Canada Foils "Terror Plot" Involving Attack On New York To Toronto Railroad; Al-Qaeda Linked

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Another day, another terrorist attack, this time in Canada, where the mounted police announced they have made arrests relating a "terror plot" planning to attack a New York to Toronto passenger train. And just to keep it really real, the name Al-Qaeda was released a few times. Supposedly this is not the same Al-Qaeda that is linked to the Syrian opposition, which these days is one of America's best friends in the region against Hassad's "evil" regime and so on.


The good news is that the maple syrup is safe. For now. RCMP's bilingual press conference below.

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Are you suufficiently scared yet citizen? We will have no more silly talk of sequesters now will we?

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Terrorista #1 on the loose in Canada, heaven forbid! But don't worry Canadians, your dear leader has got this covered!

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Trust me, if you live in Toronto and walked the streets there, you would feel like everyone is a terrorist.

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Big brother reports that Emanuel Goldstein spies and agents have infiltrated the norther border...

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5 people died yesterday in a Seattle shooting, more than in Boston.
The story is hardly in any western international news. But the guy in Boston is charged for having weapons of mass destruction. What a joke the MSmedia

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I wonder what FBI drill was happening at this time & location?

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As Canadas official spokesman, I ask that Americans like you keep your paranoid delusions south of the border. Thank you.

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Seems that Cannuks are as dumb and misinformed as Americans, (and that's saying a Lot).

The tools are readily available to inform yourself (for now anyway). Try a websearch with such terms as F. William Engdahl, Sibel Edmonds, Gladio, Chechnya - Turkey Gladio Plan B, Muslim Brotherhood origins, full spectrum dominance, Zbigniew Brezinski and the the Grand Chessboard, Central Asia. US support for Al Queda in Syria.

Yes, you'll have to actually read, and actually Think. 

Unfortunately most people would rather be given a cartoonish 'bad guy' versus 'good guy' story. They have the minds of children.

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That's so cute, you think the US won't "liberate" Canada when its own resources run out? After all you have a Queen and everything, you must desperately yearn to be free

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Why would you go to the bother of attacking when you can buy everything you want with fiat paper?

Canada is America's biggest trading partner now, and practically everything flowing south is in the form of oil, gold, lumber, and other natural resources.

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it seems that the tsa/dhs their the same right?..... are taking control sytematically and probably at an accelerated pace....they have the air lines were the next step is waterboarding you...every major sporting event will be brought up to airline treatment , the trains are their next target to raise the harrassement bar to airport levels....and than the highways..... than malls ......than ur front door...

but can someone tell me to what benefit it is to them to fuck up a society this way

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1. Its for the children.

2. You have a Right to be safe.

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I was having a discussion this morning about the events in Boston with a guy who works in Aviation security, and he's convinced that a persons bodily movements (looking around, going outside and then coming back in) are a good enough indicator that they're a "person of interest", as he said. His justification for this was "Think of the children!".

He also went on about "If you've done nothing wrong..." so I asked him "Can I have your wallet please?". He said no, because it's his private property. He didn't like it when I said "So when it comes to your privacy, it's a different story, isn't it?". He also doesn't leave his house unlocked or his blinds open. I think he has something to hide. GET HIM!!

IcantstopthinkingaboutNINJAs's picture

Keep on repeating to the blind, but only when asked:


" I believe, the more freedom, the better."


Eventually, when enough people hear this response they may come around to realize that maybe the editorials they've been watching / listening to / reading have an agenda that does not promote freedom.

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In the wake of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings and ensuing manhunt for the suspects, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says he is “satisfied” that Canada’s police forces are prepared for a similar attack, but maintains that stronger anti-terrorism laws are necessary.

Some of the measures contained in Bill S-7, called the “Combating Terrorism Act,” include:

  • Making it an offence to leave the country to participate in acts of terror
  • Granting police the powers to pre-emptively arrest someone and hold them for up to three days without charge
  • Imprisonment for up to 12 months if an indvidual refuses to testify before a judge in an investigative hearing

  • Read more:


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    Speaking of jokes, Wasn't Glen Beck supposed to dazzle us with world altering information today??

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    Yeah, his scoop got leaked before him by several other news sites.

    It's been claimed the Saudi guy that was injured in the bombing is apparently on a terrorist watch list. O had an unscheduled/unlisted meeting with a Saudi representative last thursday, I think, which raised from questions from the media at that time.

    What's strange is that Drudge linked to one of the stories, (a ZH memberl linked as well) and a couple hours later the story was deleted from the Fox news site it was on.

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    Running away from a bomb scene is probably smart since a sizable percentage of attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have followup bombs to kill the emergency responders. 

    Glen Beck is a demagogue.

    Jeff Beck is a guitar god.


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    You really waste time on  Beck ?

    A Lunatic's picture

    "Speaking of Jokes"...............doofus.

    AvoidingTaxation's picture

    How many in Pakistan, Mexico, Tchad?

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    I believe about 150 innocent people in Boston also had their legs blown off.  The Boston bombers were Islamist maniacs killing in the name of their pedophile master moohamhead.  The shootout in Seattle looks like 4 dead gangbangers in a shootout and one innocent women hit with a stray shot.  No comparison.  The 4 /5 dead in Seattle will save society a lot in jail bills.

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    10 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. Please don't let Kevin Bacon die.....

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    I tell ya, gettin' married, look for a good cook! The sex'll wear off, but you'll always be hungry. But my wife can't cook either ... in our house we pray after we eat. She gave my kid alphabet soup, he spelled out "HELP." I bought her a pressure cooker, now I eat off the ceiling.

    -Rodney Dangerfield


    dobermangang's picture

    I think that's my all time favorite joke: But my wife can't cook either ... in our house we pray after we eat.

    I also like this Woody Allen Joke:  My Dad taught me how to swim.  One summer day, when I was just 5 years old, my Dad took me up to the lake.  We got on a boat and he drove out to the middle of the lake and then threw me overboard.  And that's how I learned how to swim.  It really wasn't that difficult..... once I managed to get out of the sack.

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    and the majority of the US populace falls right into line yet again...

    did u see the footage of those morons in Boston in the streets after "suspect number 2" was caught...

    walking around in the streets yelling "USA, USA ,USA,"  and "BOSTON, BOSTON BOSTON"!!!

    what the fuck????

    this shithole and its citzenry deserve everything this fake ass banker ruled government is bringing to their doorsteps...


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    Yup, Americans are going to WAKE-UP to a nightmare not from one. If it weren't going to be so tragic it would be funny.    hujel

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    Yup, Americans are going to WAKE-UP with a cops penis up their ass.

    they will freeze in panic,the cop will say i am a cop and a hero.

    now bitch everytime i thrust i want you to say usa usa usa.

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    quite the vivid imagination ! lol

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    Remember, those brave folks out in the streets cheering their overlords on had just spent the whole day in a lock down they agreed to. Imposed operent conditioning, and they cheered this?

    Thank you sir, may I have another?

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    excuse me officer, may i suck your cock for you?

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    "did u see the footage of those morons in Boston in the streets after "suspect number 2" was caught...

    walking around in the streets yelling "USA, USA ,USA," and "BOSTON, BOSTON BOSTON"!!!"

    Two minutes of hate. How was Orwell such a prophet?

    HardAssets's picture

    Unfortunately this crap happens so often in history . . . Americans are just the designated morons this time around.

    It pisses me off, how stupid people are. But we must remember that they have been purposely conditioned in the public 'schools' for over a century. Few can think for themselves at all; they only regurgitate the garbage fed to them by the media.

    But more are informed on reality (thru the internet) than at any time in human history. So, maybe we'll pull through.

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    Ya you'd think they just won wW2

    Newsflash Boston, nothing is over, there's literally thousands or tens of thousands of other Muslims waiting/plotting to do more and other attacks, and should we ever decide to forego hostile Muslim immigration and boot we'll really have a spike in terrorism.

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    actually mouse in beer crossed my mind with my first can of Guiness and that thing they have floating in the can

    narnia's picture

    I'll tell you another thing...  their beer sucks

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    Doesn't hold a candle to poutine, blech!

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    I'm not gonna lie, I'd headbutt both of you if I could.

    jimmytorpedo's picture

    Red Pill, you just got my first down vote ever.

    I won't head butt you but I would bring you out for a good poutine.


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    I believe it is spelled "poontang"

    My favourite dish

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    Classic, thanks for the flashback HH.  Let's hope we don't get  to live Fahrenheit 451.  That electronic hound was vicious.

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    Big Jim McBob: "Boy, he blowed up good!"

    Billy Sol Hurok: "He blowed up real good!"

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    Yes, evidence emerges that these two red-neck lumberjacks where members of the canadiangunnutz forum, collected Norinco M305's, where suspected to be part of a fledgling Christian Anti-Cannuck Government Jihad and had a stockpiled a 3 x 1 oz Silver Maples that they had burried in the outhouse in their rural mountain retreat.  More duisturbing was that they claimned that Mark Carney was not working in the interests of the Canadian people. Authorities where disturbed to say the least.

    I say terrist, just by the look of em, BAN THE GUNZ......

    TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

    My daughter dear, do not be concerned
    When your Canadian daddy comes near.
    My daughter dear, do not be concerned
    When your Canadian daddy comes near.
    I work so hard, don't you understand
    Making maple syrup for the pancakes of our land.