Boston: A Photographic Retrospective

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It has been a tumultuous and terrible week with every emotion being played out in public, real-time across every social media source. This is an attempt at visually preserving and memorializing this week's events.

Everything was going as planned for one of the most prestigious marathons in the world


The elite athletes had completed their race


The rest of the pack (still incredible athletes to qualify for Boston) continued their trudge through the 26.2 miles


And then at around 4 hours in, this


and then this



Chaos and devastation


Heroes emerged


First responders with uniforms


... and without


The suspects were first unknown but identified in a few days



Then the manhunt began


Following a shoot out on MIT Campus


Which left one police officer dead


As well as one of the suspects


Quickly Boston was put into lockdown mode


A city on the verge of martial law


As the manhunt began


As the suspects were identified, family members came forward


Neighborhoods were evacuated


... and searched for bombs


As bewildered residents looked on


Even the journalists were told to provide "ground coverage"


Then as night was about to fall and the suspect remained uncovered, shots were heard


And the showdown siege began


The second suspect was discovered - in a boat


SWAT teams swooped in


And Suspect 2 was captured


Law enforcement celebrated


As did the people


'Friends' were rounded up


And all was well: a perfect ending.

... or just the beginning?


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My virgin eyes!! My virgin eyes!! Those pictures were terrible.

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The guy in the cowboy hat next to the guy that had his legs amputated is this guy.  The interview he gave was emotional.


Carlos Arredondo is “the man in the cowboy hat” from the now-famous photo taken after the explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Arredondo was at the Boston Marathon to support “Tough Ruckers” – military members who run in full military gear to honor fallen comrades.

His son, Alex, died in Iraq in 2004. When marines came to deliver that news to Arredondo, he locked himself in his van and set it on fire. Those marines rescued him.

Arredondo would also lose his only other son, Brian, who never got over the loss of his brother and committed suicide at the age of 24.

Arredondo could not save his sons’ lives, but on Monday he saved someone else’s.

The gravely injured man in the photo is 27-year-old Jeff Bauman. He had to have both lower legs amputated, but his father says he’s recovering.

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his son gave his life for jewish bankers and big oil.

john39's picture

this orchestrated crap is obvious enough that more should see through it...  Orwell nailed it decades ago... now we move to the "two minutes of hate" where the slaves get to hate the muslim enemy and all pull together for big brother, er uncle sam:

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What really surprises me is that with the MASSIVE mobilization involving both local police and Feds, they didn't harm or kill anyone they didn't suspect with being involved with the bombings, and even then presumably only fired after being fired upon (of course luck may have been involved because at least one person had a hole in his house, but unknown where it came from).

Which means, either they are super-professional, or the LAPD and NYPD seriously need to go back to the 'Police Academy' for some serious remedial training.

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 video of older brother's capture as he walks naked and perfectly healthy to police cruiser which was released from brazilian tv?

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All these bombings makes one want to live on the west coast.  Oh wait a minute, Fukushima is destroying that constantly, every day.  I'll take my chances with the malcontents versus getting poisoned a little every day.

nothing can go wrogn's picture

It is amazing. The Pacific ocean is basically dieing off right now from unrelenting nuclear contamination. The amount of cancers, birth defects, and general fucked up shit that will be occuring over the next decade will be unheralded in the history of our failed species on this planet.

Fuck Einstein! and Fuck Oppenheimer! Those fucking cunts fucked this planet up way more than any of these rag tag kids from some central asian backwater.

Here's the thing, Einstein is supposedly "super intelligent." Well guess what? If you invent something that leads to your own species extinction? You're a fucking a failed mutation. Clever? Sure. Wisdom & intelligence? Negative.

Time to re-write the history books. Einstein (and that little devil man Oppenheimer) were failures. Humanoids. They look and act like humans, but fail the test.

You want to know who was a hero? Who was a real human? Linus Pauling.

Linus Pauling was asked to participate in the Manhanttan project, but he turned it down. He saw the writing on the wall and said "no thanks." (He also won two nobel prizes back when they meant something.)

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They all look alike to me.

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alright home gamers...look for the dead in obits...i cant find any.....the bios of the victims, maryland school teacher, husband and sister all leg s blown of or serious leg injuries...the beth israel deaconess medical center has reported 13 amputations of legs...all other parts, heads arms face etc., made out ok...these people will never be able to return to their "normal" lives...but i would guess with new ids we can start more "normal"  lies..i mean is all out there...look around, use your head...its called critical thinking...

and somebody else mentioned here no funerals...i would think the msm would cover the funerals of the poor dead kids from the school shooting.....or would they respect the familys grief?....i think not

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In 5 years who do you think will have a greater increase in health issues, Japan or the US, which includes Alaska and Hawaii?

Jena's picture

Japan.  The effects to U.S. will take longer.

My best friend in the world lives in Yokohama and will not leave.  That issue aside, she provides interesting information:  She grows lots of flowers, has several cats and many fish in a few different freshwater aquariums.  Of these different biomasses only some of the smallest fish are affected with a small deviation to the spine. She does see a higher death rate in the tanks than she did before Fukushima.  None of her cats have been affected.

We would take her in, complete with cats, in a minute but she insists that leaving is not an option.  She spends every moment she can trying to raise money and help for those stuck in the worst areas, especially the children.

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Fuku is affecting most if not all of the northern hemisphere at this point. Wake up.

It always makes me sad when lunacy like this gets people and the media excited; don't you idiots realize that's what they wanted?

Colonial Intent's picture

Except its not, its the guy whose car was hijacked.

Police forced him to strip naked for booby traps and were unsure at time of arrest if he was an accomplice.

jbvtme's picture

anyone know the identity of the hijacked guy?

derek_vineyard's picture

get your car hijacked, your ATM raided, your life threatened and then your package size exposed to all humanity---bad day

lovemesomeZH's picture

that's not the brother, but that is someone who had his rights violated by the police.

lovemesomeZH's picture

that's not the brother, but that is someone who had his rights violated by the police.

Ident 7777 economy's picture

How the hell do you know? Were you one of the police?

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Rights are monetized and fucking history.

On the watch of a nigger in chief no less.

Don't worry Kunt Napolitano and her band of dipshits Inc have your crotch in lockdown already.

Perhaps if one person told the truth - just one.

Ident 7777 economy's picture






" video of older brother's capture as he walks naked and perfectly healthy to police cruiser which was released from brazilian tv? "


Yer video is CRAP.

It will convince many a 10 yr old amateur 'sleuth' not in possession of the FACTS and that is about all.







Monedas's picture

That was a nosy neighbor .... who was later released !

El Oregonian's picture

Must of been the paid spooks who swept the streets during the unconstitutional "Lockdown"... As in Prison "Lockdown"?... wordsmiths deliberate Orwellian double-speak?

TeamDepends's picture

Good God!  "Must of been..."  It's must have been or at least must've been.  Syntax is important as the eyes of the world are focused on ZH.

GMadScientist's picture

Well at least we've got that goin' for us. ;)

But when you're dealing with marketing people (and let's be honest, that is the lobbyists' spawning ground) who can come up with innocuous terms like "Shelter in Place" for the institution of martial law, you'll need to mind a bit more than your occasional crossed eye or dotted 'T'.


headless blogger's picture

He's an idiot who jumps to conclusions with no evidence.

KTV Escort's picture

wow, hb, that's some thoughtful commentary on the linked piece.

Oldballplayer's picture

I read the link. The guy is an idiot who does not know what he is talking about.

GetZeeGold's picture




Oh crap, he's called out the Karl.


Just let me get to a safe distance. Karl's gonna wing some potty mouth words at you.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Here's a better link to Denninger's commentary that you refer to:

mrmister's picture

The officials who are eager to declare martial law on one of the largest cities in America and send in thousands of agents with ar15s, and trample the constitution are the same people who defend this: Actions speak louder than words.

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On the plus side, Friday I cashed my ghetto pay check for fixing up Section 8 appartments while the fat, cig smoking, Pepsi guzzling, Iphoning slaturns occasionly lifted their dim orbs off Jerry Springer on the flat screen.
I went to Tiki Port, drank and ate $80, then later, after Chatham and Welfleet, hit the fatigue/booze wall at The Old Colony Tap, PTown. I couldn't understand the Irish tourists ..
..But the best? No cops. Nada. Not a cruiser. Like the old days.
(Bad part? I don't have the multi day drinking legs I used to.)

Anyway, is there a better pro victim, America sucks, unarmed fat pussies then Boston? ( Little Italy, Charlestown and half of S. Boston excepted. )
All Sheeple stay in your tax harvest pen.

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Was this lifted from the book "The Audacity of Hope"?

IamtheREALmario's picture

Blanks? Can't make a lot of holes with blanks. Apparently not even in the shrink wrap on the boat.

What amazes me is how the alleged terrorists carried so many bombs and ammo with them to a hijacking ... the SUV didn't have the bombs and ammo or did it?


Ident 7777 economy's picture




YOU DON'T THINK they had backpacks pre-packed with this shit DO YOU?




FreeSlave's picture

Here is an explanation of how you create a killer out of a regular person with a help of hipnosis. Really compelling...

toys for tits's picture

Thanks for the education.  Very compelling.

After that video, I watch this one from the same guy, Derren Brown.

tip e. canoe's picture

yup, even GWB can see through this one:

fool me once...

BLOTTO's picture

The controlled main stream media is not our friend.


toys for tits's picture


It's not our job to make up the news, that's the government's. - V for Vendetta


Mactheknife's picture

Thanks for that link...everyone should see this.

Ident 7777 economy's picture




Yes, especially the weak minded. Can't have enough 'weak minded' individuals doing the Lord's work now can we ...

icanhasbailout's picture

Yes - that strikes me as a very very obvious and curious ommission - where are the pix of the Craft International military contractors?


Even if they're not ultimately found responsible - just the fact of having PMCs hired for jobs inside US territory - and in a major city no less - is, in and of itself, a HUGE story that got totally buried.