CBOE, World's Largest Option Exchange, Offline

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In a market in which nothing matters, and where all risk asset values are set by central planners, it took a while for those unlucky few who still actually trade, to realize that the CBOE was offline all morning, hitting VIX, and various other options products. After all the CBOE just happens to be the world's largest options exchange. According to the website currently the bulk of systems are operating normally, but according to traders on the ground this is not true, and as the CBOE also notes, the C1 system is still down.

It begs the question if the VIX is offline, just where is the actual VIX feed coming from.

Frankly, who cares: can the Fed just leak the closing S&P500 pricing fix from the Liberty 33 market making desk so we can all just go home.

From the CBOE website:

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ParkAveFlasher's picture

Last night I had a dream that a plane crashed.  I didn't see it actually crash, but I saw the plane dive down from the sky, I heard the boom, and walked through the carnage afterwards.

Stoploss's picture

Use gaffer tape and tape the cord to the floor!!!

ZippyBananaPants's picture

I was offline one time, ate too many dry roasted peanuts at baseball game and did not poop for 2 days!!

Ahmeexnal's picture

silver rocketing past 24/ozt.
Jamie Dimon just shat his diapers....again.

dogbreath's picture

wasn't yesterday futures expiry and today options expiry

fockewulf190's picture

22 minutes faster with the news than CNBS. Impressive. Most Impressive.

NotApplicable's picture

Well, they can't make it too obvious where they get their info from.

Besides, Santelli's likely yanking out cords, right?

fockewulf190's picture

Wonder how they took the thrashing ZH dished them out yesterday. Probably whined like a whipped dog.

HoofHearted's picture

Commercial signal failure....bitchez?

wee-weed up's picture


"I was offline one time, ate too many dry roasted peanuts at baseball game and did not poop for 2 days!!"

When you finally did your "business" - I'll bet you had every squirrel in the neighborhood trying to get into your house!

Ruffcut's picture

All the squirrels need to be rounded up and sent to DC, they are such pain in the asses, also.

Almost Solvent's picture

@ ParkAveFlasher

You want some KRAZY fucking plane crash dreams? Check this shit out:



Max Hunter's picture

I often have those dreams... And a reoccuring one with a HUGE tidal wave as well..

Westcoastliberal's picture

Say Max, Clif High has been using "web bots" for about 10 years now with several spot-on "hits" (including the big tidal wave in Indonesia), and is warning of a "Global Coastal Event" which may occur sometime between now and June 1, 2013.  His website is www.halfpasthuman.com

His friend George Ure, has an interesting website as well at www.urbansurvival.com and also hosts a site where users can post dreams.

If you're interested, make sure to listen to Clif's latest "wujo" audio; lots of good info and you may be seeing the same thing he is forecasting.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

In case we do track these details, it was on an athletic field behind a strip mall, in suburban NJ (Emerson, to be exact), it happened in the morning, the plane took off from Newark, and it wasn't a big plane, and it was an intense blaze which followed a nose dive.

I'm so/so on ZH predictions.  My last was $167/oz silver call by April '13 (jury is still out but it doesn't look good.  I called the Jesuit pope, though.

Aeternus's picture

Damnit! Now how am I supposed to buy those December $1,000 APPL Calls?



NotApplicable's picture

Dear Youtube spammer, DIAF!

Aeternus's picture



Fuckin' acronyms everywhere these days, help me out here.

Abraxas's picture

@ ParkAve Flasher

Freud: Your dream means that you are afraid of impotence. Also, you want to sleep with your mother.

Skateboarder's picture

Dam terrists all up in yer dreams.

Release the mind drones.

rosiescenario's picture

Now that you mention it, obviously the next engineered "crisis" will be the collision of 2 planes due to the controllers' furlough which was brought about by those bad members of congress who would just not cooperate with our dear leader....


You might wish to avoid air travel for the next few weeks....

ziggy59's picture

Hmmm..expiration today in Ag, Au....that cant be too good for those looking to get the frig out...

Manning a lifeboat only works if you can get to the boat

youngman's picture

just announced they are going to try to open..

koaj's picture

Must. Stop. Puts. On. $AAPL

Dr. Engali's picture

Damn maybe Bass should reconsider those gold contracts. Physical bitchez !

seek's picture

Presumably no connection with gold's OpEx day, but I'm sure COMEX would love something that prevents them from getting stand-for-delivery notices just the same.

FeralSerf's picture

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark -- make that Illinois.

LFMayor's picture

True Dat.  and it's located in two places, north of I-80 and within the confines of the 270 bypass.

Schmuck Raker's picture

"CBOE is not Mt.Gox"

fuu's picture

Mt.Gox actually has a shred of credibility.

Manipuflation's picture

You beat me to it SR but I was going to ask "So Mt. Gox acquired CBOE?".

youngman's picture

we have flash crashes...now exchange crashes....what next

recidivist's picture

network crashes will be worse still, when the exchange is allowing some HFT algobot to clean up on stops that the holders are powerless to remove, owing to lack of bandwidth...that will suck

Bagbalm's picture

Will open when some more silver is available.

slaughterer's picture

fucjk, BEn,  we need to get da hellll out of our Preciousss mEdals optiions crusher bettss your orddeered, 

Bennie, can you heeeelpp ussss.

UR sustem s are bruking downn....


Cdad's picture

Well, just have Cramer come on....to remind everyone to "use the fraud" to your advantage.  According to Jim, nothing can be done about any of this stuff.  We must embrace the broken, corrupted, fractured market system brought to us by Duncan Niederauer.  

ziggy59's picture

PPT probably has Direct feed to VIX...

Urban Redneck's picture

probably the only direct (unmanipulated) feed that exists

Dull Which's picture

Loved the "Open when a time is DECIDED"

Not "when we can" or "as soon as the issue is resolved" but "when we feel like it"


Bastiat's picture

You can't handle the truth...or we can't...or something

rosiescenario's picture

........and based upon what? Maybe after the silver short sellers are given a last chance to cover?

tmosley's picture

They just decide what it will be and write it down--BAM, that's what it is.  These guys are much more efficient than markets.

Bernie Leeson's picture

I think the answer to your question "It begs the question if the VIX is offline, just where is the actual VIX feed coming from." is that the CFE probably has separate systems.

bnbdnb's picture

Who cares about the VIX?

Tell everyone you know, if you can't tell what the fuck this means, you are a fucking idiot.


No more beating around the bush.