ECB "Technically Ready" To Ask Depositors To Pay Banks For Holding Their Money

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The first relatively big bombshell has been dropped:


This has crashed EURUSD and smashed German 2Y rates into negative territory.

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In the movie and TV propaganda industry this mind game is called Predictive Programming.

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Ah, the template, after being beta-tested in Cyprus.

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Tyler, mind linking to that story you had months ago that talked about this hypothetically--way before Cyprus--explaining that one of the fundementals of "money" is the store function.

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With inflation that's double plus negative interest rates.

Long mason jars and shovels.

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Paying to store your gold makes sense. Paying to store their paper doesn't.

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I can't wait to refinance my mortgage at a negative interest rate.  The bank can pay ME to live in my house!!  =)

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Were the rates on Japanese savings accounts negative while they did their whole deflationary thing the last zillion years?  I'm asking seriously.  I don't know, but as a point of reference I'd like to.

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They were not, you'd get a crappy interest of less than 1%

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No, and that was actually part of the "problem" for their controllers, people were actually gaining real wealth (at least in fiat terms, adjusted for in this case deflation) just by putting their money in the bank (or JGB's).  Abe is trying mightily to reverse this absurd notion that people gain real wealth from loaning it to banks.

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Negative interest rates huh? Well then, I'll get me some anti-money to combat it. My anti-money is GOLD! Screw you Bernanke!!!

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It's not even paper being stored. With around 950 billion in paper dollars backing some 9.4 Trillion in electronic "paper" money. So in essence you'd be paying to store 1's & 0's on a server in the clouds. The rich get bolder. They will not be denied and they will force you to spend your money to get the inflation up and profits flowing.

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There has never been
a better time to buy
a BedBunker!

California King Size

Order now, European bank depositors,
before fucking Mario gets it all!

Operators are standing by.



Gold coins, silver coins, guns, ammo, and food not included.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Only 36 hand guns and 27 rifles?



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Buy two safes a small one with very little in it and your documents and hide it. A bigger one with the rest of your good staff and hide it very well.

Buy a welding blanket, cover your PM's and cash, put it in the safe and sleep well.

These blankets are good to 1800-2200 degrees F. pick the white spark silica cloth.

This is not an advertizement.


funthea's picture

Holy shit! Have you seen their shipping rates? Better buy a big one to cut the percentage cost/shipping. Smallest one in the white spark silica you mention, costs 125% of the product to ship.

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That gives a totally new meaning to the age old idea of storing your money in your mattress.

Note: If you are buying a safe, buy it with cash not on credit card or there will be a traceable record of the address where that safe is.

new game's picture

death bed

for me if it don't fit in a backpack not to interested...

hedgeless_horseman's picture



for me if it don't fit in a backpack not to interested

A good thought, indeed. 


You got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run

Item 5


Purchase the items on the following shopping list to outfit your person with a Get Back Home (GBH) pack (aka Evacuation Pack, aka Bug Out Bag, aka Assault Pack, aka 3 Day Pack, aka Survival Pack). It includes a First Aid Kit (aka FAK) and a set of clothing so you will not be forced to evacuate the city in your loafers, heels, wool suit, or dress (Read One Second After). This pack can reside in the trunk of your car if you are a commuter or in the hall closet if you live and work in a city.

new game's picture

i spend 1/2 of my free time learning nature and survival, for the pure lure of it all.  sitting on my stands on 40 acres of oaks and aspens has taught me more than any college could ever teach me. one learns the ways of mamals, birds, and plant life and then I can grasp many fundamentals of humans and how we DO NOT fit in/with the cycles of nature(sciences of reality), because of our own weeknesses...

new game's picture

appropriate time to thank,

H.H. for your contributions as well as Cog Dis.

look around ones' self


look within

new game's picture

the saying goes "not realizing you are safer with nothing, than a backload of burdens"

and i might add, knowing when to cut bait...

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Yeah. When they rob your house and take your stash, their last act will be to lock you in your own safe, where you will quickly die from lack of air.

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Yeah. When they rob your bank account and take your stash, their last act will be to lock your children and grandchildren into paying interest on bailouts for the remainder of their lives, but only after implementing capital controls.

I think many would rather take our chances with common thugs trying to rob our house, rather than enslaving our children.


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I find it so interesting when the anti-gold/anti-prep propagandists imagine this insane scenario of total societal collapse.  While this isn't totally out of the question, I envision a scenario where we merely have to be completely self sufficient for a while, and are preparing for a situation where our local communities are better prepared for this situation.

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If you get too rambunctious, it would give new meaning to money shot (x5000).

centerline's picture

Looks uncomfortable.  Is there a pillowtop version?

(ha ha)

TuesdayBen's picture

But wait, there's more. Order now, and we'll throw in steel window grates for the entire home, free!!!

Sudden Debt's picture

36 handguns... 27 rifles... I don't think that guy needs a safe :)


And they better hope that the bedroom is on the groundfloor because if not, they fucking better have reinforced ceilings!

Funny thing about a safe... it needs to be hidden also.

and under the bed... is not hidden...

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If you cannot walk in, buy it with cash, and take it with you, then you have an entity with your name and address that knows you have some goodies to collect when the day comes.


And what if, some designer engineered it with a wireless remote locking device that could lock you out...when that theoretical day arrived?

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Are you talking about a Cypriot bank?

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There has never been
a better time to buy
a BedBunker!

California King Size

This is laughable, so easy to break into and even easier to steal the whole damned thing.

The locking mechanisms and doors MIGHT keep out small time hoods, until they came back with a regular crowbar, and a 26# Wedge point bar.

For that dough you can get a NEW TL 15/30 safe, for real non Pro break ins(would take 5 mins to open this POS.

Or better yet, a TRTL 30-X6 Used for $8k.







Urban Redneck's picture

There is proper place for everything, even craptastic sentry fire box, but the number of proper places for a trtl 30x6 is extremely limited and you are not going to find one capable of storing long guns delivered and properly installed for anywhere near $8000 -- even assuming you have an appropriate place to put it.

By your logic you could have a class 3 vault door thrown on the back of truck, which would actually provide far superior protection.  The real price and the internet gawker price are not the same thing.


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I smell a JPM Zames behind this.

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Hurry folks step right up - Now you too can pay to have the privilege of being an unsecured lender to an over leveraged financial institution run by clinical psychopaths

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Better yet, start your own bank with gold!  It is vertical right now and our panel of experts sees this continuing well into the future.

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boxes, tubes = "rounds" of value...

new game's picture

be your own banker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your own currency stacks/boxes check

security in place check

cash flow from Contract for Deed  check

unregulated check

free to roam check

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Monetary freedom often comes in stages.

First it was the great feeling of being debt-free.

Then it was being 'cash-only' and chuck the credit/debit cards.

Next was getting used to the idea of converting fiat into PMs.

Last was realizing that after the first three steps, you don't NEED a bank!


new game's picture

spot on; at this point in time, one can start to eye stealthfull freedom...

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Alles into das Equities, ja? Mach schnell!

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Let me assist you: "Alles für Aktien, klar? Komm' in Gange!"

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Vielen danken, mein Freund.

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that's really good.


and so true.