Ben Bernanke To Miss Jackson Hole Symposium Due To "Scheduling Conflict"

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The Fed's Jackson Hole, Wyoming symposium is one of the most sacred of annual Fed meetings: it is here that the Fed has historically hinted at any and all upcoming episodes of major monetary experimentation. As such, presence by the high priests of global monetarism is not only compulsory, it is a circular stamp of approval of the Fed's ongoing status quo-preservation capabilities. Which is why the fact that the man at the top himself, Ben Bernanke, whose term is due to expire just five months after this year's Jackson Hole gathering, will be absent "due to a scheduling conflict", is set to spark a fire of questions, first and foremost of which: is this the sign Bernanke is handing over the suitcase with the printer launch codes to some yet unspecified, second in command? Or, even worse for those addicted to monetary heroin, will Bernanke simply try to put as much distance as possible between himself and the place where (and when) the Fed announces the grand "open-ended" QE experiment is set to begin tapering?

From Reuters:

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will miss the annual Jackson Hole monetary policy symposium this year due to a scheduling conflict, skipping the prestigious event for the first time since taking the helm of the central bank in 2006.


The conference, held in late August in the splendor of the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, draws top central bankers from around the world. Bernanke's absence would mark the first time in 25 years that a Fed chairman has not attended.


A Fed spokeswoman, responding to a Reuters enquiry, said the chairman was currently not planning to attend because of a personal scheduling conflict.


Bernanke, and former Fed chair Alan Greenspan, whom he succeeded in 2006, have periodically used the setting to preview important U.S. central bank actions. For instance, Bernanke hinted at the impending launch of a third round of massive bond purchases by the Fed - dubbed QE3 - at the conference last August.


In 2008, the conference effectively became the site of an economic war room as top policymakers huddled to figure out how to tamp down a virulent financial crisis as investment bank Lehman Brothers hurtled toward collapse.


This year's meeting would have been viewed as an excellent opportunity for Bernanke to signal that the central bank might be leaning toward tapering bond purchases, if the economy continues to recover as officials hope.

An unmovable personal conflict four months in advance, to avoid beautiful sights such as this?

Or the perpetually glass case-enshrined bear?

Somehow we doubt it.

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PM on the Heidelberg.

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Bernanke saw the memo that this year's security for Jackson Hole will be provided by Craft International.

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Remember the Bernank's term comes to an end shortly and he wants to get out before it all caves in (TEOTGPonziE) so that he will be able to say "Really? It was OK when I left".

He will probably send his chosen/likely successor to do the Yellen?

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we need a Banzai of his schedule and the "conflict"

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Dude, rumor has it that he's taking time off to get a Colonoscopy.

When they insert the camera, the doctor hopes to find out if he has shit for brains.

Although the way money flys out his ass, its quite possible that they find the source of all the fiat coming out of the Federal Reserve.

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“The day of the Lord cometh like a thief in the night.” 2 Peter 3:10

The day is sometime around late August

The thief’s name is Bernanke

Long rosary beads

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Seriously - the gold shortages being reported by ZH /other news sites and the months of backwardation we've seen on the LBMA are indicative of increasing stress and approach of a gold market event.

Bernanke can well see this and knows what it means for the sophistry with which he makes his livelihood.

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He's going to be at Fort Knox taking inventory.

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Even if sampled for tungsten, that should only take an afternoon.

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Not that I really G.A.F., but who could possibly not understand the importance of periodic maintenance?

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Let's not be so quick to judge him.   They may have cancelled bunga bunga.

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I wonder which dumb fuckers are going to rush in to add their names to the list of candidates for Bernanke's job.  They wil need to be exceeding stupid and arrogant because only such a fool could really believe they could leave any type of legacy other than they were the ones piloting the Titanic hen it sank

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Correction.  The Rothchilds wouldn't approve his trip request.

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BB not going to Jackson Hole?


Thats like Wayne Gretzky skipping out on the Stanley Cup Finals to go to - a softball game.


As some previously mentioned, maybe he go the call from his masters that he need not attend?

Or maybe something shitty is going to happen so they make an excuse to protect him, i.e., X-factor event?

Or maybe the man is sick and he needs some major surgery?


Either way - very stange and that they announce it so early in advance...

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Clearly, Nibiru has entered earth's parallel again which is why all the heavy hitters will be underground monitoring the situtation. This could get ugly.

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It wood take more time to open the door than do an actual count. Although it's likely the door been ajar since the last bar departed.

Marigold's picture

BB = Beelzebub not visiting Paradise Lost.

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Ben may have to wash and Simmonize his bone dome in lieu of attending...


eatthebanksters's picture

Personal scheduling conflict...he has to go to the dentist?

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LOL. Whether or not he has shit for brains they are looking in the right place.

Rustysilver's picture

Hey Pure Evil,

You are pure evil: how do you think of this $shit.

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"Dude, rumor has it that he's taking time off to get a Colonoscopy."

I'm sure there are many out there that would like to be inserting a drain rodder instead. They aleady know he's a big a-hole. How big is the question.

The a-hole will be missing J-hole. 

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'Sorry I'll miss Jackson Hole, but it's the only time this year that Satan was available for his annual blowjob'. - B.B.


BTW, if you want to see how worthless our fiat is, here is a guy that gets people to accept actual blank pieces of paper for products.

Big Slick's picture

Really FUNNY vid, toys.  Thanks for that.

More funny is that it's basically what happens millions of times a day with fiat!!

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Ben Shalom has just got tapped to replace Stanley Fischer. Apparently he needs to be in Jerusalem in late August to count all the gold they don't have

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The only thing that could be more important than working at Jackson Hole would be working the public's hole.

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Actually he knows that jackson hole will be canceled this year as a result of financial chaos as markets decide that ownership ... not leverage is king. 

Congregations of banksters will be frowned upon.

freewolf7's picture

If he knows it will be cancelled,

he wouldn't have to cancel first.

johngaltfla's picture



All hands on deck.


(this could be a lot of fun to watch)

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Yes, just like when Greenspan left...

The rat is leaving the sinking ship.

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Have to agree. There are no coincidences. What's the conflict? Is bernanke jr getting married or something?

resurger's picture

i fucking told you guys, whne you are a in a hole you ..

never mind, print ...

The Big Ching-aso's picture

He should send Greenspan to replace him.   At least he couldn't phuck-up things any worse.

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Grillos funded by Soros.

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PM on the Heidelberg.

Or the Hindenberg?


GOSPLAN HERO's picture

Hindenberg's PM cargo lift capability was very limited.

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But the crash was spectacular.

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He has combs to clean.

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Fuck you Bernanke!!!

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This is his f'n junket and he can't attend because of a "Scheduling Conflict"...........give me a break!!



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Small change: Lame....Lame-er....Lame-est.........

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Reminds me of the time our regional VP scheduled a "mandatory meeting" buy then couldn't attend due to scheduling conflict. He left an agenda with bullet points so vague that none of us had any idea what he was going to talk about. We skipped his agenda items, spent 20 minutes on our own issues and left for lunch.
Come to think of it that was the most productive meeting that guy ever held.

Banksters's picture

Apparently the hotel  will not be serving placenta and fetuses this year.   

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Oh please let Jamie Dimon be the next fed chairman, so much funny would ensue.

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Fat Larry would be even funnier.

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Gefilte fish lady, Janet Yellen is being asked.