Spanish Population Declines For The First Time As Immigrants Throw In The Spiderman Towel

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Often times, for the best, closest to the ground perspective on economic opportunities in any given economy, there is hardly any more convincing metric than observing the level of net migration of foreigners into a country, and subsequently out. First, it was Italy, where net immigrants from Afghanistan and Bangladesh came, they saw, and promptly took the first boat back to whereever it was they came from. Then, a year ago we first showed that the endless media propaganda has little to no impact on the marginal cheap worker in the US, as Mexican immigrants finally became emigrants after realizing that real demand for their services, even as bargain basement wages, simply does not exist. And now, it was only logical that Europe's economic basket case with unemployment levels so high one literally needs bigger charts, was the next to follow.

As BBC reports, in 2012 the Spanish population of 47.3 million declined by some 206,000 as "immigrants left the country amid a major economic crisis." The actual population change consisted of native Spaniards growing by a token 10,000 more than offset by the 216,000 registered foreign residents who decided to just pack it up and go back, mostly from Ecuador and Colombia. One could say they threw in the proverbial (Spiderman) towel, or at least sold it on Ebay.

This was the first population decline in Spain since the census began in 1990. The good news for all those who are left: all your government-managed pension and retirement money is tucked away safe and sound into the viability of Spanish government bonds. And every one knows those are "money good."

From BBC:

Spain's population fell last year for the first time in decades, as immigrants left the country amid a major economic crisis, officials say.


The National Statistic Institute (NSI) says the number of residents dropped by almost 206,000 to 47.1m - the decline entirely accounted for by foreigners.


Immigrants from Ecuador and Colombia showed the biggest fall.


The figures do not take into account many Spaniards who have left in search of work but are still on the census.


The figures show that the ongoing economic crisis has reversed the country's rapid population growth in the decade before the financial crisis erupted in 2008.


The bursting of the property bubble and high unemployment levels compounded the situation, forcing many economic migrants from South America and Eastern Europe to leave the country.


"Spain is less attractive because there no jobs," Albert Esteve of the Barcelona Centre for Demographic Studies told Spain's National Radio.

At least those who remain can sleep soundly at night, knowing their deposits in the country's domestic, and quite insolvent, financial system, are safe. After all Cyprus is no template. And who can possibly say no to a Spiderman beach towel.

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Freddie's picture

Forza Italia and Espana!  No EBT cards for you muzzies!  Go home!   

I am sure I will called an ALIPAC shill for saying muzzies.  To any junkers who want to junk me F off!

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wake me up when arabs start to leave

or better: yids !

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May as well call you Snow White then.

Freddie's picture

Or better yet - both.  Go home.


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For some reason, the mainstream media continues to report that Spain had a 7% budget deficit for 2012 excluding its bank bailout from the final number.  There is no good reason to omit the cost of the bank bailout.  Spain is in the midst of a bursting property bubble, and as property values decrease non performing loans shall increase.  The banks have received money from the central government for the last three years in a row, and don’t be surprised if more capital is required sometime this year.  The bank bailout is an ongoing cost and should be treated as such.

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WTF with Spiderman?

How does the proverbial "Spiderman" towel differ than a regular one here?  I mean, why is spiderman being brought up?  Something to do with webs?

Edward Fiatski's picture

At one point the Spanish banks were giving out Spiderman towels... can't recall due to what reason. Lost deposits, maybe? :)

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Spiderman towels are to bank depositors, as peanut butter is to __________.

a) Low grade beastiality films.

b) Fuck you Bernanke.

c) A spring loaded rodent trap.

d) Buy and hold phyzz bitchez

e) Unfortunate watercraft incidents.

IridiumRebel's picture

Low grade beastiality. A. Horse cum baths and PB are unrelated yet both quite sticky.

Colonel Klink's picture

Oh, oh I know this one!  C!!  Because both are bait for traps.  Did I win my towel?

Freddie's picture

b) F*ck you Bernake!

Perfect response in any situation followed by a F*ck you Krugman!

rich_wicks's picture

Um, they are giving away a stuffed pony at the Bank of America here.

I really don't understand the significance.  So what?  It's very common to give away crap when morons open up a checking account.

99% of this site is crap.  This is unfortunate since it's still 99% better than anything on television.  Snarky waste of time bullshit.  I have to go back to just reading the articles once a week.  Too much of a waste of time to filter it in real time.

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Make the connection, both are Trojan horses.

thisandthat's picture

Cheap marketing from bad banks - who'd expect that... but, porque no 500 euro beach towels?

Hey, at least that way depositors won't be totally left out in the cold by the bank, when they lose everything they own - with luck they'll still have the beach towel to keep them warm at night... but seriously, "paper" money with actual intrinsic value? - a bargain at any price, if you ask me...

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Don't tell Odickhead or he'll invite them here. Votes you know

freedogger's picture

Bullish for GDP (per capita)

debtor of last resort's picture

Just wait until Dr. Octopus walks in.

Edward Fiatski's picture

 This is the natural course of history - their own countries are argueably in a better economic shape, than most of periphery Europe.

Any political instability "back home" notwithstanding.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Ecuador is "dollarized", however their economy is still backwards and pricing is not what you could expect or calculate.  The lessening of remittance inflows from places like Spain and the USA is detrimental.  It's an agrarian nation.

Edward Fiatski's picture

At least you can get a plot of land and feed yourself, unlike the unemployed concrete-citi zombie-hordes of Spanish yoof.

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That's it ! I'm taking my Spiderman towel, jumping on the Heart of Gold and heading off to Magrathea. Let me off this crazy rock.

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Go south, young man.

Gromit's picture

Many South Americans emigratd to Spain for economic opportunities.

Now it's time to come home.

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OT.. While this exodus is a large number (206,000) and very telling, the City of Chicago lost over 200,000 people from the 2000-2010 census.  This is coming from a population of only 2.8 M. 



toady's picture

200K left Chicago, or were they murdered?

Urban Redneck's picture

Look at a population chart for Rome before and after that Ponzi scheme failed, you ain't seen nothing yet...

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Don't forget the ones returning to Russia and United Kingdom

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I'd like to give Marco Rubio back to Spain. He'll even help them attract new immigrants.

Colonel Klink's picture

That would be Cuba but what's the difference?!?

Kinskian's picture

No shit Colonel. A white Cuban is a Spaniard.

Colonel Klink's picture

So what's a brown Cuban? ;)

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Or the Moors; "MOORS (Lat. Mauri; Gr. Maupoi, dark men), the name which, as at present used, is loosely applied to any native of Morocco," -


We don't need no education...

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Obviously someone of mestizo or African ancestry. Spain is welcomed to them as well. They already speak the language and we have more than our quota of every shade.

Colonel Klink's picture

And here I was thinking the answer was a cigar.  Silly me!

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Sorry Marco, it was a joke.  Don't you have more freedom crushing unconstitutional legislation to write against the fine citizens of this country?  I'm crushed but thanks for stopping by to give me a down vote. 

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He looks kinda brown next to me, just saying. There are plenty of brown Spaniards in the South of Spain; you some kinda racist?

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He looks like a chubby Spanish queer to gonna call me a homophobe now?

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Then what is a "white" spanish person?

I herd tell of one of them that done kilt a young nigra child in flarida

youngman's picture

A lot of Colombians came back....I used to hear all the time of someones relatives in Spain working...not now....

Don Diego's picture

those figures are rubbish. Inmigrants still come albeit a lower pace, what the figures omit is that record number of inmigrants are naturalizing (thus elegible to move to another EU country should things get worse) while native Spaniards are either dying of old age or moving to other EU countries (without registring in the Consulate yet). Thus the number of Spaniards seems constant, however itis just ethnic replacement as the recently naturalized replace the native old farts that die. 

SmittyinLA's picture

BS meter pegged, everybody's population is swelling from invasion, its just mostly off the books, nobody can actually afford to employ these people on paper, the state only finds out they're there when they ask for free stuff with their fist kids, usually a 2-3-5 year lag time between entry and discovery. 

After amnesty we'll find out it wasn't 12 million but actually 60 million (or more, nobody knows), boats are landing in italy daily going home empty daily.

pashley1411's picture

Hmm, why do we care where manual labor migrates to next?   Its just a political football in the open borders debate. 

Its much more interesting where American multinationals park their money.   Far far away from our balmy shores?  

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