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Weaponized America: Sturm, Ruger Backlog Doubles; Gun Production, Shipments Surge

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Whether it is due to the recent governmental attempt to enforce assorted gun controlling measures in the aftermath of the Newtown, CT shooting, or, merely driven by the same catalyst that saw a surge in gun sales four years ago, namely the presidential election, one thing is certain: America is weaponizing itself at an unheard of pace, with both Sturm, Ruger shipments and units produced surpassing 500,000 each in one quarter for the first time in history.


Units Produced:

Shipped and Produced - over 1 million in one quarter for the first time ever:

* * *

But the biggest shock is the backlog of guns on order (orders which RGR could not satisfy in the current quarter).

At over 2 million for the first time in history, a 40% increase from the prior quarter, and nearly a 100% from a year ago, when it comes to getting guns, American just like Cypriots in need of cash, have just one option: get in line.

If we didn't know better, we would say that either RGR has somehow become a $0.99 app for the latest and greatest cool, faddy cell phone, whatever that may be, or, alternatively, America is preparing for war.

Source: 10-Q.


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Mon, 04/29/2013 - 18:43 | 3511601 JustObserving
JustObserving's picture

What is the backlog on WMDs ... aka pressure cookers?

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 18:49 | 3511613 ACP
ACP's picture

Apparently, the Spanish maker of the pressure cookers used in the bombings needs a bailout from the Spanish government...


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:00 | 3511641 ghandi
ghandi's picture

Go America!

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:33 | 3511760 WayBehind
WayBehind's picture

Finally some good news! :)

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:57 | 3511834 Pegasus Muse
Pegasus Muse's picture

Procuring ammo in still tough.  Been waiting over 30 days on a couple of Monster Boxes of 62gr FMJ .223.  About ready to find another dealer.  Reccos appreciated.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:03 | 3511863 Son of Loki
Son of Loki's picture

wish I had a 223...all I have is a 45 my dad gave me that he got when he was discharged from the Vietnam "cpnflict"....still in perfect condition...a Colt Gubbermint model....

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:39 | 3511999 GoldForCash
GoldForCash's picture

Yes. Get a rifle. Sks 7.62 x 39 mm. Ammo every where. Your 45 is cool, but made for around 50 feet or less. Sks much cheaper than a 223.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:30 | 3512171 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

my philosophy, admittedly borrowed from others, is that a pistol is only good for fighting your way to a long gun.

oh and if you're going to buy an ar buy one chambered in 6.8 spcII

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:03 | 3512290 Big Slick
Big Slick's picture

I’m beginning to think that firearms, and more, ammo, are the new gold.  I HAVE NO IDEA how much an ounce of gold should cost, or what it’s worth.  Like a schmuck, I stack at whatever the market says.  For all I know, a year from now Au could be $700 (or $3,000).  But I know that a firearm or a box of 100 rounds of 9mm purchased today will be worth at least as much in the future, and maybe significantly more; ammo especially, because it is used up.  So I’m thinking I should be stacking Pb and Nitron-coated steel, not Eagles or Leafs.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:27 | 3512376 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

i'm more of a silver guy personally, and one of the reasons is the consumability factor you mentioned.

the investment i have put the most effort into of late is food.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:33 | 3512599 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

PMs and ammo are both worth buying.  Both are hard to get as well.

7.62 * 39 and 9 mm.  Au and Ag.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 07:32 | 3513163 somecallmetimmah
somecallmetimmah's picture

As painful as we all know the Great Ammo Shortage of 2013 is, don't break the bank stocking up.

"Yes", have enough to take care of any "contingencies" as Big Sis might say, but rest assured:  Supply will, in fact, catch up with demand one day.  It might take 9 months or more, but the demand signal is there.  As long as there's a healthy profit margin, supply will grow.

All these jackwagons stalking Walmart so they can buy 50,000 rounds of 22lr to sell on the internet will one day regret that choice.  Eventually the market will realize there is a glut of ammo out there, and prices will go thru the floor.  Unlike PMs (which is statistically finite), manuafactures can, & will make as much ammo as the market will support.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:54 | 3514406 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

you are correct sir, eventually prices will settle down considerably.  i hope many of these new shooters take heed and stock up on components and finished ammo at that point, don't wait and try to do it in the middle of a panic.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:36 | 3512406 TheMeatTrapper
TheMeatTrapper's picture

if you're going to buy an ar buy one chambered in 6.8 spcII

Yep - Ya'll listen to him. He's telling the truth.


Remember:  Save Ammo, Learn to Trap Your Food

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:35 | 3513432 whirling tword ...
whirling tword freedom's picture

In normal circumstances, I'd agree with you.  In our current situation instead of buying an improved version of the AR ( which admittedly this is, no doubt ).... IF you're looking for an upgrade of the .223, just go buy the AR-10 in 7.62x51.  That's a round that will be in more supply than a 6.8 anything, IMHO and will give you much more punching power than any .223.

Before things got so bad, I was looking into putting together an AR built on an AR-10 platform chambered in 260rem.  Talk about a fun rifle to shoot on the 1000yd line!!! And, as other have said, "load your own".  It's the only way to go.  Not only is it cheaper, it's the only way to unlock the true accuracy and potential of whatever you have.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:52 | 3514394 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

ar-10 pattern rifles are considerably more expensive than ar-15, and quite a bit heavier.  it's apples and oranges imo.

as far as 6.8 availability goes, see my post down the page.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:53 | 3512661 DawgAss
DawgAss's picture

"oh and if you're going to buy an ar buy one chambered in 6.8 spcII"

Personal opinion-----6.8 = BAD IDEA. Yes a decent cartridge but even when .223 and 5.56mm were available, 6.8 was very difficult and a lot more expensive.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:20 | 3512728 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

things have changed, federal has dedicated 6.8 production now and it's started showing up at wally world.  not to get into a caliber pissing match but if 6.8 spc is just "decent" what does that make 5.56NATO?

cheap, good, fast, pick two.  i prefer to roll my own: cheap+good.  if all you want is factory ammo, by all means go with 5.56 or one of the 7.62 rounds.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:43 | 3513480 whirling tword ...
whirling tword freedom's picture

Agreed.  I load my own too.  Nobody even produces the type ammo I shoot for most medium and, long range.  Name one manufacturer that loads a 208gr Honrady A-Max bullet in 300wm?  The answer is that nobody loads it.... and if they did, they wouldn't load it as well for my rifle as I do.  LOL

The thing is, with this ammo shortage, even if federal has stepped up production on 6.8, the point is during a shortage, what are the odds that federal will be doing any 6.8 runs anytime soon?!?  No.  They will fill the 9mm, 45acp, 40 cal, .223, 7.62x51 first.  Everything else after that.  Retooling takes time and eats into profit.  They can't fill orders now in the above calibers.

I have had in the past trouble getting the 208gr A-Max bullets from Hornady with there wasn't a shortage because, they fill other bullet orders first... according to demand.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:23 | 3514273 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

federal has dedicated an entire line to producing 6.8spcII, they are already filling military contracts for this caliber.  people need to wrap their heads around this fact.

6.8spc "fusion" federal yellow boxes have started showing up at wal-mart during this latest panic.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:28 | 3512741 dunce
dunce's picture

The 45 was designed to take a man down with one shot because of the heavy slug, but you are right, every house hold should have a pistol  and a rifle, plus i believe a shot gun in different rooms.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:18 | 3514275 LongSilverJohn
LongSilverJohn's picture

I bought an SKS for my son and it is a great gun. I can actually hit the target!

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:04 | 3511872 thatthingcanfly
thatthingcanfly's picture

Try Midway. They usually do a pretty good job of keeping shit in stock.

Also, save your brass and start reloading.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:16 | 3511909 Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Midway has nothing. Whenever anything comes in stock at Midway, it sells out within minutes. Yes, literally minutes. This is because they are pricing their ammo substantially below current market price.

Use to get up to the second updates on what is in stock and where. Anything at below market prices disappears within minutes. You will see immediately what current market price is.

The only bright spot is 7.62x39, there is a shit-ton of that out there at prices that aren't awful.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:21 | 3511927 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

yep gunbot has been the only reason i have found any ammo in the last 3 months or so.  like the previous poster i would also suggest getting geared up to reload but be warned it's not something you can just half-ass, it does require some study and has a moderate learning curve.  if you really want to get into it casting your own bullets is very rewarding as well.  just be sure to at least shoot into a berm if not a trap so you can recycle your lead.  just my $.02

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:31 | 3511972 agNau
agNau's picture

The ONLY successful stimulus policy to date from these clowns.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:21 | 3512136 ejmoosa
ejmoosa's picture

I'd say less than minutes.....

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:59 | 3512489 exsanguine
exsanguine's picture

I picked up a Mosin-Nagant this winter, 1956 Chinese, just because you can get 7.62x54R nearly anywhere. Heck, Fleet Farm has shelves and shelves of romanian spam cans, mid-70's vintage; 400rds/$108. Plus it can deal a good kick to whatever your shooting at.

Brass is getting hard to find, primers. Powder can still be had. Hell I am thinking of getting the specific dies for my reloader so that I can reload my steel.


interesting times.




Tue, 04/30/2013 - 01:43 | 3512910 Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor's picture

Expect reloading to only get harder as the government haplessly responds to the boston bombing.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 04:20 | 3513041 Urban Redneck
Urban Redneck's picture

Gunbot is depressing.  I pulled up a spreadsheet from the winter of 08-09 at the top of the previous ammunition mania (and shortly before the last time I bought US ammo).  Target .223 was going for $0.40 per round and hunting .223 was going for $0.80 per round.

If the BLS is going to quantify inflation using consumer "preferences", they should probably include stuff that people are actually spending money on, or at least ignoring those things which there huge inventories of (such as housing and cars) which is indicative of people NOT spending money on those things.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 10:00 | 3513556 Agent P
Agent P's picture is another good engine for finding ammo online.  They don't pull in as many vendors as gunbot, but sometimes the prices are good (speaking in terms of today's reality of course).  I was able to pick up 1200 rounds of IMI M193 for $0.58/rd shipped a few weeks back (from Wideners).  Just know what you're willing to pay, check often, and be ready to buy when you see it, because stuff goes fast at the better price points.  If you're willing to pay $0.90+/rd, you can find ammo at any time.

ps: I was in a local shop on Saturday and all they had in 5.56 were tracers for $0.90/rd.  I witnessed a guy buy 200 rounds without any hesitation...people are desperate (and stupid).

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 11:19 | 3513945 tsx500
tsx500's picture

"...$0.90/rd.      desperate & stupid."

we'll see.   people who bought Au at "the high" of $700 about 6 years ago probably looked 'desperate & stupid' too !

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:18 | 3514274 Agent P
Agent P's picture


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:41 | 3511996 agNau
agNau's picture

Primers, bullets, powder, tight as well.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:09 | 3512099 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

Learn to reload with WC860 / WC872 for rifle loads.   It's cheap and available.  

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:39 | 3512190 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

primers are fk'n scarce.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:20 | 3512342 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

Large magnum rifle primers can be found.   Just adjust your rifle load workups down by 6% and redo your recipe.  

As far as which battle rifle to feed?   Go 30-06 or go home.  

It's a 21st century Browning Automatic rifle / Colt Monitor for $1799 


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:35 | 3512400 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

ehh don't get me wrong, 30-06 is a fine round, i carried one for years mostly as a brush gun but i don't shoot it anymore.  i prefer faster followup shots these days and use a homebrewed 6.8spcII, it's more than enough for medium sized game out to at least 200 yards.  absolutely lethal on feral pigs with the right load.  for out to around 400-500 yards i prefer my .270 winchester.  much farther than that and my limited long range shooting skills start showing, doping wind isn't easy.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:58 | 3512478 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

Mr Muzzle break tames the the 30-06 beast quite well.   Then there's Mr Logisitics .... 6.8 SPC starts at 1.07 / ppr on gunbot.   270 ... 1.00/ppr on ammoseek. 

30-06 ... 59 cents and holding steady for the last 4 months.   :) 

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:10 | 3512533 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

i reload premium ammo for considerably less than 59 cents a round for either gun, just sayin.  right now i'm doing all the reading i can about paper patching cast lead for my .270 (bolt gun) which would literally cut my already low cost in half.  if i can get cheap lead to recycle we're talking maybe 15 cents each.  not really a huge fan of muzzle brakes either, most of them are absolutely obnoxious to shoot around other people.

that being said, if i had to pick a caliber that wouldr reliably take down anything in north america it'd be a 30-06.  it is a fine caliber.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:31 | 3512757 dunce
dunce's picture

Tire shops often have a bucket of used wheel weights you can melt down.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 06:23 | 3513103 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

Believe it or not... Golfsmith shops have lead tape, & some hardware stores still have lead solder... Hidden in plain sight...

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 06:56 | 3513128 Boozer
Boozer's picture

Most roofers have an abundance.  Ask around. 

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:04 | 3514210 Jena
Jena's picture

This is a little esoteric but lead is also used by stained glass artists.  You can buy it by the spool at stained glass craft sites.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:20 | 3513411 whirling tword ...
whirling tword freedom's picture

I'm not familiar with, "paper patching" but, I assume it's a paper patch that wraps around the cast bullet to keep the leading down in the barrel due to high velocities in the .270?  I shoot cast bullets through my dad's old 30 carbine.  I apply gas checks which seem to work pretty well with keeping the lead down in the barrel and, they shoot pretty damned well.  I shoot them at only about 1800fps though.

What kind of velocity could you expect out of a paper patched version in a .270win without leading your barrel?

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:19 | 3514281 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

the same as copper jacketed rounds more or less.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:38 | 3513473 gaoptimize
gaoptimize's picture

You people out west have no idea what the eastern deciduous jungle is like.  30-06?  You'd be lucky to have a 100yd clear shot here, and around my house, 50yds is about it.  I have a NATO 7.62 AR-15 and I wonder what I'll ever use it for.   I suspect when it comes to holding out while bugging in, it will be the 5.56 AR-15, 12 gauge (with Joe Biden's approval), and Glock, in closing order.  I get nauseous imagining it.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 15:20 | 3515018 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

30-06 has this really interesting property that 308 doesnt.  With the right loads you can put rounds right through Level 3 and Level 4 rifle plates.   :) 

With other right loads you are supersonic and accurate out to 1500 yards.   

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:19 | 3513396 whirling tword ...
whirling tword freedom's picture

Agreed.  Anything but .22lr, I load for myself and always have.  Good luck finding primers... sometimes you can find a bit of replacement powders but, that's almost impossible too.

I'm glad I have quite a bit of stuff on the shelf.  I've always bought in bulk to save money and, I'm glad I have some loaded and on the shelf.

One thing I think we can all agree on.... America is arming herself.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:46 | 3514377 Freedom Isnt Cheap
Freedom Isnt Cheap's picture

I have been able to find primers on in the sporting section where all the profiteers are selling their stuff. I bought a couple bricks of CCI small rifle for $50 per brick last week off there. Bought 8lbs of powder as well. I got lucky at Cabellas week before last and was able to snag a brick of primers for $37. And if you are willing to pay you can always find primers and powder along with bullets and even used brass on gunbroker as well. 

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:09 | 3511879 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 10:17 | 3513635 Freedom Isnt Cheap
Freedom Isnt Cheap's picture

Learn to reload and you won't have a problem finding .223. My son and I reloaded 2,000 rounds last weekend.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:15 | 3511899 Edward Fiatski
Edward Fiatski's picture

Very interesting trend.

All the firearms will be confiscated during the World War III, as a public safety issue at the very least, tho.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:16 | 3511912 ejmoosa
ejmoosa's picture

You meant that they will attempt to confiscate, did you not?  The odds of successful confiscation grow slimmer by the day.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:33 | 3512162 Jack Napier
Jack Napier's picture

Firearms stand little chance against drones, sound cannons, molecular disruption, or carpet bombing.

Guns are to protect yourself when the government stops working. The 2nd Amendment is a nice liberty we still have, but we've seen what happens to militias.

In the meantime the rest of the zombies will go along with any necessary erosion of civil liberties on our behalf.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:06 | 3512301 TriGuy
TriGuy's picture

In such a dystopian future the government couldn't go carpet bombing people without destroying the nation/economy, and they couldn't go all tyrannical using drones and such on their own people and expect the entire military/police force to remain on their side. No matter how advanced tech gets guns in the hands of the people will still hold power. Just ask the Syrians.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 02:19 | 3512960 Edward Fiatski
Edward Fiatski's picture

You would be amazed how an isolated of an incident this could be.

If such amazing theatrical performances like 9/11, Sandy Hook & Boston could be staged on U.S. home soil without the peasants even blinking an eye, then you can bet that an isolated confiscation/round-up of "patriots" could become a reality.

Won't be televised.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:31 | 3512163 toady
toady's picture

That's the upside, but I'm concerned about the downside.

There's gonna be millions of armchair Rambos out there shooting at everything that moves. Every hunting season the woods get a little more crowded. Four years ago the hilljacks about a mile north of us went full-auto. We won't even drive past that one at night during hunting season or on weekends. They're all drunk as hell & firing full clips in the air all night.

Then there's the city boys that come wandering up lost. One time this one guy kept dropping his rifle. Just flat out dropped it on the ground at least three or four times I was all cringing every time, waiting for it to go off.

We're way back in the woods and this shit is happening. God help anyone that lives in town near these freaks, especially now that they're arming themselves

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:46 | 3512208 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

there are a few things that really make the question the veracity of your post, but the "now that they're arming themselves" was the clincher.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:19 | 3512683 toady
toady's picture

But you missed the operative word!


Now that 'freaks' are arming themselves. The kind of people who have never used a weapon, who drop them accidentally, who fire them in the air for fun, who shoot their dick off and end up in the hospital.

Everyone knows that guy you wouldn't want around during a hunting trip cause he might shoot you in the face.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 01:52 | 3512921 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

i'm not trying to be confrontational but to answer your last assertion, virtually everyone i know is at least passing familiar with the basics of firearm safety, and no i don't know anyone that i wouldn't want around because i was afraid of being shot in the face.  would i not want some of them around for other reasons, sure.  we also don't let new shooters do irresponsible things with their firearms around here either.

chances are drunk rednecks have been armed for quite some time before now.  i also have a hard time believing the "full auto firing in the air for fun."  both the full auto part, and the part where they're constantly pissing money into the air aimlessly.  even .22LR rounds are worth at least a quarter apiece in the open market right now, and anyone who has bought ammo recently is aware of what is going on.

and really, sounds not me like for all you know they're target shooting.  have you actually witnessed the wildly irresponsible actions that you're alleging?  i would be willing to bet that the BATFE would be interested in an NFA stamp holder engaging in such activity.  i also would not hestitate for a second to report such individuals to the local authorities if i had good reasons to believe they were behaving in such a manner with any firearms, much less automatic weapons.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 10:29 | 3513695 toady
toady's picture

Target shooting around a raging bonfire while loud music plays... The cops have been there to break up parties before. Maybe they'll take their guns some day, but I thought most posters here were against that sort of thing. I'd like them to get some alcoholics anonymous instead of confiscating guns.

Your comments on not knowing anyone you wouldn't trust with a weapon are pretty funny. You either live farther back in the woods than I do!

OK, let me try to restate this so it's easier to understand. I believe most of the Obama era gun purchases are based on fear. Sure, a lor of the purchases are being made by people who already know how to handle weapons, but a lot of them are being made by people who will just load them and leave them in the nightstand. When push cones to shove there's gonna be a lot of people waving around weapons they've never fired. More every day.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 10:33 | 3513716 Agent P
Agent P's picture

I don't know about the full auto mountain hillbillies, but there are a LOT of new first time gun owners out there that don't know dick about firearms safety.  You can see it at the gun shops (with empty weapons thank God), but more and more I'm seeing it at my local range.  Muzzle sweeps, fingers always on triggers, walking down to check targets with a chambered rifle laying on the table...I've seen plenty of behavior that makes me nervous about getting shot in the face.  Usually, I will offer some friendly advice and most people are willing to accept it, but on one occasion two dudes showed up about five minutes after me, and they were being so reckless, I packed up my shit and left.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 10:28 | 3513704 Liposuction
Liposuction's picture

Also he gets a -1 for "clips".  Are those high-capacity-assault-magazine-clips?

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:55 | 3512673 rum_runner
rum_runner's picture

>> Every hunting season the woods get a little more crowded


The number of hunters in the US is on a steady decline.  Perhaps available land for hunting is declining too.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:13 | 3512713 toady
toady's picture

I've heard it's getting harder get drawn for permits out west, but my uncle manages to get drawn in AZ & CO on a regular basis.

Here in MI you just walk in and buy licenses. I've seen guys buying a permit, a couple boxes of shells, a bottle of Jack & a 30 pack.

God bless America!

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:27 | 3512748 TheMeatTrapper
TheMeatTrapper's picture

Every hunting season the woods get a little more crowded

The number of hunters in the US is on a steady decline.  Perhaps available land for hunting is declining too.

Both statements are true. It will only get worse.

A small dose of reality from the southern rural areas. There is less and less hunting land available. The cost per acre increases each year. As the cost to lease increases, the locals who are barely scraping by to begin with can no longer afford to legally hunt the land down the dirt road they live on, because "rich" out of towners have bid up the price of the hunting leases. 

You see this in Georgia and South Carolina where doctors, dentists and lawyers from Florida buy up the leases and locals have no place to hunt. 

You end up with conflict. Poaching. Vandalism. Theft. And worse. Every year there are more and more unexplained "accidents" in the woods.

My company paid $20,000 to lease 1,100 acres of prime white tail habitat and to have a full time property manager maintain the greenfields and shooting houses. 

We killed six deer this past year. 

I had an encounter at 3:47 am one morning with a night hunter on our land while I was camping. I had my 9 year old son with me. Not a pleasant situation. It also explained why we only killed six deer. The truck looked a lot like the one our land manager drives.

People are already turning to poaching to feed their families down here. 

I had a run in with a local SWAT/K9 cop in the woods. I caught him in uniform, on company time erecting a deer stand in the woods. He told me to my face that he "knew the game warden" and had "unlimited night hunting priveleges". He bragged about shooting deer at night with his night vision scoped rifle. 

He also bragged about stealing peoples game cameras when poaching their property. He got all pissed off when his K9 unit stepped in one of my coyote traps and got caught. The SOB destroyed about $250 worth of my traps. Deputy McCool, Jefferson County, Alabama Sheriff's Dept. Sawed off little motherfucker.

The shit is already real for a lot of people. Hell I had a guy from Spain contact me from Zerohedge and thank me for a fish trap design I published on YouTube. The economic policies we rail about here every day are having a very real, human cost - people are having to catch their food all over.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 02:02 | 3512940 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

poaching has always been an issue and always will be an issue.  i'm not discounting what you're saying but things haven't changed in my little piece of the south a whole lot.  no offense but sounds like ya'll have a nasty yankee infestation up there, and maybe aren't as "rural" as you think perhaps?

also sounds like a) a new property manager is needed and b) "officer mccool" needs to have one of those "unexlaplained accidents" you're talking about.  maybe they both do, who knows.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:43 | 3512789 dunce
dunce's picture

I was heading to Viet Nam in 67 and the radio announced that more deer hunting licenses were issued in AZ. than the official number of troops over there, but the death rate in for people in Nam was much higher. That was just one state . Who knows how many hunters there were nation wide but there were very few accidents i am sure. Most accidental deaths from guns occur in our inner cities plus most of the deliberate deaths. Drive by gangbangers do not practice gun safety.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 08:24 | 3513235 Chaos_Theory
Chaos_Theory's picture

"Attempt to confiscate...grow slimmer by the day."

Really?  Did you not just see the template in Boston and Watertown?  Now just imagine that template across the nation happening at the same time while the good lap dogs of the MSM tell us all to provide our support to the government during an emergency.  Probably the official storyline will involve a terrorist conspiracy and loose WMDs. 

The ones who have stored theirs off-sight will get a temporary reprieve I guess.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 01:51 | 3512925 Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor's picture
“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

There will probably be an attempted confiscation. And most of the people who make a lot of talk on forums about how badass they are and how they will kill anyone who comes to take their guns- A lot of those people will not put up a fight when the time comes. Those who do fight had better be pretty damn well coordinated for the thing to work. If enough people fight back it could really mess up the system, but the question is, how many people are going to spontaneously risk their life if they don't know that anyone else is fighting?

"The next war... may well bury Western civilization forever." -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 04:47 | 3513055 Sanksion
Sanksion's picture

They might come house per house, by group of 20 SWAT-like gunmen. 1 vs 20. No chance here.
You might want to take your guns and run away, and if you survive hide in the maquis, then fight against the infrastructure to destroy the empire. You'll find some people out there. There always were.

If Solzhenitsyn had known what will happen to him for the next 10 years when he got arrested (if his minds didn't deny reality...), he would have screamed, fought, and died. But it is better than cooperating obediently to your own destruction.

But we have no excuse. We know. Look Guantanamo, that is what an occidental administration is able to do. They have nothing to envy to the orthodox sovietism.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 08:15 | 3513214 20834A
20834A's picture

If people organized their neighbors with an alert system, when those 20 swat guys showed up, then 30 neighbors could surround them. Using their own arms as 'peaceful persuasion' might have a real effect. If nothing else, the news *might* make the MSM and the individual can't be easily portrayed as  a lone, crazy, criminal gun nut.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:41 | 3513471 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

Most people are sheepish cowards. I'm not sure how you would go about sifting through the population to come up with a "community" of like minded people who would actually stand up to force. The Branch Davidians maybe? THEY will never let it happen. We are on our own.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 11:39 | 3514055 tsx500
tsx500's picture

only one soon as the 30 neighbors show up, how long til Mr. Drone makes an appearance ??      then what  ??

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:22 | 3511929 Tango in the Blight
Tango in the Blight's picture

Yanks have guns and ammo but they do absolutely NOTHING with them except polishing them and plinking cans. Their ancestors had guns and ammo and used them to drive away the most powerful empire on Earth (at the time).

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:30 | 3511962 PiratePawpaw
PiratePawpaw's picture

True on the right and left coasts, not so much in the middle. We just get less coverage 'cause we are "the great unwashed" in "flyover country".

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:17 | 3513398 somecallmetimmah
somecallmetimmah's picture

Beware the man with only one gun...

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:41 | 3512003 TheFulishBastid
TheFulishBastid's picture

Visit Chicago or Detroit sometime...

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 11:41 | 3514061 tsx500
tsx500's picture thanks !    :>(

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:41 | 3512164 NoDebt
NoDebt's picture

We (private owners) don't shoot first.  But when need arises, do not doubt that those weapons are in good working order, loaded and handled by a person who can usually hit what they are aiming at.  They are there to protect family, home and neighbors.  Not to knock over the local courthouse or stage an insurrection.


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:37 | 3512612 Joe A
Joe A's picture

Are they a match for drones operating at 5,000 feet?

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 01:15 | 3512848 NidStyles
NidStyles's picture

You're an idiot.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 01:39 | 3512897 ejmoosa
ejmoosa's picture

Drones have operators, right?  Are they at 5,000 feet?

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 04:28 | 3513048 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

Exactly, well said and a reminder to those posters hear who are getting rather scared :)

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 08:14 | 3513216 20834A
20834A's picture

Actually, plans are already available on the internet that show how to jam drones. OOOPS

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 10:03 | 3513586 whirling tword ...
whirling tword freedom's picture


There are 350M Americans.  We don't want trouble.  We don't want to go and shoot up anything or anyone for that matter.  That's not the purpose of owning firearms.  Myself personally, it was how I maintained a relationship with my father through my teenage years.  I shot competitively on a rifle team starting at the age of 10yrs old and my father took an interest in that with me.

No, for me at least, shooting has been a part of my life for a long, long time.  Now, firearms are a way of protecting your life, the lives of your family and, in Texas, your property too.  I live outside of city limits in rural Texas.  I don't depend on the police to get here in time to save me.  I'm responsible for that.  The police can get here and mop up if we have a problem out here.  ( I don't expect to ever have any, however )  I live in an area where everyone knows everyone else and, they'll help me defend my property and, in turn, I'll help them with theirs.  I only hope that will never be necessary....  I hope and pray that there will never be that day but, like I said, "I'm a gun guy"... always have been and, long before there was ever a shortage, I was stacked cheap and deep with loading components.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:49 | 3512222 Boondocker
Boondocker's picture

Lots of americans have combat experience......

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 08:22 | 3513225 20834A
20834A's picture

And are engineers, welders, pilots, computer nerds, etc. etc. That saying abour American Ingenuity still applies, as well. So very many skill sets- this isn't some 3rd world country (yet) with little material to hand and an unskilled populace.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 08:34 | 3513262 Chaos_Theory
Chaos_Theory's picture

DHS has them on the list of potential "homegrown terrorists."

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:45 | 3513496 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

People will do what makes the "feel" safe long before they will do what will actually make them safe. Buy a gun and put it in a safe, so it is safe, so you are safe, from yourself, and never, ever learn how to use it. Being safe means being self reliant and most do not want to make those kind of sacrifices. Simply consume what is fed to them, Buy "insurance" from those who are the actual threat and turn on the TV to find a more desirable reality than what your mind is trying to show you.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:03 | 3511656 jonjon831983
jonjon831983's picture

"any advertising is good advertising"?

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:21 | 3511710 LongBalls
LongBalls's picture

This is what you call the collective "middle finger" to the American governmental establishment. Bring it fools.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:05 | 3511867 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

and the collective "this place is going down the toilet so what do you expect me to do"

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:29 | 3511948 Wakanda
Wakanda's picture

Switch from pressure cookers to Spiderman towels.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:12 | 3511813 Headbanger
Headbanger's picture

And I helped!  Love my GP 100 stainless! 

But drooling for a Smith 626 stainless... 

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:53 | 3511818 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

We're going to need background checks on Mom and Grandma or anyone else trying to buy these dangerous pressure cookers.

Grandma might blow herself up or get scalded at the least trying to duplicate the Colonel's famous fried chicken.

Background checks and training, pressure cooker certifications; and proof when buying bone-in chicken.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:02 | 3511856 Chuck Walla
Chuck Walla's picture

It is amazing that more Americans are worried about Barack Obama as president than more school massacres.  It is Very telling that they identified the totalitarian so quickly.



Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:23 | 3511932 blueRidgeBoy
blueRidgeBoy's picture

if we had truly identified the totalitarian quickly, we would not have elected him twice.  8 years is a long time.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:49 | 3512034 El Oregonian
El Oregonian's picture

Who says he was re-elected?

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:19 | 3512131 Nimby
Nimby's picture

Au contraire mon frere.  I voted for Obama the second time around because he was a totalitarian.  Only way to take it back is to let it crash first.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:50 | 3512226 Big Slick
Big Slick's picture

Jim Kunstler?  Is that you?

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 07:56 | 3513195 jughead
jughead's picture

unfortunately you are correct, sir. 

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 07:56 | 3513194 jughead
jughead's picture

If we had identified the totalitarian quickly, we would not have elected him 4 times...not to mention all of his successors. 

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:38 | 3511994 Lednbrass
Lednbrass's picture

Some parts of the country realized that it was a totalitarian country 150 years ago, spotting another one isn't tough when you have six generations of practice. 

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:23 | 3512366 Freddie
Freddie's picture

I don't watch TV or Hollywood's shit because it is for retards who like supporting the regime.  I laugh and get sick when I see lying ****ing news online trying to scare the masses about Iran and Syria.  O and Wash DC are the biggest threat to America.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:00 | 3511858 Dudeskis
Dudeskis's picture

The government is applying authoritarian pressure to the citizen(market) and the market(people) are responding by arming for war.


For those interested over 2011 and 2012 I purchased 9000 rounds of 7.62x39 at $209/1000 shipped, 11,000 rounds of .22LR at various prices at around 4.5 cents a round, and 4000 rounds of 9x19luger at $90/500 shipped.  So far in 2013 I've sold,

4000 rounds of 7.62x39 @$399/1000

1500 rounds of 9x19 @199/500

5000 rounds of .22LR @$80/1000 or 8cents a round

Entry position: $1331

Exit: $2593

Profit: $1262

I'm satisfied with the return from my investment.  I consider buying ammo investing in multiple commodities (copper, brass, lead) at the same time while also having a great trade in panic market conditions.  It's inflation protected and let's not forget that in dark times you can use a bullet to get some gold.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:05 | 3511876 Jreb
Jreb's picture

+1000 - ZH post of the day.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:16 | 3511910 willwork4food
willwork4food's picture

Don't foget the other 'tradables': cigs, liquors, medicines(esp. pennicillin), TP, food and potable water.

"Hey dude, trade you 3 rolls of TP for a few cigs and bullets, eh?"

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:23 | 3511934 Dudeskis
Dudeskis's picture

Yeah I've been considering getting fish antibiotics to refridgerate as a hedge on Obamacare induced price increases and barter potential.  I do have PMs but I don't get too excited about it. 

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:14 | 3512335 Freddie
Freddie's picture

What are fish antibiotics?   Guns will be the new clubs if ammo does not start turning up. 

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:23 | 3512371 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

Veterinary levels of antiobiotics that can be taken in a pinch.   

Tetracycline sells for MUCH cheaper at the vets than in the Emergency room and works just fine.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:32 | 3512385 Dudeskis
Dudeskis's picture

Penecilin, Mox, and other antibiotics are available for "fish" without a prescription.  These pills are often exactly the same pills as those sold in the pharmacy as generic.  You can purchase them online from various sites but I'd suggest you do some research and find out which brands sell the human generic pills as the "fish" version.  I don't think they are worth getting in to in large quantities like ammo as they don't keep for 50+ years like ammo but having a small ammount at home wouldn't be the worst thing to have.  Going for larger quantities as a hedge on future increased medical costs is risky.  In some disaster scenerio though they'd likely be one of the most valuable things to have. 

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:05 | 3512502 espirit
espirit's picture

Just double ordered 500mg Cipro.  Studies indicate 10yr. shelf life.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:14 | 3512546 Freddie
Freddie's picture


Thanks dudes.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:41 | 3512002 FreeNewEnergy
FreeNewEnergy's picture

I don't legally own any guns, but I am planting a shitload of tobacco, so, I figure I will be the richest dude in the FEMA camp with plenty of armed nicotine addicts protecting my every move.

Gots ta hav yer pri-or-i-tees.

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em, gents. If ya no gots 'em, I can hep ya out.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:26 | 3511946 blueRidgeBoy
blueRidgeBoy's picture

and you're not even price-gouging.  That Luger price is not the highest I've seen - want to sell your remaining 2500 rds?

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:17 | 3512130 Dudeskis
Dudeskis's picture

I have to wait a couple of weeks to see if they are going to use executive actions to restrict the importation of Ukrainian ammo(wolf,tula).  I made it a point to charge below max market value to move more and do it easily.  I also didn't want to be a scumbag and every transaction left the buyer with a smile on their face and I was already close to if not above a 100% profit margin.  The .22LR right now is moving the fastest and I'd sell more if I didn't like shooting it.  Also the current gun market is focused on (military style) weapons.  I've been using some of the profits to snatch up older weapons like Browning Auto-5 shotguns people are selling to buy ARs.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:53 | 3512237 Big Slick
Big Slick's picture

I see ZH is doing its part to increase the importation of Ukranian girlfriends

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 02:37 | 3512972 e_goldstein
e_goldstein's picture

Personally I'm intrigued by that smoking hot Japanese girl. I wonder if she glows in the dark.


Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:02 | 3513344 somecallmetimmah
somecallmetimmah's picture

Congrats on your return on ammo investment.  I'd be cautious going forward, however.  The new demand signal has been received.  Supply has ramped up, and while you & I can't see it on the shelves at Walmart, it will eventually catch up with demand.  2 months? 5 months? Next year?  I don't know, but it will happen.

Ammo is like beanie babies now.  Every Walmart stalker thinks they're going to make a killing buying 50,000 rounds of 22lr to sell on the internet.  They will regret this choice.  Eventually the market will realize there is a glut of ammo out there, and prices will go thru the floor.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:08 | 3514237 tsx500
tsx500's picture

of course, you are assuming the fed guv stays out of the way and doesn't get (moar) 'involved' in the ammo market/supply chain (*cough tax cough executive order cough*).     now i gotta go to Walgreens to find something to take care of this damn cough....

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:29 | 3511958 Stockmonger
Stockmonger's picture

Ammo is the new Bitcoin.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 11:23 | 3513951 Agent P
Agent P's picture

Except for the fact that ammo is tangible and useful.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 09:44 | 3513489 gaoptimize
gaoptimize's picture

From my perspective, you've done us all a service by putting ammo in reach of (hopefully patriots) people who now know they need them.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:45 | 3512012 Aeternus
Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:52 | 3512043 Scro
Scro's picture

Good timing. I just received an AR 15 and 2 lower receivers today.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:41 | 3512621 markettime
markettime's picture

Filsey Americans! Not giving up gunses likes I tolzed dem to! Not giving us back our precious either! Filsey Americans!

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 18:46 | 3511607 Anonymouse
Anonymouse's picture

Of course, thanks to DHS you can't find any ammo....

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:20 | 3511714 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

Not gonna pass.

What about they pull all the funding for DHS and use the money to build a few ammo factories that will exclusively sell to the consumers??

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:24 | 3511735 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

Just pull their goddamn funding...

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:52 | 3511826 DCFusor
DCFusor's picture

Pulling funding will never happen to an agency that has warrant-less wiretap powers over the most black-mailable people on the planet - congress.

How long do you think it took even the most brainless bureaucrat to figure that one out?  C'mon.

Me, I can't be blackmailed.  For the record, I DID inhale, and I DID stick my dick in her....and I don't care who knows.

Now, a congress critter - they do all the same stuff we do, only worse, but they care or can't get their job back at election time, and it's too lucrative to just walk away from - how do people barely into 6 figure salaries all retire as multimillionaires, after all?  It's obvious.

So, they try to slap down DHS or any derivative of that junk - they get a word from someone, and they back way-way off.  It's the biggest dog that didn't bark I've ever not heard.

Notice in a time of budget cutting it never even comes up?  Funny thing, that.  I'd think people here would have figured that out by themselves already.


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:49 | 3512023 Isotope
Isotope's picture

I read somewhere (here?) in the past year about the historical fate of legislative bodies which pass repressive laws against the rights of their people. They frequently find themselves to be among the first victims of their own laws.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:14 | 3512110 willwork4food
willwork4food's picture

And those that do are noted. We have a special, imported, top-of-the-line grade hemp rope knotted just for them.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 23:18 | 3512554 Freddie
Freddie's picture

There are plenty of lamp posts and utility poles as well.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:45 | 3512452 Dudeskis
Dudeskis's picture

You only have to go back to the 90's to see the electoral bloodbath that ensued for the dems after they passed the first AWB. That year the dems lost 54 house seats and 8 senate seats resulting in the first GOP house majority in 40 years.  In political terms it was as devastating as a the metorite that ended the dinosaurs.  The current push failed not because of the NRA but because the dems couldn't even get the votes for it within their own party.  It's no shock to us that these pols care more for their offices than "the chilren!".  You had secure seat holders like Feinstein trying to get the lemmings to follow her off the cliff but no one was/is having it.  Not to mention Reid barely scraped by in his last election and if he threw his capital behind he'd be gone his next cycle.  Nevada has some large gun manufacturers and the state is overwhelmingly pro 2nd amend. 


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:28 | 3511746 DaddyO
DaddyO's picture

This site has ammo in stock...


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:40 | 3511781 kito
kito's picture

no boxes of 1000 rounds of 9mm for $200 bucks. those days are gone. now we have to pay out the nose for a box of 50..................................why didnt i order more!!!!!  im eyeing a springfield xd .45...but whats the point....cant find the ammo for it....................

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:47 | 3511796 DaddyO
DaddyO's picture

I was at a gun show this past weekend in Tallahassee, no pistol ammo in qty. any where in sight. A few boxes of highly priced pistol ammo. Virtually no bigger caliber pistol, mostly 9mm.


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:49 | 3511805 kito
kito's picture

its pretty scary actually.............i have to scrounge for a box here and there.......and then one hour at the range and its of the side effects of this is although membership is up......range activity is down..................i dont see as much of a wait at our shooting range......people are conserving ammo.......people are not going as much as before...............

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:56 | 3511839 DaddyO
DaddyO's picture

The link I posted above was selling in Tally, they seemed to have cases of the most popular rifle calibers in steel and brass and had a little 9mm in steel.

The ranges in my neck of the woods seems to be very busy, there is also a place not far from my house at the end of a dirt road that is quite busy judging from the sound of constant gunfire. Everytime I hear them shooting, I think they are preparing for something as I have lived here a few years and not heard that kind of activity.


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:14 | 3511902 Jena
Jena's picture

Our local gun store says they're still getting plenty of ammo in on a regular basis but it sells out within a day.  They gave my husband the schedule for what usually comes in on what day (i.e. shotgun shells on every other Tuesday).  This was awhile ago. He hasnt gotten around to going back to stock up.  Having it be available (but expensive) lessened the urgency as far as he was concerned. 

I thought I was quoting you guys enough... guess I'll have to do it more.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:55 | 3512254 Ms. Erable
Ms. Erable's picture

Been doing this to find .40S&W and 5.56x45 for a while, but some things have been remaining on the shelves for longer periods in the last few weeks; supply is starting to catch up with demand, at least in my neck of the woods, for .223, 5.56x45, .380, .40S&W, and .308WIN. Still hard to get .22LR, 9mm, 45ACP, or 7.62x39 unless you're waiting in line a few hours before the stores open.

Prices, however, remain ridiculous even at the retail level.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:54 | 3511836 RobD
RobD's picture

Big Reno Gun show two weekends ago. There was some ammo but you  had to wait in a 5 hour long line and .223 was sold out by 3pm.

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:11 | 3514261 tsx500
tsx500's picture

what price on the 223 ?

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 12:22 | 3514302 Freedom Isnt Cheap
Freedom Isnt Cheap's picture

My son and I shoot often. we shoot .223, 9mm, 40, 45ACP, 30 Carbine, .308. We reload with a Dillon 550 Progressive and have been since 2007. After we are done shooting not only do we pick up our brass but everybody else brass that just leaves them in the desert. I have 10,000 plus 223/5.56 brass alone. Interesting thing is this ammo shortage has brought about a new wave of new reloaders so bullets, powder, and primers are starting to get tighter and more expensive. Where I used to be able to reload 223 at about 15 cents per bullet its now closer to 30 cents based on new supplies purchased. I can still buy .224 Dia Hornady bullets in bulk (6,000) on Just bought another 8lbs of powder at $20 per pund. Its out there but you have to work to find it.

Next time you are at Cabellas see how well they are stocked on reloading dies and powder, primers. You won't find any. Dillon our local reloading equipment manufacture in Scottsdale is 12 plus weeks backordered. Go to and you will find plenty of ammo powders and primers but at a hefty price. I live in the Phoenix area about 35 miles outside of town in a small rural area where the postal lady drives her own truck and one of the guys I know here just got his license to manufacture reloaded ammo. He intends to produce target ammo. Not sure how well that venture is going to work out for him but the gun and ammo business is making a lot of people rich.


Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:42 | 3512433 Got_Nukes
Got_Nukes's picture

Many places have ammo in stock, but you have to be willing to pay the flipper prices. I've bought my limit at several local places at normal prices this week.  There are tools available to show when things are in stock.  People need to stop paying the prices on gunbot and the prices will come down.

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 18:58 | 3511646 Cult_of_Reason
Cult_of_Reason's picture

I have saved a little bit for a rainy day, but definitely will stock up on more ammo when it is available.

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