European Stocks Have Best Week In 5 Months But Bonds Spoil The Party

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It all makes so much sense. Broad European stocks have just completed their best week in 5 months. Even though today saw some of the exuberance wear off a little, the market is up 3.6% broadly (with Spain and Italy up around 5%) as everyone anticipates something magical from Draghi next week. Macro data is a disaster. Micro (earnings) data is far worse then expected. Italy remains government-less. The money (Merkel) faces problems at home. The Buba is strongly critical of the ECB and OMT/ESM plans. But apart from that, stocks ended near multi-year highs. The EUR closed down modestly on the week. European sovereign bonds are perhaps the canary in the coalmine here - as they have been smashed to near record low yields, the last 3 days have seen spreads leaking back wider (even as stocks continue to surge).

Best week in 5 months for European stocks...


EURUSD fell modestly (oddly small move given the massive hope for ECB action next week)


Stocks surge BUT Sovereigns gae a lot of their gains back...


Charts: Bloomberg

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volitility picking up again in jgb's

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WHat just happened to metals?


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Not sure.  Just checked --- mine seems to be just fine.

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Full force PM attack again just out of nowhere.

2 hours before Crimex close.

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N  E  E  D 

T  O 

G  E  T 

 P  R  I  C  E 

D  O  W  N   .

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smells like desperation

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Recovery Summer   ...........   Recovery Summer 4 Baby!

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Gold and Silver don't like Europe closed?

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Gee, it's Friday..Which Central Bank is responsible for lifting the market today??? Check the Google Calendar....The Fed? BOJ? ECB? Bank of Israel? Czech Bank? India's central bank??


This "Market" is like a Glory Hole....Whose turn is it to prop up the market??

Which Central Bank is today??


Glory holes are great, until it's your turn!


(I never USE to be so cynical, swear!)

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depends who is on the other side of the glory hole and which side are you talking about?


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Yuck.  Her name is fical liberty and it's a fucking mess.

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i interrupt this thread to bring you the London close...

can it be any more obvious.........


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All of the data coming out of Europe this week has been a total train wreck, yet, all the markets are up because they think the crap data will force the ECB to lower interest rates. The LAST thing this market needs is more liquidity, you f-ing morons! Europe needs more PRODUCTIVITY!


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WOOT!  Sing it now ...


Happy Days are here again

Spain's Unemployment's up again

Gonna pump stocks to oblivion

Happy Days are here againnnnnn!


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That song is in my head a lot when I'm around here.

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stocks wil be a few days behind when reality kicks in :)


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Those pesky bonds always spoiling the party. 

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If AMZN starts to free fall, the whole NASDAQ will crash with it. Algos will run wild selling. PPT MUST prop AMZN, or else...

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its 11:30AM and the european markets closed. I hope everyone had their sell Gold et every asset class order in. #Robotsruntheworld.

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20+ dollar take down in gold price in a matter of minutes just now.  Unfreakin' real this manipulation we are seeing in broad freakin' daylight...

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thats their way of saying - 

"we dont give a fuck if you know..."


keep stacking my friend...especially on the 1st of MAY.......

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I always say Friday is the day when Manipulators hit the PM market most

Cause nobody else left out there there is no Asia session, Only Crimex f*ckers

and criminals.

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Even better, Asian holidays next week.

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The most lucrative "corporations" in the US are now App developers that all use the same website template. They spend about ten minutes making a website, seems to be even less making an app. Then they wait for Google, Apple, or Facebook to call and hand them a billion dollars.

They don't have sales, or revenue, BUT THEY HAVE DOWNLOADS!!!!

The new hottest thing out there is Path. You tell people where you are going, and you post pictures when you get there. It has everything, messaging, photo sharing, status updates. Fuck, it should be $100 billion in market cap already!!!!


San Fran techie, "Yeah, my app was downloaded like 60 million times."

Coffee Shop dude, "Wow, how much money did you make?"

San Fran Techie, "You don't make money on the downloads. The downloads get you noticed."

Coffee Shop Dude, "Have you been noticed?"

San Fran Techie, "No, but there was a post about my app on wired. Zuckerberg is going to call like tomorrow."


It's all fake in the world today.

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Meanwhile I see project after project where someone wants my office to make stupid apps, rather than a website accessible to all devices. ALL because it's the "in thing, " which they use to generate PR showing how "advanced" we are.

If we cannot convince the requesting idiots to do it in html, we merely wrap the website in an app template, so the tards can have a fucking icon on the screen from the appstore.


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As stupid and unreasonable as the people you work with probably are they are probably just trying to squeeze as much out of an obvious trend as they can. The push for mobile computing has been the one of the most pronounced and easy to predict trends of our generation.


What you're talking about is unreasonable because of course it is better to have html rather than something exclusively available to smartphones, but the need to have shit done in a "smartphone friendly" way is also forward looking. We'll have a computer in every pocket in several decades.

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F*cking JP MORGAN lose last of your physical GOLD, morons!
Paper clowns!