Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Gym Partner Profiles Dead Bomber

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Earlier, we presented a captioned photo profile of one of the two alleged terrorists, the 26 year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev who died last night in a shoot-out with the Boston Police. As a follow up, Bloomberg has conducted an interview with one of his gym sparring partners, "Jon K" who trained with Tamerlan in the same Boston gym, and who told BBG TV that "he seemed like a really nice guy, to himself and a little bit arrogant and cocky, but he helped people at the gym all the time with their boxing and was friendly with everyone. It's a complete shock." Jon, who asked that his last name not be used, said: "All week, I have been wondering who the psycho was and it turns out that it was somebody I interacted with. It is shocking, especially as an athlete, he was an athlete, that he would do this to other athletes and just anyone in general."

Some highlights:

On how he knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev:
"About four or five years ago, I was working full-time as a project manager and in my off time, I was training at a mixed martial arts gym in Boston. Tamerlan wasn't part of our gym, but he was training for the golden gloves boxing championship. I remember that he would come in to work with some of our boxers and worked with us. That is where I remember him from. When I woke up this morning and saw his name and his picture on the news, I immediately recognized him."
"He seemed like a really nice guy, to himself and a little bit arrogant and cocky, but he helped people at the gym all the time with their boxing and was friendly with everyone. It's a complete shock. To see that this morning, all week, I have been wondering who the psycho was and it turns out that it was somebody I interacted with. It is shocking, especially as an athlete, he was an athlete, that he would do this to other athletes and just anyone in general. It is completely shocking to me. I would never expect it."
On what he was like:
"To be honest, he was kind of an arrogant, cocky guy, a little quiet, I mean, but a nice guy. He helped everyone out. Talked with everyone. Kind of minded his own business. I remember him giving lessons to people in the gym and helping people out. I didn't really know him personally on a personal level, but he seemed like an alright guy. To think that he could do something like this is kind of crazy."
On whether he had a strong accent:
"He had a pretty thick accent, but his English was good. I had no problems communicating with him. He seemed like a normal guy. There are a lot of immigrants in Boston."
On whether he ever mentioned where he was from or talked about religion:
"I just remember that he didn't drink. Someone asked him for beers or something after training and I just remembered that he didn't drink and I knew that was for religious reasons. But I didn't really get too into it with him. He didn't seem overly religious."
"I just assumed Muslim because that is the only religion I know where people don't drink. But I'm not sure. We never got into a religious discussion. For me, it was never a big thing for him to talk about his religion or to talk about anything."
On whether he ever talked about where he was from:
"Chechnya, I think I remember that is where he started boxing."
On whether he had any friends or associates at the gym:
"I don't remember. I'd the only thing I do remember is that, for his job, he delivered food for a local cafe."
On where the gym was located:
"Allston. I know that he trained at a number of gyms throughout Boston."
On whether the café where he was employed was in Allston.
"I can't remember the name exactly, but it was Sports Cafe or something like that, Dugout Café.
On whether he ever met or referred to his brother:
"I did not…I don't remember."
On whether he's spoken to law enforcement yet:
"No, I haven't. I literally woke up an hour and a half ago and I started seeing everything on Facebook and people I know in Boston saying, holy crap, this kid is the bomber that we all interacted with."
On whether it appeared that he had military training:
"He was an extremely gifted athlete. I just remember seeing him do his warm-ups and his routine and he was really strong and really athletically gifted. That might the only thing that I could think that would lead to his military training. His boxing was really, really good. He was not an average boxer. I think he won the golden gloves tournament which is one of the best amateur tournaments that you can win…I think he won in Boston, if I remember correctly…He just came in to get some sparring practice every once in a while. He was not really a member of the gym. I think he just came in to work out and train a little bit once in a while."
On whether it seemed like he was educated in the U.S. for an extended amount of time:
"I wouldn't go that far, but I had no problems communicating with him. He had that think almost Russian accent."

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uncle Ruslan Tsarni being interviewed live





reporter asks how do you feel about Amerika Uncle



other than that I kNOW Nothing

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Save you the listen.

An uncle of the Boston bombing suspects said who died early Friday morning said Tamerlan was a 'loser.'

Ruslan Tsarni said that Tamerlan 'deserved it.'

'I wish they never existed,' Mr Tsarni, who lives in Maryland, told local Boston station WBZ.

He had not spoken to the boys since 2009 and said that he did not recognize them when he saw the photos released by the FBI on Thursday evening.

'I'm wordless... shocked,' Mr Tsarni said.

'They do not deserve to exist on this earth.'

Ruslan called Tamerlan a 'loser', he described his younger nephew Dzhokhar as a quiet kid.




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This is a set up... a distraction and full on bullshit.

Fuck this shit!

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I am glad that I do not know anyone involved (even remotely), and that this incident took place far away from where I live. 

ACP's picture

So is the government wrapping up this operation today because it's Friday and they don't work on weekends?

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Yeah save money, effin FBI already costs a ton and if they work over weekends at OT rate, its not worth it. Just show that there is progress, wrap up the case and focus on planning the next staged terrorist act.

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Hmmm, the Caucasus has a lot of oil and minerals and is a hot spot geopolitically...

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Uncle Ruslan knows he had better get some distance or he'll have some real snuggly convos with the fibbies.


Oh, and ban boxing gloves.

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not one dunkin donut joke today...to easy?

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Go to this LA Times article, attempting to marginalize anyone who dares question the official story, and post comments:


Even is you do not agree with AJ, the main point is much bigger. The article attempts to paint anyone who dares question as nutty.

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Feebies get paid the same regardless of how many hours a week they work.  civilian cops probably get paid OT, but not feds or military.

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where can I find a forum to repeat and comment on media-event memes?

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Don't work weekends? As if the government works weekdays.

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Where's the dark skin individual or Puerto Rican guy

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Right. The typical non-religionists are much more efficient and effective in carrying out genocides like Stalin and Pol Pot and let's face it - many other mass killers love to hide behind some veiled concept of religion to justify their heinous acts. Such does not nearly make them a true adherent. The agreed upon religious principle all place peace first, and only advocate any sort of physical intervention/violence in 'just' cases.

That said, modern Muslims seem to have a particularly difficult time either agreeing to these more universal religious principles, or teaching respect for them to their adherents.

tarsubil's picture

Stalin and Pol Pot had religions just like our leaders today. The common thread is that most religions are beholden to themselves not God hence they don't mind murdering large numbers of people. The idea that all religions place peace first is laughable.

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One million residents of Boston are asked to "Shelter in their Homes"? ... so, our Police can control the masses, with Fear tactics, and play war games on public streets? Note: Average of 220 SWAT raids everyday in America. That's 80,000 plus a year. Need anymore evidence that this is a Fascist Police State?

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I just hope that Barry and the boys see the danger of unregulated pressure cookers.  We need background checks for all pressure cooker purchases and we need to limit there size to 10 quarts.  There is no need for anyone to own a 30 quart pressure cooker.  But rest assured that right-wing grannies will try to hold onto their big presuure cookers.  "They can have my pressure cooker when they pry it from my cold, dead, wrinkled hands"

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Fiing NE liberals.  They voted for this sh*t.  It is sickening.  Open borders let this scum in which allows the powers that be to clamp down more.  

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Don't just blame the NE libera;s because all the attention is in MA. It is liberals all of the US.

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"Open borders let this scum in which allows the powers that be to clamp down more"

Yeah, but think of the genetic diversity .... and cheap labor. "They do work Americans won't do." ... so the official line goes.


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European American:


" One million residents of Boston are asked to "Shelter in their Homes"? "


You've heard of "The accidental Tourist", well, this keeps the "Accidental Target" count low ... .


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"European American" - damn it, that is one of my faved lines.... :-) +1 for the ID

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How about evidence that America has a crime problem?

Is it a big deal for people to stay indoors while they hunt for this twat who we know has explosives and who has already killed (a child)? Don't you think it might be easier and safer to find this guy without a million people wandering the streets and ending up as targets for this fucking tit? You are so wrapped up in your paranoia you can't even be logical.

Clown Car's picture

Oh and by the way European American, you seem to think this is all war games? Some sort of joke? Do you think that dead cop's family thinks this is war games? News flash for you..there are people out there that will kill you and your family in a heartbeat and don't give a fuck.

In life there are people who sit at a keyboard babbling about shit they know nothing about, and then there are people who are out there doing something about it. People who will lay their lives down so people like you can continue to type away at your keyboard but never actually do anything or face reality.

99.9 % of the time you are afforded the ability to walk the streets of your town and talk shit on the Internet, precisely because there are people who will die to protect your right to do. So when a fucking lunatic tries to mass murder people, kills a child and a cop among others, and you are asked to stay in your home so that this person can be found without killing anyone else how do you respond? You sit at your monitor and get sand in your vagina? I ask you again... do you think that dead cop's family thinks this is war games? Fuck you.

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Cop may have been shot by 711 robbers

"Initially, authorities said the brothers started their rampage by robbing a convenience store. By late Friday, the Middlesex District Attorney's office backtracked on the allegation, saying an investigation determined that the robbery at a 7-Eleven was unrelated."


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boston.com twitter update:

BuzzFeed Food @BuzzFeedFood .@dunkindonuts: "At the direction of authorities," Boston DD's open "to take care of the needs of law enforcement." http://bzfd.it/14BNUCb  ReplyRetweetFavorite   God forbid the cops don't get their Donuts...
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You either need to up your meds or get out of the house for a while.

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Sorry, but I won't take your blue pill. I am happy for you that you enjoy your 'meds', but it is you 'med' takers that are the reason they get away with this shit.

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So it's all a scam based on what? What info do you have that leads you to believe this is some sort of govt or whatever coverup? Your bat shit crazy hysteria doesn't count as fact. Seriously I want to know what kind of logical real world thought process goes on I the head of someone who believes that this is some huge intricate cover-up. Like I said, facts only please.

Terminus C's picture

my bat shit crazy hysteria?  Do you not read history?

Fact: Ad hominem attacks are a logical fallacy.

Facts about the marathon bomber case:

There are no facts.  The authorities have given us no facts, just circumstantial evidence.  Their story is so full of holes it makes me, and many others around here, call bullshit.  The burden of proof is not on me when I call bullshit.  The burden of proof is on them.  Why is it on them?  Because they fucking kill people based on circumstantial bullshit.  You sir are the bat shit crazy one.  You believe all the propaganda that is fed to you.  What propaganda you say?  How about that the economy is fine?  How about, the wars that America is engaged in (undeclared of course) are because people in a cave brought down the World Trade Center buildings.  How about the fact that those buildings collapsed at free fall speed (fact of the laws of physics) when such an event is impossible under the circumstances provided by the official account of the event.  How about the fact that governments have, throughout history, run false flag events on their citizens to either distract them from real issues or to sway public opinion in one particular direction or another.

Here's a fact for you:  There is no demonstrable proof that the person they shot up last night is the person who placed this bomb.  You prove that it was him and I'll eat my words and apologize to you for ever questioning the benevolence of the government.

Fact:  burden of proof is on the government.  So far what I have seen from them is bullshit.

Fact:  I don't care if you take the blue pill, that is your decision but calling me names will not change reality.

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Lockdown is the new stop drop and roll.

Get used to it... or else you must be a terrorist. 

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Maybe they were pissed about the sequestor

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This incident proves that Americans have been properly conditioned, and are fully ready for martial law.

They won't complain, and the "news media" won't question. Gentlemen, it's on.

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If you watch TV and Hollywood's shit then you are a retard who supports it.

Overfed's picture

You ain't kiddin'. One cop-worship show after another. Makes me wanna puke.

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Person of Interest is about a machine that watches everyone all the time ... to keep us safe.

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Hollywood still makes mooveez? Was not that outsourced to Ballywood? If it sucks, it might as well be cheap to produce.

Here I thought gangs - as in Bloods & Crips wooz the current product of choice from CA - besides radical anti-gun laws.

Yeah, I know even there we have competition from the "bat crazy" fuckers from Latin America who now kinda own portions of Campton. But I could be wrong on dat.

Oleander's picture

Why so long to release those photos? Boston is a small city, and Ma is a small state.  Hard to go anywhere in Ma and not run into someone you know. 

Hayabusa's picture

Well lets see... the government had troops ready, bomb sniffing dogs and just prior to the explosions told the crowd to remain calm it's only a drill - it was like they knew something bad was about the happen.  Even if the gov was not involved, I think it's pretty clear they had knowledge that the bombing was going to take place.  As fast as they identified these two guys, shot one and a are looking for the one who is at large I think it's pretty clear they knew who they were looking for right away.  The father of one says the secret service set up and framed his son.  Now the city of Boston is "locked down" and they are doing searches door-to-door?  All for one guy?  Comon, I think we can see what's happening, who knew it was about to happen, but let it happen in order to further an agenda... i.e., lock down Boston, go door-to-door and get the people used to the police state keeping them safe, coming into their homes, with badges/guns, etc.  Any idiot could see the writing on the wall on this one.

Trampy's picture

If this was Dallas or Houston, we'd already have hundreds of civilians killed defending their homes from unlawful entry without a warrant.  Just sayin ...

Today is the anniversary of the Waco Massacre and Texans have guns.

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"the government had troops ready, bomb sniffing dogs and just prior to the explosions told the crowd to remain calm it's only a drill"

Tweets by BPD said contolled explosion opposite from public liberay near finish line"


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It's an Obama play to control re-loading powder. FBI will say bombs used the powder and it should be banned from sale. Since present rounds contain the powder, ammo should be sold on a very limited basis.

DoneThis2Long's picture

"It's an Obama play to control re-loading powder"

You do know t'was one of today's headlines, right? For real..... Headline: "

"Sen. Lautenberg wants background checks to buy gunpowder"


Pladizow's picture

Where's the Big Pharma connection?

Temporalist's picture

Religion is the opiate of the masses?

tarsubil's picture

Some people will junk you because they don't know the difference between religion and spirituality. Don't hold it against them.