Suspects' Father Says He Believes Sons Were Framed

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Just like an episode of Homeland mixed in with some George Smiley and topped off with a dose of Jack Bauer, the day continues to unfold in the most bizarre of ways:

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And made them shoot at police too?

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That can be arranged quite easily...

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I give the Feds LESS credibility than I do the family.

The Feds have been proven to be soul-less liars and abusers.

I see actual evidence or I approve of no conclusions.

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He'll be named a suspect in 3..2...1....

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Don’t know who the FEDs picked them out of a crowed of tens of thousands, ID’ed them and found there locations so fast. Or they planted them there to do gods work and help Obama and DHS to pull more “gun control”

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Chechnya, All your Oil are belong to us...

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There is more than meets the eye.  Of course they had guns... and bombs.

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Lockdown is the new stop drop and roll.

Get used to it or you must be a terrorist. 

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My son told me they practice lockdowns in their school.  Modern day version of the atomic bomb drill.  We must be afraid!

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I think his father is right.

These kids have no history of being radicals and there are A LOT of problems with the official story:

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One more reason we need to confiscate guns and clamp down on the 1st Amendment.

How dare those assholes come into our great country and point the finger at the Obama administration.

Don't worry folks, even if they remove our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, we'll still have the 16th Amendment to rally around.

(Why is it that no D.C. politicians are posturing to eliminate our 16th Amendment rights?)

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Wait and see, the whole thing will be revealed as an ATF/FBI/SS sting operation or drill "gone wrong". Like the 1993 WTC bombing.

I'm afraid dad just booked himself a heart attack. Best advice would be for him to make his way to the nearest Russian consulate and stay there.

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Ma baby didn't do nuffin'....

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Go to this LA Times article, attempting to marginalize anyone who dares question the official story, and post comments:

Even is you do not agree with AJ, the main point is much bigger. The article attempts to paint anyone who dares question as nutty.

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I am wondering what Boris Alotovcrap has to say about these matters.

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Nobody can be this stupid. Chechnya is controlled by Russia, so the US will never get to its oil.

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I had the very same thought the minute they mentioned chechnya.

I want to know the statistical possibility of all the last decade's terrorism coming from places with petroleum

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Fourchan can't give that enough +1s

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Obama should make bombs illegal!

Or at least require a concealed carry permit!

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'Why does anyone "Need" a 6 quart pressure cooker'

Dutch Knight's picture

Are the premiums on pressure cookers going up as well?

General Decline's picture

I was at Cabela's the other day and they had a qty 10 limit on presure cookers.  I bought 10, put them in my car and came back in and bought 10 more.

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This is starting to look like amature hour at the "Old White Men in a Smoke Filled Room" meeting.  Really guys?  I could run this better for you at half the price.. LOL

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I can my fruits and vegatables. Damn good salsa and pasta sauce. One can not can meat without a preasure cooker.

Yardfarmer's picture

Pressure CANNER. There is a difference...and yes they were almost assuredly framed patsies

francis_sawyer's picture

I like using the pressure cooker to do Moong Dal & other bean dishes... It helps...

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

It aint for bear hunting thats for sure. </sarc>

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henceforth, all you pressure cookers must be registered with DHS. You will comply, and you will like it.

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New requirement will be 'lid-less' pressure cookers for safety.

Reminds me of the idea someone had of requiring holes in buckets because 1.8 kids per year were drowning in 5 gallon buckets.

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I guess I start using my crock pot ......I received foe christmas  in 1978 

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Don't worry...this isn't about curbing your right to own a pressure cooker.  We have no intention whatsoever of getting in the way of people who continue to use their cookers for hunting, sports, or target jellies.  We are only taking this common-sense approach - approved by 90% of Americans (extrapolated by our poll of only 10 persons on the street) - to remove the deadly "black cookers" with the high 6-quart capacity, dual handles, and unnecessary top-mounted chrome-plated pressure gauge.


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If this was about gun control the "terrorist" would have used evil black rifles, or something with a hi capacity mag.

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Don't speak so soon...I'm sure they'll find some.

francis_sawyer's picture

Nope ~ It'll be the 'black powder' that they focus on...


They can't ban guns?... They go after the ammo 'stuff'...

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Ecery site I've checked is "out of stock" or "unavailable" for powder, bulletz, primers, etc.

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You don't know how many people are involved in the investigation. I'm sure it is a lot. Also, video behavior tracking software not only works on live camera feeds, but recordings as well. I don't know if it was a setup, but don't doubt lots of investigators tracking down little leads in a high-profile case.

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Sounds rather familiar, London rings a bell.

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And thrown in the Ocean for good measure.............

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BBC page source


Zanl?lar?n ailesi olanlara inanam?yor: Babalar? Anzor Tsarnaev BBC'ye istihbarat örgütlerinin o?ullar?na komplo kurdu?unu söyledi.



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It's not at all clear to me that the guy on the top-right of that article is the same guy further down with the white baseball cap on.

Study closely the face shape, jawline and chin of each photo....

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All new hit TV series Bait Bomb premiers Thursday's at 8pm EST - check local listings.

Follow along as the FBI, DHS, State Department and Sercret Service, recruit, train, give student VISA's, then "fake bombs" to bad guys intent on hamring America

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Dont worry, im from the DHS, and im here to help. now bend over and spread them.

pods's picture

<grabs astroglide>
Yes sir!


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DHS: "Put down the container of liquid that could be mixed into ... something.  We'll do this dry."

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Craft International, symbolic link to Skull and Bones, Craft Freemasonry, Templars, all of which secret oath organizations have or had some factions allied with Islam.

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Au contraire ... Skull & Bones is a Jesuit (ie. Khazarian/Ashkenazi) organisation. Indeed, the 'skull' and the 'bones' are those of Torquemada himself - the persecutor of Ignatius Loyola during the Spanish Inquisition, prior to Loyola showing his devotion to Christianity by forming the 'Society of Jesus'. Torquemada's skeleton was disinterred in the founding year of S&B and never recovered....

However, you are partially correct - in that Islam is a fundamental component of the Khazarian attack on the West (Rome in particular, in centuries past) and the Caliphate is a distinctly Khazarian construct (which is also why the Khazarians wish to eliminate the Shi'a muslims - especially Iran, the most numerous - who oppose a Caliphate).

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well put, we must digger deeper than the surface level to get anywhere near the truth.  the world is run by very evil forces.  they will infiltrate any organization, religion or government... as such it is very problematic to point at any group and accuse them of being the proverbial 'bad guy'...  in reality, almost any organized group is suspect (or at least subject to manipulation).   Mulder said it best.... 'trust no one'.