CNBC Viewership Plunges To Eight Year Lows

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Update: we decided it may be an opportune time to remind readers of this particular fact, not opinion, not propaganda, not insinuation.

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By now it is well known that the ubiquity of central planning (not to mention the persistent threat of HFT flash crashes as exhibited by yesterday's twitter-driven #Hash crash) in capital "markets", has made trading stocks in a rigged casino a sucker's game - one that retail investors have decided to shun, and nearly 5 years after Lehman have still to come back in any size to the stock market.

One of the main, unintended consequences of this development to prop up markets at all costs, even if it means removing all logic and reliance on fundamental data, has been the complete evaporation of interest in any finance-related media, forcing the bulk of financial outlets to rely on such cheap gimmicks as slideshows, pictures of kittens, trolling and generally hiring liberal arts majors straight out of school to copy and paste articles while paying them minimum wage, and providing absolutely no insight (and then wondering why the Series ZZ preferred investors will never get their money back, let alone the A round).

However, nowhere is this more obvious than in the relentless imploding viewership of once financial media titan, CNBC, which lately has become a sad, one-sided caricature of its once informative self, whose only agenda is to get the most marginal Joe Sixpack to dump his hard-earned cash into 100x P/E stocks, and where according to data from Nielsen Media Research, the total and demographic (25-54) viewership during the prime time segment (9:30am - 5:00 pm) just tumbled to 216K and 40K - the lowest recorded viewership since mid 2005 and sliding.

So why the relentless collapse in CNBC viewers, which in turns leads to plunging ad revenues (aside from our observations from last summer on just this topic) and which has forced the station to even resort to muppets as a cheap ratings-boosting gimmick? Perhaps it has something to do with outbursts like this, where 13 minutes into the clip, one Jim Cramer tells the camera point blank when discussing daily market gyrations, and with absolutely no remorse, that "i want everyone to play that game at home by recognizing that fraud is part of the equation and the government cannot stop it."

That's right: on one hand CNBC's most overcaffeinated anchor admits that the market is nothing but uncontrollable fraud, and on the other he beckons viewers and listeners, usually with the assistance of assorted bovine sounds, to "buy, buy, buy."

Perhaps the greater fool is truly dead, or simply the embedded hypocrisy of the CNBC stock "infomercial" is so transparent that nobody really cares what the Comcast subsidiary's paid entertainers have to say any more.

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fightthepower's picture

What would their ratings be like if they presented the type of hard hitting true information that Zero Hedge presents?

Stackers's picture

Hey Tyler, how about a graph on ZH unique vistor hits growth ?

killallthefiat's picture

I think that they need another financial collapse to boost ratings.

Typical Keynsians.

Harlequin001's picture

Ah well, American Idol is so much more interesting, and useful...

come to think of it, so is Sesame street...

Sofa King Confused's picture

I wonder what the viewer ratings would be if they subtracted out the viewers that have the tv muted.

Pladizow's picture

Tylers, put the nail in the coffin and start ZHTV!

TheCanadianAustrian's picture

Except the whole anonymity thing would be kinda hard to pull off.

toys for tits's picture

All guests being the Unknown Comic would be kind of hard to do.


The stupid sound effects they play when they show a graphic is just as retarded for their shows as it is for the NFL.

Fredo Corleone's picture

Comcast clearly has the ailing CNBC intubated and on full life support. As for the motley "cast," a quote from "An Officer and a Gentleman" sums it up:

"I got nowhere else to go !"

Momauguin Joe's picture

A couple of months back I took the car to a repair shop after work one day, to change the oil and fix a couple of other small repairs. Expecting to wait about two hours for the job to be done, I sat down in the customer waiting area, with the cold coffee, the back issues of 4Wheeler, Mens Health and GQ cluttered about on the glass table in front of the lounge chairs.

The TV was on, with Maury Povich trying in vain to determine who be da baby daddy. The only other person in the room was a grandmotherly type, preoccupied with kitting a small something or other. She wasn't watching the freak show so I picked up the remote and channel surfed, looking for something to occupy my time.

I came across the CNBC market wrapup, with the three clowns and Suzie Wong host. Ticker was running and so I left the channel on for about 15 minutes to catch some closing prices.

A bizarre spectacle ensued, with the cameras panning in and out, and in and out, and side to side... Charts rotating about on the TV screen.  It was like a bad acid trip. The Chinky girl was egging on the three assholes, who were all yelling and talking over each other.. I finally turned off the TV as I was getting a headache from the noise.

 Only a retard would sit and watch all of that shit.



Michelle Lee is a horse  compared to Nancy Kwan

Richard Chesler's picture

They used to have tits.
They were a very nice network.

francis_sawyer's picture

& otherwise... RT's Lauren Lyster is now at YAHOO...


Dark days indeed...

mjcOH1's picture

"Comcast clearly has the ailing CNBC intubated and on full life support. As for the motley "cast," a quote from "An Officer and a Gentleman" sums it up:

"I got nowhere else to go !""

Also : 'bodacious ta-tas'.

tarsubil's picture

The thing to do is to mute and play this while watching:

They are all strung out junkies.

New_Meat's picture

They could put a bag on every guest's head, works for many around here ;-)

spastic_colon's picture

threadjack.....does this include

dtwn's picture

Guy Fawkes masks for everyone!

wisefool's picture

How about "da B.T.D. bears"? we got some 'leet coders here who could probably drive that animation suite real time via APIs. Just don't tell WB7 'cause he'd probably try to help them and divert effort away from the timeless works.

gaoptimize's picture

The regrettable situation for most networks is that their commercial sponsors are not likely to be keen on the economic realism that is the essence of Zerohedge.  There are only so many precious metals and survival food advertisements that can be run every day.  A look at the Alexa viewer demographics paints a challenging picture also:

Don't get me wrong, I'd watch in preference to Fox Business at least an hour or two a day, but there is a reason Max Keiser can't get a show on US television network, having ~twice the viewership of Zerohedge according to Alexa, I get RT on Dish.  Zerohedge just beats out Seekingalpha in Internet %audience, and has a slightly larger audience (although their trend is down over 3 months).

So while I think there would be audience for and synergism created by zerohedgetv, I don't think it would be commercially viable.

whstlblwr's picture

The networks don't need public viewers. They follow orders, it's obvious the CNBC programming is developed for status quo approval.

Ignatius's picture

People are abandononig ALL corporate media as they figure out the interests served are anything but the average Joe's.

Common_Cents22's picture

how are ratings even measured accurately?

insanelysane's picture

Saw a blurb last week saying American Idol has less ratings than reruns on other networks.  

According to Mrs Insane, Idol judges dumped the talented contestants for the dramatic contestants and she stopped watching.

I must admit, I do watch the first couple of episodes each year to see the completely delusional people that have been told they are stars all their lives, face a little reality.

TheCanadianAustrian's picture

I love watching AI contestants crash and burn. Especially the ones who genuinely believe they're beyond superstars.

Everything else on that show is unwatchable.

Skateboarder's picture

- Can't stand the singing. I've seen chickens cluck better songs than these circus acts.

- The judges... when they speak, I puke. How can anyone stand watching these clowns speak?

- Y'all call this music and expression? EVERYONE SOUNDS THE EXACT FUCKING SAME!

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

Simon was the BEST at that reality check! The show went to hell when he left.

zuuma's picture

Because there is no market.


"in order to bend it, you must first realize that there is no spoon"


Even rubes, muppets & joe sixpacks mostly get this, now.

The_Dude's picture

Have you seen Sesame Street is a PC Shills wet dream.

Brainwashing little kids that don't know any better....oh...wait....I guess it is the same thing.....

AssFire's picture

Shows like this are why I cancelled cable- don't miss any of them (including Fox news).

disabledvet's picture

Amen to that Assfire. "the purpose of centralized media is to barely inform"...thus "making your nut" on all the information...and speculation...that is withheld. "makes for just showing your ignorance" ultimately. The financial media space is decetranilized...but NOT "Balkanized." in other words "you're never too informed." the movement to the computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet is almost complete. "better get in the game" CNBC. We're coming for ya.

fonestar's picture

I'll second that.  Have been TV/Cable free for several years now.  If I am going to pay money to these guys I would like to be fucked hard at least and not softly lied to.  It's all total trash, absolutely insulting to anyone with even a less-than-average intelligence, spiritually and emotionally draining and demeaning.

One caveat, watch for the "old world order" trying to put on lipstick and be the new, online "alternative media"., Young Turks, Al Jazera, etc, etc...

Mototard at Large's picture

I'll third that.

Cable free for over two years and proud of it!

redpill's picture

I flipped through the cable news channels for the first time in months during all the Boston stuff.  They've only gotten worse, all the hosts seem slightly confused, asking retarded questions and blankly staring at the answers they don't really understand.  Then instead of actually reporting something they have some schmo guest come on that has nothing to do with anything, it's just some a-hole they found near their new york/DC studio that they could bring in for a minimum cost of cab fare.  They are worthless.

Creepy Lurker's picture

I'm with all of you on this. Been cable free for about a year now. I can only imagine what a shock it would be to try and watch this crap again.

Sokhmate's picture

Cable material is brain rotting, literally.

Common_Cents22's picture

i think any new show can be downloaded soon after it airs anyway.  

daveO's picture

CNBC was watchable way back(1990's) before Cramer came along. He is such a fraud, a 6 yr old would call him a liar to his face. No coincidence he came along at the market peak and was hired when NBC still owned the network.

GuyJeans's picture

I threw away my TV seven months ago and have not missed it.

mkkby's picture

2+ years TV free.  Comcast offered me basic cable FOR FREE.  I said free was too expensive for mostly commercials and reruns.

redpill's picture


You misspelled cokehead.

Cdad's picture

"Use the fraud" said the over caffeinated host this morning.  Honest to God, that is what he said.  So...from BTFNanosecond Flash Crash.  And be thankful for it.  Yeah....investing...with the help of CNBC.  Brilliant!

This is analysis of the HFT problem at The BlowHorn [CNBC].

EasterBunny's picture

Wow, there's a big surprise. I learn so much on CNBC. Not

onewayticket2's picture

the fall in ratings is a direct, inverse correlation with the amount of airtime Cramer is given....



ps.  please show more MCC side can.  and perhaps some trish regan and missy francis clips.

redpill's picture

Throw in a nip-slip here and there and viewership will be back up in no time.