From A Twitter Hack To The Complete Evaporation Of All Market Liquidity In One Chart

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Presented with little comment aside to note that based on a tweet, the 'deeply liquid' US equity market collapsed instantaneously as all those liquidity-providing 'algos' jumped ship...

The lower pane shows the market depth disappearing courtesy of Nanex.


The S&P tested down to yesterday's close filling the gap perfectly...

The good news, if indeed this was merely a test for "the big one", is that everyone managed to sell ahead of everyone else. Right?

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So that's what a bidless market would look like.  A total Baumgartner.  Hhhmmm...................

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Hacked Tweets now listed right under pressure cookers on the Weapons of Mass Destruction list.

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Can algos experience an adrenalin rush?   Looks like the post-rush "crash" settling in.  Whatever it takes. 

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The market was crashed by a tweet

The algos just cannot be beat

A simple display

Of rules gone astray

And how HFT algos cheat

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The fact that HFT is still allowed/encouraged is the perfect illustration of how the government is an eager partner with Wall Street in the ongoing to strategy to fuck everyone else over.

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just keep this bitch up til I'm cashed out of my 401Ks

redpill's picture

They should hack both the CNBC and Bloomberg accounts and have them simultaneously tweet that COMEX has defaulted.

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Testing, testing... Is this mic on?

algo one reporting all is good.

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Well ~ It's a damn good thing that I opened up that TD Ameritrade account with the 'PATTERN RECOGNITION SOFTWARE', so I could set those limit orders & 'FIRE OFF THE TRADE' & profit, just at the right time [even though I was shanking 8 irons at the driving range when it all went down]...

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Bwahahaha, me and my killbot buddies are gonna kill all humans!

Make your time!

prains's picture

can't wait until CNN runs some indepth analysis

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Are you cashing out of one lot of paper for another form of paper or are you cashing out to buy gold?

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one of the two needs to be regulated, market or tweeter.

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Got to get those campaign contributions from somewhere.  Certainly not going to get enough dough for re-election from the average citizen giving them $5-25.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

You typed "$", I think you meant "%", and that comes after the digits.

Every tax dollar is a campaign contribution, if every decision driving legislation is itself geared towards re-election.

MrBoompi's picture

Exactly.  Reps need to collect an average of at least $2000 per day, weekends included, and Senators $6000.  Now you know why they don't even have the time to read the bills they sign.

NotApplicable's picture

Well, it's not like they have ANY choice, now is it?

"Do as we say, and nobody gets hurt!"


Maybe it was true and there was an explosion..Can't believe everything the gov't says..Obama might have blew his top.

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Shit...Am i looking at seismograph?

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The middle one looks more like a school of piranhas that got spooked and vanished, but they be back and then sheeple will tread back to the water to drink too, after all, how dangerous can it be with so many fishes doing just fine... 

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Popped his cork? The big O?

StychoKiller's picture

"Sand people are easily frightened, but they will return, and in greater numbers."

redpill's picture

@President_Obama  I ATE THE BONESSSSS

francis_sawyer's picture

Homes has eaten A LOT of bones in his time I imagine...

GernB's picture

BTFD, if you're fast enough.

Dr. Engali's picture

As usual your quick wit is amazing. I think you're in nigh frequency limerick mode.

BLOTTO's picture

It would be very interesting to get the stats on who were the first ones out?

Ying-Yang's picture

There once was a Prez from Niger.......

brewing's picture

never given one of these out before - +1...

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

And yet many of you still gamble every day in a rigged system. Should I post the number for Gamblers Anonymous?


I bet you 1 billion dollars... this was an INSIDE JOB

Ruffcut's picture

betting is for suckers, they just showed why.

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how many joe six packs just had all thier stops taken sure they will cancel ALLLL transactions because of this...yea right that even made me laugh

Stoploss's picture

Sure has been a fucked up first quarter...


Hey!!  Only 14 more to go!!!

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TMZ is 'reporting' this same group as hacked twitter also:


We're told the group -- which claims responsibility for swatting RihannaDiddyRyan SeacrestJustin TimberlakeParis HiltonChris BrownTom Cruise and others -- contacted authorities through 911 and threatened to detonate 8 devices around the White House perimeter if President Obama does not declare war within 24 hours.

Jekyll_n_Hyde_Island's picture

Look at the first graph.  Backup call generator (algo) kicked in and recovered the market 80 points before floor traders ever had time to recover from the false news.

  Algos don't kill people, the people that write and implement algos kill people.

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If you were sitting in front of a machine you noticed that individual stocks didn't even have time to case anyone is still unclear on which part is the dog and which part is the tail.

Question is: who was standing there with a bucket?


..that cleared out about a billion or 10. stop losses all hit

Sudden Debt's picture

10 billion... plus expenses for that unplanned burial at sea which we'll have to cancel... so... about another 50 bucks give or take...

Frank N. Beans's picture

they needed to raise a few bucks via commissions


NotApplicable's picture

And to think, all ya gotta do is drain out all the liquidity first, and POOF! They're gone!

Cdad's picture 90% of the daily liquiditeeeee is the Roach Motel [SPY] and various other compromised ETFs.

Nice market, Wall Street!  Can't wait to buy those fanta second collapses....

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But if you are not the lead dog, the view never changes...