This Is What A Stop Hunt Looks Like

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When the largest currency cross in the world spikes 70 pips on no news and starts trading like a penny stock, you know that beneath the calm surface of all-time high nominal stock prices, something is brewing... Of course, as we tweeted earlier, there is another reason for the ramp...



Retail needs to see S&P 500 at 1600... and in the face of macro data and micro earnings, there's only one way that is going to happen.

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Tick toc, tick toc, top tick, tip tock.

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Considering the fact that I am ten standard lots long USD/JPY, I sure the fuck hope it's not EUR/USD.

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I don't know why but that video disturbs me, greatly.

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Looks like a viagra reponse chart for the 5th dimension.

"up, up and away in my beautiful balloon"

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Algo assisted stops hunt or Draghi leaking to his Goldmanites about no ECB rate cut on Thursday?

ZeroPower's picture

Big option barrier @ 13150 before NY cut

Not seeing any corporates buying here though.

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Numbers continue to front run just before announced.

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I like it when ZH tweets tweak the algos.


radfish's picture

That's why I short both of them.


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Normal levered shakeout.  75 pips happens all the time.

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When the Euro tanks and the US Dollar rockets, equities and commodities priced in USD are gonna slide.


Monthly USD chart shows upside.

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I, too, see it your way...gotta ker-plunk that Euro in 'risk-off' fashion

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Well, Europe is doing pretty darn good these days, correct?


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Fuck it's the same as the gold price, the stock market, the whole financial markets doesn't reflect anything anymore, a few big fishes can move the shit when they want and they do it, that's all.

Welcome to the 2013 financial markets, it's time to stop caring about any foundamental or economic data

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Take a look at today's peeks and troughs versus yesterday's in Gold. They are freakishly similar. Almost like someone is intentionally manipulating the gold market. GASP!

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Exchange Stabilization Fund anyone?


"The U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund was established at the Treasury Department by a provision in the Gold Reserve Act of January 31, 1934."

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"Bay of Pigs"?

Are you from inside or outside Cuba?

Just curious to find out if Cubans have acces to ZH.

Going Loco's picture

Dunno where Bay of Pigs comes from - possibly flyover country? - but he has been around a while, used to post on Mish's blog 5 years ago. You could take some of his 2008 posts from Mish and put them here now and struggle to see the difference between then and now. Consistency is a virtue.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

HFT, if it is not one way, it is the other....

Downtoolong's picture

Serial (cereal) markets. There's a surprise in every box.


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Where is Stolper on this trade? Did the muppets get skewered again?

francis_sawyer's picture

Anybody technician could have told you that was going to happen... It's right there in those magic charts...


Retrofitted wave count labels coming in 5...4...3...2...

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Because Chicago PMI was so good.

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We need to start local ZH meetups.  Who's up for a beer this evening?

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Everybody has already been doing ZH meetups in most cities.  There are always tons of hot women, wealthy men, and fabulous conversations.  People share great insider information.  I cooked for everyone at the last meeting in my city; it was a two-day affair.  Suprised you haven't been invited.

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Our last ZH happy hour on Friday goosed the HNB (Hookers 'N' Blow) ETF up four handles in after hours trading. Once the algos found out we were meeting everything went apeshit.

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The ZH meetup I went to went sour. Started off OK with everyone comparing their stacks, then people started showing off their firearms, there was an argument about who was going to pay for the hooker, and five got shot, two killed. I was OK, I hid under the table with the hooker and relied on my diplomatic immunity when the cops arrived.

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I'll be the guy in the back with a trench coat. You whisper the code word and I'll respond with a cough.

BobPaulson's picture

Given your psudonym I would be a bit concerned about what you have concealed under that trenchcoat. Hope you aren't expecting the same treatment the doctor gives you right before you cough.

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Only if I can fight first.

NoDebt's picture

My NAMBLA meeting finishes up around 9:00, so I'm free after that.

It's just a joke.  Don't get your panties in a bunch.

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Not sure if I am voting or agreeing with something.

--Futurama Fry

IamtheREALmario's picture

I beg to differ. Retail does not give a damn about S&P 500 at 1600. They are gone... get over it.

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That would be Bernanke flushing the septic markets with $85B in fiat diarrhea...

venturen's picture

Who needs retail when you have a printing press. Who needs people when you can HFT! Why do you need jobs if deficits don't matter.

espirit's picture

Zackly.  Tossing the hot potato back and forth in milliseconds is all that counts.  It still amazes me that sheeple can't see the $85 Billion worth of potatoes being tossed monthly.

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Geez! What was that stop sweep in /ES at 10:00 am Eastern?

spanish inquisition's picture

Years ago, I was talking with someone about Superbowl betting. They said based on the total amout bet, it takes something like $25M on one side to move a half point on the line. In the FX casino, do you need to use alot of money to move a pip or is it an infinite leverage play that cleans out stops by hitting [enter] with no money down?

Baader's picture

Hope this wipes that smug smile from joe weaselthal of the Business Insider's stupid face.

writingsonthewall's picture

After his headlines of 'Gold is FINISHED' - a couple of weeks ago I pointed out that he was wrong and that the 'crash' was a liquidation and not a sudden epiphany of 'FIAT is better' aroound the world - and I asked him if he was going to resign (when he discovered I was right)

Now Gold has turned and the dipshit is still confused as to how GLD does not equal GOLD and the obvious disconnect there is (like fractional banking for gold) - I have been demanding his resignation.

As you might expect - rather than justify his position - Business Insider has decided to ban me from posting from this IP address - which means they just banned an entire FTSE 100 company from posting (because they don't understand what a proxy is).

So it seems that even 'liberals' are happy to get all 'fascist on your arse' when you point out the fooloshness of their thinking. They are quite prepared to smother comment when it exposes their lies of convenience.

P.s. I use the term 'liberal' - as a convenient irony from the 'democratic media' which is anything but - it doesn't actually reflect on the political or philisophical position of gullible jounralist hacks at BI.

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go EUR go!!  run, run, run!! right into my sells at 1.3190!!  come to papa!!

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Were you in EJ Tyler? Great trade!

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$85 billion a month of Italian and Spanish bond purchases?

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That sounds so Buffetesque.

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Come on! Just give me three weeks to close the sale on this fucking house so I can get out of this fuckery they call the Yen!!!

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Interestingly, E S is no longer giving as much of a s#!t about Euro spikes....INTERESTING...!!

OneTinSoldier66's picture

Exchange Stabilization Fund anyone?


"The U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund was established at the Treasury Department by a provision in the Gold Reserve Act of January 31, 1934."