Jobs Breakdown By Age And Gender, Or No Country For Prime-Aged, Male Workers

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On the surface, the April jobs number was better than expected: in the grand scheme of things, it kept in line with the growth of the overall US labor force (which grew by 210K per the household survey) - the bare minimum in needs to keep the unemployment rate in line. A quick look beneath the surface does reveal the usual question marks, however.

The first and now traditional issue, is when looking at the composition by age. Here we notice that just like in prior months, a key part of the growth was attributable to those aged in the 55 and over group, which added 79K workers, although a surprising change was the massive addition of some 187K workers in the lowest paid, 20-24 age group - the biggest monthly jump in this category since September. Was this due to students entering the workforce early? The reason is unclear. What is clear is that the prime working demographic, those aged 25-54 saw yet another decline, as 16K workers exited the ranks of the employed.

Breaking this down sequentially by sub-55 year old workers, vs those 55 and over, shows the same trend seen many times before: no cumulative hiring of "young" workers, with the bulk of hiring focusing on those 55 and older.

So that's the age distribution: no major surprises here. 

But perhaps the most curious development in the April jobs report is the gender breakdown: of the 293,000 jobs added per the Household Survey, women workers (aged 16 and older) accounted for... 384K? Men - sorry. 90K males lost jobs in April.

Why? We look forward to finding out. But perhaps Buffett's praise of women in the US yesterday was on to something.

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No worries, war will take care of that.

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I challenge you to identify any such governement funded opportunity for white men from poor households.  Racism is very much alive and well at the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.  Keep paying those taxes suckers...

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why does the dax surge on a favorable usa jobs report? 

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Wealth effect. Wall Street employees will buy more Mercedes, Beemers, and Audis.

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Women are cheaper and 20-25 year old's are cheaper.  It's no surprise.

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They export a lot of their stuff here.  More employment here, more people with a paycheck to buy their stuff.

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It's easy to figure out why men are losing jobs. They're grooming women for the workplace to put the oxen back in the field when this  bitch collapses. Get your hoes, hoes!!!!

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In the past, young unemployed males would riot.  Now they sit on their asses and play video games.

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Choomed up *cough-cough*.  Not that there's anything wrong with that ;)

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By design, when the beer and food stops flowing, then the riots start.  Unfortunately, most will be fat drunk and stupid.

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"Fortunately, most will be fat drunk and stupid".  There fixed it for you:)  I am 61 and off to the gym to lift.  Then, to the range with my M4. 

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Did not junk you, but something about guns and numbers comes to mind.  I hope you ahve taught your children to shoot as well.  I have and a well-educated tribe is a necessity.

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@ fightthepower   ...    soma  v1.0

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Hey, how about we put them to work at microbrewery's making craft beer?

The "self-checkout" robots are taking up the cashier/teller jobs.

The illegals are taking up the manual labor jobs.

Beer is the answer!

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Schlitz beer- holy crap!  That brings back memories.  My Dad used to drink that when I was a kid.  He gave me sips of it after we finished mowing the lawn.

Good times.  Good times.  And it's not true what they say that Schlitz will give you the Shitz.  I encountered no such difficulty.

Schlitz is gone (still produced by Pabst, I think, but not the same as it used to be), but I still have the old tractor we used to mow that lawn (1972 Bolens Husky).

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Wow ... that does go back a few .. we had a John Deere 110 ... 

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The guys who aren't playing video games are taking care of kids. At my daughters preschool I see a perfectly 1/3 mix of grandparents, moms and dads acting as the primary caretakers. In the past, women would not be depended upon to be the family breadwinner. I'm female btw.

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Was thinking about that movie this morning - that is where we are headed.

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Male Hiring 4G phenomena: Greeters, Grocery Baggers, Guards (Security) and Geek Squaders


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The walmart here no longer has greeters, the oldsters need to find a new gig.

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We have them on and off ... 

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US is upgrading bunker busters for "negotiations" with Iran- but Moshe Hagel said no BBs for yous jews in Israel.

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Didja hear about the Jewish guy with a hard on who ran into a wall?

Broke his nose.

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They want American's young people to have no option but to go out and die for the empire.

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These are "Starbuck" jobs. Older people and younger people are cheaper than prime demographic. Women are seeking work (at "Starbucks") to augment household income becasue everyone is running out of liquidity to delever themselves.

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The difference being a career vs "just a job"

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So,  factory orders and ISM NM should back this wonderful job's beat number..

I can't wait!!

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Depends on whether or not the algo goal seeked market hits it's target by the release date or not.

Besides, you're not supposed to care. LOOK GREEN ARROWS!!!!!

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"perhaps Buffett's praise of women in the US yesterday was on to something."

Perhaps Buffet was bragging with a *wink* *wink* that he already HAD the jobs report YESTERDAY

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Like all criminals, he had to monologue about it.

The fact that he is on Twitter is probably a sign of impending financial destruction coming out of left field.

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too bad hes senile and didnt remember he was supposed to keep quiet.........................

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Yeah most of the 'female' professions being hired are cater to the growing bonuses of the Wall Streeters.

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But the nice Wall Street guys are employing 20-24 year old hookers not the 16 year olds. Good for them.

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This is okay, because "prime-aged, male workers" make the best soldiers.  Hedge accordingly.

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they also make the best revolutionaries

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It does seem a little nutty. Maybe things got distorted by the manipulation.

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Fewer manly jobs out there.

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"I cut down trees, I eat my lunch, I go to the lavatory. On Wednesdays I go shopping, and have butter scones for tea..."

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"Me?  I'm just a lawnmower....  you can tell me by the way I walk."

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Men don't vote, as much as a group, for the Welfare State.

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that's why the Dems want the illegals made legal- they're like the negroes-Dems til death.