Behold The Wealth Effect

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Curious where the always elusive "wealth effect" is going? It's going here:




But it's not all ponies and Bernanke-farts: this 'great' news is tempered by a slowing rate of acceleration in growth. Cue ominous music.


The good news for Porsche owners is that when the great reset finally comes, they can drive away from problem hotspots fast. Real fast.

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it was the best of crimes, it was the worst of crimes...

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Oh lord, won't you buy me a.....

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Im sorry but a man driving a Porsche is a fag.

Porsche is a womans car.

flame me if you will, just means you own a porsche and your a gay.

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Like any day on any road course I will kick your USA camaro POS ass!

camaro68ss's picture

hahaha, you must own a porsche.

My mom and grandma drive porsche, like i said,  a womans car

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The Careless Whisper Afternoon News Update & Threadjacking

Cali Senator's Husband Gets Billion Dolla Contract For Cali Hi Speed Rail to Nooooowhere

"Don Eva", "Loco Barrera", and "Chuchillo" (that would be Talented Eva, Crazy Barrerara, and the Knife) Arrested For Money Laundering "Through Traditional Money Laundering Methods"; No Traditional Money Laundering Bankers Arrested

Hollywood Wants Special Treatment From NY Gov Corleone; Asks To Use Scary Guns That He Outlawed


Meat Hammer's picture

I'm shocked!  Shocked, I say!  

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Porsche, eh?  What kind of financing can I get on one of those?

cifo's picture

There will be a lot of cheap second hand Porsches in a couple of years.

NidStyles's picture

Low mileage when they lose their jobs and can't afford the fuel as well. Premium only.

Divided States of America's picture

Bernanke is catering only to the wealthy.....he keeps saying inflation is well contained, well that is true when you are uber rich and your wealth is rising faster than inflation....but of course to the other 95%, too fuckin bad.

Spider's picture

I suppose this bodes well for Maserati sales too - that's what I call an economic recovery!

kito's picture

used to love the camaro guidomobile....Italian Rejects Out Cruising......

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Bitchin Camaro, drive it up on the lawn!


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Uh-oh, I have both.....I guess I am trying to find myself.

JR's picture


Mom and Grandma gotta be the smallest sampling of who drives what that I've ever seen.If you want to nail down a woman's car, they are Impalas and Camaros. hahaha

According to Forbes in 2008, "much as an RX400 owner might also feel the purchase of the car is a reward for his or her own success, that's more or less the sole motivation among those who buy a Porsche 911. The most decidedly male (87%) buyers are successful (median income $390,000), know what they want, work hard to get it and enjoy rewarding themselves when they reach a milestone….

And, "as much as the automakers' buyer data and demographics suggest about a particular car buyer, there are always exceptions. Seeing someone drive a smart fortwo doesn't immediately define that person as a CEO or a college student and rule out something in between. One cannot assume every Lexus hybrid SUV driver cares about the environment. And not every Porsche 911 driver is a brash, aggressive, white-collar male.

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As the previous owner of cars ranging from Porsches to GTOs, each is a tool for a specific job.  The Porsche is a much better all-around vehicle though.  Also, it's not like I went from being a manley man in my 4spd '69 GTO to being a limp-wristed flamer (not that there's anything wrong with that) in my 2,200 lb. mechanically fuel injected, hemi-headed '70 911S (yes - they had hemisphereical combustion chambers back then).  The 911 actually accelerated pretty close to the old Goat once you got it on the cams at about 5k rpm. . .  all the way up to the 7k+ redline.  That and you could double the posted on/off-ramp speeds.

Even though the double-pumper carbed GTO was pretty fast in a straight line (it was a 13 second car), even my 2.0L 914 GT replica would have toasted it on the first curve.

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Your grandpa is a fag or a crossdresser?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Like any day on any road course I will kick your USA camaro POS ass!

Dude, don't be such a fag.

Dolar in a vortex's picture

I hate to see Camaros in my run group.

Although I hear some GT3 guys are looking at the new Z28 because it's so low cost.

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My local SCCA chapter used to host "Porsche Club" people at our events ,, gave them group discounts and such ... it was like watching a bunch of 'tards ... absolutely no idea how to drive and they get SO PISSED when a 1971 2 liter Ford Pinto beats ALL of their best lap times ... They just stopped showing up after a while.


Just because a Camaro is "rough" doesn't mean it isn't fast on a road course ... Most people can't get even a small fraction of their cars maximum performance on a track ... the driver is key... and a well sorted 1970-1981 F body or a 1994-2002 or the new model F will all run really well. (just leave the 1967-1969 and 1982-2001 cars alone , they can't be "tuned" ,, gotta basically build a whole new car under them).

Citxmech's picture

I don't know where you're located, but when I had my 911S and 914, I would head over to Racer's Group at their shop at Sears Point.  I'd try and time my trips to when the PCA vintage guys were out - some of those guys were really f'n fast.

SemperFord's picture

I kind of agree but that goes for most(not all) supercar owners. They buy them for street cred, they can't acutally drive them. I have made guys in M3's and AMG Mercedes almost wreck trying to keep up with me in my modified Mustangs.

ExpendableOne's picture

Musting == expendable fast car for straight roads.  If you put some work into the suspension, they might go around a corner or two.  Agreed on the cars that are too expensive for the drivers to risk.  

Mox E's picture

Any driver challenging you to a street race is a douche. Don't risk other people's lives over your little dick.  I drive a Porsche and the dickheads always trying to challenge me or otherwise incite me into racing them are the asshole American 'sportscar' owners (sans Corvette), sometimes the modified rice racers, and mostly never other drivers of high end automobiles. A Porsche is a finely balanced daily driver. Not everyone who drives one is out to prove something. 

RafterManFMJ's picture

Says the man driving the VW Cabrio...

Meat Hammer's picture

Nah...fags drive Audis, Lexuses, and BMWs.  The guy who drives a Porsche is more of the cheesy, salmon-colored polo shirt, skinny dick variety.

camaro68ss's picture

with the sweeter tied around his neck.


Tinky's picture

What could possibly be more impressive and virile than someone who feels the need to openly disparage homosexuals? Surely it must be a sign of a big dick, not to mention nuanced lovemaking skills, to which countless previously satisfied women would no doubt attest.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

No, it's because fags are the most annoying people on the fucking planet. Why can't they just shut the fuck up? Just fill your pie hole with cock already so I don't have to listen to your monumentally self-absorbed bullshit.

Tinky's picture

Ah, I see. It's not about flaunting your impressive heterosexual qualifications, but rather stereotyping to a laughably absurd degree. 

Still impressive, in its own, sad respect.

DaveyJones's picture

Every politician is a fag? I'm confused

Meat Hammer's picture

Enjoy life...make fun of everybody!!!  I'm an equal-opportunity offender.  


akak's picture

Actually, fags drive cars. 

REAL men drive pickups.

Tinky's picture

Good point, though presumably those who drive pickups without gun racks are suspect...

PAWNMAN's picture

How about a pickup with a Kimber .45 under the seat?

Moe Howard's picture

Pickups come without gun racks? I didn't know that.

LeisureSmith's picture

You're a douche. I wish i bought a 60's Porsche when i could afford one, i dropped the ball and now they have become expensive. For those interested...Singer 911

(if you are talking about the Porsche Boxster....i tend to agree with you) 

waterhorse's picture

yes, Boxster and Cayenne are chick cars.

neidermeyer's picture

Boxster is the best current Porsche (modern day 916 or 914/6) ,, Cayenne is a damn station wagon.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

In the immortal words of Paulie Walnuts, the Boxster is the "Porsche with panties".

Citxmech's picture

I head a story that back in the days of the early 930 turbos, purchasers could sign-up for a track day taught by Porsche factory drivers.  One of the Porsche guys had his '73 Carrera RS there and apparently it would best the 930s at will.  It's all about power/weight - but all things being equal, lighter weight still wins on the road (you can brake much later).

pods's picture

Not everyone can afford a Yenko!



TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

...and not everyone can find a Trabant for sale in their local used car lot.

redpill's picture

You've never driven a Porsche, have you.  Just admit you can't afford one and go try to wash the ugly off your Camaro again.