"Working Poor" Spark 170% Increase In Britons Needing Food Handouts In Past Year

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While the dismal news of endlessly rising food stamp recipients in the US seems to be glossed over by most of the media because, well, stock markets are at all-time highs, in Britain, things are becoming increasingly awful. As the FT reports, the number of people receiving emergency food rations has surged from 130,000 to almost 350,000 in the past year. As inflation eroded incomes and government austerity pushed hundreds of thousands into crisis, the 'working poor' has emerged. The food bank provider estimates about half of the households it helped has at least one person in work. During the Great Depression, the desperation was graphically evident with long lines of families waiting for soup; in the new depression, the record levels of starving and needy are hidden by a blanket of EBT cards and direct transfers from government. The situation is no less terrible - no matter how hidden from view. As one food bank manager noted, "the fundamental thing is that more and more people are living an increasingly precarious life financially."


Via The FT,



The 170 per cent surge in demand for food handouts will fuel debate over the impact of government austerity on poorer households, amid concerns about the effect on demand as consumers cut back on everyday spending.




For policy makers, the high proportion of emergency food going to working households illustrates the wider trend in the post-recession job market, where many new jobs are part time, temporary and low paid – meaning even those in work sometimes struggle to put food on the table.




“There was a real shock with one group [of donors] at the concept of the working poor... We know many people who are doing everything they can; they’re in a job, they can’t find another job that pays more, they’re paying rent, water, council tax, electric, and they honestly struggle to buy food for their family.”




On food bank manager noted... “We are being so pressured to fill the gap that is now being created by the welfare reforms – and we’re not that. We are meant to be short-term help.”




"the fundamental thing is that more and more people are living an increasingly precarious life financially."

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but stocks are at all time highs. 

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Alarmist. I dont see any here in Belgravia.

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We blame it all on Margaret Thatcher. She warned us about it...and then somehow she caused it to happen.

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bloody deep thought, this one. don't forget that the Baroness (and Ronnie) believed that markets self-correct everytime and practically on the spot, without the need of any supervision of any kind, including moral

I doubt she envisioned what would really happen after the twin whammies of globalization and the Big Bang, then a London banker was a gentleman, a cautious lender and had plenty of skin in a long game, with consideration for the next generations

the Mayors of Greater London were also a bit more discreet when catering for the great, and MPs did not kneel and grovel in public when Mr. M and his ilk showed up

anyway, between the ashes you'll find embers, and many previously American bankers are indigenizing, which opens them to the old (tribal) English social correction of shaming - then London is after all a social capital where climbers want to achieve social capital (is this a pun?)

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“There was a real shock with one group [of donors] at the concept of the working poor... We know many people who are doing everything they can; they’re in a job, they can’t find another job that pays more, they’re paying rent, water, council tax, electric, and they honestly struggle to buy food for their family.

Everything?  Honestly? 

We've seen their HDTVs, iPhones, and new cars. Let's see their gardens.

Here is our onion patch and last night's salad, everything except the tomatoes and salami, is from our gardern, including the blue cheese and eggs.

scatterbrains's picture

how come the deer haven't eaten everything in that photo yet ?

Looks great!  I wondering if folks should bother though as I would expect  the gov. will prohibit backyard gardens (after a virus/poison scare initiated in order to pass legislation to protect the public is set in place) and besides it's best to go through the JPM food card system in order to insure safe abundant food to the masses. Mean while the deer get fatter and more lazy with each passing day..   kill one and your ass is going to jail and your guns will be confiscated in liberal suburban America.


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they drank water from the little pawn nearby and died...

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Great question!

There was a real shock with one group [of donors] at the concept

Solar charged hot-wire with a double-wide top wire; seven years and no intruders.

Deer will not jump a double-wide top wire spread.

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lol...right-side photo?  Newish (3rd year) blueberries, early season photo from a month or so ago. 

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Respect. Love the Gestapo gates.

Rubicon's picture

But they just need "Arbeit macht frei" suspended above them

Sudden Debt's picture

Nah... that only attrackts people who think they can shower over there for free....

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Am I keeping zee deer out, or zee verkerz in?

Sudden Debt's picture

well... let's see..:

1. Can you cut them up without anybody noticing?

2. Do people care if you boil them?


Sudden Debt's picture

You do have a cool setup and enough land so it seems :)


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It could be changed to "gardening will make you food"...

LawsofPhysics's picture

That's a lot of arable property HH.  Unfortunately, such property and resources (water, timber to build fences, minerals etc.) is not available for 7+ billion (and growing) people.  Besides, collecting rainwater (watershed) is already "illegal" in many cities and suburbs.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



...not available for 7+ billion (and growing) people...

Really?  That is odd.  I have seen plenty of property for sale around here, and plenty of Whataburgers, too.

It is not the availability of food that concerns me, it is the quality of the food that is available that concerns me.

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Is this supposed to be the UK at this time of year? Nothing is growing yet - we've had the latest Spring on record (nearly).


css1971's picture

There is colour in the photo, it isn't a uniform grey so clearly not the UK.

duo's picture

39F this morning in Dallas.  Tomatoes don't like that.  Gardening is a crap shoot without a greenhouse.

I'll have to compost a bushel of Swiss Chard because  I can't give it away.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Don't compost it, juice it.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Stir fry swiss chard with vinegar.

duo's picture

trust me, I've cooked it many different ways.

Chard makes EXCELLENT Kimchi lacto-fermented.  I have a cupboard full of that already.

Meanwhile, Whole Foods is selling organic Chard for $6/bunch.  Go figure.

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Well that sounds Texas sized

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Ah, the land handed down by the Indians to sponsor the 'american' project of liberty, freedom and truth is not that good.

Bury them all, those Indians... Without them and their shitty land, 'americans' could live so much the life...

prains's picture


3000 years of chinese "history" has been manufactured by the whip, 99% of your population still lives like serfs with the standard of living as someone from 500 years ago. So relative to that what exactly is your point??

AnAnonymous's picture

You mean that in 3000 years, the chinese did not manage to put the world on the path of depletion of resources as 'americans' have been able to in 236 years?

Woooo, you might be on something here.

Oh, no wait, 'americanism' kicks in: an overconsumption problem is never because some over consume. It is always because other consume lowly or do not consume. So say 'americans'...

Bobbyrib's picture

China is due to take over from the United States. How much is China investing in Africa?  Do you have any idea what it will take to continually feed one billion people? It's China's turn.

I would also like to mention the Senkaku Islands and how two countries are fighting over a pile of rocks. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the oil reserves, right?

US American citizenism has only been an empire since the end of World War 2, you'll notice before that time that Europe was heavily involved in Africa and not the United States. Don't you think 236 years is a little too long to be blaming the United States? Have we wasted a ton of resources since becoming an empire? Yes, who has not?

prains's picture

still haven't answered the question

The_Dude's picture

Listen Tiny (and you know what I am talking about)....you Chinese Citizen is the quintessential pillager and destroyer of everything around you.  Like a locus you over consume anything that you can lay your greedy hands on.


Just one more example in an endless list:



Soon ....no more tiger penis or bear paw to help your little tiny.....hopefully then you will go away.


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous told this drivels:

Ah, the land handed down by the Indians to sponsor the 'american' project of liberty, freedom and truth is not that good.

Bury them all, those Indians... Without them and their shitty land, 'americans' could live so much the life...

Thanks to the Internet, I found out this side, especially among Chinese citizenism citizens.

You dont need to know the correct answer to know that an answer is flawed.

Yet for many Chinese citizenism citizens (as sampled by daily life and the Internet), this little piece of reality completely evades.

In Chinese citizenism, if you are not able to provide the correct answer then outlining that an answer is wrong is moot.

Once, there was some Chinese citizenism guy big on that behavior. Any time a wrong answer was outlined as a wrong answer, he kept asking the proper answer as an evidences.

Funnily enough, one of his roadside dung heaps he crapped not vertically, but lopped sided. In a matter of self derision, I asked if he knew how to excrete a dung heap vertically so he could tell about wrong answers. I thought the guy would laugh at himself but instead, he somehow grew violent and crapped himself, to the degree that his pantaloons burst open at seams.

Which outlined another strong trait in Chinese citizenism citizens, what is good for others is not forcefully good for them.

So if we start with the idea that this AnAnonymous guy expects a certain level of quality in the answer to an issue, the list fails miserably.

The guy is more interested in seeking evidences to validate a pre-conceived point of view than analyzing facts (a propagandist then). Meaning that what was considered an issue before will no longer consider as such.

That is the AnAnonymist way. And that is why nothing has to be expected from Chinese citizenism, only decadence, fantasy and failure to take responsibility.

StychoKiller's picture

So, to sum up:  The Chinese are not the "chosen people?"

Doubleguns's picture

Duo, your supposed to eat the swiss chard and its too early for tomatoes now anyway. Just saying...so you do not waste money on a green house in hot as hell Texas. I would think it would kill a mortal soul to walk into a green house in Texas like being 10 feet from a massive solar flare. LOL

duo's picture

the whole trick to tomatoes and most garden stuff here is to plant as early as you can and cross your fingers.  Everything is going to die in June anyway.  This year I've had one whole crop of tomatoes go into shock and another freeze.  A greenhouse would allow a safe February start to tomatoes.

HobbyFarmer's picture

Normally I just read the article/comments.  Today I logged in to upvote HH and duo.

Some kids my wife knows have roped her into preparing a weekend backpack for local schools.  I hadn't heard of this before, but basically parents aren't feeding their children over the weekend (schools here serve breakfast and lunch to kids who parents refuse to send them fed or with a lunch).  So, local charities have kids organizing families to prepare a backpack with enough food for several meals.  The backpacks are collected and left at area schools and children are welcome to take one home on Friday so they have food over the weekend.

I have mixed feelings about this.  Especially when we were told not to include anything fresh or that required cooking from scratch (rice and beans, you know, stuff we eat regularly).  Apparently, a lot of these parents are not only unable to feed their kids but are unable to cook meals for them.  So, the most complicated we're allowed to put in the backpack is mac+cheese or spaghetti.  the more processed, the better.  My wife and I are too embarrassed to buy the stuff at the store regularly (to give away) so we don't help out with this charity very often.

So, we do this as a favor, but prefer to help other ways.  A local woman's shelter gratefully recieves fresh eggs or extra greens/veggies from our hobby farm.  They actually have staff help moms prepare meals if the women are unable to cook very well.  That type of giving sits better with me than sending processed foods (that we almost never eat) to families who are being fed but not taught to fish for themselves.

Anyway, again, I logged in to up arrow HH's comment about 'show me their garden' and Duo saying he composts Swiss Chard because he can't give it away.  I have similar experiences myself.

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

I saw your post regarding Swiss Chard.   Chard is a staple in our home/garden....aside from using it in salads, juicing it with other tops or dehydrating it (using a little olive oil and salt/pepper to taste) to make 'chips' for snaking works well.  Our hens love any unsavory leaves as well.  

Good to see other farmers on the thread.  Happy sowing......


hedgeless_horseman's picture



Beautiful farm, and a beautiful-healthy-happy looking woman.  Funny how they go together.

Peace be with you.

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

Thanks HH, love the pics and information you share of your farm as well.  Indeed, we are a reflection of the environment we create....


green888's picture

now into growing nutrient dense food- heads up you farmers

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

Right on green888.  Taking responsibility for you own existence is the first step to freedom....welcome to the club.

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School teachers have now noticed that many children have parents that no longer brush their teeth at night and tuck them into bed.  A new Federal Program has been proposed and named, The Bedtime Corp.  It will hire aides to visit each home at 8:30 PM to brush each child's teeth and then tuck them into bed.  Bed Corp aides will be required to join a union. 

Your taxes will provide this "free service". 

Temporalist's picture

Is there an age limit for that?  I need some good "tucking" too.

Bee's picture

After the third year the program will be expanded to reach your age group and to also include a bedtime story.  But, you won't get to pick your Tuck-In-Aide.  Sorry.

Fíréan's picture

I logged in to put a positive reply and an up arrow to your post, and the work and action that you do.