Live Protestcam From Madrid

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It is balmy, spring weather outside: the kind of weather one can't blame NFP, GDP, retail sales or German ZEW misses on. Which means Europe's protest season is now officially open.

Courtesy of El Pais, we present this live feed of today's protest from Spain, where as reported previously, youth unemployment is now over 57% (which is good news as there is only 43% before youth unemployment can only improve) so the majority of those 25 and under really have nothing better to do than throw stones at the riot police, and vice versa. For now the protest is largely languid, as it is still siesta time. Once night falls, however, we expect to upgrade the protestcam to riotcam, outlook escalating.

Marketwatch with more for what is on today's protest agenda:

On the website of En Pie – 25A, an itinerary was laid out for the  ”Day of Liberation,” which was set to begin at 5 p.m. local time in Madrid, with protests planned at three major plazas in the city, including the central Puerta del Sol, and work their way toward the Congress. Their goal, or “accion principal”: Asedio y liberacion definitiva del Congreso de los Diputados, which roughly means a siege and final liberation of Congress.


On the Facebook page of Asedia el Congreso, some 93,000 people were invited to the protest, and some 5,800, or more, said they’d be attending. The Web page came with this slogan:  ”We won’t keep playing by your rules. Our patience has run out, and we aren’t afraid, and we will change the rules of the game.”


The police in Madrid were taking no chances, with some 15 people reportedly detained. El Mundo reported that those individuals possessed material to cause fires. And another 11 persons were detained for carrying clubs and chains and reputedly trying to “provoke incidents” in the Universidad Complutense zone in Madrid. Those persons had reportedly closed doors and detained and threatened 20 professors and university workers. About 1,400 police were reportedly in the city center ahead of the protests. (La Vanguardia was blogging directly about the protests.)

So sit back, grab a sangria, snack on some jamon, and watch as nothing whatsoever changes.

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Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Is that a template for a global franchise?

Ahmeexnal's picture

Time to add spaniards to JP Morgan's list of SNAP card recipients.

Pladizow's picture

Molotov Tapas por todo!

Ahmeexnal's picture

Just a bunch of spoiled kids taking pics of themselves with the carabineros on the background so they can post them on Facebook and pretend they are cool.

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Abi Normal's picture

Long cocktails and granit...oh and billy clubs and shields...must be bipartisan eh?!

General Decline's picture

"The police in Madrid were taking no chances, with some 15 people reportedly detained. El Mundo reported that those individuals possessed material to cause fires"

Oh gee. Thank goodness. Anybody walking around with a newspaper and a Bic lighter must surely be a terrorist.

TerminalDebt's picture

Anybody with two sticks and a video of survivorman is also a terrorist

McMolotov's picture

Hard to tell if the cops in Madrid are as fat as the ones in Boston, but they seem to shop for their clothes at the same store. Do they all wear black because it's said to be "slimming" on portly people?

Also, I still think my username could be one hell of a business idea...

FinalCollapse's picture

At the end of the day, thousands of Madrid police (taking cue from Boston doughnut-eaters) will surround 100 year old grandma, beat her up to death with hundreds of grenades exploding around, and then proclaim that: freedom won, the system worked, etc. 

Urban Redneck's picture

I hope they're not as fat as the portly pigs of beantown, I was thinking of throwing some spare fiat into the Spanish economy, but if I have to endure American obesity in European swimsuits I will certainly reconsider my destination...

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AlaricBalth's picture

"In color psychology, black means power and control, hanging on to information and things rather than giving out to others.

Black is intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable because of the power it exudes. It can prevent two-way communication because of its intimidation. It radiates authority, but creates fear in the process."

Abi Normal's picture

but but they say I look so good in black????

akak's picture

Black hides the protestors' blood.

Sudden Debt's picture

they're already better trained in beating down on crowds en in Spain you don't see that many fat people.

howenlink's picture

I swear to God you said "Hard to tell if the cops in Maryland are as fat as the ones in Boston"

AlaricBalth's picture

The number of people on SNAP cards already exceeds the entire populations of Spain and Cyprus.

Renewable Life's picture

Oh I can see the Govt of Spain just shaking in their boots with fear! Another protest march, I'm sure they'll get what they want now!!!

Isn't about time these people start asking the question, "what would Jefferson do?"  ok if your not ready for Jefferson yet, and you want to stay "peaceful", try organizing a national wide boycott on purchasing anything other then food and essentials for a change, start withdrawing every dime you have in the bank, and start talking about real revolution that might hurt some of these big corporations and their government stooges!!

Instead you want to dress up and head down to the square to get high, talk about soccer and continue spending every fucking EURO you have on your bullshit, made up, fanatsy life, someone started loaning you back in the early 2000's!! The fucking gig is up, time to fight or starve!

PUD's picture

All just part of the "investing" climate. A little thing for widow and orphans to day trade off of.

ParkAveFlasher's picture


Do you know just how much mercury is leeched into groundwater by Spanish teens dumping their bongs!!!

akak's picture

I'm astonished that PUDdin' Head Wilson managed to make a post without harping on the supposed manifest evils of gold mining and child slave labor.

I guess he felt the need to make a token non-gold-related post in the attempt to establish some incredibly thin veneer of credibility here.  A veneer that can be measured in atomic thicknesses.

Abi Normal's picture

u would have to remind me about that Pud dope...geeze...tried my best to skip over its post...but nooooooo u made me go back and read it....

Ancona's picture

Time to go long petrol and pop bottles....

With the levels of unemployment they are enduring, I wonder what is taking them so long to get mad enough to have a real, honest-to-goodness riot?

Pure Evil's picture

They haven't been unionized yet, (see France). When they start talking about taking away union benefits, then we'll some violence.

Satan's picture

I like you PUD! You make me laugh...widows and orphans are two of my favourite things! The image you planted of them day trading ...well fuck me, I nearly shat myself I was laughing so hard.

Have you got any material involving dead puppies or perhaps obscenely skinny Ethiopian babies, preferably with flies in their eyes? Come on Puddles buddy, today has been ever so fucking dreary...

astoriajoe's picture

It would be cool if they all held up a one ounce silver coin for the cameras, that is if they could afford and find one. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I see employed cops.  With license to 'thrill'.

asscannon101's picture

I just love this sport! I'm cheering for the team that screams and throws fire, but my money is on the team with the helmets, sticks and guns. Sshhh! Don't tell anyone...

asscannon101's picture

Don't forget their jerseys- a good uniform says a great deal about a team's spirit. The Howling Fire-Bombers do have spirit, but their uniforms are just thrown together willy-nilly. The Jack Booted Thugs have much nicer uniforms with pleats and everything. You can even tell who their Team Captains are- they have radios. Lets kill the ones with the radios first...

Abi Normal's picture

Dont forget all the great signs, I just cant read em, but I bet they're good...I'll bet on the NAZI's too, Communists are so American!

Edward Fiatski's picture

This could blow up real hard, real fast, unless the lavish unemployment benefits keep rolling on.

This is probably Free Shit Army extorting the government.

Harbanger's picture

They're fighting for their free something or other.

Sudden Debt's picture

27% plus change unemployment in spain
Greece is a basket case
france is moving up the unemployment ladder
the netherlands are also climbing the chair real fast
Belgium has seen a 2 month explosion of unemployment

nice hot weather.
no money to go on vacation....
and people start looking for other forms of amusement.

25 degrees celcius is about the right temperature to make people angry.

Edward Fiatski's picture

Fuck it, they're going to be crawling up the walls, when they won't be able to afford to keep the AC running.

Diesel Seven's picture

If only they had AR-15s . . . .

Edward Fiatski's picture


The peasants didn't even have swords going back a thousand years, which were the only proof of Sovereignty at the time.

Peasant Europe is Peasant forevermore.

ARs. Hah.

Diesel Seven's picture

Ok, how 'bout ball peen hammers? . . . or infected Chinese chickens . . . been a long day . . .

Abi Normal's picture

We have em here, that is why they want them so bad...molon labe bitchez!!!!

irie1029's picture

I am against violence.  I wish the working folk here would do a John Galt day and not participate in anything except tell DC to get FUCKED!

Abi Normal's picture

Yes, agreed, but who knws, they are kicking the hornets nest pretty hard...agreed, starve the beast!

deki's picture

They are just angry that Real lost yesterday.

fuu's picture

I see a lot of brownish people with bags.

Spinelli's picture

WHAT!!!!??!?! Bags???? Fuck, fucl, FUCK! Someeone call msm, call obama! FASTTTTTTTTT....

There are fucking terrorists in madrid!!!! Look at the BAGS!!!



youngman's picture

They are going to be very mad because their soccer teams lost big to the Germans....