Around The Tax-Avoiding World In 53 Minutes

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"Where do multinationals pay taxes and how much?" Gaining insight from international tax experts, this excellent documentary takes a look at tax havens, the people who live there and the routes along which tax is avoided globally. As we have previously discussed in great detail, those routes go by resounding names like 'Cayman Special', 'Double Irish', and 'Dutch Sandwich' amid a financial world operating in the shadows surrounded by a high level of secrecy where sizable capital streams travel the world at the speed of light and avoid paying tax. 'The Tax Free Tour' explains the systemic risk for governments and citizens alike. Is this the price we have to pay for globalized capitalism? At the same time, the online game "Taxodus" provides an interactive guide to hiding your company's cash. In the game, the player can select the profile of a multinational and look for the global route to pay as little tax as possible.

The Documentary:

Taxodus - The Game explained:


Taxodus - The Game: (click image for game link)

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Movement of Babylon People

Oh yeah

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Uh!  Open your eyes and look within:

Are you satisfied (with the life you're living)?  Uh!

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Is there a version for people too?

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I think like chess, we're the little pieces in the front row

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I find it amusing that many Zerohedgers don't even understand the difference between taxation and theft. If this site wants to be taken seriously by reputable journalists and publications, it's readers need to tame their views and make them more mainstream.

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So, "set the captives free" was a little too extreme for you?

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Yes, MDB.....remain in situ.  One musn't upset the balance, no?

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I cannot catch what is happening at ~51 minutes when Matt Brittin is speaking. Anyone get that?

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Laws and Taxes are for Peons and Peasants.

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I liked it. Enough to give you an up arrow. But, did anyone catch what he actually said? Seemed to cause everyone in the room much hilarity. (Who knows? Maybe you're right?)

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your were gone for a while: it was so nice.

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Reputable journalists and publications?

The Tylers ARE the reputable journalists & ZH IS the reputable publication...

"Where you been in livin'? Reseda?"


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If journalists and publications want to be taken seriously by this site, its scribes need to untame their mainstream views and make them more reputable.

Fixed it a bit for you, MillionBogusDollars.

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"I find it amusing that many Zerohedgers don't even understand the difference between taxation and theft."


There is no difference.  Taxation IS theft. 

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The EEU is relying on the fact that some people view theft using taxation by the government as legitimate. What happened in Cyprus was theft by any definition. 

The  EEU is already conspiring to steal private property in Spain by threatening the Spanish Govermnent if they do not "impose taxes".


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As the economies of the world get worse and worse, you are going to see more and more people just simply not paying their taxes.

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Debtors prisons will take care of those unable or unwilling to pay their fair share.


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The collective repudiation of excessive taxes -- taxes imposed by a hijacked or irredeemably corrupt government -- is the most radical and non-violent way of changing not only that hopeless government, but also the way to collapse the irreparable system.

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Can i download the game on my Samsung tab?!

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Good Saturday to all!

Well, since it is a day for documentaries, here is one that may be of a higher priority.:

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This guy from the Washington Institute @4:08 starts listing every false flag or attack that happened w/ foreknowledge in US history!

He mentions the Lusitania, the explosion of the Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin episode, Pearl Harbor...

How each one conveniently dragged the country into war...

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Thanks for these documentaries ZH and The Heart! :) Appreciat it!

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Taxodus for the few.  Taxidermist for the rest of us.  Can't afford that operation for mom because 400 people control more wealth in the U.S. than half the population combined?  At least you can still afford a good taxidermist and enjoy her for years to come.

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I KNEW it!  "Taxodus" is only for The Elites!  How much do you have to have to play "Taxodus"?  $5 million?  $100 million?  $1 bazillion?  $1 gazillion?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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I think it starts somewhere around 100 million in revenue/taxes generated and the perks go up from there exponentially. I would advise looking into manufacturing printers, that's the future, don't forget to source a supply of ink as well.

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Good, then in 3-4 years everybody with average salary will qualify.

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If someone is so concerned about their mom affording an operation, why not write Bernanke and ask him to print an extra 85 Billion a month to pay for your mom's operation along with everyone else's operation.

And, while you're at it please explain how some multinational paying their taxes is gonna somehow trickle down from the IRS and pay for your mom's operation.

In fact, why shouldn't we all pay an effective 90% tax rate so everyone's mom can have an operation, its only fair.

Here's my advice, if your mom can't afford an operation in this country, fly to Thailand. From what I hear they have highly rated hospitals that offer operations for a fraction of the cost it takes to get one in this country.



I realize most people, like welfare parasites, expect someone else to pay for their medical care.

And, isn't that what Obamacare is supposed to be all about?

LetThemEatRand's picture

I realize you do not see the connection between 400 people have more wealth than 1/2 of an entire country and a lot of moms needing to be stuffed instead of cured of shit.   But I happen to see a very direct correlation, and it has nothing to do with welfare parasites.  Quite a few hard working people are going to have to stuff mom this year so that your ideology can continue to protect the mega-yacht set.  And I would add that you don't need to have more wealth than 1/2 the country to have a mega yacht.  At some point it just gets ridiculous.

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It works on a much smaller scale as well.

Start a charitable foundation. I can testify that Deloitte is more than adept in creating strategies to er...become tax neutral. A casual conversation with a family friend opened this shadow world to me because she works with foundations for grants. Granted, I got advice for free and did the legwork myself. They don't come cheap but the benefits outweigh the costs depending on the structure.

All legal.

As simple as providing college scholarship funds to a few local kids every year.

I don't pay for drone bombing kids. I send them to school.

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The Taxodus Exitus To Pluto: The Ultimate Off-Planet Tax Haven.

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+ 1

What happened to the Apple Rant?  OK, I deleted mine too...

Aeternus's picture

Fuck if I know.


I'll post it again.



Fuckin' hypocritical disingenuous cunts.


One set of laws for the poor and one set of laws for the rich.



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I wrote that I disliked my iPhone.  I bought it to "improve my life", right..., LOL!  When my contract runs out, I will go buy one of those little devices where you punch buttons, and it makes a phonecall!  


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Israeli airstrike on syria hours ago.  Can't have comments negative to Apple when the ICB has so much invested.

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Why, because they choose to use the "laws" to their benefit or they are cutting off the means for the government to expropriate their wealth for your benefit? It's every mans duty to only pay Ceasar what is owed Ceasar. If that ain't enough tough shit, Ceasar wrote the law, bitch at him.

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I agree.

One audit by the IRS and $10,000 getting stolen from your acct. will make you an active 'revenue minimizer'.

Theres a good reason why schools teach kids how to wage earners instead of starting businesses.

The Govt. gets the employers to do their dirty work for free and confiscate the workers earnings.

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The brilliance of the 400 people who have more wealth than 1/2 of the country is that they convince the average guy that somehow the 400 should not pay because you don't like to pay.  But you had to pay anyway, didn't you.  They have their money intact, and you don't.  But you defend them.  That's how it is always going to be apparently, because so many people fail to understand the difference between the truly wealthy -- most of whom inherited their wealth from robber barons or royalty many generations ago -- and the guy who makes a few hundred thousand working his ass off.

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The little guy, not in the 400 club should just check out. It wasn't for him in the first place.

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Zimbabwe is shit compared to Somalia

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Taxodus for multinationals, Galt for the rest. Did i say gold? Fuck multinationals, i feel like a nanex blip for several years now.

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Jah... and so... wtf?

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Wait, I am confused.. Now that corporations are people, aren't they taxed on worldwide earnings like me?

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No, sorry, your just another serf on the tidal wave of useless eaters careening headlong into the barrel of cannon fodder waiting to be shot out into the blackhole abyss of unofficial undocumented statistics in a BLS file cabinet where you will sit collecting dust until the end of time.


Now pay up.



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Taxation is theft.

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Theft is when you are not looking.  This is in your face at gun point.  Taxation is robbery.