted and replaced with symbols that Drudge is plastering all over the internet right now.........Boston Jihad........thats the fucking script, what the fuck is this bullshit about smoking weed and partying on spring break in my fucking camero, still doing up there??????????

GOD DAMN IT, what does a trillion in military spending get me these fucking days????? I can remember spending $100,000 in the 80's and we could buy a division of Russian whores to blow the R.A.B. brass for a month, NOW I can't get a Boston teenagers BIO scrubbed in 48 hours!!!!!

Pharming's picture


Oh shit I dropped my cell phone between the seats...hmmmmm....crap there's like 3 of them down here...which one is...the right one...

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WTF!  the Man shut down my twitter account... I was totally relying on this in my getaway planning!

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License plate of the BMW (second car in pic 3 and 4) says "Terrorist #1".

Apparently the kid in that pic has been arrested.


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The plate may as well read:  PTSY AVLB

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Awesome, some little douche at the pentagon came up with a great idea, "lets combine the war on terror with the war on drugs and presto, Boston Bombers"  now we can arrest everyone in Washington State and Colorado tommorow (4/20) as terrorist!!!!

Where's my raise???? 

Renewable Life's picture

Shit they can't catch the kid before tommorow! They pulled off Texas and Boston so nicely, only one more on 4/20 to go, and every politician in DC will be wetting their pants and never contemplate cutting spending to DHS, the Pentagon, or the Military again!!

Raises every year to infinity, yes sir, no sir, how much would you like sir, just make the bombings stop sir!!!! They've postponed the Red Sox game for fuck sake!!! What next, no TV and Internet until we give in?? 

AHHHHHHHHHHH make it stop, I'll do whatever you want, I have a fundraiser to go to next week and my vacation in the Hamptons in June, PLEASE make it stop!

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Off topic dude with Texas: This incident only confirmed to US that 'They hate us for our fertiliser'.

That's all folks... back to the cartoons :P

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Nope.  Monsanto hated the fertilizer company in Texas that was suing Monsanto.  Big mistake to sue Monsanto because they are VERY connected in DC especially to O's people.  It was a big Effing lawsuit with lots of lawyers.

My guess is those The Craft Inc people flew out to Texas after the race.

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Nice Freddie... I knew you would be over this. Fascinating, this shit is getting real.

BTW I think Obozos DHS Army are fucking this up big time. Incompetent scared shitless fools everyone gets that 9,000 fuckers cannot track a 19 year old amature in full lock down.

They are gonna need a better bunch of brownshirts LOL!

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Those aren't brownshirts, those are Schutzstaffel, members of the elite Praetorian Guard. Probably all have their own "Death Head" rings and regalia.

Freddie's picture

Nice. Libturds and open borders have turned Massachusetts into a Chechnian mafia shithole.  Nice job.

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Are you really so indoctrinated into this farce that you can only see the world in terms of liberals and conservatives? Are you really that stuck in this false red/blue paradigm? That's just fuckin sad man. There are a lot of us here that are neither. We are just people trying to survive and not get sucked into this foolish game. But I'm sure such a concept has never crossed your tiny infected mind.

It must SUCK to be you.

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But gotta admit, he is right.

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Everyplace is a [insert random Russian Empire fragment] Mafia shithole now.

Wisconsin Dells is run by Eastern European racketeers.  The girls are kinda hot, especially if you like accents, but DUDE...it's the DELLS!  Deep Harley country.