The Monarchs Of Money

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The world's central banks have printed unimaginable amounts of money in recent years - "these guys are really more powerful than the government." Neil Macdonald explores what this means for the global economy and for your financial well-being - "can you imagine if the American public knew there was this 'club' that met secretly in Switzerland and made decisions that dramatically affected their lives, but we're not going to tell you about it because it's too complicated." This brief documentary should open a few eyes to the reality behind the world's most powerful (and real) cabal.


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The biggest battles will be fought with pens. Look at all of the liberty lost with not a single shot fired.

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Psychological warfare.  The battle for the mind and souls of the people.

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If I have your math right 1 Army = 162,000 rifles (and they were all officers~ another 162,000 sidearms) for a total of 324,000 firearms every 9 days or 36,000 per day

Per the FBI, so far in 2013- NICS is averaging over 2.18 MILLION background checks per month (which can be for multiple firearm purchases each) or over 71,500 per day

Or for another perspective, back in the 2008 election the commentariat was throwing around a rather spurious 100,000 million firearm ownership number, we are only four months into Obama's second term and since he was sworn in the first time in 2009 there have been already been over 73,000,000 background checks performed during his presidency

I came across some article or post somewhere in the last few days that had provided a similar calculation to the 73,000,000, but I can't find it now, and since they didn't bother to link to actual the FBI data- they can do without proper credit.

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How many are New buyers, and how many are repeat buyers ?

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The cbc rocks. Some public money can be well spent.

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I suspect the video would be great IF you could hear what they are saying in the interviews.

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   Fukishima mafia?

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It's always the fuckin' banks.


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IF politicians are merely puppets, why would 'Central Bankers' be any different.

DO you really think the people behind it all  (the owners) would make themselves visible?


Here's an exercise for you all; try to trace down the ownership of the Fed, down to the individual level. Try to trace down the principals behind the BIS (Bank of International Settlements). You'll hit this impenetrable labyrinth of obfuscation.

Are you all aware that persons traveling on BIS business are exempt from the normal passport requirements that pertain to mere mortals. The BIS is this singular, autonomous micro enclave in Switzerland that's on a level equal or exceeding the Vatican.  

Who are the principles behind the BIS? That is the question.
Hint ... Bennie boy and his ilk are merely butlers minding the house.


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Do you have a source for your BIS BS?

And I hope it's not some low-budget cannuck video that films empty conference rooms with colonial architecture and North American lightswitches and tries to pass it off as what could be accurately described as typical post-puke Swiss architecture with proper lightswitches.


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Like I stated, try to trace the INDIVIDUAL ownership of the Fed, likewise the BIS.
Afterall, they're corporations, with, ultimately ...human owners.

So refute my post by showing that the Fed, the BIS is simply owned in aggregate by little old widows, by PIMPCO, by CalPers, etc.

Go ahead, attempt to find who really owns the Fed/BIS.

Get back us if you discover anything to negate my post.
Be prepared to give facts.

Until that time, neither you, Zerohedge, or anyone has a clue about who controls us all.


So, our Money/Credit system is owned/controlled by UNKNOWN forces
Are you all comfortable with that? I for one am not.





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What is certain is that you have no idea who controls the BIS.


Ruling from the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague regarding the withdrawal of private shares in 2003.

And the BIS non-legal BS intro



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Good for you, now break down those PDFs to ACTUAL INDIVIDUAL OWNERS.

If Joe Blow Rothschild  or whoever owns X percent, then present documentation depicting that.

As I stated, "impenetrable labyrinth".


Hey Dude, if some entity is installing puppets like Obama,Merkel,Cameron, Bennie the beard (because they, the principals, provide the money/credit that makes the world go round)  then I want to know exactly who THEY are so that the argument can be taken directly to the source.

YOU break down the docs you presented. Don't shove up some shit and declare "that's it, my case is proven".




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It says quite clearly, that the owners of the BIS are the member central banks, and only the member central banks, and no one else is allowed to be an owner of the BIS.

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A circular argument you give.

Get back to us when you can state the INDIVIDUALS.

Just because government  accepts corporations as humans,  I DO NOT!

INDIVIDUALS.   Got it.  Can you state the individuals who OWN the central banks?

YES or NO.



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I'm with you, essence.

When the levees break, and it's time to set my lead and fire free, I want some unambiguous targets to direct them towards.

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sorry.  this is blatantly wrong.

government  accepts corporations as humans

the state (gov't) is a legal fiction and can only recognize persons, its own creations, not individuals. the state itself is a corporation, a legal fiction.  the state creates legal persons, so called corporations.  corporations employ agents who act on behalf the corporation (person).  a flesh and blood human beings are individuals.    however,  the state issued a birth certificate for each individual and created a legal fiction (a legal person with legal personality), a corporation sole, your corporation. the individual (flesh and blood) is an agent for the legal person with legal personality named on the birth certificate.  the confusion is that  every time an individual acknowledges that he/she is the name on the birth certificate (incorporating document), he/she unwittingly acknowledges he/she is  a legal person in the "eyes" of the state - as opposed to a human being, a flesh and blood individual.  corporations are immortal and exist until they are deleted by its creator, the state.  flesh and blood human beings, creatures of their own maker, live and die.  they are mortal. legal persons with legal personalities (corporations) are immortal.  big difference.

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Every member central bank has a separate ownership structure.  

That is ludicrous but actually available amount of data to gather, in the case of the US- 

The 12 district Banks are each have paid in capital and ownership divided based upon the size of their member banks.  Fortunately, their banks tend to be publicly listed companies, so the Stock Transfer Agent for each bank actually does have those records.  Those records then have to weighted by individuals banks ownership, and then added to all the other banks in that district's tallies.  And then the District rosters need to be totaled.  The great thing about the US in this rabbit hole is that THERE NO COMPANIES OF UNREGISTERED (BEARER) SHARES so every OWNER is known in the fascist USSA.

And the US wasn't even a board member at the BIS until the Clinton administration...

So you want individuals, like people in hell want ice water... I'm an owner of the SNB, so I must own the BIS too.

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I've long since been aware of what you stated above.

Now, who owns these 12 regional banks. They might be public but that doesn't mean their shares aren't owned by offshore private entities, note I used the term "entities", not individuals (entities which don't have to divulge anywhere as much in the way of information as public entities). Also, importantly, who sits on the boards and how do you know the board members aren't simply proxies for the underlying owners.

Using placeholder, fake (proxy) board members is a common ruse in the world of laundering ownership/control.

You've expended a bunch of energy and yet still haven't addressed my original question.
Individuals.  Name Individuals. Is it really so hard? Or is your ending  line above meant to imply that ownership is dispersed into the everyday common man who has a few shares of xyz corporation.

Sorry, weak argument.



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I'm done wasting my time with some nutcase STUPID enough to write:

Are you all aware that persons traveling on BIS business are exempt from the normal passport requirements that pertain to mere mortals.

Save the tinfoil for someone with a brain to protect.

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"The founders were the central banks of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.K., all of which got an identical number of shares. The U.S. Federal Reserve was not an original shareholder; however, three American banks (J. P. Morgan, First Bank of New York, First Bank of Chicago) each got the same number, giving the U.S. three times the voting power from the outset.

By rights granted under its agreement with the Swiss Federal Council, all of the bank's archives, documents and "any data media" are "inviolable at all times and in all places." Furthermore, officers and employees of BIS "enjoy immunity from criminal and administrative jurisdiction, save to the extent that such immunity is formally waived . . . even after such persons have ceased to be Officials of the Bank." Finally, no claims against BIS or its deposits may be enforced "without the prior agreement of the Bank"


What the article above doesn't discuss is that the BIS compound is considered exempt from Swiss law insofar as the BIS authorizes who can enter its grounds (even the local Swiss authorities need to seek permission).


As I stated earlier .... "like the Vatican".
This secretive organization has some real juice behind it, yet few people know about it.

And to think that this organization controls the western world (by virtue of their ability to control member banks, which in turn control their respective  governments by issuance of credit/money).

Isn't that special.

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Like I posted hours ago in this very thread - read the actual Headquaters Agreement (and the other 2 key agreements), not some propagandists regurgitated misunderstanding of it.

In simplest terms you appear to be missing the forrest in a hopless search for a tree that was cut down and used to build a McMansion ages ago.  The BIS was established to settle Germany's obligations under the Versailles Treaty.  When WW2 ended and the Versailles Treaty was mooted the US no longer had any particular interest in the BIS framework, your big name boogeymen sold their BIS stakes years ago and moved on - long before the BIS kicked out private shareholders.

The name of the great game isn't ownership, it's AUM.(in pursuit of power and influence)   The private bankers ability to influence their own central banks is a direct function of ammassing customer assets under management and making themselves TBTFer (preferably in FRBNYs district, but 2nd tier will also work).

The number of outstanding shares of the banks that can't be effectively traced (by the industry itself) is miniscule compared to the banks' capitalization, much less their BALANCE SHEETs (which contain both customer "deposits" and institutional "interconnections".

JPM has $180B billion in market cap. of which several million is damn hard to track down (I'll be generous and call it $1B) , but that amount isn't shit compared to the over $4000B billion in "leverage" that Jamie Dimon exercises over Bill & Ben's excellent printing adventure.


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Shares traced from one corporate shell to another corporate shell ... etcetera.

Ownership is all incestuous.

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that's my understanding also UR

central bankers are civil servants, nothing more nothing less.

Lost Word's picture

I seem to recall that there were some private owners in addition to the banks.

Sorry, no link to give.

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The top cop is probably never seen.

Philip K. Dick

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Illuminati Bloodlines, a book of Bankster genealogies.

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In Freemasonry they are called Unknown Superiors.

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The research is your burden.

Urban Redneck's picture

No- it's not.

If he wants to assert some secret cabal controls the BIS or the FED, he must produce names and evidence of ownership, which he hasn't.


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The general situation is implicit. The devil is in the details.

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Carroll Quiqley on the Central Banks

The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences."

"The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank . . . sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world."

-- Carroll Quigley, "Tragedy and Hope", 1966, pg 324

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JFK had that great speech about it around that time too....seems the 60's was the last gasp?


we can break out of it now, but many people are too scared to see the path



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One of the reasons JFK was assassinated.

JFK issued Treasury Notes instead of FRN.

essence's picture

So that's it?

Carroll Quigley states

"controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert"
and the 1st question in your mind isn't ...."so who the hell owns and controls the central banks".

Jesus Fucking Christ,
That's it.
You sheeple are hopeless.

You DESERVE whatever happens to you.

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I, too, have spent time trying to find out the names of actual living people who own the shares that own the BIS, centreal bank, etc. For Christ sake, when the time comes to pull out the guillotine, it's necks that are cut off - not pieces of paper!

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Our owners prefer that, when and if the time comes for another 1789 French style unpleasantness, that the people that they employ to be their corporate officers lose their heads instead. That's what they get paid for -- to be the public figurehead.

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day late (20 years?) and a dollar short, but check this out

you will see he name Corzine in the top left if you squint.

many of the players are still there but a lot have been replaced.


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They are the:

Global Criminal Cabal Oligarch Bankster Intelligence Crime Syndicate

Cabreado's picture

I could only stomach 3 minutes, then skipped around 'til the end.

Maybe I missed something.
Could someone tell me why this isn't CB-stroking propaganda?

What's the scoop... or is this just Really Bad Dark Comedy night at the ZH drive-in?

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It sucked, you missed nothing.

1. The Central Banks were beseeched to come up with a hail mary salvation plan or the entire fucking world was DOOMED.

2. The Central Banks RELUCTANTLY humbly agreed to see if there was ANYTHING they could possibly do that could avert calamity.

3. The Central Banks desperately agreed to the initial 2008 Bailout. And because that felt so good fisting the ass of the average person, they chose to initiate Quantitative Easing, to see if somehow, they could KICKSTART the stalling economies of the world. Their intention was to INFLATE the markets, to instill a sense of wealth, while simultaneously suppressing the interest rates, so people would be enticed to SPEND.

4. The Central Bankers feel TERRIBLE, simple TERRIBLE, about this very difficult decision that they had to make, punish savers to save sinners... but they felt the alternative was even more TERRIBLE... sinners dying by the MILLIONS while a few savers gloated.

5. The Plants who were there to ask the tough questions and to challenge the central bank arguments asked if the intent was to foster spending, why not give the money being printed directly to the SPENDERS?

6. Of Course NO ONE asked, even if everyone in the world was spending non-stop... some nations would be out of money instantaneously, while others would have accumulated all that evaporated money, so why is everyone preaching spending as a means of rescuing every economy when some economies only consume and don't produce a fucking thing?

7. As I said, you missed nothing. This was complete utter BULLSHIT that a 5th grader could have put together, but sadly, this was foisted as INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM.

Wow that kind of shit enrages me. If you're going to try to lie to me, at least have the decency to consider I might have some intelligence, and try to do a better fucking job at hiding your deception. Holy fuck. The people who made this video should be buried alive in sand known to house red army ants. Might as well include all the guests / interviewees.

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all time highs pissing you off?

Ranger4564's picture

Hahahahaha.  Hahahahahaha.


The devastation among the people we call fellow human beings, is pissing me off.


What about you?

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Ranger4564... Thank you.

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They can not and will not eat money.

The world has changed completely and they do not know

Rule of Good began in 2012 just like the mayan predicted. Rule of Talmud is dead

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I hope that you are correct.