The Highest Concentration Of Bitcoins In The World Is In... Berlin

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Via Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Fascinating article out today from the Guardian about the Kreuzberg area of Berlin, which has the highest density of businesses accepting Bitcoin in the world.



The clip above a must watch, as it becomes readily apparent how excited both the merchants and the customers are about using this free market currency.  I am completely convinced that the more people learn about Bitcoin and use it, the more exponential its adoption will become.  My favorite line from the video comes at the very end from Joerg Platzer, owner of the bar Room 77:

“Every day we do not start using a free currency like Bitcoin, we actually actively vote for the current system to continue.”

From the Guardian:

Like Chebli, Martens, whose Kersenvlaai (cherry cake) from her native Maastricht is rated as one of the best culinary offerings of the area, says she decided to accept Bitcoins because of the ease, cheapness and transparency of its payment system.


“It’s an easier way of digital payment than credit cards, which cost me a lot of money as a business and to which I’m forced to sign up for years,” she says.


These two tradespeople are among around a dozen in the Graefekiez, a cosy neighborhood established in the 19th century in the southern Berlin district of Kreuzberg, which currently boasts the highest density of businesses accepting the currency in the world. Its growing list of Bitcoin establishments includes a restaurant, a printing shop, a bar and boutique.


“Kreuzberg is traditionally an area in which people are very politically aware, critical towards existing systems and are constantly discussing and looking for alternatives to them, which makes it the perfect breeding ground for Bitcoin,” says Joerg Platzer, a staunch Bitcoin advocate who roams the neighborhood with a missionary zeal in search of new recruits.


“It could be from a science fiction novel, but the fact is we have it in the here and the now,” Gallas said, listing the items he has bought with Bitcoins, including “honey from Thailand, historic flags from the United States, gold and silver, concert tickets”, and of course, his beer and burgers.


He taps the amount he owes Room 77 into the virtual Bitcoin wallet on his Android phone and, aligning it with a code on the bar’s device, presses a button to process the payment. A theatrical “kerching” sound follows and Gallas is grinning from ear to ear. “It could hardly be easier,” he insisted.


Platzer buys the beer for Room 77 from the nearby Rollberg brewery, owned and run by qualified brew and malt meister Wilko Bereit. He pays for the barrels with Bitcoins and, while Bereit says he doesn’t fully understand the workings of the payment system, he is willing to trust it. “There is no middle man involved,” he said, talking in his hop-scented brewing parlour with its gleaming copper kettles, and casually dropping into the conversation that the German president is among his customers.

Looks like the first localized Bitcoin economy has been born.  Go Kreuzberg!

Full article here.

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francis_sawyer's picture

Winkle ~ Branden ~ BERG ~ STEIN ~ Oktoberfest ~ Oompa Loompa Doopity Do ~ Concerti's bitchez!

prains's picture

so were some of the biggest mortgage back security purchases for JPM and GS, look how that turned out for them

markmotive's picture

What happens when the lights go out?

I'm not convinced bitcoins aren't just as bad as fiat.

Bitcoins vs. Euros:

Pool Shark's picture



I thought Bitcoins existed everywhere, and nowhere, at the same time...


francis_sawyer's picture

It's what's known as a:


PSYCHO~ALPHA~DISCO~BETA~BIO~AQUA-DOO~LOOP... [The 'Undersea World of Jacques CUSTODIAN has even produced movies about it]...

~~~ [LIVE ~ but sometimes gets cut off] [FULL VERSION]

It's a song about, in other terms, jew sychophants, who... "Never learned to swim... Can't comprehend all the strokes"...



Race Car Driver's picture

> “Every day we do not start using a free currency like Bitcoin, we actually actively vote for the current system to continue.”


How I learned to love Bitcoin  ...

... or ...

How I got duped into using another worthless fiat currency that's even worse than paper.

quintago's picture

Meanwhile, over at MtGox.... 503 error; service unavailably

Scarlett's picture

?? Gox running fine. Some people really seem to be extrremely feared of bitcoin, that's all.

francis_sawyer's picture

Feared?... Not me [because I don't use 'em]... I'd be more 'FEARED' if I was bitcoin user publishing wild tales about my trading PROFITS [which I wasn't reporting to the IRS] on an internet blog...

GetZeeGold's picture



Yeah....I wouldn't do that. The IRS has a fleet of brand new assassins with nothing to do until Bozocare kicks in.

Matt's picture

If the government declared that gold coins, and only gold coins, are legal tender, than gold would be fiat. 

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

gold is backed by its intrinsic value, and it is rare. Fiat money has no intrinsic value.

Matt's picture

Fiat MEANS "By Decree". Any currency that is decreed to be the currency of the realm is fiat.

This is seperate from money being backed purely by faith, or by a commodity.

If the government made gold currency by decree, it would be fiat, and it would still be gold.

"having no intrinsic value" does not mean "fiat".

If people cannot even understand what words mean, how can they have a discussion about anything?

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

r u being del8berately obtuse?

or r u retarded?

semantics dont feed the fambly when the chips r down but hard money in the hand will

Matt's picture

When it comes to anything to do with Economics, semantics are everything. For example, the term "Inflation" has several different meanings. Two people could mean the exact same thing, but argue for hours, because they each use a different meaning for "inflation". Agreeing on what words mean at the beginning, can save many times as much time later on.

Mr. Magniloquent's picture

Fiat does literally translate to, "by decree", but that statement is short-hand for "arbitrarily created by decree". The creation of gold, is not as simple as scribing on a piece of paper--no matter what JP Morgan claims.

Similarly, there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Learn the distinction.

Harlequin001's picture

clearly you have no idea what you're talking about.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Has teacher let you on the computer again, now take your meds and go over there look out of the window and rock gently.

The Abstraction of Justice's picture

You sound like you are on drugs. You know that is how the Jews get into your mind?

malikai's picture

What in the fuck did I just click on?

fuu's picture

It's from francis' video above.

Aeternus's picture

Die größte Konzentration von bitcoins ist in meinen Hosen.


Wahr geschichte!

sitenine's picture


“Every day we do not start using a free currency like Bitcoin, we actually actively vote for the current system to continue.”

If it can't be traced, it can't be taxed. You think TPTB will actually let a system like that REPLACE State issued fiat? If so, you're a moron.

The Heart's picture

"You think TPTB will actually let a system like that REPLACE State issued fiat?"

The end game is a traceable taxable trackable digital babylonian currency, not a privately run one. The only problem is, they have that on the planning boards for the next world. It does not include most human beings that are alive today. They will roll it out after they blow most of all the biological life off the planet face first...and then implement this system of money control.

Here is a story that is going viral now. The good news is, people are waking up to the phoney-baloney barf that is called news, and put out on the major propaganda mind-control networks in the nightly church of the brain dead. They are now just turning the TV's off and getting their news here at ZH. Give thanks!

Boxed Merlot's picture

people are waking up to the phoney-baloney barf that is called news,...


You said "barf".  I haven't heard that term used seriously since the 6th grade. 


1969 was a long time ago, but I think I still prefer it to the more poignent "puke" in that it depicts a complete wretching from the entire digestive tract and not just the stomach.  Something the adolescent being can better relate to as an illness and before being acquainted with the reactions with an over-indulgent evening with alcohol induced "pleasure".


Thanks for the memories.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Russia Today moralising on press standards makes me smile

Like they dont spin every story to the Russian gubbermint agenda

They are a nice counter to some of the excesses of Western media but are as biased and manipulative as all of their kind

They all serve the same master though he has many heads

Ignatius's picture

+1 for figuring out that TPTB will fight this.

+1000 for those saying "fucks ya's, anyways" to TPTB.

+2 for burning cars in Berlin.

unununium's picture

Call Time X the breakeven time, where fighting bitcoin has a better return for TPTB than ignoring it. 

They were asleep, and Time X probably passed somewhere in 2010.

Bitcoin is now very expensive to ignore, but even more expensive to fight, and the economics get worse every day.

This benign revolution is utterly unstoppable.




TeamDepends's picture

How can one really know where the highest concentration of bitcoins in the world is?

TN Jed's picture

ZH misquoted and took certain KWN liberties with the article. "Highest density of businesses accepting" isn't the same as highest concentration of bitcoins.  Not sure why they did this as the original statement is more important than their misquoted title.

Catch-22's picture

Well Canada is ready for bitcoins… taxes already on the books.


Catch-22's picture

"The nature of the currency makes it attractive for would-be tax evaders, whether motivated by simple greed or the political belief that levying taxes is an act of violence on the part of the government, and should be resisted." RT

nmewn's picture many times do they think the same dollar (or C$) should be taxed?

Answer...until there is no value left in it.

"If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."

malikai's picture

Sad but true.

What is the meaning of life?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Having read this article, I'd say that CRA made a 'policy statement'.  But it's a 'policy' they will have as much success enforcing as peer-to-peer barter.  They will rely on the 'honesty' (gullibility/stupidity) of the participants to document and report all barter activity, or on 'snitches' to rat on barter parites. 

When tax laws are passed by clepto-bureaucrats, to satisfy reckless political bosses, we no longer have "representative" or democratic government, but a ruling Cleptocracy.  Then it's time to either kick out cleptocrats and their bosses by the political/election process (public soft dissent), or chase out by "pitchforks & knives" (public's hard dissent). 

/ In Canada's case , it's chase oot with "pitchforks, knives and hockey sticks", since they are not allowed to have guns & ammo (beyond the few hunting rifles and shotguns found here and there).  Heck, Hell's Angels and their ilk have more G&A than Canadians.  /s

Matt's picture

On the upside, you can now write off all your electricity as a business expense, since some portion of it was used to generate income.

I wonder what documentation they require? Just give them the addresses used and refer them to the blockchain, LOL. Claim losses on bitcoin, would be difficult to prove or disprove.

css1971's picture

This is typical for Berlin. There's a lot of very good computer people here (CCC for example). The culture is very artistic and open. For Germany's capital city it's remarkably non German.

Having said that. Doesn't sound to me like bitcoin scales if all transactions are published to the network. It's going to get very big very fast.

Ignatius's picture

"Doesn't sound to me like bitcoin scales if all transactions are published to the network. It's going to get very big very fast."

Not sure I get your point.  Bitcoins are subdividable to 8 decimal places.

Maybe it's a secret plan to overload and crash the Net.

Isn't this fun?

css1971's picture

Well, while usage quite small, broadcasting each transaction to the bitcoin network isn't going to be a problem. But if it grows then the number of broadcast transactions also grows. Imagine if millions are using it and millions upon millions of transactions are being broadcast to the bitcoin network.

It's my understanding the network performs transaction consistency checking. How does the network cope with very large numbers of transactions? It doesn't.

SpykerSpeed's picture

It doesn't need to.  Not every transaction needs to be recorded on the blockchain - people can transact off the blockchain and then clearing houses can do larger "settlement transactions" on the blockchain with less frequency.  As the blockchain becomes more crowded with transactions, the cost per transaction will naturally increase and that will cause entrepreneurs to find new ways to further decentralize the network.

Dr Benway's picture

So there is an actual acknowledged flaw in bitcoin, that grows with scale? And the response from bitcoiners is basically "ah yeah, that unsustainability flaw and exponential growth problem? Don't worry it will be fixed at some point". Eh, ok.

SpykerSpeed's picture

Right, the free market solves problems when there is an economic incentive to do so.  Sorry if that hurts your brain or destroys your worldview.

Dr Benway's picture

Can that same facile reasoning be applied to other issues?


How about the unsustainability of exponential debt? "Ah that's ok, the free market will magically deliver a mechanism to solve that as soon as economically necessary"


Take that Deus Ex Machina and shove it. Sorry if that hurts or destroys your anus.

SpykerSpeed's picture

The free market can't sustain that level of debt, numbskull.  Government debt isn't a product of the free market - Bitcoin is.

Dr Benway's picture

There are no free markets, numbskull. Once you realize that you are one step closer to enlightenment. And even if there were, free markets would still not be a panacea for every flaw in every shitty business model. The fact you got upvotes for that lame Deus Ex Machina proves there are some morons out and about today.

wintermute's picture

Dr Benway, is your argument against the scalability of any system is that it must fail because it can't be scaled in nanoseconds??

So when Bezos started Amazon his whole business model was fatally flawed because he could not immediately build giant warehouses full of robots and conveyor belts to satisfy global demand for millions of books?

Wozniak and Jobs started Apple from their garage and it became the largest company in the world. How did that happen in your world-view?