Biderman Bashes Buffett's Biased Bearish Bond Banalities

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The mainstream media was cock-a-hoop to use Warren Buffett's recent diatribe against being a bond buyer (because prices are artificially high due to the Fed creating phony money and at some point the Fed will stop) as more evidence that stocks are the only game in town. TrimTabs' CEO Charles Biderman questions Buffett's seemingly disingenuous one-sided perspective - "stocks are just as vulnerable as bonds to the Fed withdrawing the narcotic known as free money, why does Mr. Buffett say stock prices are reasonable? To me, logic says stocks are just as overpriced as bonds." Biderman's point is that one cannot look at one market without implications for the other, and as we have noted numerous times, the only thing that matters is the flow (not the stock) of the balance sheet expansion. The Fed is buying up the entire US Government deficit and then some, Biderman explains, "that means there is lots of extra cash floating around the financial markets bidding up the prices of not just bonds but stocks as well;" so while we agree with Mr. Buffet that at some point bond prices have to drop significantly, so do stocks.


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100% short

200 ES points





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slaughterer went short "400%" some 50 ES points lower (or paper traded on ZH) - same result?

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I think Buffet and the article are wrong from the point of view of bonds...  I don't think there's any chance of bond prices dropping. Equities, absolutely, USTs n Bs, no chancey.

There is an ongoing flight to safety to the USD right now that will turn into a deluge when shit really starts hitting the fan in Europe, Japan, UK, Australia, Canada.  That's part of the reason why the Fed is printing... in the misguided belief that artificially keeping the exchange rates lower will stimulate Exports and thus the economy, not being smart enough to realize that the rising cost of inputs destroys far more economic activity than is stimulated.

While this flight to safety continues, while the Fed continues to provide an eternal bid in the secondary market, while bondholders continue to front run and use USBs for capital gains rather than coupons...

Ain't no way the bond market will drop.  Equities have no such guarantee.

That's not to say the day ain't coming for US gov't paper, just that it will be the last fiat up against the wall when the firing squads come.  Equities and industrial commodities will be long crushed by then.  Probably more than once.


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Biderman is like the uncle your family won't talk about, but you like him anyway.

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We Wish We Were Wealthy Winners, but... Algos Anonymize All Assets, Till They Tank.  Thanks!

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Ted... I am drinkin Mt Gay rum and diet Gingerale and loving it.

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Methinks it's Saurian Brandy.

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Nick Nostril aN the Nine Nasty Nosepickers.....Now Nightly.......Never!

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I listened to Biderman once in 2012 and regretted the investment decisions I made.

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Biderman didn't invent the chaos, and is doing the best he can in the midst of it.

He deserves praise for calling out the lies.

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Love how everybody says this can't go on, yet at the same time they say it won't end anytime soon. Sounds pretty bullish to me ...

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Bernanke's betting boyish bullish bozos buy buy Bitcoins, not bullion.

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burnt bitches buy bitcoins but bullion becomes better bidness

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Benny buries Bitcoins in brutal barbacidal butchery of "barbaric" but beautiful barriers to banana republic Benny buck bubbles.

Next - the D.O.J. will crack down on any Sally's selling seashells by the seashore (anyone besides Jon Corzine).

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Stackers still smarting since silver slapped senseless , safer saving on servers..........BITCHEZ

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You would think this guy had been totally wiped out by now.

Seriously...I don't remember any of his calls working out in the last year or two.

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Same as it ever was. An adult in 1929 was born in 1908. There are no commentators alive today  and providing perspective at age 105.

In 1929, leverage in stocks was 10:1. Stocks (Equity hopes and dreams) could be bought  on 10% margin and bucket shops were the flash crashes of the day. The game never changes. In 2013, ZIRP is the mathematical equivalent or trigger of 1929 'leverage' as if a fractional denominator: the functional equivalent of 10% margin on the price of real money outside the faking FED reservation. Bernanke's version of Celestial Mechanics as it were. Don't do it, 'till the fools puke their hopeass, bloody guts out like they always do.

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Bastard bought bullets, beans, bandaids, blah, blah, blah before bureaucratic bankruptcy began.  Bitchez.

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You mean Buffet not Biderman, right? 

Buffet bought some ketchup too - to slather on Becky Quick's pert little titties when she grovels at his feet.

"Oracle of Omaha" my ass, feed him to the Hyenas from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

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Bastard is me,  Cheesy Bastard.  But I see your point.  Warren is clearly a member of the bastard family.

"I'll wait here in the jeep while Jim feeds Warren to the hyenas" (Marlin Perkins)

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+1 for remembering marlin Perkins, of course the American Sportsman hosted by Curt Gowdy was a personal favorite. A young man could watch Dick Butkis shoot ducks too. Things have changed a bit since the pc crowd fucked up the planet.


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"Oracle of Omaha" my ass, feed him to the Hyenas from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom."

LOL! I might go back to watching TV for that shit.

F TV, Hollywood and Buffet!

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Stawks are reasonably priced !  Buy stawks !


Buffett is an ass....donkey butt mofo.  The End,

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Biderman is using logic and common sense - this is forbidden in the inner domes of Washington and Wall Street!

Buffet is an asshole - the kind of guy you want to bitch-slap for being a self-serving tool.

C'mon Ben Bernanke, the recovery is here, take away the QE grain alcohol spiked punch bowl and put rates at 4% - I dare you.

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Stocks are over priced and are going to go down but not anytime soon maybe I don't think by next year maybe a few months this could go on for a while but they will go down pretty soon. Sounds like Biderman has been hitting the sauce.

He's right... Everything is over priced, but he was way to early. I wonder if he covered his short.

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Stocks were overbought a year ago too. Instead of telling us something we all know, tell us when the correction will come.

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That's the 16.5 trillion dollar question now isn't it? If you find out let me know.

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They are just holding this thing together until the election. Then it all comes crashing down.

 - Fonzanoon fall 2012

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Damn, Biderman looks like he had a full bottle of Oban the previous night.

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I love Uncle Charlie. He makes me laugh and it's a laugh with him and not at him.

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bonds have a ceiling and stocks don't

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Is he addicated to Xanax?

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He is all jacked up on Hopium.

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Fuck you buffett, bernanke, obama, rubio, boehner, reid

oh never mind, its a long list

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Great comment thread
Laughed my ass off
Thx ZHers

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Sorry to piss on the permabear campfire, but PMIs and economic are never a good guide to what the equity market will do next.

See this study by the Morgue plotting 2 year subsequent perf vs PMIs.

Equity markets got it "right" 23/24 times since 1961, the only failure being in 1980.

According to all you chumps this time is different of course  

But I'm committing heresy saying such things on a site like this.

The one thing that could, however, get in the way of this rose-tinted version of the world and prove you lot right is the bloody nutters slugging it out in the Middle East.

Let slip the dogs of war!

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Buffett says don’t worry about a 20% correction. If it happens, just ride it out, because, the market always comes back eventually.

Well, that’s easy for someone like him to say. He could go through an 80% correction in stocks and still have more money than he needs to live his life. Becky too. They’re talking about strategies that work for rich people like themselves. Unfortunately, the same strategy doesn’t work so well for most people who rely on their investments to eat when they retire, lose their job, or end up grossly underemployed. These are the Muppets who get forced to sell at a loss to guys like Buffett in a correction as he smiles and says thank you, better luck next time. The scary thing is, these people are out there in the market now and there are more of them gathering every day. They can’t see through the haze of their euphoric gains to the simple fact that the market will suffer a significant correction at some point, and the primary reason is simply because they are already in it. And, don't think for a second that Buffett and Becky don't already know this. I believe it was Buffett who publically stated years ago that, "95% of all people in the stock market shouldn't be there." I guess he's not as honest as he used to be.

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With the alliterative title I expected to see Biderman put his forefinger vertically against his lips and vigorously push up and down - bbuhbbuhbbuhbbuhbbuhbbuhbbuhbbuhbbuhbbuhbbuhbbuhbb.  


Oh, wait - he did!