"QE-Off Rumor?" Bonds Down, Stocks Down, Gold Down

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S&P 500 futures are currently experiencing the largest intraday drop in May - seemingly set off by this which was largely a joke uttered about an hour ago...


... Which promptly escalated into a full-blown rumor that Hilsenrath is about to issue an article heralding the end or tapering of QE.


Treasury prices buckled lower, gold and silver are falling and US stocks are back at Tuesday's close...



biggest drop in S&P 500 futures in May...


Charts: Bloomberg

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The "real" Andy Yorks or the "fake" Andy Yorks..??

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Twatter=one more way to control the sheep.

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I would love to see a currency like the EUR do a crash flash like what happened to gold a month ago.

Pinto Currency's picture



Gold rally coming.

Fed minions doing their tap routine as fast as possible.

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So true.  For at least 500 occasions the Fed has warned of deflation and it has never panned out.  You'd think that people would catch on.


Pinto Currency's picture


Blue pill / red pill thing.

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Gotta love the 200bps "noise" in the EURUSD these days too.

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For everyone wondering wtf is going on I'll lay it down here nice and easy.

Step 1: Print.

Step 2: Market +X

Step 3: Spillover market +Y

Step 4: Talk hawkish. <-- We are here

Step 5: Spillover market -(Y - Z)

Step 6: Market -(Y - Z - 1)

Step 7: Print more to fix Step 6.


Mission Accomplished

knukles's picture

Such Market Efficiency!
Such Depth, Breadth and Liquidity!
Such Promises of Unbounded Riches!



Musta been a slow day when dude's on the commode tweeting about BS and the market follows...


BTW, Who the Fuck is Andrew Yorks?

Ness.'s picture

BTW, Who the Fuck is Andrew Yorks?

Isn't he the fourth Monkee?  Here we come, walking down the street...

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He's the guy that TPTB coerced into blowing up the trial baloon.  He will be soundly ridiculed while they prepare the official announcement and sell off all of their risk assets to the sheep.

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he is probably a dude who got burned multiple times shorting rates . i bet he is still short duration. dudes like that mix their political views with fiduciary and when that does not work out they talk about the diversifying nature of the duration short for the overall portfolio. i bet he is also long IG and HY (or equivalent).......DBs like this cling to the myth of "credible" Fed and that QE efforts undermine the Fed's credibility. obviously they are completely off the mark. QE is here to stay for a long time. no we are not in the 8th inning like Jeff says. IMHO we are in 3rd inning.......

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Gold shortage here!  Fed doing everything to facilitate a broken system, as Asia demands physical.  These take downs are done to keep the system alive, nothing more.  Maybe they'll find and capture Bigfoot tomorrow, then do a huge raid?  Worked with Obama Sin Laden......


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Buying gold is helping QE. 

You're purchasing coins or bars and paying with what?  Cash.  Fiat.  More gold purchases = more fiat being pumped into the system.

YOU (all of you salty bastards, and I mean that in the nicest possible way) are helping the Bernank with QE.  So knock it off already.

[I just thought of this a minute ago out of thin air and it kinda blew my mind, so I thought I'd share it.]

SemperFord's picture

Your father must he so proud...how is Million Dollah Bonehead?

Pure Evil's picture

The money may be pumped into the system, but not exactly the way the Fed wants.

They want you buying worthless iCrap, houses, cars, stocks, etc., not gold/silver.

Lore's picture

Yeap. The psychopaths really and truly LOATHE gold, because it draws your attention away from their toxic, hypothecated shit.

You could at least do them the courtesy of buying gold FUTURES on MARGIN. Be a good boy and eat your toilet paper.

Jack Napier's picture

If buying gold helps QE that means that higher gold demand -> prices help QE. That QE money is being used to prop up gold eh?

NoDebt's picture

All Riiiiiiiight!  One up arrow for my fantastic revelation that buying gold = QE.

(I don't count the down arrows.  Don't count anything bad.  A little trick I picked up from the BLS.)


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"[I just thought of this a minute ago out of thin air and it kinda blew my mind, so I thought I'd share it.]"

@NoDebt...Blew your mind? What mind?

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I inquired about this recently on a forum, and basically what happens when PMs are bought is it trickles down to the miners so moar can be brought to market. Just like when you buy iStuff, it rolls into more iStuff (and offshore accounts, of course!)

EDIT: That's the extra simple explanation. There are dealers, and realistically borderline slave labor in there in both instances. - just sayin.

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You may want to take a banking 101 class.

you have money in your account. The bank lends it out and it gets multiplied by 10 through fractional reserve lending. Now you take your money away from the bank and buy gold. The gold dealer now puts it in his/her bank. That bank will now lend it out 10X.

Who, or which bank has the demand deposit is completely irrelevant - you exchanging $ for gold does not alter the amount of $ in the system - it just changes the ABA and account number associated with a certain amount of $$.



Cobra's picture

The gold dealer has to spend it to re-supply, though... So it moves down a line of dealers, eventually to a mine... And yes, I'm sure everyone involved profits a little, but not on the same scale as banking.

WeekendTrader's picture

The dealer will (for example) spend the money on gold purchases and salaries. The salaries are deposited in a bank of the employee, and the $ related to replenishing inventory are deposited in the bank of the miner/refiner. At the end of the day the $ are still in the banking system, no matter who holds them.



Cobra's picture

I understand, not trying to argue... The money still circulates. It just circulates in a different direction, away from those who would rather not hold it.

WeekendTrader's picture

My point to the OP - not you - was that when you spend money (on gold, or anything for that matter) it has very, very little to do with the fed and your money (directly at least) is not used for QE.

In QE the Fed creates dollars out of thin air and uses them to purchase assets. Your dollars have nothing to do with it, although one can argue that creating too many dollars will dilute the value of the dollars you hold. If at some point QE gets reversed, whether it be through portfolio runoff or outright sales, the dollars will be "uncreated" and in theory reverse any dilutive effect they had. (emphasis on "in theory" mind you).



Cobra's picture

+1 Sorry about that.

EDIT: I didn't intentionally upvote myself... Misfire.

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maybe buy some silver; gold is for big-boys....remeber that...no need to be envious...



SnobGobbler's picture

or better yet, gimmie your fiat and ill buy it on-sale.

resurger's picture

yup.. i dont buy this bullshit

nugjuice's picture

lol. Buy every QE taper 'dip'

Fed can't exit QE. They're funding the deficit. You don't have to worry about QE going anywhere until they fix the deficit. And with the idiots in Washington I don't see that happening anytime soon, unless flying unicorns and magical 8% gdp growth are right around the corner

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Hilsenrath knows we're going to sail through the 6.5% unemployment

rate on part-time jobs. GS knows same.

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The day SCUMBAG Bernanke stops QE is the same day I will eat shit directly out of his asshole.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Not to end QE, but to announce a symbolic QE tapering, so they can say (pretend), "we are carefully weighing the risks and benefits of QE at each meeting".


In addition, the Fed hinted this in the statement, "prepared to increase or reduce the pace of its purchases".

Contrarily to the media spin, the latter (prepared to reduce) is more significant than the former (at least in English language).


Punct's picture

I would like this to happen just to see you do it. 

tenpanhandle's picture

Personally, I have no need to watch.


To me, this all shows how spooked and close to the edge the so called markets are.  I'd hate to think what would happen if bennie sat on a whoopie cushion.  No doubt a big deflation scare.


Things are so close to coming completely unglued.

Ignatius's picture

Personal pride would forbid me, but we get the point.

xtop23's picture

Right? Getting seriously tired of watching the inflate/deflate, pump/dump, bullshit.

We KNOW the central banks can never stop printing without a complete implosion. There is NO gradual unwind coming. It's extend, extend, extend, and when the timing is right / appropriate measures in place, total detonation.

How did we get so far from fundamentals?...... global slowdown, rampant unemployment, spiraling debt, war, and ..... nothing.

Then a cockroach farts in Quebec, and the market goes to new highs for the 19th time...... in a row.

2 words are pretty much all I require to sum up my feelings toward the market;

incredulity and nausea.

Ms. Erable's picture

Seriously, pull the QE-IV and start the party by crashing this fucker. The patient's been dead for years; moving its arms and feet for it ain't foolin' anyone (at least 'round these parts). Besides, I'm about as prepared as I can be - to have another boating accident.

akak's picture


The day SCUMBAG Bernanke stops QE is the same day I will eat shit directly out of his asshole.

I've got news for you: you are doing so already.

As are we all.  For years now.

TheSilverJournal's picture

I ate shit for quite awhile but changed my diet a couple years ago and no longer shovel in what comes out of Bernanke's ass. I'm not too proud to say that I once thought Bernanke's shit tasted like rainbow sherbert and central planners achieved their position through smarts and had my best interests in mind.

Unfortunately many don't want to be seen as being taken and can't admit their folly, therefore actively supporting the perpetuation of systemic harm as they support their own actions. The power of denial...

fonzannoon's picture

Unfortunately I think we will eat shit out of his asshole everyday until he stops. Then things get bad.

kito's picture

wait fonz, so you are saying they will destroy with a deflationary collapse.....and then hyperinflate????

akak's picture

Tell me, what exactly does a deflationary collapse look like?  There being of course not one historical example of such an occurence from which to draw any lessons or parallels (in contrast to the hundreds if not thousands of inflationary and hyperinflationary economic and monetary collapses in the historical record).

kito's picture

may be true akak, but when i say deflationary, i mean the collapse of all qe fed bubbles which leaves us back to 2008....but this time there is no chance the banks get bailed out by the govt....it will just be plain ol'confiscation of depositers.........that is not hyperinflationary.....................