Powerful Explosions Shake Damascus As Israel Attacks Syria For Second Time In Past Week

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Citizens in Syria's capital woke up early on Sunday to a series of powerful explosions shaking the outskirts of Damascus, sending massive fireballs into the night sky. Preliminary reports that this was an Israeli attack were subsequently confirmed by NBC citing a senior US official who said Israeli jets had bombed a military research center near of Damascus. This would be the second Israeli attack on Syrian territory in the past week, following US media reports that Israel targeted a weapons shipment to the militant group Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon overnight Thursday to Friday, although the Jewish state has refused to confirm or deny the bombing. As RT further reports, during the attack, one Israeli jet was reportedly shot down by Syria's Air Force, according to Hezbollah's Manar TV channel, citing security sources in Damascus. This has yet to be confirmed through official channels although if accurate one expects Syrian media to promptly confirm with video evidence.

Video coverage of tonight's bombing has already appeared on Youtube:

More from RT:

Israel declined to comment on the attack, but the blasts occurred a day after an Israeli official said his country had carried out an air strike targeting a consignment of missiles in Syria intended for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.


One of the sites hit on Sunday, the Jamraya military research centre, was also targeted by Israel in January.


"The new Israeli attack is an attempt to raise the morale of the terrorist groups which have been reeling from strikes by our noble army," Syrian television said, referring to recent offensives by President Bashar al-Assad's forces against rebels.


The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights quoted eyewitnesses in the area as saying they saw jets in the sky at the time of the explosions.


It said the blasts hit Jamraya as well as a nearby ammunition depot. Other activists said a missile brigade and two Republican Guard battalions may also have been targeted in the heavily militarised area just north of Damascus.

According to AFP, the previous attack destroyed surface-to-air missiles recently delivered by Russia that were being stored at Damascus airport, and would be delivered to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Stratfor adds the following perspective:

Israeli officials have privately stressed that Israel maintains its own specific redlines in the Syrian conflict and that despite U.S. President Barack Obama's reported stance, the use of chemical weapons against rebels is not one of them. Specifically, Israeli officials have stressed that they will not tolerate transfers of chemical weapons, ballistic missiles, advanced air-defense systems or sophisticated anti-ship missiles to Hezbollah -- or jihadist seizures of such weapons.


Over the past months, the Syrian regime has also effectively withdrawn its forces from the Golan Heights in order to use them against the rebel threat encroaching on Damascus. This has heightened Israeli concern that jihadists will take advantage of the security vacuum in the Golan Heights to begin staging attacks against Israeli units in the area. Israel has said such action will not be tolerated.


Countries near Syria are already feeling the effects of the war. A massive influx of refugees is adding further stress to the already unstable economies of Lebanon and Jordan, and earlier this week a Turkish guard was killed in a border dispute with armed Syrians. Iraq is seeing increased jihadist activity linked to the Syrian conflict. As the conflict in Syria continues to rage, the spillover effects from the civil war will continue to manifest themselves.

It was not immediately known what the "defensive" purpose of tonight's offensive was, which supposedly targeted a military research base, nor was it clear if Syria will ultimately declare a state of war with Israel following the past week's dramatic escalation in hostilities.

Most importantly, it is not known if following last week's provocative language out of the White House if this is precisely the event sought by the Obama administration to finally give the green light to a joint military operation targeting Syria.

The last question is how Russia responds, whether it remains neutral, or comes to the support of president Assad and defends its military naval assets on the Syrian coast.

While speculation a US-led escalation is ripe, the lack of any US naval support (as shown by Stratfor's naval update map from May 2) off the coast of Syria likely makes any immediate war is hardly likely, or that Israel will be on its own for at least the foreseeable future.

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zorba THE GREEK's picture

Israelis won't be satisfied until they start WW3.

tmosley's picture

Israel, not Israelis.  Not all Israelis want this.

That doesn't mean they get a pass, as they continue to passively support their racist and genocidal government with their tax revenues.  Most Americans have the same level of blame for American atrocities.

kito's picture

nicely said tmos.............just as many americans dont agree with the extractionist expansionist u.s. foreign policy that has been in place for decades.......many israelis dont want this fight......................

flacon's picture

S&P to 1650 by Monday afternoon? This is positively bullish. ;)

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Afghanistan winds down and Syria heats up.

This Zionist-American Military Industrial Complex just loves to close new business sales.

The average American is a complete slave, and oblivious to, several interest groups which dictate their fate.

Time to buy rope America.

Long Gold.....if you can find the shit.

GetZeeGold's picture




Today Syria.....next up......Iran.


Place your bets.

GetZeeGold's picture



Reminds me I should get a Faraday Cage to put me gold in.....been putting that off.

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" DEBKAfile reported exclusively Friday that thousands of Basij militiamen had just been airlifted from Iran to Syria, establishing an Iranian military presence opposite Israel from Syria as well as Lebanon. They joined a comparable number of Hizballah militiamen fighting for the Bashar regime...

...DEBKAfile’s report is suspect due to the fact that it operates as an Israeli military intelligence asset. If, however, the IDF and Basij militiamen are squaring off in Syria it represents a significant escalation in the conflict and may soon result in a regional war. "


NewThor's picture

Who you gonna call?

Tyler and Fight Club.

I broke down the battle we're dealing with

in the 4:00-5:47 time frame of my latest THORnews video.

Please take a moment to understand.


All right. Now who wants to fight, and who are you fighting for?

The greatest warrior can win all wars without bloodshed.

americanspirit's picture

Definitely put your backup hard drive with critical data into a microwave - and unplug the microwave. And if you're fortunate enough to have your data on a Mac Mini, even better because you'll be able to save your OS and software as well. Of course, the grid would be down after an EMP attack, but not forever.

Mr. Magniloquent's picture

Are you worried about your gold short-circuting? Be advised, while it would hide your metals from a metal detector, the cage itself would return a massive signal--granting reason to investigate further.

francis_sawyer's picture

By tomorrow, this will get splashed all over the MSM press as:


BAD Syria


kito's picture

GOOD Israel perhaps......

francis_sawyer's picture

<rolls eyes>... what the fuck, really, is the difference...


Fucking classic... Imply everything, just don't say it... Bunch of horseshit... Always has been, always will be...

kito's picture

Well Francis I'm Jewish and I support Ron Paul's foreign policy.....so I guess Francis THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.....

francis_sawyer's picture

Beautiful ~ Move to Hollywood & start producing movies...


You know ~ I was never a slave owner in my life & I was against the idea... But it sure never stopped having it rammed down my throat for the better part of my life [mostly the jew controlled media ~ who are stone cold silent when it comes to debt based money systems]...

LetThemEatRand's picture

"You know ~ I was never a slave owner in my life & I was against the idea... But it sure never stopped having it rammed down my throat for the better part of my life"

And how does that make you feel?  Francis.

I guess we're all Welfare Queens, heh?  Got your Obama phone?

GetZeeGold's picture



I'm Jewish and I support Ron Paul's foreign policy


I'm guessing you don't live in Tel Aviv....it's just a guess.


OK....bring the junks. Shoot straight.

Jumbotron's picture

And how does that make you feel?  Francis.


Ahhh...just leave poor ol Francis alone LetThemEatRand.....he's probably just another fat, loser American fuck who blames everyone else, especially Jews and blacks for his miserable existence. 

He just sits in his basement stewing in his own juices, pissed off that he is TOTALLY ineffective at any real change in his life or his country.  Can't stop the Jews...can't stop the blacks, can't stop the Muslims (including the one in the White House...right?)...can't stop political correctness, can't stop the liberal MSM, can't stop the police state, can't stop the Fed, can't stop the Global Elites......

.....but HEY !!!...I CAN sit in my mom's basement with my pud in one hand and the other on my keyboard and bang out something on ZeroHedge about those fucking Jews.

WINNER !!!!!   LOL !!!!

What a fucking loser.

Ying-Yang's picture

Have you noticed the new reason to pre-emptively attack another country is to declare they have game-changer weapons?

"Game-Changer" wars, new Obummer and Ben Notyouryahoo terminology for justification.

TeamDepends's picture

That's a great point and can we stop the partisan bickering and finger pointing?  Everybody loses in WWIII.

kito's picture

hey francis....i woke up this morning to some pretty heavy jooooo bashing by you..........to start..........since you are a pundit of jewish history.........where did the ashkenazi joooo descend from????........one assumes you read the old testament..................since christians acknowledge as an important part of their studies........

not sure why you are hung up on ashkenazi jews................

bottom line question........ do you harbor ill will against all jews?? yes or no................................


fonzannoon's picture

Kito I am going to reply to you on the schiff thread. I hope you catch it. Good luck over here with this mess.

kito's picture

hahahaha...thanks fonz....that gave me a good laugh...heading over to calmer waters as we speak..........

Divided States of America's picture

kito, theres no point arguing with francis...hes absolutely right about MOST Jews, not all...but i applaud you for a good effort. And I will definitely take your invitation to your cousin's bar mitzvah...and we will all have a blast like civilized educated men.

kito's picture

Lol...glad to hear...Francis has every right to speak his mind without censor....as does anybody.....I'm glad you advocate civility......its needed for the times that are coming....

Pinto Currency's picture


I think that there is a concern that the Jewish name has been applied to Ashkenazi Jews who appear, from DNA studies, to be largely of Khazarian (Turkish) stock who have adopted the Jewish moniker for strategic reason in quite recent times ( i.e. over the last 1,000 years).

The implied need to support 'Gods chosen People' has been a strong imperative to draw in many Western interests to support aggressive policies including ethnic cleansing of other people in and around Israel and what increasingly appears to be a policy of creating a "Greater Israel" with carefully constructed wars of acquisition to encompass lands over a much greater area in the region.

Half of Israel and large proportions of Jewish communities around the world are quite recent descendants of this Turkish Khazarian tribe, and I think many in the West are starting to question blind support of Israel based upon religious belief that supporting Israel is "Gods will".  Especially given the non-stop chaos these wars are creating and the consumption of national wealth being used in fighting never-ending wars against Muslims.

The debate is ongoing, but I think it is fair to say that the belief that we must support "God's chosen People" is one that is receiving careful scrutiny.

Cathartes Aura's picture

of course, the irony is that the "Christian tribe" only supports the "Jewish tribe" in order to bring about their destruction (fairy tale), and both tribes are being played by an even smaller tribe behind the all seeing eye. . .

when two tribes go to war.

kito's picture

Lol...glad to hear...Francis has every right to speak his mind without censor....as does anybody.....I'm glad you advocate civility......its needed for the times that are coming....

Randall Cabot's picture

"You know ~ I was never a slave owner in my life & I was against the idea... But it sure never stopped having it rammed down my throat for the better part of my life [mostly the jew controlled media"

"[The Jews] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping process was mainly a Jewish enterprise."
"The ships were not only owned by Jews, but manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains."






kito's picture

You are spewing kkk revisionist history....

john39's picture

do your homework...  Jews were big players in the slave trade, as well as the opium trade that ravaged China...   check out where the Sassoon family made its money for example.  pointing out historical fact does not make one a racist.

nmewn's picture

And Arabs/muzzies never traded in slaves, raiding the interior of Africa for them and along the east coast of Africa?

Or are you saying any Arab must have really been a Jew if they traded in slaves because only Jews would do such a thing?

Its just fucking amazing...it really is.

Randall Cabot's picture

Did the Arabs bring slaves to America? No, it was the jews. Do the Arabs blame Europeans for bringing slaves to America? No, it is the jews.

nmewn's picture

The first slaves were brought here in the 1600's. Meet Anthony Johnson, a black man from Angola and a slave owner.

Its not recorded if he was Jewish...sarcastic...lol.

"There’s a long list of things one doesn’t learn in school, but should. High on that list is that the first slave owner in the American colonies was an African-American man. His slave? Another African-American man.

In 1621, Antonio, a Negro, also known as Anthony Johnson, became the first recorded indentured servant in the future United States of America. He was from Angola. At the time, lifelong slavery did not exist in the American colonies – an indentured servant’s master was required to free the servant after a period of time or when the servant’s debts were repaid.

In 1635, Antonio was the first person known to be freed from indentured servitude. He got married, owned land, and had servants of his own. In 1654, Antonio sued his neighbor for keeping Antonio’s servant, John Casor, seven years longer than he was supposed to. Lifelong slavery was established in the lawsuit when the court stated that Casor was to be Antonio’s servant “for life.”



I popped someones bubble this morning and all the Angolan-Jewish noxious gas rushed out.

Well, good ;-)

Sean7k's picture

"The Grandees" by Stephen Birmingham

Sephardic jews and their lives in America. Choosing a single example, while ignoring British and American participation in the slave trade is disingenious at best. No one said it was ALL jews. To deny the jewish connection is unadulterated bullshit. To imply monopoly is the same. 

nmewn's picture

"No one said it was ALL jews. To deny the jewish connection is unadulterated bullshit.To imply monopoly is the same."

Which was exactly my point, if everyone can get their head out of their ass long enough to wrap their heads around the truth.

It was the Spainish and the Dutch as well, just about everyone...even Africans enslaving other Africans or (insert audible gasp here) Native Americans enslaving different tribes of...Native Americans.

Now, don't we all feel better knowing about mans inhumanity to man at any given point in history?

And I thought all the self professed "jooo scholars" infesting this site were running around screaming the Sephardic Jews were the good, the docile, the compliant type sheep, just pay the jizya tax for being something other than, some know-it-all Islamic-secularist bomb thrower or sumpin ;-)

Clashfan's picture

More history from nmewn the 911 truth denier.

nmewn's picture

Oddly enough, no one can or will dispute it, including you because it is the truth.

So, seeing as how you felt it necessary to comment (but saying nothing on the topic at hand) what does one of the resident "truther hysterics" (you) have to say about what I posted, is it fact or fiction?

If false, prove it. If "truth" STFU.

JR's picture

If one considers the slave trade undertakings of one lone Newport, R.I. Jew alone, the Portuguese Aaron Lopez, who played an important part in the over-all story of the Jews and Slavery, one can assess the role of Jewry in the international slave trade.

“Concerning the entire commerce of the Colonies, and the latter State of Rhode Island, (which included Newport) bills of lading, concessions, receipts, and port clearances carried the signature name of the Jew Aaron Lopez.  This all took place during the years 1726 to 1774.  He had therefore more than 50% of all dealings under his personal control for almost 50 years.” – Walter White 

As to more specifics, here’s this courtesy ZH blogger Rusty Shorts on Thu, 07/15/2010 - 19:36


A list of Slave Ships and their Owners:

The following is a partial list of Slave Ships owned by "jews"

Abigail Aaron Lopez Moses Levy and Jacob Franks
Crown   Isaac Levy Nathan Simpson
Nassau  Moses Levy
Four Sisters    Moses Levy
Anne & Eliza    Justus Bosch & John Abrams
Prudent Betty   Henry Cruger & Jacob Phoenix
Hester  Mordecai & David Gomez
Elizabeth       David & Mordecai Gomez
Antigua Nathan Marston & Abram Lyell
Betsy   WM. DeWooolf
Polly   James DeWoolf
WhiteHorse      Jan de Sweevts
Expedition      John and Jacob Rosevelt
Charlotte       Moses & Sam Levy & Jacob Franks
Caracoa Moses & Sam Levy

Slaverunners, also owned by Jews were the "La Fortuna", the "Hanna", the
"Sally", and the "Venue".

Some of the Jews of Newport and Charleston who were engaged in the
distillery or slavery trade, or both, were:

Isaac Gomez
Hayman Levy
Jacob Malhado
Naphtaly Myers
David Hart
Joseph Jacobs
Moses Ben Franks
Moses Gomez
Isaac Dias
Benjamin Levy
David Jeshuvum
Jacob Pinto
Jacob Turk
Daniel Gomez
James Lucana
Jan de Sweevts
Felix (cha-cha) de Souza (known as the Prince of Slavers' and
   only to Aaron Lopez)
Simeon Potter
Isaac Elizer
Jacob Rodrigues Rivera
Haym Isaac Carregal
Abraham Touro
Moses Hays
Moses Lopez
Judah Touro
Abraham Mendes
Abraham All.

…Jews owned over 300 Slave-Running Ships, too numerous to list here, and
in continuous operation without interruption bringing Cane from the West
Indies, to be made into Rum in Rhode Island, to Africa to trade for
slaves, back to the West indies to drop off some slaves, pick up more sugar,
onto Carolinas to drop of more slaves pick up more cane and GOLD, back to
Rhode Island, to pay the Gold to the Ship owners, and drop off the few
unwanted slaves as domestic help.

Straight out of The TALMUD, considered by orthodox Jews to be superior
to the Torah:

    Chapter and Verse:
    Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a Gentile ("Cuthean") the wages
owed him for work.

Is this an excuse for Slavery, making it "legal"? (end RustyShorts)

Documentation on “Who Brought the Slaves to America?” by Walter White Jr. (1968) establishes the Jewish role in international and U.S. slavery and can be found here:


giddy's picture

...ummmmm...the Ashkenazi Khazarians...doubling down on looting, plundering and enslaving...

earleflorida's picture

good digging :-))

thankyou JR

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Nothing wrong with being ethnically Jewish. You can always convert.

Modern Judaism is a quasi secularized Zionist religion.

francis_sawyer's picture

Has nothing to do with religion...

LetThemEatRand's picture

Jesus Fucking Christ Francis.  Give it a rest you fucking hate monger.  Yes a lot of evil bankers are Jewish.  And Hitler was a Christian.  Bin Laden was a Muslim.  Atilla the Hun was -- I don't know, but he was asian I think.  Is there anyone left not to hate for their association with a group?

Abraxas's picture

Atila was Hun (Whip of God)... but I get your point. Only I don't know if we are talking about all Jewish people, or the Zionists - big difference there.