What An 'Alleged' Terrorist Looks Like In Infrared

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Massachusetts State Police have just released these stunning images of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's 'heat signature' as he hid in the boat...





Via @MassStatePolice

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There are ways arround IR dectection, rather cheap ways...

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I'd have to unravel my hat then...

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What's the over/under on how many days before a special ops "nurse" pulls the plug on frat boy?

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Not until they have had a chance to chat with him.

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Did the Boston Police take that boat to church?








Because now it looks holy.


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they released another photo using those high-tech thingies


or maybe it was guugul glass

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FLIR brand camera in a copter.

anybody need some insulation?

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A relative got very good with insulation when he worked as an engineer at the neighborhood superconducting cyclotron.

Time to tap that information source.

pods's picture

Not needed.  Just go to any place that sells camping supplies and get an emergency blanket.

They (mylar film) reflect roughly 95% of radiation.


cifo's picture

Like those runners receive after they finish the marathon?

Manthong's picture

He was under a tarp.

Saddam had a much better keep.

kchrisc's picture

Stink or shit?!

If the head of state of a nation needs to be spirited around enclosed in a disguised tank, then, well, nothing more can be said of such a nation.            hujel

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waterboard his ass

then try him at guantanomo

Bay of Pigs's picture

YES, especially since the US Govt has the high moral ground on the War on Terror issue.


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this guys family is from US ally against USSR thus his refugee status prior to citizenship.


But as Sadaam and Al Queda knows, never trust handshake from an American.

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So Las Vagas Dave why dont we just kill them , thats right we tried . Now in America we should just give the police the power to kill anyone that is suspected of beaking the law ,i mean we dont need trials and jurys just let the police kill them on the spot it worked out great for the people of germany in the 30s . In fact now we have set this standard we should  alow them to kill people SUSPECTED of traffic violation or at minimum 30 years hard work in a FEMA camp

There is NEVER a situation that justifies killing somone without a trial , why  because if you remove that right then YOU have become the fanatic terrorists and you have killed America and what it once stood for . With your outlook on the situation I really dont expect you to get what i am saying so keep watching MSM they we explain everything for you

BigJim's picture

He didn't say anything like that.

He said we should waterboard him (so we can get the exact confession we need - yes, I was paid by Bashar Assad, and yes Iran sold me the pressure cooker, and yes, I shot JFK, that kind of thing) and THEN we kill him. 

Freddie's picture

Who was the young Saudi? Was he going to get arrested but got deported?  This is how Saudis who break US law are handled - quietly deported.  His family was well connected to the royals and Al Qeada.

Was he paying these kids to do work for the Chechen (muslim) Mafia?  IS this where the money came from?  Glenn Beck says he has some info but I am not holding my breath.  O met with the Saudis just after the bombing and then later announce a $10 B weapons sale to the Saudis, UAE and another SA lackey state.

phyuckyiu's picture

You are right Freddie, Saudi Nationals allowed to leave country without questioning this week, second in command at Saudi intelligence meets Obama unannounced, Saudi's granted status to avoid customs and DHS checks. There were NO nails or bearings in the bombs, otherwise there would be a shitload of people dead. They added that info afterwards when peoeple noticed these bombs didn't kill anyone. This was meant for show. No traces of bomb materials at the suspects apartment. Am I just getting older or have national tragedies always never made any sense like this going back 40-50 years? Why were these kids still in town after the bombing? Why weren't they sneaking over a border somewhere?

Also I think you realize Freddie that the last time this happened there was a Republican in the white house doing this with the Saudi's. They are all the same. A website you'd probably enjoy: http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/

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we already have...we call him oblama....he knows who should be killed, so pay the fucking parking ticket or else....steve martin years ago.....joked about the death peanelty for parking violations..i guess he wasnt joking after all...

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There are such situations--they killed the brother in the shootout.  Should they have lost more cops or bystanders in order to take him alive to stand trial?  I think not.  So there are situations, then, right?  I'm glad they  captured the punk alive, if only to dispel the conspiracists.  And I agree that police should not be shooting people without a reason.  These fuckos gave the cops a reason, however.  So did Dorner.  I still think they could have talked Dorner out at the end, though.  They didn't need to burn him up like that.  So yeah, I don't like the thuggery.  It's pretty tough to watch a buddy go down and then try to have restraint against the violent crook that wants to kill you, too.

Anusocracy's picture

Only after they do that to the thousands of war criminals in government and the military.

BigJim's picture

 waterboard his ass

Ah, you mean, like give him an enema? 

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I gave you a +1 to break your down-vote streak, bitch.

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I piled on just for shits-and-giggles.

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What a [PATSY] Looks Like In a [TOUCHED UP FOTO ~ by the same Photoshoppers that faked O'Bombers BC], so that you, my sheeple, may come to adore the Orwellian sight of drones overhead to spy on you taking a shit...


There... fixed it...

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Where were the fascists' drones and helicopters ALL DAY LONG while the thugs were getting their door-kicking and peasant terrorizing practice in?

It's not like they couldn't see a heat signature through a tarp during DAYLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Bagbalm's picture

The boat was slightly outside the primary search area.

tickhound's picture

Meaning a few parsecs outside of earth's atmosphere.

ziggy59's picture

All of Boston was under scrutiny to search

El Oregonian's picture

... And WILL BE from now on.

TeamDepends's picture

And the mow-rons will be cheering them on Yeah! Wooo! USA!!!

aerojet's picture

The cops wasted the whole damn day and then as soon as the curfew was lifted, a guy, or was it his wife, goes outside and immediately notices a blood trail.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Was he not wearing clothes? Doesn't IR usually vary across the body because of things like cloths reducing radiation?

Edward Fiatski's picture

Not with the sensitity the mil spec sensors have.

If anything, knowing the psychology of the mindless cattle/masses, this image and subsequent capture of the "suspect", as a possible result of it, will be viewed as a much-needed thing for public safety - many more buzzers in the air to come.

"Ohhhh... is that guy fucking a woman in a Bunny outfit in the window? Wait, that's another schlong dangling from the Bunny! Ohhh... *FAP* *FAP* *FAP*"

Enjoy being spied on.

Edward Fiatski's picture

That would be a very over-sized Bunny to be mistaken for a woman, at first.

francis_sawyer's picture

@Edward Fiatski


No fucking shit...

Look at the perfect outlines of the various boat features, materials, lawn, trailer wheels... WTFF?... How the fuck stupid are people anyway?...


FUCKING LADDER... Lying 3 different ways in 3 fotos [within 40 minutes of timestamps on fotos... JFC!...

krispkritter's picture

Top photo shows the ladder up and the square outline of what is likely the inspection panel for the boat cover.  Pic 2 shows the ladder down to the left and is the last pic time-wise, the cover would have to be blown off as shown in Pic 3 and the ladder is in the same position, on the ground, likely from the grenades.  This last pic shows what I can only believe to be Dzhokhar climbing out of the boat and the ladder is likely still on the ground. http://tinypic.com/r/wu3sko/4

francis_sawyer's picture

No... What you refer to as the LAST PIC has a 19:36 timestamp on it... It would have been the 2nd pic in the sequence...


The ladder would have been knocked over sometime between 19:22 (top foto) & 19:36 (bottom foto)...

kchrisc's picture

But the drones are for our protection. See how they worked in Boston. And I felt so safe with all the "assault rifles" being gov owned and controlled; the way it should be.

The lock-down let me get caught up with DWTS and CSI and gave everyone deserved family time. If only next time they can shutoff the cell phones and Internet so I can get some quality time with my teens and wife.     hujel

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tho only good patsy is a dead patsy ...........

kchrisc's picture

What's next, a little perp-walk through a garage?!   hujel

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Anyone else listening to this police chase live on the police scanners? IT was broadcast the entire time on ustream, the recordings are still up there.

At one point they arrested "a 60 year old man, not our suspect, grey hair, has a vest and dead man trigger, cuffed, in custody"

May have been mistaken identity but at the time they were pretty sure he had something to be concerned about. Sounds like he got felt up by the bomb robot in the least. Would be interesting to hear his story.

EDIT: found a transcript of someone commentating on the scanner feed - this isn't quoting the police.


EDIT 126 10:40: Waiting on mod position. A different suspect may be found, may have transmitter on him. They are being cautious, white male, 60-70 yrs old. Brown jacket, device is in jacket.

 EDIT 130 10:47: He has something in his right hand that he holding. Last person had a dead man switch. (If someone lets go of a dead man switch it triggers the mechanism)

EDIT 132 10:52: Making attempts to block a possible blast.

EDIT 131 10:51: Suspect is shaking his head "no" and trying to arch his back up, speculating that he may be trying to do something with the device [...]This is not Suspect #2 aka White Hat.

EDIT 137 11:03: To further clarify, guy with the white hat has nothing to do with this (as far as we know). He is still on the loose. This suspect is an old man (60-70) with grey hair and appears to be holding a dead man switch.

EDIT 144 11:22: They said they need to bring in a second EOD robot and a second Bearcat (armored vehicle)

EDIT 143 11:19: EOD robot is still clearing the suspect. He will be interviewed after he is cleared.

EDIT 142 11:18: Officials are supposed to give any update some time soon.

EDIT 141 11:15: They are telling all non-SWAT to leave the area.

EDIT 140 11:14: Subject definitely has some kind of device or switch in his hand.

EDIT 139 11:11: EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) robot is attempting to remove the jacket from the man right now.

EDIT 147 11:26: Because it keeps getting asked. The suspect that is being searched by the EOD robots, that is handcuffed, that has the dead man switch, is a 60-70 yr old gray haired man. He was specifically identified as having salt and pepper hair, even the age 90 was thrown out. This is NOT White Hat aka Suspect #2

EDIT 154 11:47: Four robots operating on the old man right now. No word on device or explosive.

EDIT 161 12:02: Suspect is "clear", safe for EMS to approach him.

EDIT 199 1:21: I have heard no updates on the old man with the dead switch or the location of White Hat. I am only listening to the scanner but I do check messages for info.



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then the only thing they would detect is your melon...easy for the head shot

smlbizman's picture

the question is...were did the 2 to 500 rounds fired by the keystone cops land.....