Nigel Farage On "Wholesale, Violent Revolution" In Europe

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In a little under two minutes, Nigel Farage sums up the utter farce that "the religion" that Europe has become. He explains, his fear is that what will break up the Euro, "is not the economics of it, but wholesale, violent revolution," in the Mediterranean, and that is "all so unnecessary!" Speaking at Simon Black's Offshore Tactics workshop, the so-called modern day Cicero goes on to point out that France's Hollande is "the number 1 among idiots running countries around the world," and worries that Merkel's pending election means there will be more and more 'tough talk and action' as she shows the people she is in charge. Simply put he warns, alongside Ron Paul, that if you have money in European banks, "Get your money out," because, "when the next phase of the disaster comes, they will come for you."


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PS FUCK YOU Bernanke!!!!!


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Revolution! Revolution!

Everyone grab your gu......



Oh yeah, I forgot...

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I think the plebs would pay full retail for a revolution.

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There's virtually only about two dozen prominent people that understand and talk candidly about the current issues. There's millions of them telling you that all's OK, don't worry, be happy.

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Who's going to deride Simon Black now?

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Nobody. Because he doesn't suck as an event organizer.

It's when he puts pen to paper and talks about his super sekrit CIA past, or raves how things are sooo much better living on a pig farm in rural Cambodia that he gets ridiculed. Or when he talks about Chile being stable and secure compared to America without a trace of historic irony... Good lord.

This was a great event with great speakers. He should stick to organizing and give up pontificating.

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Any links to more of it?   At the end of that video I see Peter Schiff (thank you Lauren Lyster for introducing truth seekers to the general public) on the left, and Ron Paul on the right.  I'm sure Rigel was not the only man speaking truth at that event.

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I'll second that.  Someone below posted a link to Nigel speaking at the Manning Networking Conference; I'd like to see the rest of this clip, though.  It's a shame to reduce Farage, who usually does build arguments, to a set of soundbites, however clever they are.  After all, if Tyler and others are going to call him a modern Cicero, his orations ought to be available in full, not in excerpts.

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no mention of the entire all star cast...ron paul and nigel in the same place, shiff, rogers.....were can i watch this entire thing?

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He gave a similar speech at the Manning Networking Conference recently (MNC 2013), and several parts were identical (word for word in speech and delivery) to the one in Santiago.

A true "politician".

/ Hey, but what does 'Kirk' know! /s

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A true Trekkie posting BS. Star Trek - how sad.  Retards who love TV and Hollywood's shit.  You must enjoy brainwashing.  Your hero is a fat Canadian bagel boy who drowned his wife.

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shat is a hebe- they get a free pass in Hollywood for murder.

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Just imagine the scene: Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, Nigel Farage, Jim Rickards, and Peter Schiff, all on stage at the same time, Saturday night, in Santiago, Chile.

Fortunately we hired a professional film crew to capture it all on video, and we’ll be making that available soon.


I look forward to that!

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As South American capitals go, Santiago is up there with the best of them...

Maybe the lesson here is ....move to Santiago....   very nice....


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For the small fee of $895 you can have it.

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A rural pig farm in Cambodia?
It's tough, kid, but it's life!

I'm on a pig farm in Cambodia,

didn't forget to pack a wife. 


Seriously though, that sounds like quite an adventure..."Tonight after nightsoil is made, we eat long pig longtime, Joe!"

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the plebes will wait for the app

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"the utter farce that "the religion" that Europe has become" I probably missed that. you mean the remark about the EU anthem? well, even some clubs have anthems, flags and things like that

strikes me as silly that singing "Rule Britannia" and "God save the Queen" is good old healthy nationalism while wawing a blue flag with golden stars is a "religion". there is actually a word for this attitude: jingoism. it's a good old tradition, in some parts

anyway, his message is clear: "get your money out of the eurozone banks" - by that I must presume he means "bank with the City of London banks" (you know, the hyperhypothecating megabanks)

"Wholesale, Violent Revolution in Europe" (with Europe he means the eurozone, not the UK) - on this, I have a small personal observation: I see British pundits and politicians way more nervous about violence and revolutions than their continental counterparts

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here, here and "amen." i agree "these are delicate matters as well" ones that require both REAL solutions (natural gas, solar, cloud computing) AND attention to detail (execution, manifestation, repetition, results.) the rhetoric is of course dramatic as mine was yesterday (in my world)...but towards what end? what is the purpose of the rhetoric? "to build a more perfect union"? (CLEARLY WE HAVE WE THE PEOPLE IN THIS MAN!) in other words "what's the plan, dude." obviously and i'm sure you know full well Ghordius that "the planners" are what are derisively called the "technocrats" in these here parts (and over there as well.) can't speak for the approaches being made but clearly they have a very profound understanding of the issues at hand "and are tasked with dealing with them." (obviously any thoughts you have in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps at the TOP of the article...but hey, cheap seats are still seats.) the statement (the state?) "they're coming for you" can mean many things...perhaps he got carried away as i often do...but i think what we're all looking for here is calm, rational conversations of a "way forward" that will make a positive and obvious difference to the most "and then come what may." the best i can offer is what works here...namely, crazily if you will..."what worked before" and what is claimed here regularly as the end of world namely securitized products that generate generate growth without inflation and "a light touch when it comes to regulation" (meaning something understandable) AND A STRONG TOUCH WHEN IT COMES TO LAW. (for nothing is lighter than the rule of law.) the Japanese have a saying which i'm sure Banzai knows better than I but it is something to the effect of "to copy something is to pay that something it's greatest compliment." we in the West demand (as the ancient Greeks did) so much in the way of "original thinking" (and the honors and emulents that come with such glories) in all ways there is a simplicity to...dare i ILLEGAL as it is. "Pragamatism" works too...see what your way through the problem, follow through, follow up. the title of the book was "Wealth of NATIONS" not "Wealth of Me." in other words "this crazy Scotsman Adam Smith devised a way to pay for the debts of the State" not for people to become billionaires and just start "blowing up the world" though obviously the riches of his ideas have proven simply staggering...even now. "the law might be an ass" (as our American Vice President famously said back in the 90's) BUT SO ARE TAXES, BUREAUCRACY, THE ARROGANCE OF THE STATE AND HAVING TO PAY FOR IT ALL. as we all know "payments are done personally"...unless of course we're talking something of a more...sinister nature.

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Don't worry.  Open immigration in the EUzone has assured there are plenty of Eastern criminial organizations just waiting to unload Russian surplus arms.  It will be Africa II Electric Boogaloo

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No doubt, if the FEDS confiscate in the good ole US of A, full auto will be made available to the plebs by the Cartels.

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Yes, but they won't have to cross any borders to do so.  Counter intelligence is the US a joke, the guy in charge of hunting spies for the FBI through the end of the Cold War was a Russian spy, and  they're not any brighter today then they were a decade ago.  Fascist thugs tend to like amassing huge stashes of weapons in convenient centralized locations and then hanging an ironic virtual Molon Labe sign on the front gate.  Crazy Q'Daff wasn't so crazy when be bombed the Benghazi DHS 'R US.  Syria - rinse & repeat with some really dirty bombs.  If TSHTF, Janet will need the armed drones for DHS strikes on Ft. Hood regardless of which side the Republic of Texas takes in the conflict.  

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Sorry, no criminal organization can match the criminal organizations from the US.  Consider this:

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ABC's best:

School House Rock Shot Heard Round the World America Rock

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I wish my young boys could see politically incorrect shit like that on TV- instead they get to see their prez call and congratulate some NBA monkey for admitting he's a cocksucker.

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Wait a second. You mean that the British were going to Lexington and Concord to seize the weapons arsenal?

Wasn't I just told a few years ago by the MSM that any such talk was ignorant? I think there was a female running for office that made the claim the Brots were coming for guns and everyone laughed at her. What the hell was her name?

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1.80 ~ European crisis status quo until 2018

3.50 ~ Merkel wins election, pledges further austerity

5.00 ~ Cyprus leaves Euro, pegs to UK sterling

9.75 ~ Beppe Grillo wins Italian Election, orders referendum, sets Euro trend

12.0 ~ Spain leaves Euro, issues Labour Certificates, 0% unemployment, invades Sicily, Portugal, Gibralter and French Catalonia

75.0 ~ Euro debt forgiven

99.0 ~ Bank rigging scandal exposed by Mainstream Media

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But benny promised us all the next phase will not come. He has infinite ink

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...all so unnecessary

beg to differ

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Europeans need to understand AGAIN what tyranny means... apparently, they forgot what the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Italy's Mussolini and Spain's Franco did to them...

Europeans have GOT to understand that statism ain't the fucking way to go!! It needs to go through their thick heads already... if it needs ten million dead, then so be it!

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There's a reason people have always sought to leave Europe.

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Like Obam's Amerika is much better.  The Rothschild's muslim puppet.

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Yes, it is beause they are weak and feeble. The strong stay behind.

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And where is there NOT statism?

They're fucked not so much because of statism, but rather, they're fucked because they're aging and they have severely declining natural capital (natural resources, esp energy).

This is all about stepping back away from the ledge of unsustainable living.  Statism had tried to block this out of fear of what it would to to social order (the order that keeps the elites in power).

It'll all correct by Mother Nature's hands...

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The low birth rates correlate with nanny state socialism and arguably the secular hedonism rapant in such places is the cause of both.

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Both correlate with the spiritual decadence of a people which marks the decline of a civilisation. Libertarianism is as much a symptom of it as is socialism. The 'individual' versus 'society'? Both are historical anathema. There is no turning back.

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As do every other country living under the yoke of Democracy.

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Europeans forgot? Most Americans have forgotten what a magnificent republic was given to them. We have pissed it away to the point where liberty, as conceived by Franklin and Jefferson, is almost entirely a thing of the past. We are racing headlong into European style statism, with the 47% cheering as we go.

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47%? Man that's way too low.

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Ten million deaths ok? WTF? You gonna volunteer to be first?

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"Massive iceberg dead ahead sir"

"Steady as she goes helmsman"

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"As a really smart Economist, let's assume there is no iceberg." Capn' Bernanke.

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not iceberg. Is polar bear practicing backstroke for Olympics