Thursday Humor: "What Is Inflation In Argentina?"

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It seems like such a simple question... but the reaction of Argentina's Economy minister to this straightforward inquiry has to been to be believed in this brief clip. And do not raise the question of the IMF's doubts about the Argentinian 'official' statistics... just remember, it's for your own good.

A working understanding of Spanish is helpful, but certainly not required.


(h/t @alpepinnazzo)

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"Messi Said".... LOL

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ha ha the assistant says we don't even tak to the Argentine press about inflation, it's not discussed......

10.2% HA HA HA

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He did mention that he might be wrong about the "decimal place", meaning inflation could really be 102%.

It's not spanish he is speaking, it is LUNFARDO.

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sabes mucho vos, che dejate de joder

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As global leaders, we both believe in the international language of transparency, and so we must approve of and support the handling of this interview and the so-called journalist, and the quick termination. 


This foreign-born reporter is a twisted-perverted knock-off journalist....she was believed to have been armed and dangerous...and she could not be allowed to terrorize our great nations by causing confusion by attempting to point out contradictions in our message of peace and prosperity.  As we all know, any rise in prices is due solely to evil speculators.  Once again, any rise in prices is due solely to evil speculators. These evil speculators are different from the  speculators that support our administrations with bribes and campaign contributions.


Please, pay close attention to the following distractions.




Barack Hussein Obama

Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner 



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I'm willing to beam her up and set her straight on basic economics of Supply, Demand and Price points!  ;-)

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All I heard was 'yo quiero Taco Bell'.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

LOL.  You do realize that "taco" shell is a metaphor for something else -- of similar shape? 

"Yo quiero tacos con salsa picante".  ;-)

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you know that buying dollars in the black market is an act of terrorism there, with 8 years of prisontime

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Naw thats just to scare.. In practice nothing happens, maybe a fine. You have to realise that most of the politicians buy/sell only on the black market.

They are called cuevas de plata, and they are everywhere... I go twice a week if needed.


srsly argentinian politics are actually a real life comedy show that will be aired in 100 yrs.

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Not needed. She obviously qualifies for the Krugman Committee Nobel in Economics, to be accepted at the same time Obama picks up his second Peace Prize for bombing Syria.

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I thought your were gonna beam her up and have her spank your monkey.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Chrissie dont get to spank my monkey til I get to "re-educate" her on the true meaning of ATM...and I aint talkin bout Banco Argentino or whatever they call it ;0)

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It is difficult to lie through your teeth while speaking SPANISH.  It is soo much easier in English...................

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Dear friend,

You sound not familiar with The Road We've Traveled.

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The narrator in the background was speaking in Greek. In Spanish he said 10.2 % but he was chewing his words. The lady that came later told them the real reason that they were cut-off. Not that he has to go. He was told to say that he has to go. But.......we all know that governments don't lie so 10.2 % per day.

Apparently the girl asking the questions and the narrator were from Greek TV

jimmytorpedo's picture

Oh my god. I had never seen "The road we've travelled"

I thought it was a spoof.

And then I didn't know what to think, anyone read the comments?

I'm gobsmacked. It is for real, people actually think this shit?

Some of you Zh'ers still live there?

How do you not go insane being around people who think BO is anything but a slimy piece of

Aw forget it, just thinking about him is making me retch.

For your own sake, get out while you can.

Really, Mexico, Pan., CR, even Nicaragua is nice, fuck the money, relatives, job, house, kids or wife even.

You will go insane staying there, never mind all the rest of the BS.

Watching this video made the sheeple concept really hit home.


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Don't think. Just feel.

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The girls in Buenos Aires are in general very hot. The Argentine guys are handsome too and the rich guys very confident,, so it puts it into perspective for all wannabe pickup artists. I would hang out in Palermo if you want to meet trendy chics. Recoleta is like Manhattan and you might pick up some older rich dolls. In the center ita anyones guess, you can meet local chicks but be aware of monetary expectations. Central clubs can be awesome, going on all night. Lots of amazing local girls in general in clubs.

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Even funnier is the next video, "best husband ever keeps watch as wife poops in shenzen elevator". Where's ananonymous when I need him? Somebody needs to pick up the pile left behind by her behind...

Popo's picture

Mainlanders.  That pretty much sums it up.

akak's picture

Chinese shitizenism in action once again!

I wonder, could the "best husband in the world" be AnAnonymous?

Make me laugh.

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Makes sense because the two stories are quite analogous:

-- The elevator is Argentina

-- The woman shitting in the elevator is Kirchner

-- Obama is the guy making sure the door is closed so no one sees

-- The reporter is the person outside the elevator wondering why the door won't open

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Inflation to collapse Argentina's economy and eviscerate Argentina's infrastructure has been utilized for

30 years. A war is being waged upon Argentina, without explosive weapons, only implosive.




Africa is treated likewise, less covertly.

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Amazing they would do that to themselves, isn't it?

Argentina's central bank is cranking the M3 money supply at 34.4% annually ... with newly printed pesos.


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They need to print faster to catch up with Ben Shalom.

SilverDOG's picture

Amazing you would choose to see results only.

"Cause and effect my love" - The Matrix

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I am not sure why more enterprising reporters don't LEAVE THE CAMERA ON like this woman.  All we need is the audio. 


Nice going, reporter.  Now let's do the same for the cops in the USA world.

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The head of their Central Bank obviously does not have a PhD from MIT.

Nor has ever been a Managing Director (or above) at Goldman Sachs.

Too bad for them.

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Is this a joke?  I am not a polyglot.  She's in English, the subtitle is Portuguese, he's in Spanish, and some Polish lady is overdubbing.

EDIT:  OH snap, from 1:30 onwards, well there it is. 

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You lost me after English - even though I speak French and German.

If you can speak English, then you can speak Dutch too because it's pretty much the same... just add an odd concenant or vowel somewhere, or change an "s" to a "z"

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I'll stick to Goldmember imitations.

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Just don't tell a Dutch person that German is similar to Dutch.

Wow, I got an ear full from that.....

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German is bastardized Dutch.

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Yeah? Well I know how to read German train schedules. I read a Dutch one once and got on the wrong train. Had to go back. Luckily conductor spoke English and got me straighted out.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

point of information.

what we now call Dutch is Amsterdam Dutch (there were around 10 dialects until they plumped for one) and the similarity to English arises due to Hansa League trade with England infecting the Amsterdam dialect....



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That's Greek, not Polish. 

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"No es posible obtener una respuesta a pregunta esto sin un montón de mierda."

That's what she wanted to say at the end.

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She's Greek (no you're right it's Portugese), speaking English to the camera and then speaks Spanish.


All you need to know is that the "economist" walked out of the interview when asked about inflation.  He probably went to polish his PhD.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I understood, I speak Spanish, it's just a brain crosser.  My God, people disappear in Argentina, sister.  When the handler comes over and asks her wtf does she think she is doing, she says "people are asking, people are talking about it, I'm trying to do a good job."

Temporalist's picture

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

ParkAveFlasher's picture

When inflation descends in Buenos Aires, and people like her start disappearing for such insolence, will the kind non-gold-wearing Pope condemn tyrannical injustices then, or will it be fascismo business as usual?

dracos_ghost's picture

As Monty Burns would say "Exxxxxxcellent" Her face sure did turn white when confronted. Pretty ballsy on her part.Wait, look, a squirrel. Move along.

Political_Savage's picture

Fine - I'll admit it. I don't speak that language.

I can tell a liar when I see one - but the nuance is lost on me here.


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The official walked out on the interview, then his assistant told the interviewer that she shouldn't have been asking such questions, and the interviewer responded that inflation is the most basic subject of economics and that there is simply no way she couldn't have asked the question and done a good job.

That is my impression, at least.  I have some background in Spanish, but I couldn't keep up with the pace at which they were speaking.

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All you need to know is, she asked "What is the current rate of inflation in Argentina" and the guys response was not "The current rate of inflation is..."

His answer was more like 'Its complicated.  There are different methodologies, there are CPI and non-CPI goods.  There are revisions to prior periods we are working on.  People want to know how much the price of electricity and bread has gone up, it doesn't work like that.  Like I said its complicated.  Whats that, an important meeting just came up?  I have to get going.  Immediately... *walks off briskly*'

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In fact, he was more 'It's complicated. Argentinian people and medias don't understand the subject (aggregated, non-aggregated, methodologies etc.). His point is that because he wanted to leave, the subject was too compelx to be talked about.


10.2 YoY. Official figure. Go figure the shadow stats. And go figure why gold exchange are restricted.