PIMCO's Bill Gross Advice In Two Words: Sell Euros

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In his increasingly ubiquitous manner, the bond king has reduced his thesis to 140 characters, summed up in just two words... Sell Euros



It seems sometimes there is no need for a 300-page Powerpoint presentation.

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“And this also,” said Marlow suddenly, “has been one of the dark places of the earth.”
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Dont think Gross has much clout anymore, he isnt on the Fed's exclusive early distribution list.

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Bearish gold. Remember when they smacked it down upon the announcement of the 2nd LTRO? Check Newmont Mining today. Gold can only keep going down.

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Bearish gold in US$, not in Euros.

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If I own physical, it what currency do I own it?

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"dollars." and given that Canada has been pulling diamonds out of the ground the size of full size pick up trucks going on ten years now "that currency of choice is working as anticipated as well." contrary to popular views being long (buy low/sell high) is not easy. There will be time when I do reccomend shorting (1998, 2006) but right now my timeline is being pushed back another decade.

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Amazing how is FED getting away with this massive printing..
$1 T / year printing operation and Dollar supposed to go up?
And GOLD down of course.

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Yup and wait till WW3 starts, they would have more dollars out there than in 2007 and the dollar would shoot up bigtime when rockets are launching. I mean you have to hand it to them, they cant lose. Maybe thats why everyone is jumping into US Equities.

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Both, Euro and $ are doing much better then my miners, that's for sure. I ain't listening to no prophets no mo'.

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$ - Could be.  1 year+ horizon as the EU implodes.

gold - Short term sell could be possible.  For those who are trading that is.

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Correct....they told him to brush up on his blackjack dealing skills again.....he may need them to survive when they get through bitch slapping him. He's outside looking in and sitting on a pile of bonds filled with gasoline while he chain smokes camels........gl bill

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He's hoping against hope that his bonds won't go down (as fast) if the Euro goes down first. He trying to make this self-fulfilling on a timeline that saves his ass(ets).

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completly off topic but hysterical...santelli walking thru the pits doing the set up for his segment and the guys behind him i guess the brokers  are acting like they are using hand signals for orders...but they were giving the finger to the tv and with lots of anger......fucking off the hook....i have it dvred, ...

edit...i would try and watch his segment

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What he is saying is common sense. Even if ECB cuts the rate to 0.25% in May, it won't be enough, as the EUR is way overvalued in the current Global climate.

EU is the largest economy in the world - it won't stay that way without a competitive currency.

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+1000 for the Heart of Darkness quote.  One of the best books; so short, but very complex!

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London has a long history with many ups and downs.

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The race to debase is on!

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Who are you?  What have you done with the old PUD?

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That was DUP, PUD's alter ego. He takes over from time to time.

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Wow, I wonder if the old PUD got whacked?

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Weidman/Merkel/Schaüble--quite a formidable team standing between super Mario and a rate cut.    I think Bill Gross is going to get Stolpered.  

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Where's the logic?

It's the Germans that need a more competitive EUR first & foremost.

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Time to start buying then?

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Buy Euro.  Sell does not happen.  Every time the Euro should sell it instead is rescued.  Don't fight the crowd - just buy.  With all the news it should be 1.22-.24 area instead its almost 10c higher most of the time.

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may i add:  SELL GOLD.  SELL SILVER. 

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Buy Euros..got it.

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Now that we know Gross is not on the fed's pre market distribution list it kind puts him out here with the rest of us guessing our asses off.

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It seems like he's been trying to buy his way back in  with his bullish U.S treasury and dollar calls.

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That ain't going to cut it Doc. Now if he says PIMCO is dumping it's gold holdings....

By the way, Divided States above, a real sharp dude, was explaining to me on another thread that Sprott is in fact liquidating a lot of stuff right now. Does the thought that the biggest Silver Bull is caught with his pants down right now blow your mind or what? Not a bank that can't deliver...Sprott...

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I read that thread, that was probably the best read so far today. I don't know what the hell to think any longer.

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Let me take your confused state and kick it in the nuts. Look at the insurers today. Met etc. The ones Yellen said she is worried are starting to reach for yield....ripping massively higher today.

I am in freefall in the rabbit hole. Listening to Schiff's radio show. He is talking about the internet sales tax...GDP...what he had for breakfast. Seems purposefully avoiding reality...

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Buy dollars.. concur.. and since so many foreigners have loans denonominated in US$, when that dollar goes up.. them loans get tough to repay.

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I remember some of his other calls during the past several years. Specifically, one such call was a panic alarm to sell US Treasuries.

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And yet, we keep listening to what these clowns are saying. They talk their book, but they can't tell the future. No one can. So, fuck Bill Gross too.

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Euro needs to go down? Why, because the bond used car salesman says so? Because the whimpering weasel is only POMO-ing 85 bill per-month? Because the euro governments are running 2-trillion dollar deficits like King Hussein?

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Euro weekly has turned back down to near 1.30.




If the Euro falls, the US Dollar should climb - which has been occurring.


Could PIMCO be talking reverse psychology or reverse-reverse psychology?

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When will America print more money again?.....




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Dollar swaps, bitchez.  No fiat is safe now as the run at the bullion banks accelerates.  Everyone going after whatever physical is available.  Supply lines breaking now as well.  Exponential equations are indeed a bitch.

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Which includes the banks." my view (unverified of course) is that the banks with an unlimited credit line and all the dollars they want "just keep stacking them as well." what's next? "long porcelain"?

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The euro will be defended by the EU political elites and its central bank, untill revolutionaries with pitchforks arrive at their doorsteps. Short of that, the EU politicians and banksters are fully commited to the concept of the euro.

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Its just a race to see which turd gets flushed down the bowl first. They are all turds and all will be flushed eventually.

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They're all thieves, and "There's no honor among..."

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I'll say this again. The G20 have agreed to keep their currencies within a certain bandwidth of the US dollar.

The G20 central banks can out gun any hedge fund.

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By so doing, they can provide excellent trading advise to the favoured few elite friends. What a racket !!!!!!!!!

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Euro does not have a common debt.  If they pop first (most likely), capital is going to rush towards the USD and out of the the Euro.

Solid call by Gross.  Question is timing.  I wager his timing is pretty good and this move is not a quick hit and run.  This is a big move that will play out over the next couple of years.

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Which means sell Silver.  bear flag.  Gonna get whacked.