Fun With Fibonacci Flashbacks

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When a 'blog' puts the words Fibonacci, Gold, and Stocks in the same post, it well and truly earns its 'tin-foil-hat'-wearing "digital dickweed" honors. And so, we present, for the edification of all those who believe in gold as the only sound numeraire for judging value; for those who believe it's never different this time; and for those who believe in dead-cat-bounces; the Dow in Gold in the 30s, 70s, and Now...


The crash in nominal 'price' is followed by a Fib 23.6% retracement rally as hope triumphs over adversity... only for reality to rapidly re-emerge...


Charts: Bloomberg

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an ounce is an ounce is an ounce.

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Silver is Silver, Gold is Gold. Keep stacking!

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found this interesting line on the interwebsssssss

Tungsten is not traded on an exchange, such as the London Metal Exchange (LME), 

REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!

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So true. I love how people laugh at gold bugs when the price goes down. People in metals just buy more and look at it as gold/silver going on sale.

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A pint is a pound the world around.

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so 1 more small leg down in DOW/GLD before booom. rite ?

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While it may look as though there is more time than originally anticipated. Previous downward trends have variance with regards to pitch.

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ahah original post there tylers...  

buy bye DOW.  It was great while it lasted.  Next time use fib. 0% for fun.  Maybe price the DOW in popcorn too. heh

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I don't really believe in Fibberace, but I'm sure we'll see the Dow/gold ratio at 2 again

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To price gold & silver in paper is madness.

Value of paper = 0

Dividing by zero is ALWAYS a problem!

You either have some, or you don't (boat accidents are a bitch)

Long scuba lessons!

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It only counts if you keep the X/Y axis scales the same, although I love the ANGRY RED ARROWS.


[Hint: if you keep the X/Y axis comparisons the same on all of them, it's just as impressive, and allows you the Scientific kudos ZH lacks atm. We do notice when you fuck around with the scalar plane you know]

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Graphs come under the heading "lies, damn lies and statistics"

ALWAYS look at the origin!

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Of course.


But mapping the same graphs with a correct Y axis will state the same thing, the drive to make them all look visually the same through tricks is for chimps. Er, or traders, it would seem. [#supersecretcyclewavetheoryoftrading]

mark mchugh's picture

Note that the charts came from Bloomberg...

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

I might be snarking @ something other than ZH here.


Ahem. You apparently don't get $22 billion through honest reporting.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

((I've been asked to make my snark explicit, athough I'm sure you got it))

ZH gets heavily squished for manipulating Y axis data to increase fear within the market; the fact Bloomberg does it all the time is apparently A-OK (and spawns a thousand million newsletters showing you how trading patterns ARE ALL PART OF THE PLAN)


Thus my reference to Scientific data. I'd prefer it if both sides didn't play silly games with graphics, but hey. ZH probably does a little less damage and has a little less control than Bloomberg, n'cest pas?

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At least Bloomberg has the graphs.  CNBS just puts the nipples up and says FU, these are boobs

JackT's picture

And CNBC's viewership is at an 8 year low

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The best way is to normalize the axis for comparison:  x becomes (x - xref)/xref, y becomes (y-yref)/yref where xref is some reference year (say the last year in the time series), and yref is the price at the same time.  Then both axis lie between 0 and 1 in normalized units and relative changes are easily seen as well as scaling relationships between the time series.

logicalman's picture

By only showing a small part of a graph things can be made to look a lot more dramatic than they actually are.

Hence look at the origin.

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If I had three ducks, one small, one medium, and one large, would they not all quack nonetheless, mr. smartypants? 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

You are completely misrepresenting my question, you are not addressing it.  You are introducing an aggressive herd of minute horses, and I take umbrage to that.  That said, +1.

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Marine Math

2 beers times 36 Marines equals 58 cases.

You have to factor in that sometimes (most of the time) shit just doesn't add up, hence the problem has to be FIXED.

Most answers to questions are a BEST GUEZZ.

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I once saw this HUGE condensate cloud in the Hindu Kush following the valley floor into the pamirs. The tribal elders had an explanation of the phenomenon

Why is it that everybody thinks that nukes were used only on two occasions and no more??!

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The Fibonacci in Lateralus


Happy Birthday Bitchez

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F(u)n= Rea(D/ng)0 -He(D)ge

John_Coltrane's picture

Or, more specifically, 1123581321...

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The ratio of subsequent Fibonacci numbers trends tward the Golden Ration (1.618...).  How's that for a limiting process?


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When's the last time you heard the phrase, "good as gold"? Yeah, I bet it's been a long while, because nothing is. Nothing ever really was...

drbill's picture

I think I heard last the same time I heard the phrase, "its a free country". i.e. a long time ago....

glenlloyd's picture

Last time I heard that phrase was when Forbes was on Kudlow and they were discussing Ron Pauls run for chief executive back in 2008. Forbes said we should make the dollar good as gold...

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And the ratio has to hit 2 before it can meaningfully reverse. Just look at the chart! Not gonna settle for 6, that's for sure.

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So mid 2017....Dow at 30k then gold is at about $4500. Dow at 9k, gold at $1384. Assuming the same fiat system in place, and no one has dropped the big one.

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The paper pushers are doing us a favor by suppressing the gold and silver prices which allow us buyers to accumulate more ounces for the same paper outlays. Unfortunately they are also helping China and India do the same thing.

Fuku Ben's picture

The first two times were decoupling from gold

The third times the charm where they partially reconnect to gold


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A lakh and a girl a day.

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The stock market, which hit new all-time highs on Wednesday, could experience a crash within two years, bearish economist Nouriel Roubini said on CNBC.

"It could go on for another year or two," he said, speaking from the SALT Conference in Las Vegas.

I see frothiness going to end up in nasty boom and bubble in asset prices, followed by crash and a bust, not this year, not next year, two years from now."

On "Fast Money," Roubini cited a couple of factors: "Growth is slow. Earnings growth is also slowing down. Top line and bottom line are not as good as they used to be, but margins are high. They could correct somehow over time.

"But you have the gravitational forces of a slow economy leading eventually to correction, but then the levitational forces of QEs, zero policy rates, more money coming in the market, not just from the U.S. but other economies, is going to levitate asset prices."

Roubini said that those conditions could lead to "a generalized credit and equity and asset bubble next year or two, followed by a crash."

But, he added, "as long as the economy grows between 1½ to 2 percent and you have easy money, this market can go higher."

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Several people have about the same time line forecast which just happens to be the end of obama's term. i wonder if they think a new administration would change policy or it will collapse of its on flaws  then. It will surely end but not end well.

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Roubini called the last crisis just after it happened