The Monarchs Of Money

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The world's central banks have printed unimaginable amounts of money in recent years - "these guys are really more powerful than the government." Neil Macdonald explores what this means for the global economy and for your financial well-being - "can you imagine if the American public knew there was this 'club' that met secretly in Switzerland and made decisions that dramatically affected their lives, but we're not going to tell you about it because it's too complicated." This brief documentary should open a few eyes to the reality behind the world's most powerful (and real) cabal.


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Dead Kennedys - Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round (Lyrics, subtitled)

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Not one mention of gold and silver in the pos propaganda piece. This is sum BS...

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ww1 ww2, Switzerland was always ALLOWED to be neutral, so win or lose there was always somewhere to store and collect. Think about it who what why and when did TPTB decide one wee small country in the middle of Europe in the midst of 2 World Wars just happened to become a secrective banking haven that remain untouched by wars that surrounded them. bLOODY THINK ABOUT IT!

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The Dresden holocaust should have been Davos. 

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BIS: Outstanding of OTC derivatives amounted to $639 trillion

Total notional amounts outstanding of OTC derivatives amounted to $639 trillion at end-June 2012, down 1% from end-2011 . The appreciation of the US dollar against key currencies between end-2011 and end-June 2012 contributed to the decline by reducing the US dollar value of contracts denominated in euros in particular. The overall decline was driven by interest rate contracts (–2%). Credit derivatives notional amounts also continued to decline (–6%). In contrast, foreign exchange contracts outstanding rose by 5% to $67 trillion.

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if you disregard China, India, rest of Asia ex Japan, south America..that leaves 6.39e14 of swaps to support US (300m), Europe (300m) and Japan (140m) 7.4e8 round down and up its roughly 7e14 divided by 7e8 = 1e6 or 1 million of swaps per person in developed economies....who'd have thunk it

i am guessing there is twice that in fx forwards...hmmm

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Transfer of wealth my ass.

From me, and particularly my elderly parents to the banks.

The blowup was a direct result of the misguided policies of the central banks in the first place.

So they save us from themselves and continue to screw us further and we are supposed to not notice and thank them to boot?



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So, the Central Banks didn't get powerful until 2008?

Huh...I did not know that.

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Almost all government can be defined broadly as forced transfer of wealth and benefits from one group of people to another, or from one type of economic activity to another.

What makes this case so infuriating is that the transfer is being orchestrated by self-appointed people, not elected officials, and that the wealth transfer is ultimately and primarily to them and their banking industry from everyone else.

It’s absolute power. They get away with it, not because of the rare instances where their methods seem to be proven right, but because no one can ever prove them wrong.

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Monarchs of Fiat.

Western C/B's have lost control. Billion dollar notes, trillion dollar notes floating all over the world and it's not enough to stop the decline. The only hope the Monarchs of Fiat have is to devise a super fiat that the world will have "confidence" in.

A long and slow leak of real wealth to PM's has left overlevered fiat hanging rotten fruit about to drop into nothingness. Western C-B's gold has moved to the 750 million who realise that the only way to keep some control of ones wealth is outside of the fiat ponzi.

An ounce of physical gold is an ounce of physical gold. Anything digital or on paper can be changed to suit the gov't or the bankers will.

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This is a great thread.

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I know it has been said before, but



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This video is bullshit in high degree.

I'm surprised it was brought here.

At around min. 2,40:

 Now to be fair, the central bankers never ask for all this immense power they exercise nowadays. It was trust upon them back in 2008 when the financial system collapsed. Turns out the elected politicians had neither the nerve nor the support to do what had to be done so the central bankers stepped in.


Please! We know better than that. It's a sentence that can have some credibility to my aunt who almost never entered into a bank, but here, in ZH...


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Maybe they showed it to display their arrogance and BULLSHIT? Huh? Ya know? An expose? 

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It loves showing off.

Kinda a 'coming out' party?

So to speak...If you will.

I'm a little bit drunk and so take this with that considered..

Reality on the macro scale is as pliant and as liquid as in your 'internal' life. We exist in one corner of an infinite playground.

Like Kindergarten..But with far worse bullies-:)

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these are the sons and daughters of lucifer who suffer under the 'curse of cain'! this battle is the very same battle that began in the garden of eden!!!

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With essentially everything being a metaphor???

Yeah, that's one way of putting it.

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"Now - to be fair - central bankers never asked for the immense power that they exercise nowadays"



Rule #1 of youtube: Comment function disabled = disinformation

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Exactly.  Only gov't propaganda, disinformation, and outrageous hoaxes have comments disabled.

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"The world's central banks have printed unimaginable amounts of money in recent years..."


The world's central  bankers have created unimaginable amounts of credit.  The U.S. government alone has borrowed trillions.

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It's kinda like some wierd movie.

Too wierd.

I don't get 'it'?

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I watched this crap this morning and couldnt post as I have been off doing real work so I'm posting now.

The central banks never asked for this responsibility did they eh?

Bullshit and bollocks obsfucating the real issues once again.  Well let me tell you this, and I believe I am in good company here folks, the veil has been lifted cunts, we know where and who our collective anger should be brought upon and we dont need more partisan bollocks to try and muddy the waters.

If you read this mr carney, know one thing, you can break bullshit and bollocks if you think that will help your cause, because it wont.  I am sick and tired, in fact I am ready and willing to go full retard on your lot, I am fucking seething with outright rage that you think you can pull the wool over our eyes again.  Put me in a room with 2 or 3 of these fuckers and only one leaves, I am past fucking caring.

You deserve whats coming down the pike you fucking immoral bastards, and folk like me will give you whats due.

Take that to the bank you fucking cunts, this game is overdue, lets kick it off, come start with me you horrible pathetic excuse of human skins, you make me fucking sick peddling shit like this to cover your backs.

Fucking pathetic fucking scrawny arseholes.  Come on then, come bring some.  I have had enough.

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Wow, Mark Carney is a real intellectually arrogant fool.  These guys are all the same.  They really need to be booted.

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A halfway decent documentary, but it entirely fails to mention a KEY point - it was the policies of these central banker assholes that led to every bubble and bust in the past thirty years, so to trust anything they do or say is idiotic.

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My thoughts exactly.. a Great Video.. i sent it to many... but.. its doesn't address stuff like.. PIIGS etc.. were purposefully put into the situations they are in.. this isnt just dumb lazy people spending ore than they can afford.. GS, JPM, etc.. interest rate swaps, CDS, etc ad nauseum... made it all... exponentially more dire, and urgent...

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Sorry for the "out of topic" but...

Everything is connected...

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I'd be more interested in seeing what the governors get up to during their Basel Weekends..

BIS Tower:

Umderground: 4 floors below ground level housing services facilities and car park for 300+ cars

Ground and first floor: foyers, meeting rooms, conference rooms, staff restaurant, secretariat

2nd to 12th floors: BIS departments

13th to 18th floors: management and directors offices as well as visitor offices and of course the governors offices. The swanky restaurant is on the 18th.

19th floor: technical installations.

The building is heated from the town's heating system. Interestingly the volume of space below ground is the same as the volume above ground - 87,000 cubic meters in each case.

The underground construction, the cylindrical central core of the building and the structural flooring are all made of reinforced concrete....

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Nice post. I assume you're familiar with agriculture? If so you should be good. I hope this crap goes down soon enough. My dad still has a working farm, we're sorta redneck (read well armed and versed in use) and I'm a medical professional.

Farms got a spring, several ponds, wild turkeys, deer and lots of beef.

I can sell some shares to be invited to our spot. Only those who can afford and can hit a target reliably can come.

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He too shall feel the boot of the men in black soon enough. No one is safe and no where is safe. So when you are backed into a corner, you do not have very many options. Its a pretty day around here today and most Americans I noticed are not paying much attention and still think they are free, no matter what happens. They still have faith in this corrupt system and cannot be brought to believe that it could all fail. All Americans feel that war is for those who volunteer and it doesn't affect them. All Americans feel that government checks will keep coming no matter what. All Americans feel the stock market will keep going up and up and they are happy with it. All Americans thing that government even though it can be obnoxious is nevertheless still somewhat benign in character no matter the writing on the proverbial wall. They saw what happened in Boston but still they do not believe. But one fine day, yes one fine day, they too , all of these scoffers and ass dragging crybabies will be dragged kicking and screaming to real life and they too, shall drink from the cup. But by then, it will be too freakin late.

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If every farmer or redneck takes just one person with them...  Of course no one wants it to come to that.

But it was Solzhenitzyn's greatest lament, "You only have power over people as long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer in your power--he's free again"

"What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

"We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation"

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decent high level video for folks that just arent or dont want to be breifed in too deep..

ignores the most simple fact of it all..


Becasue 99.9% dont understand, dont want to understand, understandably becasue they have been deeply programmed their entire lives to be such, just what money is.

Money is a simple representation of something of value. be that Labor, or a commodity.. something... potential work.

Fiat eliminated that. Promises and good will.. are NOT real Potential Work. Not when those delivering the representation or promise.. are known liars and thieves.

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Good point, ITrustMyGut . A flea can live on a pig for it's whole life, aware the forest of hairs, terrain of skin cells and existence of other fleas but not knowing that he lives on a pig.

It's only when the flea jumps off the pig and distances himself by moving away (or being objective about the truth) that he can look back and see the big picture. Most fleas (people) never think to seek out the big picture, they just live off of the pig (Fed mandated fiat) not knowing what it is.


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Holy shit, I am sick to my stomach again after watching that well done expose'.  Actually, no, I'm really fucking pissed off after watching that.  There be some hatin goin on round here right now.  Great post Tyler.  I'll do my best to spread that video around.

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Ever onwards and upwards...into the ethereal sky. 

Like this :

"How can we go wrong, when we are so  strong" they sing.


Doesn't this remind you of those secret meetings on Jekyll Island in 1913 whose time line as posted here..???

We all learned what that meant in the 1930 s...

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we few,   we happy few,  we band of silver holders  .  .  .

Manipuflation's picture

Agreed.  Makes me want MOAR silver.  There can be only one.

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Jeffery Sachs presentation to Philadelphia Fed on April 17th

Call them out Jeffery and beware of plane crashes, heart attacks, cancers, and suicide.

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Men with the last name "Sachs" conger up warm feelings of trust and friendship. I know I can trust him. I just know it.

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Do you really think the huge wealth created on this planet will just sit around with no one paying attention? Of course some group is going to run it.

It's not a question of if, just a question of who...

The banksters control the govt and control the wealth system...

That's very bad.

The only thing that could possibly be worse would be the reverse....


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Don't worry about wealth and money and stuff  like that.  The children of the sign of the sign of the scorpion will releave all of the useful idiots of their hard earned money because that is what they do so well. Over the centuries , one might gather that the stupid goyim would have learned one good thing about these parasites but alas history repeats itself time and time again and Americans are so stupid and gullible. so

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This article is much easier to read and understand rather than that load of horse shit that chumblez wrote.

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Note: Produced by the CBC the public broadcaster in Canada. Yup .. we do get some value for our taxes. Beats the crap out of Fucx News.

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This so-called documentary is pure propaganda.  Trying to get ahead of public criticism from those who are waking up and asking questions.  It pretends to be critical to daze and confuse, to lend some sort of non-existent credibility to what they are doing.  I am Canadian and I have accepted that Mark Carney was never one of ours.  He is a tool of the elite and he has done his job (for them) so well that he now sits in a position of power that boggles the mind.

I am finding an increasing trend in Canadians being overly smug about our economy and our culture.  However, Canada is not some magical place with more ethics or special access to the truth than any other country with a central bank.  We are owned just like our American and European cousins are owned.  We are not some special snowflake.  Our big banks have just revealed that bail-in's (like Cyprus) are now part of their modus operandi. 

In a way our news is more dangerously misleading than other mainstream news because it tells half-truths disguised as the whole truth; cognitive dissonance at its finest.  By criticising your own agenda, you will not need to explain your failure or even own it.  All you have to do is say "I never promised you a good ending."  This piece of propaganda is designed to deflect, not encourage, the questioning of the status quo.

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In the final analysis, I agree with "aint no fortunate son" in that this productions is in the essential respect disinfo journalism for not calling the financial power structure and its system what it is, the absolute rule of many by an unelected few by the most devious and secretive means, with the life of the commons be damned.  The only upside of its posting here on ZH are all the fabulous comments it provokes.

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Shit keeps going on in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Sad truth.

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Just who is the real axis of evil in the middle east? Yeh I know. The chimp said one time what seems like a long time ago that you are either with us or with the terrorists. Just who are the terrorists this traitor was talking about? Assad perhaps is no walk in the park, but for him I say, God bless him and I hope he fights the invaders and wins one for the good guys. For you see, he fights our enemies, the real enemies of the American people who like there, are bothering us a lot and more and more as of late. They want our guns so they can make it easier here for their useful idiot cops to go around , rounding up anyone who thinks.

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They are also credited with imploding the financial system!

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Very good compact clear docu which could open some eyes.

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"it was thrust uponm them"?

what bullshit.

exartizo's picture

Hey Paul Fischer you piece of shit....

one man's "paradox" is another man's "thief" you bastard.