President Obama Takes Questions, Answers Some - Live Webcast

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The President will take questions from the White House reporters at 1030ET. Will he mention the equity market at all-time highs? The strength of the housing market? The 'rising' unemployment rate? The 'falling' macro economy?Or, just as we saw with Consumer Confidence, a lot of 'hope'...


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Hollywood for ugly people

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He appears to be stuck in a bunker on the 8th. Be with you soon......

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The Virtual Fireside Chat

It's the perfect icing to our "virtual" world. Virtual discussions, virtual rights, virtual economies, fuck virtual wars, a virtual leader and, best of all, our virtual future.

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From the peanut gallery..

Who’s your daddy?

and.. how many layers does it take to post a fake birth document?

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Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

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Did Obama just say US faces danger from "self-radicalized" Americans? That one statement portends what his diabolical plan is for further usurpation of our inalienable rights.

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Chaos is good for statists like him.....they have the only solution in town (for many).

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he prefers "corporate-radicalized"

It worked for the High Court

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Don't you mean "The Company?"

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Indeed he did.  A new orwellien term to ponder.  he also suggested that these individuals might not be connected to any organization...  gee, i wonder where this is going...

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"Self-radicalized". Because, you know, Islam had nothing to do with it.


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Here's something radical there TOTUS, follow your job description or get your fucking shinebox!


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ques: who is john gault?

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If there is a diabolical plan, it isn't this moron's. This guy couldn't manage a lemonade stand.

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On the other hand, if he was managing the destruction of the lemonade stand, then he'd do fucking fantastic.

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Yeah, and his terror tuesday's meetings have absolutely no bearing on radicalizing them thar "brown" people because they only hate us for our freedumbs.

His comments like those you pointed out are imho, laying out the groundwork for a slippery slope just waiting to gobble up the lone white wolf, pissed off him family got shit canned out of their house on illegal grounds and slapped in the face with a $300 "reparation" from the guilty banks while the consultants made off with over $2billion.

I recently watched Agenda:The Grinding Down Of America and it really opened my eyes as to what this socialist pos potus, and a seemingly endless supply of lackeys, have in store for the majority.

America is a fucking republic, not a god damned democracy, and for good reason, until it's not anymore.

I only hope and pray the corruption that has permeated every nook and cranny of the power structures in this once beloved, great country ends up being it's own demise. I really don't see how much more blatant, in-your-face nefarious corruption the system can handle.

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WAS a republic. A Republic must be legitimized by a Constitution and since this is no longer the case what you have left is a quasi corporatocracy with smatterings of fascism under the auspices of "democracy".


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If you want to know what the hell went wrong in this country. It all started with the Act of 1871.

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Alaric Balth said....  "Did Obama just say US faces danger from "self-radicalized" Americans? "

He's correct.  We do...

Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Rahm Israel Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Joe Libreman, John Boehner, Ben Bernanke, Harry Reid...   You get the point. 

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Somewhere down below there is a valley, that can not be seen from above due to a refraction, I shall seek this valley.

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Do not waste your time.  It is a fiction novel that provides no solutions. 

We each need to create our own Mulligan's Valley.

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pretty obvious listening to this clown that ZATO is going to invade/bomb Syria...  they just want to look reasonable doing it, so have to posture about evidence (that they are still putting in place).

this is what evil looks like.

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they're done looking reasonable. That's what scares me.

It comes with the numbers. The oil numbers, the debt numbers, the war numbers, the guantanamo numbers. The unfiled criminal indictment numbers. None of them are reasonable.

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"I'd like to close it but I've had neither the time or power as President over the last 5 years to get it done due to Congress." What a fucking douche bag.

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you're giving feminine waste a bad name 

pods's picture

Exactly, they actually have a useful purpose.  

I think.  

I don't think I have EVER actually used that term properly, now that I think about it.



tarsubil's picture

I thought a douche bag is what is left over or washed out or the waste. How about douche waste? Obama is douche waste.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Actually I'd prefer "colon washings for fecal studies". We get a lot of them in the lab and believe me they aren't pretty or pleasingly fragrant. Perfect discription of anything out of this government.


Jekyll_n_Hyde_Island's picture

I'm not an B. Hussein O. fan.

  That being said, if you don't agree with the bombardment/demilitarization of Syria, you haven't been paying attention for the past 35 years.

  Syria has been a hive, a breeding ground for terrorist groups and paramilitaries.  They're like Iran's stupider, younger brother that always gets caught.

  When a spineless, smooth talking charlatan rolls his sleeves up and goes to fisticuffs -- acts have been committed that a clear headed vertebrate would have acted on long ago. 

tarsubil's picture

You'll have to forgive my lack of bloodlust. I guess I just haven't been paying attention for the last 35 years.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

That's nice./s. But who, besides Israel next door, and our welfare-dependant MIC really gives a sh*t? Live and let die.

Let the locals over there sort it out. If they're THAT worried, they can send in their own sons to battle.

I'm sooooo fucking tired of poor US schmucks bleeding and dying for them in wars of proxy.

"I don't want to be a 'hero', I don't want to die for you..." - '80s song. Should be the national anthem for 25 years, to clean House

General Decline's picture

" Syria has been a hive, a breeding ground for terrorist groups and paramilitaries."


You can say the same thing about Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv.

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No bombing of Syria, or anywhere else. I won the Nobel Peace Prize, remember?


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"Why do we always sit here,

I guess we'll never know,

It's kind of like a torture,

to have to watch this show...."

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Hollywood for bad actors, bad screenplay and bad script, must end badly

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I know janitors at bars that are sharper than this guy. Did he prepare for this at all? What a joke.


"If I get some credible info, I'm going to consider that a game changer with the stuff in Syria." (WTF does this even mean?)

"People don't seem intimidated going to Fenway Park." (Can people bring fucking pressure cookers into Fenway? What about allowing stormtroopers to enter their houses?)

"People calling me chicken little on sequestration but it has happened. Flight delays, meat inspectors, no White House tours. It all happened." (WTF? No White House tours are ruining our economy? Why not cut the White House parties instead?)

"Plenty of successes in the war on terror. We've entramped plenty of people all over the place. We can handle this." (I know I'm impressed.)

Jekyll_n_Hyde_Island's picture

He blasted big business, Wall Street, big oil, General Motors, “excess profits,” “millionaires” and the “wealthy.”

He called out the “corporation executive” for not paying his “fair” share.

He attacked “GOP” tax cuts that “spare the rich” and “benefit millionaires.”

He advocated wealth redistribution from greedy “corporations” to “health insurance” and “public works projects.”

He described himself as “progressive,” while his detractors accused him of being a communist.

He adopted slogans like “Forward” and “Change.” He wanted to transform America through what he called “fundamental change.”

He was skeptical of preachers and their effect on God-and-gun clinging Americans, and saw the Catholic Church as an obstacle to his vision for the state. He argued that Christians should support his ideas and enthusiastically sought the support of the “social justice” Religious Left. Moreover, many people were unclear about his personal religious beliefs, including whether he was a Christian.

Who is this man?

If you answered “Barack Obama,” you’re only half right. The answer is Frank Marshall Davis, Hawaii mentor to a young Barack Obama, and Communist Party member 47544.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Frank Davis is this lying sack of shit's biological father

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Guess its a buying opportunity right now...the DOW is IMPLODING a WHOPPING 77 points, thats gotta be a 7 sigma black swan event over the past 7 months.

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OT- OMFG - JPM house account called to deliver over 7 million ounces (~240 tons of silver yesterday.  That's a pretty hefty short position to be getting called out on.

And to top it off they had customers stand to get over 100,000 ounces of gold (~ 4 tons) yesterday too.  The ship is sinking faster!

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Not to worry....they will have the rules changed if things get tight for them....only a terrorits would be demanding delivery....this is only a paper market and all those playing in it must adhere to the rules....

Ident 7777 economy's picture




" OT- OMFG - JPM house account called to deliver over 7 million ounces (~240 tons of silver yesterday.  "


YA - delivery is from one side of the vault to the other* ...




(but nothing REALLY changes hands owing to he way the "Fractional reserve Gold inventory system" operates; Ask Kyle Bass of timco)


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Germany better send a couple ships over soon or their stash will be gone.

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It'd be more interesting if it was broadcast on Comedy Central, where it belongs...

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Prefer on the History Channel

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Prefer on the History Channel

At least then Krugman would have his flying saucers.

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Nickelodian, the way things are going   

The eyes remind me of my industry and you see it on every one of these bastards after a few years in office. There's absolutely no soul. You can smell the lying. But there's something else too. Depsite all the ego, all the money, all the cameras - you can see they know something's ugly. I know many folks call these guys idiots and they are to a big degree, but they got here somehow. They're much more criminal than retarded. There's a desperation too and futility. As if, as if whatever drop of humanity was left has dried up and they have given competely in.