Full Criminal Complaint Against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Including New Details

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The charges against Dzhokhar may have been filed under seal but it took minutes to find the full 11 page affidavit by FBI agent Daniel Genck, against the alleged bomber. And while there have been many discrepancies in various official versions of the narrative leading to the capture of the younger Tsarnaev, this is the final, final draft, which means any changes to the story from now on will be greeted by substantial popular skepticism.

Some of the newly emerging highlights:

From the day of the marathon:

  • At approximately 2:42 p.m. (i.e., approximately seven minutes before the first explosion), Bomber One can be seen detaching himself from the crowd and walking cast on Boylston Street towards the Marathon finish line. Approximately 15 seconds later, he can be seen passing directly in front of the Forum Restaurant and continuing in the direction of the location where the first explosion occurred. His knapsack is still on his back.
  • At approximately 2:45 p.m., Bomber Two can be seen detaching himself from the crowd and walking cast on Boylston Street toward the Marathon finishing line. He appears to have the thumb of his right hand hooked under the strap of his knapsack and a cell phone in his left hand. Approximately 15 seconds later, he can be seen stopping directly in front of the Forum Restaurant and standing near the metal border among numerous spectators, with his back to the camera, facing the runners, He then can be seen apparently slipping his knapsack onto the ground. A photograph taken from the opposite side of the street shows the knapsack on the ground at Bomber Two's feet.
  • The Forum Restaurant video shows that Bomber Two remained in the same spot for approximately four minutes, occasionally looking at his cell phone and once appearing to take a picture with it. At some point he appears to look at his phone, which is held at approximately waist level, and may be manipulating the phone. Approximately 30 seconds before the first explosion, he lifts his phone to his ear as if he is speaking on his cell phone, and keeps it there for approximately 18 seconds. A few seconds after he finishes the call, the large crowd of people around him can be seen reading to the first explosion. Virtually every head turns to the east (towards the finish line) and stares in that direction in apparent bewilderment and alarm. Bomber Two, virtually alone among the individuals in front of the restaurant, appears calm. He glances to the cast and then calmly but rapidly begins moving to the west, away from the direction of the finish line. He walks away without his knapsack, having left it on the ground where he had been standing. Approximately 10 seconds later, an explosion occurs in the location where Bomber Two had placed his knapsack.

From the hijacking:

  • Near midnight on April 18, 2013, an individual carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A victim of the carjacking was interviewed by law enforcement and provided the following information. The victim stated that while he was sitting in his car on a road in Cambridge, a man approached and tapped on his passenger-side window. When the victim rolled down the window, the man reached in, opened the door, and entered the victim's vehicle. The man pointed a firearm at the victim and stated, "Did you hear about the Boston explosion?" and "I did that." The man removed the magazine from his gun and showed the victim that it had a bulletin it, and then re-inserted the magazine. The man then stated, "I am serious."
  • The man with the gun forced the victim to drive to another location, where they picked up a second man. The two men put something in the trunk of the victim's vehicle. The man with the gun took the victim's keys and sat in the driver's seat, white the victim moved to the front passenger seat. The second man entered the victim's vehicle and sat in the rear passenger seat. The man with the gun and the second man spoke to each other in a foreign language.
  • While they were driving, the man with the gun demanded money from the victim, who gave the man 45 dollars. One of the men compelled the victim to hand over his ATM card and password. They then drove to an ATM machine and attempted to withdraw money from the victim's account. The two men and the victim then drove to a gas station/convenience store in the vicinity of 816 Memorial Drive, Cambridge. The two men got out of the car, at which point the victim managed to escape.
  • A short time later, the stolen vehicle was located by law enforcement in Watertown, Massachusetts. As the men drove down Dexter Street in Watertown, they threw at least two small irnprovised explosive devices ("IEDs") out of the car. A gun fight ensued between the car's occupants and law enforcement officers in which numerous shots were fired. One of the men was severely injured and remained at the scene; the other managed to escape in the car. That car was later found abandoned a short distance away, and an intact low-grade explosive device was discovered inside it. In addition, from the scene of the shootout on Laurel Street in Watertown, the FBI has recovered two unexploded IEDs, as well as the remnants of numerous exploded IEDs.

From the showdown and subsequent examinations:

  • A preliminary examination of the explosive devices that were discovered at the scene of the shootout in Watertown and in the abandoned vehicle has revealed similarities to the explosives used at the Boston Marathon. The remnants of at least one of the exploded IEDs at the scene of the shootout indicate that a low-grade explosive had been contained in a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker was of the same brand as the ones used in the Marathon explosions. The explosive also contained metallic BBs contained within an adhesive material as well as green-colored hobby fuse. The intact low-grade explosive device found in the abandoned car was in a plastic container and wrapped with green-colored hobby fuse.
  • On the evening of April 19, 2013, police investigation revealed that there was an individual in a covered boat located at 67 Franklin Street in Watertown. After a stand-off between the boat's occupant and the police involving gunfire, the individual was removed from the boat and searched. A University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth identification card, credit cards, and other forms of identification were found in his pockets. All of them identified the man as DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV. He had visible injuries, including apparent gunshot wounds to the head, neck, legs, and hand. DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV's wounds were triaged and he was brought to an area hospital, where he remains for medical treatment.
  • On April 21, 2013, the FBI searched DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV's dormitory room at 7341 Pine Dale Hall at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, pursuant to a search warrant. The FBI seized from his room, among other things, a large pyrotechnic, a black jacket and a white hat of the same general appearance as those worn by Bomber Two at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, and BBs.

Full complaint below:

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Arlington Road.

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I figured it would have been signed by Linda Green.

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Where is the Craft indictment?

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I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  I believe our government.  I believe the MSM.  

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The Sheeples' Creed.  Nice.

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Enrique Placeholder "We will hold those who are responsible for these heinous acts accountable to the fullest extent of the law"


Was the above statement in reference to:

A) Those responsible for 'Operation Fast & Furious'

B) Market moving / manipulating trades / PM suppression by JP Morgan

C) Linda Green

D) Countrywide

E) The Federal Reserve

F) CIA and military members conducting torture and rendition

G) Those responsible for extrajudicial murders or kill list drone strikes

H) High Frequency Trading

I) Market moving / manipulating trades by Goldman Sachs

J) MF Global

K) None of the above

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bro 2 seen wearing his backpack after the explosion.  another dagger in the heart of this beast.  nice post!

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thanks...and how about the guy who left without his....you know, the one that was used for the bomb

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Eric Holder's canadian twin?




Cant tell if the sprawling forehead is present with that mounty hat in the way.

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bull, his backpack was lighter in color, not black, it would be easily differentiated from his dark jacket.   Look at the video of him walking before.


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exactly...his backpack didnt match the one that was used....his was gray and black?

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Sequel: O'Batman vs. Dzohkhar  This town needs an enemy, er, enema!

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That maybe the Loch Ness Monster on his back.

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so he switched backpacks?   the one photo'd could be the other one, its hard to tell but the lighter color shown in the blown up back pack pic could be the lining.    Agree there could be a discrepancy there.    Which backpack is it supposed to be?  #1 or #2?

I think we have to reserve judgement if/when the video of him placing the backpack comes out and other evidence.    I'd like to see the interview w/ the carjack guy.     And there must be plenty of cop dash cam video.

Also, it is very odd that none of the photos of the guns they used have been released.   They were released quickly in the CO shooter case.   

I can see the Feds keeping this stuff as evidence for trial and not releasing it until sometime later as well.

But, the guy posting the video of #2 walking away claiming he has a backpack, is totally contradictory since #2 had a lighter color backpack that would easily be contrasted against his black jacket.   That has not been explained and the burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim.

Either he doesnt  have a backpack and its his jacket/arm/shoulder, or he does have a backpack and it has magically become black or he picked up another one.


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http://thecraft.com/              http://thecraft.com/Remembering_Chris_Kyle.html

**Skull & Bones & The Tomb       Note:   chris kyle founder, was killed [murdered?] by one of his [their?] own on Feb. 2, 2013 [sat.] ~ 10.5 weeks ago?!?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dokka_Umarov        [neighboring Dagestan?]


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bechtel       [???]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enka_%C4%B0n%C5%9Faat_ve_Sanayi_A.%C5%9E.     [Russia? [Turkey's largest/humongous construction conglomerate?] ** if link fails:  goto>>> Enka Insaat ve Sanayi A.S.<<<

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You can't tell if he definately is still wearing his backpack but I agree this is very suspicious..

Also, didnt he supposedly blow his own throat out with a gun in the boat? If so how did he climb out on his own.. Wondering if the FBI put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger hoping they could say he killed himself....????


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go full screen...you can see it better

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Good pics haven't seen those yet

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F TV! F Hollywood!

Why nothing on the poor slob college cop?  They said they did not kill the hijacked driver because he was not American.  I guess the rent a cop had no such luck.

When did the cop shooting supposedly take place?  I am guessing just before the hijacking>   Make no sense like Officer Tippet that Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly killed. 

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In his mind.  If the info is let out it would cause massive destruction to the police state.  Therefore we'll just have to take their word that they've accurately passed along his "written answers."

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..or do the sensible thing, pack your bags, liquidate your assets and leave the country. Anywhere the US has little influence and that probably means a shithole w/o resources.

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And still have not seen the video of him setting down the bomb

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And the ATM withdrawal (with time/date stamp).

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How convenient that they confessed to the unnamed victim of an alleged car jacking. Nice and tidy.

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And he said "I'm serious".

So that proves it then.

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the clip i placed above has a pic of him leaving with his back pack...and it shows who did not leave with a back pack...it will be tken down soon im sure...stuff i looked at yesterday do not exist today

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There was a thread on reddit, where people were sharing pics and observations.

It was flooded with disinformation agents by the time I was even reading it, all of what, a couple hours after the thread started.  Disinformation agents!  Easily spotted, thanks to repeated exposure to them. 

You know some of the first disinfo agents on the web were used by corporations for PR?  UFC used to have them, back in the early days of MMA, all the way back in 2003/4.  Used to just spew garbage, literally just shout people down, online (who dared to criticize Dana White or claim UFC was the 2nd best MMA promotion). 

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"The FBI seized from his room, among other things, a large pyrotechnic, a black jacket and a white hat of the same general appearance as those worn by Bomber Two at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, and BBs."

So let me get this straight.  After just having bombed Boston, the younger brother returned to his place, changed out of the very clothes he was wearing at the marathon, LEFT THEM in his home, and then went on the run?

Riiiiight.  Pretty fucking stupid for 19 year old mastermind terrorist.

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A large pyrotechnic is a bottle of whisky.

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...or a grande burrito, if you have just the right balance of intestinal bacteria.

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Or, like this story, Boston Half-Baked Beans...

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Critical thinking is not welcome when considering this entire affair.

This is for those who wish to suspend disbelief in order to calm their fears or confirm their beliefs.

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 When they started yelling at Fenway Park USA,USA,USA,USA,USA........I had an involuntary compulsion to vomit,,,extremely...

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What about how they came out of their homes and applauded the cops/NWO goons for catching a 19 year old and for having them in lock down/Marshall Law for over a day.   The people in MA are sheep.  They vote for shit that enslaves them. 

If it had been a southern state - them boys would have been dead before the cops ever found em.   The Massholes could not find their arse with sniper scopes.

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He didn't just leave his home and go on the run. Remember, he apparently went to a party at some point, too.

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after he had a nice workout at the gym

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And went to classes.

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Typo, it was supposed to read, "The FBI brought to his room, among other things, a large pyrotechnic, a black jacket and a white hat of the same general appearance as those worn by Bomber Two at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, and BBs."

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bizarro world: 

real world:


"The FBI constructed a pressure cooker bomb similar to the one the CIA told them they used for the bombing, and then found it in Suspect #2's SUV."

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Answer #1:  Yes, he's that stupid.

Answer #2:  They were planted there.

I think #1.  Here's why:  With all the other evidence against the guy, why bother to plant more?  The two idiots had no escape plan at all.  They never thought through anything past the point of dropping off the explosives and un-assing the immediate area. 

The real truth is that Homeland Security is a complete joke, and we all knew that already--two completely useless assholes managed to plant a couple of small bombs right under the nodes of all that security.  But truly, I can't decide which faction has more stupidity on its side.

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Whether the official story is true or not, this incident will be used as an excuse to ramp up the police state. The government's security apparatus was either wholly incompetent or willfully complicit, but the answer to the security problem will be the same answer given for every government problem — moar government.