White House Hints At Use Of "Military Force" In Syria

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And it was shaping up like your typical boring, noonish "gold-smackdown-so-JPM-can-refill-its-vault" Friday. Trust the White House to come out, guns blazing, false flags waving, and make those selling hard assets into the weekend think twice:


Well, you know what they say: seek and ye shall find. Just ask Bush.

As for what the White House failed to mention is that the other options are, well, military force.

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Abraxas's picture

It's not like they didn't announce this in the 90-is. Axes of evil, remember.

camaro68ss's picture

hey, looks like he is going for nobel peace prize number 2.

Got to spread that democracy….its for the children

Abraxas's picture

Hey, he could had been unleashing the nuclear warheads. Relatively speaking he deserved his Nobel for not doing as much damage as he's capable. Not to say that he won't.

The Juggernaut's picture

I'm surprised the American people just roll over and let their government do this.

Alea Iactaest's picture

I apparently missed the part where Congress authorized another war. Oh well, the Budweiser's cold and I can't wait to see what's on the boob tube tonight.

Zer0head's picture

they roll over because they are too fat to get up

Divided States of America's picture

This is used as an excuse for Israel to somehow get involved. Benji must be giggling in excitment right now.

AlaricBalth's picture

The Russians have a naval facility in Tartus, Syria. Mostly for resupply and maintenance. It's the only Mediterranean facility they control. Wouldn't Putin have something to say here. This is geo-political chess and nothing more. Our administration hasn't the moral compass to be concerned about chemical weapons usage.

"queen to bishop three, bishop takes queen, knight takes bishop, mate." HAL

McMolotov's picture

You're thinking too much. I bet Syria has a bunch of those "mobile chemical weapons labs" like Colin Powell told us about with Iraq. And there's probably top secret video evidence that we'll never see, like with the bombing in Boston. We'll just have to take the government's word for it.

Above all, this is not a time for asking questions. This is a time for Chinese-made flag pins, "U-S-A!" chants, and blind obedience to authority.

kralizec's picture

WMDs have been redefined to include homemade IEDs made out of pressure cookers...of course there are WMDs, they're EVERYWHERE!!!

Precious's picture

And remember, Obamacare is going to be MORE affordable.

JuliaS's picture

No wonder we invaded Korea, with all that rice they were clearly up to no good.

boogerbently's picture

I wonder if "W" will be exonerated?


"....he jests at scars, that never felt a wound"

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

'McBud',  I like your idea (yesterday?) to put your ID to good biz use.  Keep brainstorming till you've got your Eureka moment.  Beware of provoking McD's lawyers with your/their logo though. 

chubbar's picture

One thing Syria doesn't have is a western controlled Central Bank. Any chance that is what this is all about?

General Decline's picture

Nah. Jewish bankers are very tolerant of competition.

booboo's picture

Colin Powell licks his masters meatsicle

Oh regional Indian's picture

All un-willing, other-wise thinking, own-people-loving, somewhat sane, kind of rational world leaders will toe the line or be displaced.

The pattern is clear. If they had their way, they would have an Idi amin or papa doc running every nation-state.


No shame now even, neither fear of reprisals. Comatose public everywhere, bleats usa usa or whatever....



caconhma's picture

Take it easy. Zionists and their American lackeys can only fight cowards (Saddam, Qaddafi, etc.,).  In Syria it might become very serious. Remember neither Saddam, Qaddafi, nor Serbia fought back attacking American bases in the region or EU capitals. Do you expect Iran will behave the same? One thing more, a new NATO instigated civil war is just started in Iraq.

Remember N. Korea telling to Obama and the rest: fuck off or else? You know the rest of the story.


de3de8's picture

Good one!
Funny and true!

deus x machina's picture

you can't say fat anymore you big bully...you have to say our 'HEIGHT WEIGHT" ratio is disproportionate. (PC) so says the invisible people who make up the new rules around here.

akak's picture

The proper new PC phrase is "gravitationally challenged".

john39's picture

crazy senator Mctraitor from arizona all but declared war yesterday...   rest assured, the bought and sold members of congress will do exactly as their masters instruct.

LawsofPhysics's picture

But I thought the battefeild was America?  How will they successfully fight a battle on so many fronts?  Almost like it has been designed to fail from the begining huh?

john39's picture

i agree with you.  collapse for the American people was in the plans all along.   just like building seven, when the parasites are done, they implode the building...  hide evidence, and the case of the American people, eliminate them as a future military threat against the new dark power rising in the ME.

AlaricBalth's picture

Why go to Syria? According to McCain the battlefield is here in America.

Edit: LawsofPhysics, you beat me to the same thought as I was typing.

Precious's picture

McCain has never seen a foreigner he didn't want to bomb.

Proofreder's picture

A foreigner being anyone who didn't attend the Naval Academy.

(where he graduated Fifth   -   from the bottom)

BraveSirRobin's picture

But you can't find ammo here. How can we have a battlefield without any ammo?

McMolotov's picture

It's not war, it's "kinetic military action." It's the same kind of Newspeak that makes it so Bernanke isn't monetizing the debt.

Time to get kinetic, bitchez.

outamyeffinway's picture

Syria, all of you gold belong to us.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

The first lady of Syria used to work for JP Morgan.  You can't make this shit up.

Bastiat's picture

That's the problem: if she'd worked for the Squid she would have already taken over by now.

Precious's picture

They are just waiting for The Letter from Schumer.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

If they go Kinetic on the Syrian front, we're going Ballistic on the Home front.  ;-)

Fair is fair:  mv^2 = mv^2 

"iKEA (international Kinetic Energy Activities) coming near you soon"

true brain's picture

Another step to Iran.

The boston bombing was allowed to move forward by CIA , who got info from the Chechens previously.  The bombing was a warning to Obama to fall in line. If not there will be more small scale bombing and his presidency would be a disaster. Of course they can't let Obama go the way of JFK for fear of sparking riots.

sure enough just days after the bombing, there is evidence of chemical weapons use from Syria. Take down Syria, wait for Republican president to take down Iran in 2016.


How does this hypothesis sound?

Chuck Norris's picture

No good.

They WANT the riots to happen so DHS can use up all that "target practice" JHP ammo.

McMolotov's picture

I agree that they want riots, but the ammo would never be used on the people who would riot if Obama got whacked. The ammo is for "domestic enemies," not the sheep who worship the government.

knukles's picture

Republican predident in 2016?
No matter how bad this guy is, may be, perceived, is or is not the Anti-Christ, a born again Muslim, non-citizen, false SS #, etc., etc., conspiracy theory shit real or not... none of that makes a true difference.

The simple fact is that no matter reality or perception, the Republican party in the form of the Republican party that had its chance with Ron Paul, fucking blew it, disintegrated the last residue of hope for a broader appeal, has absolutely no fucking chance other than from the Neo-Cons who are A-OK with anything as long as its white Anglo-Saxon, straight, married, Protestant, male, etc.

There is no Republican Party Base past the Neo-Cons except for those who cannot stand the O&Mooch Show.
This country's very demographics define the hopelessness!
Whether R or D....


SamAdams's picture

Ironically, those blind, CNN watching, God fearing Republicans are unwittingly contributing to the downfall of the country they claim to love so dearly.  Democrats and Republicans is nothing more than a ploy to distract your attention away from the true enemy.

Bastiat's picture

SNAP signup campaign is a demo membership drive as is immigration amnesty or whatever they're calling it. 

noless's picture

I'm fairly convinced at this point it's going to be Hillary..

Proofreder's picture

My condolences for your brain

how long have you been without?

Navymugsy's picture

I voted Republican without fail since 1980 but that won't happen anymore. I've never voted for a Democrat and I won't start doing that either. Who the hell is left for people like me?

marathonman's picture

I'm in the same quandry.  The RNC is as criminal as the DNC.  The scales fell from my eyes when I watched their takedown of Ron Paul in the 2012 convention.  Changing the rules, stealing his delegates, and then just shutting down the opposition was disgusting.  Watching Maddow and Jon Stewart point out the MSM treating RP like the 13th floor of a building was the true revelation.  The fix was in.  There is no real choice.  It's all bullshit.  The Republic died long ago.