Weaponized America: Sturm, Ruger Backlog Doubles; Gun Production, Shipments Surge

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Whether it is due to the recent governmental attempt to enforce assorted gun controlling measures in the aftermath of the Newtown, CT shooting, or, merely driven by the same catalyst that saw a surge in gun sales four years ago, namely the presidential election, one thing is certain: America is weaponizing itself at an unheard of pace, with both Sturm, Ruger shipments and units produced surpassing 500,000 each in one quarter for the first time in history.


Units Produced:

Shipped and Produced - over 1 million in one quarter for the first time ever:

* * *

But the biggest shock is the backlog of guns on order (orders which RGR could not satisfy in the current quarter).

At over 2 million for the first time in history, a 40% increase from the prior quarter, and nearly a 100% from a year ago, when it comes to getting guns, American just like Cypriots in need of cash, have just one option: get in line.

If we didn't know better, we would say that either RGR has somehow become a $0.99 app for the latest and greatest cool, faddy cell phone, whatever that may be, or, alternatively, America is preparing for war.

Source: 10-Q.

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Mon, 04/29/2013 - 18:43 | 3511601 JustObserving
JustObserving's picture

What is the backlog on WMDs ... aka pressure cookers?

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 18:49 | 3511613 ACP
ACP's picture

Apparently, the Spanish maker of the pressure cookers used in the bombings needs a bailout from the Spanish government...



Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:00 | 3511641 ghandi
ghandi's picture

Go America!

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:33 | 3511760 WayBehind
WayBehind's picture

Finally some good news! :)

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:57 | 3511834 Pegasus Muse
Pegasus Muse's picture

Procuring ammo in still tough.  Been waiting over 30 days on a couple of Monster Boxes of 62gr FMJ .223.  About ready to find another dealer.  Reccos appreciated.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:03 | 3511863 Son of Loki
Son of Loki's picture

wish I had a 223...all I have is a 45 my dad gave me that he got when he was discharged from the Vietnam "cpnflict"....still in perfect condition...a Colt Gubbermint model....

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:39 | 3511999 GoldForCash
GoldForCash's picture

Yes. Get a rifle. Sks 7.62 x 39 mm. Ammo every where. Your 45 is cool, but made for around 50 feet or less. Sks much cheaper than a 223.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:30 | 3512171 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

my philosophy, admittedly borrowed from others, is that a pistol is only good for fighting your way to a long gun.

oh and if you're going to buy an ar buy one chambered in 6.8 spcII

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:03 | 3512290 Big Slick
Big Slick's picture

I’m beginning to think that firearms, and more, ammo, are the new gold.  I HAVE NO IDEA how much an ounce of gold should cost, or what it’s worth.  Like a schmuck, I stack at whatever the market says.  For all I know, a year from now Au could be $700 (or $3,000).  But I know that a firearm or a box of 100 rounds of 9mm purchased today will be worth at least as much in the future, and maybe significantly more; ammo especially, because it is used up.  So I’m thinking I should be stacking Pb and Nitron-coated steel, not Eagles or Leafs.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:27 | 3512376 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

i'm more of a silver guy personally, and one of the reasons is the consumability factor you mentioned.

the investment i have put the most effort into of late is food.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:33 | 3512599 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

PMs and ammo are both worth buying.  Both are hard to get as well.

7.62 * 39 and 9 mm.  Au and Ag.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 07:32 | 3513163 somecallmetimmah
somecallmetimmah's picture

As painful as we all know the Great Ammo Shortage of 2013 is, don't break the bank stocking up.

"Yes", have enough to take care of any "contingencies" as Big Sis might say, but rest assured:  Supply will, in fact, catch up with demand one day.  It might take 9 months or more, but the demand signal is there.  As long as there's a healthy profit margin, supply will grow.

All these jackwagons stalking Walmart so they can buy 50,000 rounds of 22lr to sell on the internet will one day regret that choice.  Eventually the market will realize there is a glut of ammo out there, and prices will go thru the floor.  Unlike PMs (which is statistically finite), manuafactures can, & will make as much ammo as the market will support.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:54 | 3514406 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

you are correct sir, eventually prices will settle down considerably.  i hope many of these new shooters take heed and stock up on components and finished ammo at that point, don't wait and try to do it in the middle of a panic.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:36 | 3512406 TheMeatTrapper
TheMeatTrapper's picture

if you're going to buy an ar buy one chambered in 6.8 spcII

Yep - Ya'll listen to him. He's telling the truth.


Remember:  Save Ammo, Learn to Trap Your Food

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:35 | 3513432 whirling tword ...
whirling tword freedom's picture

In normal circumstances, I'd agree with you.  In our current situation instead of buying an improved version of the AR ( which admittedly this is, no doubt ).... IF you're looking for an upgrade of the .223, just go buy the AR-10 in 7.62x51.  That's a round that will be in more supply than a 6.8 anything, IMHO and will give you much more punching power than any .223.

Before things got so bad, I was looking into putting together an AR built on an AR-10 platform chambered in 260rem.  Talk about a fun rifle to shoot on the 1000yd line!!! And, as other have said, "load your own".  It's the only way to go.  Not only is it cheaper, it's the only way to unlock the true accuracy and potential of whatever you have.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:52 | 3514394 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

ar-10 pattern rifles are considerably more expensive than ar-15, and quite a bit heavier.  it's apples and oranges imo.

as far as 6.8 availability goes, see my post down the page.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:53 | 3512661 DawgAss
DawgAss's picture

"oh and if you're going to buy an ar buy one chambered in 6.8 spcII"

Personal opinion-----6.8 = BAD IDEA. Yes a decent cartridge but even when .223 and 5.56mm were available, 6.8 was very difficult and a lot more expensive.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:20 | 3512728 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

things have changed, federal has dedicated 6.8 production now and it's started showing up at wally world.  not to get into a caliber pissing match but if 6.8 spc is just "decent" what does that make 5.56NATO?

cheap, good, fast, pick two.  i prefer to roll my own: cheap+good.  if all you want is factory ammo, by all means go with 5.56 or one of the 7.62 rounds.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:43 | 3513480 whirling tword ...
whirling tword freedom's picture

Agreed.  I load my own too.  Nobody even produces the type ammo I shoot for most medium and, long range.  Name one manufacturer that loads a 208gr Honrady A-Max bullet in 300wm?  The answer is that nobody loads it.... and if they did, they wouldn't load it as well for my rifle as I do.  LOL

The thing is, with this ammo shortage, even if federal has stepped up production on 6.8, the point is during a shortage, what are the odds that federal will be doing any 6.8 runs anytime soon?!?  No.  They will fill the 9mm, 45acp, 40 cal, .223, 7.62x51 first.  Everything else after that.  Retooling takes time and eats into profit.  They can't fill orders now in the above calibers.

I have had in the past trouble getting the 208gr A-Max bullets from Hornady with there wasn't a shortage because, they fill other bullet orders first... according to demand.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:23 | 3514273 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

federal has dedicated an entire line to producing 6.8spcII, they are already filling military contracts for this caliber.  people need to wrap their heads around this fact.

6.8spc "fusion" federal yellow boxes have started showing up at wal-mart during this latest panic.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:28 | 3512741 dunce
dunce's picture

The 45 was designed to take a man down with one shot because of the heavy slug, but you are right, every house hold should have a pistol  and a rifle, plus i believe a shot gun in different rooms.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:18 | 3514275 LongSilverJohn
LongSilverJohn's picture

I bought an SKS for my son and it is a great gun. I can actually hit the target!

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:04 | 3511872 thatthingcanfly
thatthingcanfly's picture

Try Midway. They usually do a pretty good job of keeping shit in stock.

Also, save your brass and start reloading.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:16 | 3511909 Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Midway has nothing. Whenever anything comes in stock at Midway, it sells out within minutes. Yes, literally minutes. This is because they are pricing their ammo substantially below current market price.

Use gunbot.net to get up to the second updates on what is in stock and where. Anything at below market prices disappears within minutes. You will see immediately what current market price is.

The only bright spot is 7.62x39, there is a shit-ton of that out there at prices that aren't awful.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:21 | 3511927 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

yep gunbot has been the only reason i have found any ammo in the last 3 months or so.  like the previous poster i would also suggest getting geared up to reload but be warned it's not something you can just half-ass, it does require some study and has a moderate learning curve.  if you really want to get into it casting your own bullets is very rewarding as well.  just be sure to at least shoot into a berm if not a trap so you can recycle your lead.  just my $.02

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:31 | 3511972 agNau
agNau's picture

The ONLY successful stimulus policy to date from these clowns.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:21 | 3512136 ejmoosa
ejmoosa's picture

I'd say less than minutes.....

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:59 | 3512489 exsanguine
exsanguine's picture

I picked up a Mosin-Nagant this winter, 1956 Chinese, just because you can get 7.62x54R nearly anywhere. Heck, Fleet Farm has shelves and shelves of romanian spam cans, mid-70's vintage; 400rds/$108. Plus it can deal a good kick to whatever your shooting at.

Brass is getting hard to find, primers. Powder can still be had. Hell I am thinking of getting the specific dies for my reloader so that I can reload my steel.


interesting times.




Tue, 04/30/2013 - 01:43 | 3512910 Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor's picture

Expect reloading to only get harder as the government haplessly responds to the boston bombing.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 04:20 | 3513041 Urban Redneck
Urban Redneck's picture

Gunbot is depressing.  I pulled up a spreadsheet from the winter of 08-09 at the top of the previous ammunition mania (and shortly before the last time I bought US ammo).  Target .223 was going for $0.40 per round and hunting .223 was going for $0.80 per round.

If the BLS is going to quantify inflation using consumer "preferences", they should probably include stuff that people are actually spending money on, or at least ignoring those things which there huge inventories of (such as housing and cars) which is indicative of people NOT spending money on those things.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 10:00 | 3513556 Agent P
Agent P's picture

ammoseek.com is another good engine for finding ammo online.  They don't pull in as many vendors as gunbot, but sometimes the prices are good (speaking in terms of today's reality of course).  I was able to pick up 1200 rounds of IMI M193 for $0.58/rd shipped a few weeks back (from Wideners).  Just know what you're willing to pay, check often, and be ready to buy when you see it, because stuff goes fast at the better price points.  If you're willing to pay $0.90+/rd, you can find ammo at any time.

ps: I was in a local shop on Saturday and all they had in 5.56 were tracers for $0.90/rd.  I witnessed a guy buy 200 rounds without any hesitation...people are desperate (and stupid).

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 11:19 | 3513945 tsx500
tsx500's picture

"...$0.90/rd.      desperate & stupid."

we'll see.   people who bought Au at "the high" of $700 about 6 years ago probably looked 'desperate & stupid' too !

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:18 | 3514274 Agent P
Agent P's picture


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:41 | 3511996 agNau
agNau's picture

Primers, bullets, powder, tight as well.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:09 | 3512099 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

Learn to reload with WC860 / WC872 for rifle loads.   It's cheap and available.  

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:39 | 3512190 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

primers are fk'n scarce.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:20 | 3512342 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

Large magnum rifle primers can be found.   Just adjust your rifle load workups down by 6% and redo your recipe.  

As far as which battle rifle to feed?   Go 30-06 or go home.  

It's a 21st century Browning Automatic rifle / Colt Monitor for $1799 


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:35 | 3512400 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

ehh don't get me wrong, 30-06 is a fine round, i carried one for years mostly as a brush gun but i don't shoot it anymore.  i prefer faster followup shots these days and use a homebrewed 6.8spcII, it's more than enough for medium sized game out to at least 200 yards.  absolutely lethal on feral pigs with the right load.  for out to around 400-500 yards i prefer my .270 winchester.  much farther than that and my limited long range shooting skills start showing, doping wind isn't easy.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:58 | 3512478 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

Mr Muzzle break tames the the 30-06 beast quite well.   Then there's Mr Logisitics .... 6.8 SPC starts at 1.07 / ppr on gunbot.   270 ... 1.00/ppr on ammoseek. 

30-06 ... 59 cents and holding steady for the last 4 months.   :) 

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:10 | 3512533 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

i reload premium ammo for considerably less than 59 cents a round for either gun, just sayin.  right now i'm doing all the reading i can about paper patching cast lead for my .270 (bolt gun) which would literally cut my already low cost in half.  if i can get cheap lead to recycle we're talking maybe 15 cents each.  not really a huge fan of muzzle brakes either, most of them are absolutely obnoxious to shoot around other people.

that being said, if i had to pick a caliber that wouldr reliably take down anything in north america it'd be a 30-06.  it is a fine caliber.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:31 | 3512757 dunce
dunce's picture

Tire shops often have a bucket of used wheel weights you can melt down.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 06:23 | 3513103 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

Believe it or not... Golfsmith shops have lead tape, & some hardware stores still have lead solder... Hidden in plain sight...

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 06:56 | 3513128 Boozer
Boozer's picture

Most roofers have an abundance.  Ask around. 

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:04 | 3514210 Jena
Jena's picture

This is a little esoteric but lead is also used by stained glass artists.  You can buy it by the spool at stained glass craft sites.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:20 | 3513411 whirling tword ...
whirling tword freedom's picture

I'm not familiar with, "paper patching" but, I assume it's a paper patch that wraps around the cast bullet to keep the leading down in the barrel due to high velocities in the .270?  I shoot cast bullets through my dad's old 30 carbine.  I apply gas checks which seem to work pretty well with keeping the lead down in the barrel and, they shoot pretty damned well.  I shoot them at only about 1800fps though.

What kind of velocity could you expect out of a paper patched version in a .270win without leading your barrel?

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:19 | 3514281 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

the same as copper jacketed rounds more or less.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:38 | 3513473 gaoptimize
gaoptimize's picture

You people out west have no idea what the eastern deciduous jungle is like.  30-06?  You'd be lucky to have a 100yd clear shot here, and around my house, 50yds is about it.  I have a NATO 7.62 AR-15 and I wonder what I'll ever use it for.   I suspect when it comes to holding out while bugging in, it will be the 5.56 AR-15, 12 gauge (with Joe Biden's approval), and Glock, in closing order.  I get nauseous imagining it.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 15:20 | 3515018 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

30-06 has this really interesting property that 308 doesnt.  With the right loads you can put rounds right through Level 3 and Level 4 rifle plates.   :) 

With other right loads you are supersonic and accurate out to 1500 yards.   

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:19 | 3513396 whirling tword ...
whirling tword freedom's picture

Agreed.  Anything but .22lr, I load for myself and always have.  Good luck finding primers... sometimes you can find a bit of replacement powders but, that's almost impossible too.

I'm glad I have quite a bit of stuff on the shelf.  I've always bought in bulk to save money and, I'm glad I have some loaded and on the shelf.

One thing I think we can all agree on.... America is arming herself.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:46 | 3514377 Freedom Isnt Cheap
Freedom Isnt Cheap's picture

I have been able to find primers on backpage.com in the sporting section where all the profiteers are selling their stuff. I bought a couple bricks of CCI small rifle for $50 per brick last week off there. Bought 8lbs of powder as well. I got lucky at Cabellas week before last and was able to snag a brick of primers for $37. And if you are willing to pay you can always find primers and powder along with bullets and even used brass on gunbroker as well. 

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