The Monarchs Of Money

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The world's central banks have printed unimaginable amounts of money in recent years - "these guys are really more powerful than the government." Neil Macdonald explores what this means for the global economy and for your financial well-being - "can you imagine if the American public knew there was this 'club' that met secretly in Switzerland and made decisions that dramatically affected their lives, but we're not going to tell you about it because it's too complicated." This brief documentary should open a few eyes to the reality behind the world's most powerful (and real) cabal.


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The whole endgame of the current global monetary system is ZIRP. This ensures the transfer of ownership of ALL assets except one: The only way in which these people cannot take all of your property is by owning physical gold, due to the fact that it is the antithesis of the current monetary system. Think of gold as the kryptonite of Keynesianism. Gold has been real money LONG before there was FRB, and it will be real money LONG after this system is gone. If you want a TRUE store of long term, generational wealth you will own physical gold. The COMEX price of paper gold is not real, please do not be confused.

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Image waking up one day, and no one wanted gold. Yeah, I know - I couldn't imagine it either.

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That's cuz it'll never happen. Chinese and Indians alone have twice the population of us fathead westerners and they ain't stopping.
:::::::::::::::Unleash anti-gold troll::::::::::::::

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These are not the monarchs of money.

They are the monarchs of ponzi and deception.


Who has been controlling the BIS all these years - beyond the notional central banks.

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There's only two videos you need watch.

The BIS, Part 1:
The BIS, Part 2:

As per my previous post/comments.

So the real question is, what is the framework, what is the network???

The Custodial Framework/Network
United Nations - Global Police
World Bank - Global Lender
International Monetary Fund - Global Debt Collector
Intelligence - Custodial Eyes & Ears (Mi6, Mi5, CIA, MSS, Mossad, FSB {KGB}, SIS, CSIS, ASIS, DCRI, BND etc)
Power & Control Centres - US Council on Foreign Relations, European Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Trilateral Commission etc.
Main Stream Media - Global Propaganda
Hollywood - Global Propaganda and epicentre for Alternative/Pagan/Kabbalic/Ancient Mystery Religious interests.
Bank for International Settlements - Global Banking Computer Network for the movement and transfer of Global Currencies (the Back Bone)
London Bullion Market Association - Physical distribution and controlling agency of Gold (real wealth)
Central banking Network - Physical distribution and controlling agency of Global Currencies (medium of exchange for services, goods and labour)
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries – Global distributor and controlling agency of Global Oil (consumable real wealth)

More here:

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A video of some faggot fucktard reading from a webpage, is it amateur sourcing hour on ZH, where even Wikipedia or actual webpage that can be copied and pasted from is too highfalutin?  

Get serious and go to the source documents, such as the Headquarters Agreement at the beginning of the second clip and read the other clauses of the agreement that were conveniently excluded from the propaganda bullshit.

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Japanese monetary policy will destroy the world economy. It is inevitable. The question is when.

This is perhaps the most detailed explanation of why Japan will implode the global financial system:

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"faggot fucktard"

Hmmm.  Cass has gone full dude.

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I received a "doom porn" email (one of my favorite kinds!) from one of our small group interested in exfiltrating the USA (in case of TEOTWAWKI, etc.).  

Here is my response (edited to keep anonymity):

"Outgoing Email re Preparation"

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Are a stupid bunch

Uneducated, can't do math, emotional rather than rational, hate to think, terrible tastes, thus deserve to be misled.

As long as the masses keep choosing Walmart and dancing with the stars while willfully ignoring truth about the real power structures,
Who wants to be governed by the leaders chosen by such masses?

Plus idiots seem to breed more than rational couples so democracy is a no go.

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Gold & Fiat Currency

Over the last few months I’ve tried to nail-down an underlying reality, a meaning, the ‘nature’, of both physical Gold and Fiat Currencies. Neither are obvious to the average person, and there are many, many versions as to what they both are, depending upon which camp you are in (Trader, Economist, Politician, PM Bug, Investor, Mum & Dad, Business Owner, Banker, Wanker, Central Planner etc-etc).

My reasoning for trying to identify this is simple; I have not been overly comfortable with what the majority of people on this forum, as well as other sectors, have declared them to be.

Not knowing the true nature of Gold and Currencies manifests into a failure to understand the relationships both have in the real world. Add to that a deficiency in understanding them as a financial tool and/or investment.

I would like to share with you what I’ve come up with…and I’ve kept them simple.

CAVEAT: I refer to currencies in a general sense, not one in particular, and not one in relation to the another. I do not refer to any Gold Derivatives.

Fiat Currencies are Derivatives
Since the abolition of the Gold Standard, Fiat Currencies have become a Derivative; as they are traded in the open market they point to an economy of origin, they point to that country’s Bond and Treasury Bills, and they point to the ‘Balance Sheet’ of that country’s Central Bank. Destroy the Bonds, Treasuries, Economy or Balance Sheet and you destroy the Fiat Currency as well. This was not necessarily the case when Currencies were backed by Gold and/or conformed to a Gold Standard, as the underlying value was preserved within the physical Gold…Currencies were indeed a ‘Claim Cheque’.

Gold has two lives (Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde); it spends most of its live as perpetual Commodity, but every now and then it becomes ‘Flux Money’. We all know its Dr Jekyll manifestation as a metal and traded commodity, so there’s no need to elaborate on that. In its Mr Hyde manifestation (Flux Money) it phases in and out of favour throughout history under certain conditions. When things are going well Gold is almost hated for its lack of return performance and cost of storage, but when things deteriorate, that's when Gold comes out of psychological hiding. When wealth moves into Gold for safety, by virtue of its demand, it becomes the vessel of choice. Once this starts to happen, a bottle-neck appears as more and more wealth converges upon a finite Gold supply. Demand forces the value of Gold upward and this is precisely when Gold recaptures its reputation and all of the ill feelings as a non-returning commodity are forgiven. I believe the reason Gold has this ability, this power, is simple; it’s etched into the psyche of every society since every society has historically been through dark times. Also, as the saying goes “there no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole”, well, there’s no such thing as a Paper Bug in a [global] Collapse, whether that be Deflation, hyperinflation or societal.

In simple terms, Currencies are derivatives which relate to the modern economy, and Gold is both a permanent commodity and occasional safe storage.

If you can relate to this, then you can proceed with the $64,000 question; where are Currencies going and where is Gold going?

So really, the answer to this question – since currencies are a derivative – relates directly to the actions of Central Banks, Government Treasuries, and Global Consumers.

And what are we seeing? Central Bank balance sheet expansion, Government Treasury Ponzi schemes, and a protracted contraction of Global Consumption.

If you believe Central Banks will keep printing, Governments will keep Deficit Spending, and Global Consumers are on the edge, then Gold will come out of flux and solidify back into money once again.

These who defy their intuition, those who defy the psyche of the market, will burn in a paper bonfire, should the current path be defended and this erosion continue.

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I'm not a gold bug, but that was very cogent. +1

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All fiat is faith based. It takes almost nothing to print a $100 bill.


How much faith do you have anything?

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Quote: " In its Mr Hyde manifestation (Flux Money) it phases in and out of favour throughout history under certain conditions. "

The reason that gold phases in and out as money is because of the continual effort of governments and money changers to control people & fight wars - to do that they must demonetize gold.

Various excuses are used to demonetize gold and when the central planners fail in their "new, latest and greatest" money schemes, they inevitably return to gold as money.

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For all the handwringing that is expressed in this forum, we have accept that the current "wealth effect" bubble has preserved some remnants of our lifestyle. The rest of the world continues to slave for the mighty dollah which is showered upon us either in form of entitlement payments, make work jobs (govt jobs), asset bubbles. So, let us give thanks to our military and financial wizards for this joy ride.

If we are honest with ourselves, we would acknowledge that gold is too 'democratic' and would destroy our unfair economic advantage. Why voluntarily give up our advantage?

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wtf, who are they shittin? This is a totally disingenuous hack job to divert attention from what the REAL intention of QE is - namely to run a 3 card monte scam between Treasury, the Primary Dealers and the Fed in order to bail out a couple dozen jumbo insolvent CRIMINAL banks here and in Europe. They don't give a flying fuck if they shove it up the ass of savers, the economy or a couple of generations of middle class victims as long as that fucking shit Dimon and his asshole buddies get their skanky asses bailed the fuck out. Gimme a fucking break - this is journalism?

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These jumbo banks are our front line financial troups to skim the rest of the world (by being lynchpin of the global financial system that preserves our reserve currency (USD and related swappable currencies)) but the employees in these banks have such a free hand, given the opportunity they have preyed on our population as well. But, the rest of the world actually faces the brunt of these banks aggression. So, suck it up boys, we have it relatively easy.

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This is idle conjecture.

Wait just a short while yet and you will see the middle class and retirees wiped out as the currency and bond markets unwind.  Then we will see how much people will want to suck it up.

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Surrender my soul to the banks for 'economic advantage'; a mess of pottage?  Fuck your slavery. 

"Most are engaged in business the greater part of their lives, because the soul abhors a vacuum and they have not discovered any continous employment for man's nobler faculties." ~ HD Thoreau

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Let me make it simple.   Currency is a derivative and gold isn't.

Currency is owned and controlled by someone else, just like any other derivative.  Its value can be dramatically affected by what the the owner/controller does.  This is the core meaning of "counterparty risk".

Physical gold has no counterparty risk.  It's not owned and controlled by someone else. 

Bottom line, "counterparty risk" means you don't own it.  You just rent it.

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currency as a derivitive is no different than a credit default swap or mbs. 



the founders knew counter party risk was to be avoided at all costs thats why they made gold and sliver coin the law of the land.

the creature from jeckell island must die for america to be free again.

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 ...Since the abolition of the Gold Standard, Fiat Currencies have become a Derivative; as they are traded in the open market they point to an economy of origin, they point to that country’s Bond and Treasury Bills, and they point tothe ‘Balance Sheet’ of that country’s Central Bank. Destroy the Bonds, Treasuries, Economy or Balance Sheet and you destroy the Fiat Currency as well.

This is some interesting stuff here TSP. But, I think, the aggregate value of a country's fiat currency/bonds/bills etc is ultimately a derivative of its government's ability to extract value from its citizens (and, in the case of a world reserve currency, other countries' citizens) and natural resources.

This is another angle on the exogenous/endogenous disparity between gold backed vs. fiat, debt-based monetary systems.

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Government and Corporations ability to extract value from its citizen-slaves.

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Your points are mostly true, but the masses did nothing in 2008 and have generally done better than the thinkers over the past five years. Within the set of thinkers, the subset of over-thinkers is significant.

I absolutely agree with those, like David Stockman who can "do math," but the key to making money is being correctly positioned just before the masses make their collective move. 

Market forces eventually win out, but too many of us thinkers miss out by understanding the eventual, logical conclusion of unsustainable trends.

Rational breeders lose their jobs to the instinct-based over-breeders who create markets where the shrewd move production to exploit two-dollar-per-day labor. 

I have not been able to find a clip to the SNL caveman skit where cavewoman Lorraine Newman gives her hilarious "You make me wet" line to the super-smart Steve Martin. Jealous low-brow caveman Phil Hartman(?) ultimately solves the love triangle issue with a club whack to Martin's character. That's kind of where we are with the thinkers of today thinking how things should be and not capitalizing on the bizarre, surreal way they really are.

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That's the dilemma

Play the game of exploiting the ignorant a
Leave the game and try to minimize being controlled by leaders put in power who cater to the lowest common denominator

Smarts enable one to optimize their Money, power, fame, but obtaing them in the first place doesn't require much thought .

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Is Smart Criminal an oxymoron?

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Perhaps you'll understand  why that is by studying the Myers-Briggs Types.

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Governed by leaders chosen by the masses ?

Governed by leaders chosen by the Elites as puppets in pretended voter choices masses.

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Eventually....a "Carney" always gets your money. Even if you do's some shitty little prize that fails to satisfy for very long.

The trick is to not play their crappy little games.

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@ the Bearing Guy

Hey!  I picked up a troll!  How cool is that?  Maybe my blog has arrived!

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A good, in-depth explanation of why gold's technical indicators point to continued near-term weakness, but may ultimately turn the average investor to that which is real.

Understand why yield is being chased and that the trend can quickly reverse.

One key point made is to watch the bond market for early signs that Japan's monetary base doubling is leading to higher borrowing costs, not growth = failure of the monetary expansion policy.

The point that Japan's borrowing costs may lead to consuming all tax receipts in as little as two years is also a Kyle Bass point.

Germany, on the other hand, with its gold repatriation over the next few years, is probably preparing the Mark as its fall-back plan.

We will probably be surprised how long central bank schemes can perpetuate this historic economic experiment, now nearly 100 years developing since 1913, and how quickly it all collapses.

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What I find odd is your ability to watch two 15min videos and then reference the BIS “source documents, such as the Headquarters Agreement”, and somehow point out variations between the two………..all that in under 60 seconds!

Did you have everything at the ready or something? On a thread about Central Banking...Very fucking interesting!

TwoShortPlanks…..Fri, 05/03/2013 - 21:46 | 3529247

Urban Redneck…..Fri, 05/03/2013 - 21:47 | 3529283

I'm pretty up to speed with Time Dilation and Lorentz contraction as per Special Relativity however I fail to see the connection between SR and your abilities to reference and type.

Please explain how 60 seconds is possible?

Urban Redneck's picture

I already knew that the document existed, exactly where it was, and what it contents were, so it only took 10 seconds even with my crappy typing.

I watched the first video, until I gave up on pulling up the address the he was supposedly reading from, and moved on to the second video, and as soon as he started skipping sections entire like what the BIS can be sued for as opposed to what it can't- I stopped watching.

It was probably 5-7 minutes time, and we have pretty accurate timepieces here, so perhaps ZH got some crappy sever clocks when their servers departed ZH???

(ZH is the cantonal abbreviation for Zurich)

Or did you correct any typos in your original post?

TwoShortPlanks's picture

I did 2 [spelling] edits, perhaps that is the cause. I doubt they were more than a few minutes apart.


Urban Redneck's picture

That would explain it.  

The agreement itself isn't much different then the standard agreements used for diplomatic missions and a lot of exemptions aren't as broad as they first appear, such as "exemption for themselves, their spouses and children, from any immigration restrictions from any formalities concerning the registration of aliens and from any obligations relating to national service in Switzerland;" they don't get out of the passport control lines, but it will get them out of the immigration quota mess and a couple of trips to various authorities, however they still have to go through the diplomatic credentials submission and approval mess- which is just as time consuming, and the military service thing is irrelevant since Swiss don't want foreigners serving in the military or restocking bomb shelters (the non-military civil service equivalent), however, if there is a call up then the BIS must request a waiver of service for any Swiss employees.  

It's very Swiss that not only are they not immune from prosecution over traffic offenses, but they are liable for spot fines- which are generally paid in cash to the cop.  I seem to remember a case where a Georgian diplomat killed an American at Dupont Circle and it required a major foreign policy push by a superpower just to get his immunity waived.

And if TSHTF the Federal Council can invoke Article 25, and if the BIS doesn't comply then the entire agreement and its immunities are effectively nullified.  Neutrality and protocols are serious business over here though, and there are valid reasons for it- such as last Friday's speculation-du-jour which centered on exactly when the SNB pulled all of its gold out of FRBNY- the consensus of the chattering class was that it was done in response to a perceived threat to Swiss sovereign or central bank immunity as a result of the Volker Commission. 

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Another recommendation is to review the 20 year research of one of their sycophants, one Carroll Quigley, presidential mentor (Clinton):

It must not be felt that these heads of the world's chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather, they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up and were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers (also called "international" or "merchant" bankers) who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks. This dominance of investment bankers was based on their control over the flows of credit and investment funds in their own countries and throughout the world. They could dominate the financial and industrial systems of their own countries by their influence over the flow of current funds through bank loans, the discount rate, and the re-discounting of commercial debts; they could dominate governments by their control over current government loans and the play of the international exchanges. Almost all of this power was exercised by the personal influence and prestige of men who had demonstrated their ability in the past to bring off successful financial coupe, to keep their word, to remain cool in a crisis, and to share their winning opportunities with their associates. In this system the Rothschilds had been preeminent during much of the nineteenth century, but, at the end of that century, they were being replaced by J. P. Morgan whose central office was in New York, although it was always operated as if it were in London (where it had, indeed, originated as George Peabody and Company in 1838).
~Carroll Quigley

My research independently coincides with Quigley's significantly more in-depth research - The Central Bank heads are puppets, lady (there is only one at any given time!) and gentlemen.  The "power of money" that is "gravely to be regarded" (Eisenhower's terms) constitute the Machiavellian Oz "behind the curtain," - and Central Bankers are their hand maidens and nothing more.  Consider them French Revolution insurance for the true monetary authoritarians.

Chapter 19 is fascinating for people who want to know what a knowledgeable dElite sycophant, with full access to dElite source documents, says about the real power structure of the world and their aims, objectives and strategies...

Tragedy and Hope index page




Urban Redneck's picture

It sounds so mysterious and spooky when it's written that way... Was he trying to sell a book or something?  

1897 to 1947 is also a rather limited window and a lot has changed since then, like most of the current crop of Bank CEOs being born.

I wrote a much simpler shorter explanation down below (at the end of a lengthy dialogue).


All Risk No Reward's picture

Urban, actually, the language is pretty plain and matter of fact.  The implications are pretty spooky, though, but calliing it spooky doesn't make it untrue.

Actually, I observe that not much has changed since Tragedy and Hope was published...  except the front corporations for the group Quigley says is controlling the nations are TBTF&Jail and their authoirtarian rule is more open and in our face now.

Maybe the reason is because people glibly dismiss something without doing the proper research - and if the plan is working, why would they change it?

If Quigley was trying to sell books, he wouldn't have written this one.  Even Quigley agrees there was a conspiracy to sabotage his book sales and the plates to the book were broken at one point.  Not to mention you won't find an establishment book review for Tragedy and Hope in the almost 50 years since it was published.

Read up on the history of it all.


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indeed. private banking, the old european aristocracy, etc.

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Nice link

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Unfortunately the web page you requested cannot be found.

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Perhaps the NSA doesn't like intelligent sheeple, or the Swiss just have a web-browser specific fetish for formality (e.g. http://).

Plug headquart-en into the search box on the page they dumped you onto >> Results

or type in Headquarters Agreement 

or Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the BIS to determine the Bank's legal status in Switzerland

There are plenty of conspiratorial things that do actually occur at the BIS, but I don't believe intentionally screwing with web users would be worth their time.

and Thanks for making the effort to try and get the source document!

Urban Redneck's picture

getting back to some thoughts on your original question-


rename Power & Control to Control & Coordination

IMF - make Global Banking Computer Network

BIS - move to Control & Coordination and CC Central Banker reacharound when the IMF being "uncooperative"

DoD - add to global police & debt collector

London & Paris Clubs, ICSID add to Global Bankruptcy Judge

UN - break out Security Council, the rest is sheeple fodder and propaganda tools

Add G7 & G20 to Control & Coordination

There about three dozen private clubs (worldwide) and a dozen or so US think tanks (European thinking bores me but there are few of them too) that also belong under Control & Coordination


The whole thing is rather Old World Centric and ignores the superpower struggle for primacy and the old/new developed/emerging schisms which simultaneously exist within and without that framework and can operate at any given time in tandem or against it.  


Then there's the major detail that this all transpires in alpha male land, not pussy collectivist land, so there are the routine pissing matches and longer term struggles within individual organizations and larger club of clubs to dominate. 

Lost Word's picture

Factions of the Sons of Solomon.

HardAssets's picture

I could only watch the first three minutes of that video. I thought I might be surprised and that it would offer some real information for the public. Instead, it was nothing but complete b.s. propaganda.  When they spoke about how the central bankers 'were forced to intervene' back in 2008 in order to 'save the world', it was obvious that it is about more lies and deception.

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Yeah but you gotta check out Mark Grant's yacht.

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Yup, 3 minutes exactly.  "It was THRUST UPON THEM"...  OK there...  So in this pretend world politicians were really the top dogs, up until 2008, at which point the banksters had ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD "thrust upon them"....  Right...