Bartiromo Vs Schiff: The (Soft) Money-Honey Against The Golden Boy

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Perfectly summarizing the cognitive dissonance of the mainstream media (and their drone-like viewers), this duel of the Soft-Money-Honey Maria B and Hard-Money Golden Boy Peter Schiff was a tragic farce. Maria comes out swinging, "whether this is a manufactured market or not, you've got no alternative but stocks - where's my yield?" Schiff counters, "there are alternatives" - summarily scoffed at (a-la his-housing appearances in 2006/7) by Maria



- "we have a completely phoney economy driven 100% by cheap money; the minute you take it away, the whole thing implodes." And while the 'fight' moves on, we are left thinking they are in two different rings since whatever point is made by Schiff is summarily ignored for the status quo.

"QE will be here until we have a USD crisis and the Fed can't get away with it anymore," Schiff reminds, adding, "There is no exit strategy... the Fed is bluffing; exit is impossible."

The glancing blows continue deep into the late rounds. "The reality is we are living in a bubble; and all bubbles burst," (reminding us of Sam Zell's comments to the very same CNBC anchor a few weeks back), "it's unfortunate we didn't learn that lesson in 2008 but we're about to learn a much bigger lesson." Disingenuous laughter follows at Schiff's suggestion at holding Gold with Maria's anchoring bias loud-and-proud - "I'm looking for alternatives to stocks, and I can't find any."


Schiff notes, "the next crisis will be the USD," to which Maria incomprehensibly asks "what currency am I going to own if not the USD?" And this is where the fireworks begin as Schiff dares to suggest "you could just have real money Maria" (just as Marc Faber warned her "you don't own gold, you are in great danger" a few months back).


Her response, perfection in its anchoring bias (forgetting the double collapse in stock prices in the last 13 years), "gold? gold! what if I get caught in the largest sell-off in history like it did 3 weeks ago?"

Schiff, almost speechless at the utter inability of the money-honey to see beyond stocks reminds her of the performance difference over the last five years (to which she smugly smiles at his apparent foolishness) and asks why CNBC hasn't covered the $120 surge in gold's price in the last 3 weeks.

"Gold versus dividend-paying securities..." she repeats spell-like, weighing the simple decision (in her mind) since, we are sure, she "is being paid to wait," or is just totally and completely incapable of comprehending that stocks can fall in price and the 'real' price of said securities is being destroyed. "It's not gold vs stocks; it's gold vs the dollar," Schiff educates.


Eight minutes of sheer comedic perfection assured to go down in the annals of 'irreconcilable differences' for ever...

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ParkAveFlasher's picture

I googled "Bartiromo was right".   Couldn't get a single hit.  Then I googled "Schiff was right".  You know what happened?

tmosley's picture

Damn, I tried that first one and a fist came out of my monitor and punched me in the face.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I tried the second one and Homeland Security knocked on my door.  I'll take the fist [I meant that metaphorically, officer].

american eyedol's picture

whos kidding who she knows what going on, christ didn't she marry some gaziilionaire

tsx500's picture

i'd take dietary tips from Chris Christie before i took financial advice from Mario Buttholearoma

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Can anyone spot the person who doesn't own any Gold whatsoever?

I'll give you a clue, it's got a cunt.

Why people waste their time on MSM is beyond me - other than having a bit of fun - coz they're never gonna listen and when it all tanks, they'll be saying "nobody could have seen that one coming".

To the rest of the world the American MSM looks alot like this:

Silver Bully's picture

'Why people waste their time on MSM is beyond me'


You do realize CNBC's viewership numbers are incredibly abysmal, right? No one is watching anymore. Their viewership is shrinking by the quarter. But the Fed and the banksters on Wal St. still need paid shills to do as they're told.

Divided States of America's picture

Schiff owned Bartiromo in this showdown....but i like the other foo in the fray...he basically couldnt say anything the whole fuckin time...what a clown.

flacon's picture

I like Marc Faber's slick response: "...but you have a GOLDEN personality". He's so classy - he gently smacks her in the face with reality, but he's also very kind (deliberately patronizing - but in a way that she doesn't comprehend) about it. :)

Taffy Lewis's picture

Marc Faber is always happy because he lives in Asia, surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world - and that want him because he's an old white guy (money matters somewhat but is not that big of a deal). I was lucky to experience it for 10 years.

Yes, I'm waiting for the down arrows from the stupid, pathetic fucks that can't do anything about it and are stuck here in the States.


AldousHuxley's picture

The accent is what makes the seriousness of his remarks humorous.

You know cnbc is in trouble when they bring in schiff and faber because people aren't buying cnbc's journalists anymore. YouTube historical videos are more credible...

GetZeeGold's picture




"Bartiromo and CNBC was wrong".....the box set.


Purchase now and we'll send you another copy free.....just pay shipping.


The first 100 purchasers get an autographed copy from Steve Liesman....the Siam sofa king stew fed ninja.

jbvtme's picture

when i see maria, i want to go long handcuffs

Bay of Pigs's picture

Aside from Schiff blowing those retards away, the BlowHorn continues to reach new all time lows in viewership and credibility.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I up arrowed you for explaining why old white guys move to Asia.   I hear they have McDonald's too.

Uh Oh's picture

Yup... Marc does seem to smile a lot.

justinius1969's picture

i bet she loves golden showers....

RabidLemming's picture

I was watching this , laughing at the absurdity, when my wife chimes in with "does that fucking stupid bitch have a clue how smart Peter Schiff is?"  PRICELESS.

GetZeeGold's picture



I would never call her a bitch....but no way I'm going to stop your wife.

DavidC's picture

Loved that!


jerry_theking_lawler's picture

I have six simple words to ask you....does your wife have a sister

bentaxle's picture



"Can anyone spot the person who doesn't own any Gold whatsoever?"



Oh she HAS gold all right!

(but, but that would mean she's a liar and doesn't believe what she's saying......)

Room 101's picture

-1.  What makes you think she doesn't own any gold?  Just because she's flacking for CNBC and their party line doesn't mean she isn't playing both sides of that off camera.

Bobbyrib's picture

"Why people waste their time on MSM is beyond me - other than having a bit of fun - coz they're never gonna listen and when it all tanks, they'll be saying "nobody could have seen that one coming."


If Schiff's message is able to reach just a handful of people, then it is worth it. He could be saving lives. If he awakens a sheeple to dollar debasement and that person goes out and buys gold, he just saved that person when the crash hits. Plus it's like free advertising for his company when he goes on the show and it says the name of the company below his picture. 

Frickenkrap's picture

i downed you bc of your foul mouth.  This is a family website.


Chuck Walla's picture

"We Hope!"

~ Mike Farr



wee-weed up's picture

tmosley   "Damn, I tried that first one and a fist came out of my monitor and punched me in the face."

I tried ButtAroma and the stench from my "smellcomputer" punched me in my face!

Alpo for Granny's picture

Tell me Schiff does not a dream lifestyle. He owns a goddamned gold bank and gold company, shreds libtards and neocons on his radio show, then finishes up the day by schooling a retarded Keynesian bimbo.

So fucking jealous of that guy...

fonzannoon's picture

and after what happened to his dad he has all the balls in the world to get after it the way he does.

The Shootist's picture

He's not always right though, and has some ego to do some of the things he does.

Remember how he tried to get more donations to pay his debt after his failed Republican primary for CT's senate seat? He has no shame sometimes.

He also said he no longer believe the u.s. will see hyperinflation soon which he hammered for so long. So, I take him with a grain of salt. He may be right about the Fed, but their criminality knows no bounds.

Divided States of America's picture

Think Schiff makes sense and will eventually be vindicated...but he does have scumbags in his family:

He shouldnt be supporting nepotism.

DRT RD's picture

Rather support nepotism that Keynesianism!!

fiftybagger's picture

So he pays his brother big money, that's the issue?  If you were rich wouldn't you take care of your family too?

dryam's picture

Hey dumbfuck, $350k sounds like a lot of money until you actually break down the numbers after taxes ($350k goes straight down to $175k) & account for the ridiculous cost of living in Manhattan.

Divided States of America's picture

Hey dumbfuck, dont do what you cant afford to do. If you find the cost of living in Manhattan too expensive, then move to the other boroughs. If you feel fine dining is too expensive, then go to Applebees. Didnt you realize how we got into the Financial crisis of 2008? Its because of people like YOU who thinks you deserve to live the life. So STFU clown.

ATM's picture

You think that's the reason for the financial crisis??

I think the reason is because the normal risk/reward equation was thrown in the garbage and everyone was guaranteed not to lose so they took inordinate risks with no possibility of loss. And judging by history, I am right.

The losers didn't lose, they were bailed out!

Who wiped out the risk/reward equation? GOVERNMENT! YOU DUMBFUCK. They made a Churchill Downs where betting on the longshot meant you would either win big or get your money back. Who the hell wouldn't bet at that track. You're blaming the bettors. I'm blaming the track. 

ATM's picture

No shit. $350,000 here in flyover country would be tough enough with a family of five. I have paid for my 6th year oc private college tuition/housing in Chicago, and my 10th straight year of private HS tuition. Can't imagine how to do it in NYC. My bro has lived there for 35yrs, made big money but doesn't really have much saved beside equity in the house (is that really savings?). His tax bracket is over 50%, his property taxes are over $30k/yr. Shit that costs me 10 grand to do such as put in a new furnace and AC cost him over $30k because of the unions and government bullshit. 

How is it possible to live where he does, raise his kids, not make them debt Peons to the government on less than what he makes?

I think that's the real definition of inflation. The incremental government debt should be added to the cost of living to find the inflation rate each year. They're hiding it in plain view.

Schiff is right. He can't be wrong. The Fed cannot get out of bying, cannot sell the assets it has bought, cannot allow rates to rise ebcause then the sheet will be pulled back and we will see the actual carnage and be horrified. The problem, as Schiff states is that it can't go on forever, but it can go on for a long time.

The problem for investors, citizens and anyone trying to accumulate any wealth is that timing of the collapse in the dollar is unknowable. When it happens, it happens and it will be fast. May be tomorrow and it may be in 20 yrs. I think sooner than the latter but who knows. What I do know is that it will happen and if you are not prepared you will not have time to prepare.


YC2's picture

Cool. Can I have $350k? i mean, since its no bother.

RebelDevil's picture

A Keynesian you are?

You should know Keynesian economic thought is declared the enemy on this site.
Stick around if you have an open mind though.

Kayman's picture

"Keynesian economic thought is declared the enemy on this site."

I would venture that  damn few people that beat the drum of money printing have ever read Keynes; nor those who criticize Keynes.

In Monetary policy Keynes was a sound money disicple. In Fiscal policy Keynes espoused government spending to counter falling private sector demand, only as a temporary measure, and that surpluses from a renewed economy would pay off government debt.

Today the drunkards at the punch bowl- Krugman, Bernanke and their ilk, believe financialization is the real economy. Keynes would bitch-slap both of them.

NidStyles's picture

Except the argument against Keynes isn't just about the liquidity injections. I think that is a point that many Keynesian supporters miss.


Krugman is just a stooge, so leave him out of this.

Henry Hub's picture

You're right! I think most people on this site are really talking about neo-Keynesianism which is an actual perversion of Keynesianism.

fonzannoon's picture

Who is always right? There is no investing messiah. Fat bloated warren in his bathtub calling into the whitehouse is as close as it comes.

Shiff has said he hopes when the dollar is in collapse the US finally does the right thing and barely avoids hyperinflation...but that there is a good chance they don't and we get it.

kito's picture

Link me to that fonz..because years ago I clearly heard him say that hyperinflation was the flat out end to it....then he does an about face and says the fed and the u.s. will avoid it....

fonzannoon's picture

link to me where he clearly states the US will avoid it.

I, as you have, heard him waver on hyperinflation. He did not clearly back off anything. he has always maintained a currency crisis is coming along with massive inflation. As for what happens then, he has stated either the US bails on QE at the last minute and goes austerity and we get a collapse that makes 08 look like a picnic or we don't and we get hyperinflation.

I don't know why people get so hung up on him wavering a bit on whether we just get massive awful inflation or hyperinflation. If anything it's just his way of admitting that once the shit starts flying even he does not know where it ends. That's how I take it anyway.

(I have a link of buffet in his want it?)

kito's picture

Well fonz his subtle shift in outlook makes a big difference...austerity strengthens the dollar and makes cold hard cash the real commodity and hyperinflation leaves gold I see his shift in outlook to be very confusing to those who have followed him for years...and I'm too lazy to look for his comment that I know I heard :)